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Rukai had always been unique. From his myriad of colors to his jovial personality, the furred dragon had never not stood out from the crowd. It was something that he prided himself on in a sense, but in another sense he disliked it about himself. There was little that he could do to change that though, so instead of trying to he just embraced his uniqueness and ran with it. This meant that he wore gaudy clothing when he had to wear any at all, keeping a smile at nearly all times, and always being a lively drake. His furred body was almost always moving to some extent, though in recent times it had only been certain parts of his body. In embracing his uniqueness, he had also embraced parts of himself that were unique for different reasons.

Like his appetite.

The primarily-turquoise-and-purple dragon had succumb to the call of gluttony over the past several months of his life, and it had taken a blissful toll on his frame. What had once been a svelte and clean body capable of many things athletic was now a musky mound of lethargic blubber. Rukai had once moved around his house, keeping it clean and entertaining company regularly as he loved to have friends come into his home. Since he had started pigging out with almost religious regularity however, that had all come to a screeching halt. What had once been a white carpet was now brown with the stains of food and drink. There was a thin layer of trash all throughout the modest apartment where the dragon lived, wide paths carved in it just from his waddling gait kicking aside the debris of meals past as he went in search of more. His sofa was the epitome of this mess though, smelling strongly of musky dragon and surrounded by nearly a foot of garbage on all sides. The place had gone from a showroom to a sty in such a short time, and Rukai thought nothing of it as he just kept making the entire mess worse.

Rukai hardly thought about the mess though, the stench, or even the pounds being piled onto his frame. It was all secondary to putting more and more food into his muzzle, and then some more food on top of that. He reveled in his gluttony, always emphasizing it over any other part of his life. His friends had fallen off to just the few that were gluttons, or loved the result of gluttony on a beast. The smell had nearly gotten him evicted more than once, but he just got neighbors who didn’t care before the landlord came by to check. The food bills were putting Rukai into massive debt. Clothing hadn’t been fitting over the dragon’s massive thighs for weeks. Like everything else though, none of that made the dragon worried in the least. New housing could always be found, a bath if it was needed could happen, money would be found, and clothing wasn’t always needed if the dragon stayed inside.

That day the drake wasn’t going to stay inside though, for he wanted to eat out at least one more time before immobility took hold of him. He wasn’t nearly to the point of truly worrying about eating himself into immobility, but he was starting to struggle when he got out of bed. The dragon knew that he would need to make some arrangements for when that time came, but that interfered with his eating, so it was something that he had been putting off for a long while. Rukai had heard of tube feeding, or feeding services, but he really hoped he could coax one or three of his more fat-friendly friends into taking care of him and keeping the food constantly flowing into his gluttonous maw. Until he asked for that though, there would be no chance of it happening, and instead he would still need to feed his own fat face. Rukai didn’t necessarily mind that as of yet, but it was getting a little tiring to eat and have to push the fat of his arms against his moobs anytime he wanted to push a meal into his maw. This had only started for the dragon a couple weeks prior, but he knew it was going to only get worse thanks to the toll food took on his frame; a toll Rukai loved, but one that he still had to pay.

The dragon had just finished giving himself a sponge bath as best he could; his shower hadn’t been able to hold him for some time. He still smelled strongly of musk and eaten food and sweat, but it wasn’t so bad that others would run in terror. Combined with a hearty spray of deodorant, and he was as ready as he was ever going to be to go out into public. He had put on the largest pair of sweatpants which he owned, and still those did little to conceal his frame. He had to wear the garment without underwear, as none he owned would fit over his mammoth rear without taking his package around front and smothering it to the point of pain. This meant that a heaping pile of bare dragon rump was spilling out of the top of those sweatpants. He tried his hardest to pull them up around his thighs too, and had a few popped seams along those burgeoning sacks of flab that he called legs. His thighs rubbing together from their midpoint up until they met the dragon’s torso didn’t help matters either, but Rukai barely paid that any mind and instead just worried about being decent. He was, but barely.

His shirt was the same way, with his stomach spilling out over a foot in front of it. It barely covered the tops of his arms as well, both limbs pinched somewhat by the too-small armholes on the 4XL shirt. That was nothing compared to the sag of the belly below them though, which they couldn’t touch without molding the flab both on them and on the shirt-stretching moobs between them. The purple jello mold of dragon flab rested lethargically above his thighs, jostling around at the slightest movement from the drake. Rukai blushed a bit at the sight of it, placing both of his meaty paws on either side of his gut and just rubbing at the massive table muscle for a long moment. He and his stomach had been through a myriad of challenges over the past year, and it was just a point of pride to see it swell as much as it had. The sweatpants below which forced it up and out just a bit made it look even larger, and this brought more pride to the blushing dragon. His fur showed purple on his cheeks as well as he blushed, just further making his unique markings look that much more different.

Rukai waddled over to the full-length mirror he had installed once he had breached 300 pounds. At a weight which he didn’t know at this point, he nearly filled the mirror. His arms couldn’t rest at his sides anymore, and the white stripes which he had just below his shoulders and just above his wrists looked to have gotten thinner as more flab, and thusly flesh, took up the space between them. The mop of unkempt purple hair atop his head dangled to his shoulders, looking slightly greasy and covering up one of the dragon’s eyes. His turquoise and purple face, lined with two yellow stripes atop his muzzle, looked to be bolted on top of his head in a small sea of fat folds which had once been his neck and chins. Opening his maw now took effort thanks to that buoy of lard, as he had to tilt his head back a bit as well as lower his jaw just to get it fully open there was so much resistance. The black spiked collar which had once been the dragon’s neck, and had been a staple of his wardrobe, was sitting somewhere in his house after having been extended four times. It just wasn’t enough, and that was a bit of a blessing and a curse for the dragon. He wouldn’t dirty it with his meals, and yet he missed that piece of clothing, as it was often the only one he wore during the first time he outgrew his wardrobe.

Moving down his frame, he just looked over the massive protrusion of his gut and his swollen thighs. They all shook as the dragon stood there; standing at all was hard for the rolling mass of blubber. His thighs had to be spread apart some just to reduce the heavy chafing that happened between them from walking, and this gave him a wide and low stance. Combined with his thick, drooping tail which he could just barely see in the shadow of his thick rear and bulging calves, and it looked as though the dragon had three legs from the front. His fur was matted in places, and smelled of food even stronger as the sweat from standing was starting to seep between the various folds all over his frame. But Rukai was satisfied with how he looked, and as he gave himself one more look over in the mirror, he had to nod at that. No shoes, clothes that had fit over fifty pounds ago, and a mess of hair and flab that hadn’t been properly cleaned in longer than Rukai could remember. He was ready to go out.

Thus began the long trek to his front door, then two blocks down the road. It was an arduous one for the dragon, who rarely left his apartment anymore. He ordered delivery more often than not, or had one of the children of his neighbors go out and buy him food. He had earned the reputation of the massive shut in, but he didn’t mind. That was something that came with eating as much as he did, and that was fine to Rukai. He just wanted to eat, and the prospect of a buffet to do so at was enough to keep him planting one foot in front of the aching other. Both his limbs were roaring at him for walking as much as they were, and more than once Rukai had to stop in order to catch his breath. He leaned against buildings when he did this, not daring to sit as he feared not only for the bench breaking beneath his ponderous rear, but for the fact that standing up again was always a challenge, let alone when he was exhausted. The dragon didn’t want to trap himself, and this meant that he was going to have to keep moving. And moving. And thinking of the food that was keeping him moving.

After almost thirty minutes of huffing, waddling, groaning, and undoing all the showering he had done, the dragon grasped the handle of the door of the Chinese buffet just two blocks from his apartment building and threw it open. The hostess immediately gasped lightly, but regained her composure quickly as the panting and rank drake approached her. Rukai stood in the door for a moment, panting hard and just dripping sweat from the bottom of his gravid, sagging stomach onto the floor of the restaurant. The panda didn’t dare look at that, instead keeping her eyes up around his chest and face just so that she wouldn’t stare too much. Once the smell of the dragon hit her though, her nose curled at the stench, but the young panda just did her best to remain professional. “One buffet?”

“Y-y-yes…” Rukai panted out, making his way sluggishly over to the counter and plopping down a wet ten dollar bill with a loud thud. The dragon didn’t even ask for change, he just turned towards the food the second that he had plopped down the money and began waddling towards the rows of seats. The hostess tried to stop him, but she couldn’t even wedge past him in the rows of tables in the restaurant. The place was mercifully empty, and Rukai took that as a sign as he just waddled towards the food with tunnel vision. He saw nothing else, his tired frame wanted nothing else, and to him there just was nothing else. It was all of that food, and his overburdened and pained legs were going to get him to it. Each step was agony, but that was what it cost to be this big and to love food this much. It was a cost that Rukai paid in spades, and one that he was currently ignoring profusely as he pushed on in spite of the protests coming from behind him. The waitress’ cries fell on deaf ears, and Rukai could only guess that was why the stopped as he entered the area of the buffet and plunged his face right into a platter of crab rangoons.

“Oooooh…” Rukai groaned as he just slurped down the fried food with greedy gusto. Any manners were gone from the drake as he ate, and it took just a few bites for his real hunger to kick in. It was deep-seated, powerful, and almost primal in him at this point. He looked over the large spread of food, and couldn’t help but wonder if it was going to be enough. He hadn’t stopped eating as he looked over the array of food either, shoveling food in with both his paws utterly subconsciously. His greed was limitless, and it looked to only be getting worse as he ran out of the crab rangoons and quickly moved onto beef teriyaki. It was far messier and made his paws red in the first couple bites, but thankfully the purple fur on the underside of his jaw made the mess look slightly less slobbish. What few patrons were in the place sat agape at the display which was starting before them, a few up and leaving in either fear or nauseated disgust. The dragon was taken with his hunger though, and stuck in its vice-like hold on every facet of his being; moreso than ever before for the drake.

The red meat didn’t last long either, and that was how the platters started to go for the dragon. Faster and faster they disappeared, each getting vacuumed into the drake as though he were little more than a Hoover. The owner of the place was watching this happen too, Rukai spotted him sometime around the pork-fried rice. The portly panda just smiled at Rukai, letting the beast demolish his store, and his profits, in a gluttonous binge. Rukai didn’t have the mental capacity to think about why this was happening to him, just that he wanted more of it to keep happening to him. His legs kept quaking as it did though, shaking violently at the added weight of many meals being added to the mass they were struggling to hold. Rukai knew deep down he couldn’t keep going like he was, but he also knew that if he didn’t he would die of starvation. It was a complex for him, and yet he just ate and ate and ate like it was going to run away from him. The panda watching could see that, and it seemed like his smirk was only broadening as the dragon grew larger, lazier, and slobbier with time.

In less time than it had taken Rukai to make his way over to the buffet, it was a quarter gone and inside of him. His legs were all but finished, and Rukai had to slump down onto the floor beside one of the stations and let out a roaring belch. He placed both paws on the sides of his sweating gut and just groaned, both in anguish and hunger. He wanted to keep eating, and just to keep glutting until he got that painfully full feeling, which usually came with a stomach ache; he craved that like he craved air. It was then that the owner of the place came sauntering over, just looking smugly down at Rukai in his business suit tailored specifically for his rotund frame. “Still hungry?” Rukai could only nod meekly, panting hard and just trying to rub the bubbles of gas from his stomach while his legs screamed at him for working them so hard. “I thought so,” the owner replied, his smirk turning devious the second he did so. He continued on in a louder voice, calling out, “Boys! Come take care of number fourteen! Make sure he is nice and full!” The owner then leaned down and looked Rukai in the eye, his own eyes glowing faintly red as he spoke. “We don’t want an unsatisfied customer.”


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