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Hyede groaned as he stepped out of his car, leaning back and stretching out his back with a heavy sigh. It had been a long day for the panda, as he had been all over town rounding up fur after fur after fur for the meal which Sasuke had requested earlier in the day. The panda had done all of it though, fattening up or inflating fifteen furs into utter blobs of their former selves. The last one was just rolling up as he pulled up in his car; a wuffamute made of marshmallow with some burn marks on his stomach. He had been the furthest away, and this meant that it had taken the longest to get him. Hyede didn’t mind though, and had even waved the truck past him so that it could get to the loading dock where the other blobs of flesh and other substances sat. Sasuke was near that loading dock, and while it took a small army to unload each of the bloated beasts, it was no easy task to roll or cart them into the dining hall where the massive blob of draolf awaited.

Hyede could only hope that the task had been being overseen by one of the staff which had remained at the house, and that he wouldn’t be coming back to a nightmare. He could still remember the time that he had left for the day to gather ingredients, only to come back to twelve vans all aimlessly parked in the driveway. There weren’t twelve trucks in the driveway at that time, but a few of them were just leaving as the panda pulled up. Hyede frowned to himself at that, but steeled his resolve and instead just walked over to the side door into the mansion and went on in. Once inside, he just took one look around at the amount of movers running around inside of the building and lowered his head into his paws. This was not to say that he was annoyed, but he had expected more to be done by the time he returned from getting fifteen furs for Sasuke to eat.

“Where’s Luc?!” Hyede shouted, every single head within his vicinity turning towards him and going pale. A few quickly scampered off once they saw it was Hyede, as the panda’s wrath was known very well throughout the hired help which would often run throughout the house. The others stayed, and it took a few moments before one brave soul spoke up and approached Hyede. The timid mouse seemed to shrink more and more the closer he came to the panda, a thing which Hyede secretly hated, but gave the appearance of indifference as he watched the rodent melt into the floor in front of him.

“He’s in dining hall, giving Sasuke his fourth dinner right now.”

“Thank you,” Hyede said flatly, turning towards the room and walking off while the mouse was left shaking in the hallway. The panda didn’t quite enjoy that power, but it did help in getting straight and immediate answers. He tried not to think of it though as he walked down the hallways towards the dining hall though. Instead, the panda focused on what he was going to do once he saw Sasuke. He had to hope that the ‘food’ had been unloaded by this point, and that all he would have to do is start giving direction for it to be shoved into the gluttonous mound of grey, slobbish fluff so that he could be nice and full before bed. Sasuke nearly always needed more food in order to sleep, and would often not fall asleep so much as he would pass out into a food comas. This was not something that he was too proud of, but just a side effect of what happens when one was used to glutting themselves for years on end. The draolf wasn’t modest about his greed either, but Hyede had gotten used to it by the point he was at and instead of hating it, treated it as just another part of his life.

The panda rounded the corner to the large hallway that housed the entrance to the dining room, and was greeted by a bare, blue rump. The sliver of a tail sticking out from the towering rear, and the belly which supported it below just bounced and looked incredibly taut. He had to guess that it was Sai, just lying there as a ball of wolf, and smirked to himself. Seeing Kai rolling the groaning, bloated mass of lupine into the room just confirmed the panda’s suspicions, and he gave a slight nod to the leomon. The feline scowled back at the panda and just kept pushing his lover on into the feeding chambers of Sasuke. Hyede had to shrug inwardly at that, as he knew no true harm would befall Sai and that the wolf truly loved being inflated as he was. As he watched the wolf roll by and into the room, the panda even spotted the unsheathed, attentive length of the lupine prodding his rotund gut; Hyede wasn’t wrong.

The train of blobs rolling into the room didn’t end with Sai, for no sooner had the wolf rolled by than a mass of white came up behind him. Just a few splotches of black and some sunken features gave away that the beast was anything more than a water balloon. As soon as the smell of the sloshing, rolling ball hit Hyede though, he knew that it wasn’t water in the white blob. He smirked even broader as he thought of which beast it was that had been trapped in the balloon of sex. He hadn’t been there to see that one, but if the looks of the unknown beast were any indication, his plan had been a rousing success. It took four workers just to move the blob of fur and cum, but they were doing it slowly but surely on several large furniture dollies. The fur appeared to be moaning, though it sounded more like gurgling and bubbling as he rolled on by Hyede. The panda just watched, waiting for him to pass so that he could enter the hall.

On the heels of the ball of white, Hyede went into the room and was immediately greeted with the familiar stench of Sasuke. It was a bit stronger than normal, though with the fourteen balls of air, lard, cum, water, food, and other furs it was likely to be the rise in temperature. The air was filled with groans and belches, each beast looking as though they were trying to rub their stomachs or make sense of what had become of their form since being turned into a living blob. Hyede had to laugh lightly at the sight, taking a glance at each of his prizes with pride. He had made them all, each and every one for Sasuke to consume, and he had to take some pride in that. It was his job to sate the wolfdragon, and by the looks of what was sprawled out in front of the wolfdragon and nearly filled the room, he was doing a good job. He had to wonder how Sasuke would eat all that he had asked for, as just three of the blobs were the same size as Sasuke. Hyede knew that speculating how the wolfdragon did what he did would just be an exercise in futility though. The panda had long ago stopped trying to understand the wolfdragon, and instead just did as he was told.

The final ball of flab rolled in soon after Hyede, and the workers who had been shoving all of the lardballs around left as fast as they had arrived. None dared look at Sasuke, and some looked to be pale from the smells which came from the gravid mass of wolfdragon in the room. None said a word to Hyede either, barely looking at him as well as they took their tools with them in their rapid exodus. The panda didn’t care though, he simply sighed and began navigating towards the bulbous wolfdragon who was currently polishing off his fourth dinner. The smell of it had reached the panda even before he had entered the room; taco night was always a rank reminder of what a production plant Sasuke’s innards were. Hyede would need to remind Kai to tie down what he needed to say still that night, as Sasuke had more than once blasted both holes in the wall, and shaken objects to the floor. That could wait though, for now was the time that Hyede took over for Luc and started attending to the wolfdragon.

The panda finally made it to the front of the massive hybrid and just stood there in silence, looking over the mass of blubber, sweat, and food for a long moment. Sasuke looked to be marginally bigger from when Hyede had left in the morning, and Hyede just had to lean against the closest ball of flesh to watch for a moment. He knew Sasuke felt him there, but the panda paid it no mind and instead just nestled himself into the red-and-yellow dragon which he was up against and waited to be acknowledged. Luc had certainly spotted him, and shoved the last of the Mexican food down into the hungry draolf with gusto now that his relief was here. The feline was utterly exhausted, and it showed on his face as he stood atop Sasuke’s countless tonnage and just looked at Hyede. The panda nodded back at him, and that was enough of a sign for Luc.

The lynx hopped deftly off Sasuke, landing on the ground with a light thud. He then turned towards the door and began marching off without a word, panting heavily and just keeping his eyes on the prize. He didn’t even greet Hyede, which gave away how tired he truly was. Keeping the wolfdragon fed was hard work, and Hyede knew that better than most, which was why he did it more often than not. Special orders were also his realm though, so splitting his time between feeding and gathering had become a more and more common occurrence as the wolfdragon’s tastes changed over time. Feeding those special orders to the wolfdragon was always his job, and that was a small part of his daily joy. It calmed him down, let him spend time with his oldest friend, and usually got him a small amount of food.


So” responded Sasuke, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “What’s first?

“You tell me Mr. Blob.”

I think I’ll take…”



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