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It had been days since the husky had seen any other beast around him. Sure, he could come in contact with them courtesy of the satellite phone he had been given at the start of his trip, but this was not to say that he did that regularly. He instead just reveled in the isolation created by being so far away from society. That did make him a bit loopy at times, but he had promised himself that he would not come in any unnecessary contact while he did his work. He needed to be isolated for this, and that meant no contact; the phone was for emergencies. Period. No one would have this hidden discovery before him if he had anything to do with it. He had not had an emergency yet either, just a few clumsy mishaps. Sure, he had a few close calls, but nothing worth needing the phone.

All of this made it much less of a hassle when he lost the thing in a river on his tenth day out.

He hadn’t meant to of course, it had just fallen from his pocket as he had been crossing the deep water to get to what lay just beyond the other shore. His bag had also gone with that phone, which held many of the instruments he would need to check out items once he got to his destination. He still did have a note pad and his wits though, the most vital parts of his exploration, and he would have to hope that would be enough. There was no going after the bag; feral gators infested the waters of the river and made any expedition into it at all a risk. The husky had only braved the waters just because walking for several extra days to cross the river at a shallower, safer point wasn’t something that he had the patience for. This was not to say that he wasn’t terrified, but science trumped fear in his mind. That, and he did want to make his way back to society at some point, and that couldn’t happen until he was done with his expedition.

So now the husky sat, panting and drenched, on that far side of the river while he watched what he could see of his bag float away. An alligator had gotten ahold of it at some point, and was tugging the thing along rather haphazardly. It was almost entertaining to watch, and had it not had the husky’s lifeblood in it, he would have found it amusing. The bag had his salvation in it though, so he felt more worried than entertained. Granted, he knew rescue would come to him soon enough, but there was that gnawing at the back of his mind which was making that seem like wishful thinking rather than an actual fact. The husky also had to wonder just what he would do for food, or if he needed readings which he couldn’t get with his eyes alone. So many things were now different thanks to a sole instant of clumsiness. The dog had to curse inwardly at least once at his foolish mistake, and hoped he would not repeat it again.

In collecting himself, he did take a look in the crystal clear water of the river at his feet. The jungle above him gave the perfect backdrop for the scene, its picturesque treetops and colors lining the white and brown looks of the dog as if they were made to be together. The canine was slim, average height, and comprised of a mess of white and brown fur. An unkempt mop of deep brown hair adorned the top of his head, brushing over his left eye and making him look like an utter mess. The canine was normally far more put together than he was at that moment, but the lack of a shower or a change of clothes in days made keeping himself neat and trim a non-existent luxury. His only emergency clothing had been in his bag as well, meaning that yet another part of his expedition would be that much more challenging. He had to feel for those who would be in the chopper picking him up too; the dog was positively rank.

Looking at his reflection for a moment longer, the canine in the ever-so-slightly rippling water looking back with the same expression, the dog let loose another sigh. He had to steel himself; his prize was nary a few hundred yards from him. This was just a hop, skip, and a jump compared to the trek he had made to get there. Following nothing but a crude map and a few tales from locals, the husky had made it this far without harmful incident, and now he was so incredibly close he could nearly taste his goal. This alone started to ebb the flow of hopelessness that had gripped him in the wake of losing his bag, and prompted him to wrench his eyes from the water which looked back at him through the same blue eyes. “Alright Rioku, just a bit more and history will be jealous…”

Rioku gave a light smile at the mantra he had been holding in his head since his first cold night alone in the jungle and set off again, walking slowly through the dense underbrush all around him. This was not to say that he couldn’t make fast progress, but he did want to be careful of the other living things that were there. He had heard more than his fair share of stories about travelers who had lost limbs to poisons, died from a wrong step, or just gotten lost from rushing. The husky wasn’t about to make that mistake, especially now that his lifeline was lost to the watery depths behind him. Thusly, on he went with careful step after careful step, gingerly moving plants aside and making sure to watch for bugs or anything else which would render him harm. Various sounds came from the jungle as he did that, none too menacing or frightening though; it was day after all.

This trek went on for about ten minutes, each one passing over the course of several for the tired and wet dog. He soldiered on though, not stopping for anything and instead just pushing on as he felt his destination getting closer and closer. He wanted to stop, as his legs were getting turned to jelly and his arms each felt as though they were filled with sacs of sand. This wasn’t going to stop him though; he would have his victory if it killed him. He was sure that it wasn’t going to, and that his mind was just being dramatic, but he did have that much determination. He had come far too far to give up then, and that alone pushed his broken body through the last bits of foliage in front of him and into the large clearing which he had spent the previous ten days walking and over four months researching trying to find.

Rioku just looked out into the clearing as he panted tiredly, gasping in breath after raspy breath as he surveyed the structures in front of him. The ruins looked to be fairly standard, nothing truly separating them from other South American ruins. He did know there was something special about this place though; he could feel it as he caught his breath and looked over the few stone huts and walls that had withstood the test of time and now sat vacant before him. No real roads were present in the small town, and undergrowth had begun to reclaim the area. It was still far more navigable than the jungle which surrounded it though, and that was a relief for Rioku. He had seen enough jungle to last him his entire life.

Once he had taken in his discovery, he looked for a rock to sit down on so that he could begin to write down his findings. He didn’t have a camera anymore; that bag of his had it, and so he just had to hope that his bad handwriting and limited English knowledge would be enough to encapsulate everything that he was seeing in front of him. He doubted it, but his rescuers would have cameras too, or so he hoped. He also had to hope that he would be found way out where he was, as he hadn’t left them a map of any kind. ‘Fly East unt-‘

Rioku wasn’t given the chance to finish his thought, for the step he had taken right as it began was onto hollow ground. The very earth caved in under him and sent him tumbling down into a deep cavern below the small town. The husky landed on the rocky surface under him hard enough to nearly break bone, and it rendered him unconscious immediately as well. He had still had time to look around as he had fallen though, and what he had seen made him not want to wake from the forced nap he was taking. Green, amorphous forms looked to be everywhere, each with something resembling eyes, and every one of those eyes had been trained on him as he fell. Rioku could only hope it was a hallucination, or fear reacting to something that had been little more than a reflection. For now though, dreamland was all that he had; his brain was too rattled from the fall to think.


The husky awoke with a snort, shaking his head a few times to clear the fog from his mind. He then went to stretch, but found himself unable to move. His eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light in the area just yet, but that only took a moment with his canid descent. What he saw though made him wish his eyes didn’t react that fast. He had to shut them again and hope that he was dreaming, or at the very least so rattled from the fall that he was seeing things. Upon opening his blue eyes again though, he was given a hard dose of reality, and began his struggles anew. Nothing gave though, and the husky could only whimper as he drank in his predicament and tried to somehow make sense of it.

Slime of some sort was coating his limbs, locking each one in place and preventing any sort of movement. He had been stripped nude by the sentient goo as well, as he could feel the cool floor of the cavern pressing against his tight rear. A few of the shapeless beings looked at him from their places around the room, each seeming to flash in time with one another as the husky looked at them. Rioku had no idea what they were planning, but he had more than a sneaking suspicion that it was something fairly ominous. His suspicions were validated fairly quickly too, as the flashing around him got faster. The husky had seen enough movies to know that wasn’t good, and all rational left his scientific mind right then as fear took its hold on him.

“Help! Help!” The husky shrieked, doing his best to struggle in the gravid masses which were holding down his limbs. Nothing worked though, not a single ounce of movement came from his fighting. It was just stationary, and even his torso only had so much movement it could make. The husky was trapped, and he knew it rationally, but he had to keep fighting. He just had to. “Let me go!”

NO!”, came a booming voice which reverberated throughout the cavern. It filled the very being of Rioku, stuffing him from end to end with its bass and instilling utter terror into every fiber of his body. He stopped struggling that instant and immediately lay as still as he could, silently huffing air through his panting muzzle as he just stared wide-eyed at the ceiling far above him. “We need you! You will be our new host, mortal! It is a true honor, and one which you will cherish for the rest of your earthly days!”

Rioku went to start talking, but he couldn’t even get a full syllable out before goo flew right into his muzzle. A flow of goo came almost instantly after that, but the husky was still too busy trying to see his surroundings to notice. The large tentacle of slime had catapulted itself from one of the hundreds of slimes which were surrounding the husky, their numbers growing in size just like the fear building in the canine. He couldn’t imagine hosting so many of the beings, but he was going to whether he wanted to or not from the looks of things. He had to struggle a bit again, instinct kicking back in once the voice had stopped talking, but it was absolutely useless and the dog was getting that into his head at long last. The slimes seemed to sense this too, and they all began to crowd around the submitting beast that much more. There was nothing that could be done for the husky now save for letting him lay there and take his feeding.

It was a feeding too, no question about that. The tentacle of slime was forcing itself deeper into his muzzle and pumping more liquid right down onto the canine. It was swelling in spurts at that point, getting wide enough to bring pained whimpers to the dog at times. His stomach was already packed, having gone from empty to full in a matter of moments. Full was a memory though now, and stuffed was barely even adequate to describe the pressure inside of Rioku’s stomach at that point. He felt as though he would burst with every single swallow, and yet that release never came. It was as if he was confined to be as taut as a balloon, without any of the release that could come from bursting. His eyes welded themselves shut to try and tolerate the agony that coursed through his veins, but even that did nothing. It had only been seconds of this as well, it was all happening at such a speed that the husky barely had time to comprehend what was happening to him.

After a full minute of the treatment, the pain had become so constant that Rioku dared to steal a peek at what was happening to him. All that he saw when he opened his right eye was white, a sphere of it looming over him where his midsection had once been. His stomach looked to have been filled with a weather balloon in just the minute or so that Rioku had been ignoring the feeding, and it utterly dominated his figure. He looked comically out of proportion, with his limbs still svelte and mobile beneath a part of his body which smothered his legs and arms almost completely. Just his fingers and feet stuck out, and he could barely move them as it was thanks to the weight which was resting on top of them. The influx of weight had made breathing a true challenge as well, for when one’s mass increases nearly ten-fold at that pace it’s a fair shock to the system. That much weight on his lungs probably wasn’t helping matters either, and thankfully his gooey hosts could sense that.

The tentacle that had been forced into his muzzle retracted out, making the husky cough and splutter, as well as let loose a deafening belch which filled the room. The burp smelled strangely of melon, but the husky barely paid it any mind as he tried to wrap his head around what he had become. He was hardly given a chance though, for the limb which had been in his mouth was now wrapping around his waist and slowly tugging at him. It pulled him forward slowly, using the spherical nature his body had taken on to its advantage and rolling him onto his stomach with some considerable tugging. The pressure it caused from pulling sent a few more belches out of the husky, as well as some pained groans. His body was already getting used to being at his current size, the torture of his overstretched innards ebbing at a breakneck pace. It was still incredibly uncomfortable though, and suddenly being perched atop such a frame was even less comfortable. It accentuated just how taut his stomach was, and made him truly realize, over the haze of pain and fullness which clouded his mind, that there was no way he could go back to normal. There was no way to lose this weight because it wasn’t weight. He had no idea what it was, but it was something that just made him afraid.

The goo must have sensed his fear, for no sooner had Rioku started fearing himself than the slime inside him began to digest. It was apparently all fat, and began to spread over his body as fast as it had entered it. He could see now why he was nude, for he went from having shapely hips to blobby appendages in the blink of an eye. Instead of his stomach feeling stretched now, every part of him felt stretched and tight. His skin suddenly had to hold back far more fat than it had ever even seen in its entire existence, and the husky had to groan deeply as it felt as though he was wrapped in saran wrap. His body tried to adjust, to shove the fat back into his stomach which was now elastic enough to handle it, but it needed to be proportional. Rioku had given up trying to understand what was happening at that point too, so he didn’t even attempt to figure out why his body was rebelling against itself. He just wanted this to end. He wanted his bed back. He wanted to have never gone on a trip which, while it would have sent science into a frenzy, was now feeling like the biggest mistake of his life.

The relentless goo all around him began to coalesce into one sole being right in front of him. It became even more shapeless than it had been, and looked far more menacing the bigger it got. Rioku had trouble seeing it over the cheeks which had swollen onto his face, but he tried his best to get a view of it. It loomed over him, utterly filling his limited vision with its mass and making sure that he had no way of escape even entering his mind. A few tentacles sprang from its still-increasing mass, waving threateningly in the air before the husky as he watched with trepidation. All three slowly descended on his form as though the slime-mass was playing with him. It indeed felt like it too, for as those tentacles neared parts of himself that he couldn’t even see, the husky had to let out a loud moan. His nethers were utterly desperate from disuse; there was no point in pleasuring oneself in the harshness of the jungle. The slime seemed to want to do just that though, the tip of one tentacle wrapping around his sheath and stroking it slowly while the other began to slide between his thick, sagging rump cheeks. The new mass all over the husky made him that much more sensitive to touch, and the tentacle mass before him seemed to know that.

It touched him in ways he had never been touched, rubbing along his mass with experience that the husky didn’t think was possible. His length quickly emerged from his shaft, and hot pants of breath escaped his muzzle in rapid succession. He was taken from fear to bliss in no time flat thanks to those tentacles, and had this been any other situation, it would have been the best time Rioku had ever had in his life. His sensitive folds were being explored one by one by the limb which was rubbing under and around his moobs, while the one near his backside rubbed and teased his bloated cheeks and bulging lovehandles with such grace and subtle firmness that it alone could have brought the husky to attention. Still the best was the one around his length though, which did everything from tease his shaft to rub along the padding of adipose which now resided heavily at the base of his manhood. The dog had no idea what to do, just panting and submitting that much more to the monster which had complete possession of him.

That was until all three tentacles went straight into the orifice which was closest to them.

The one around his cock slid right in, unceremoniously forcing itself down inside and bloating out with liquid to expand and fatten the canine. The one in near his backside rammed right into him, feeling nearly as thick as his arms had been before his transformation into a blob of his former self. He was not allowed to howl in pain from the two forced entries into his form though, for the second he tried to the limb which had been teasing his chest and chins pushed into his open maw and slid down his throat. It bulged the biggest, so large that it made his neck and cheeks swell out with its size. Not one of the tubes bulged irregularly this time either, each just stayed swollen and slowly got larger as they forced their contents down into the canine below them with such reckless force that Rioku could literally feel himself expanding with every second. The tubes were doing the same too, each taking their respective hole and pushing it to its limits. The husky could practically feel his length begging for the release of pressure, while his hole spread so wide that the husky’s tail nearly uncurled from the pained bliss. His muzzle was the same, his cheeks looking to have coconuts in them and his throat nearly double its normal thickness.

The floor below him had just been covered in his mass, but he soon smothered it. This was not like the expansion he had undergone before; this was far more forceful and turned straight into fat rather than inflating him. He could feel rolls upon rolls forming on his frame, his newfound pockets of fat getting smothered by established ones, which were then taken over by even bigger deposits. It was as if he was turning into a slime monster of his own, as the voice had told him he would earlier. He could still just barely see his gooey hosts as well, and they all looked to be shrinking with each passing moment. The husky could tell why, but he was too lost in a haze of pain and pleasure to even begin putting two and two together. It was mind-boggling to the canine that something like this could happen to him and he would survive, but even worse was just what he was becoming. He had no name for it, no way to classify it, and no way to comprehend it. He just had to accept it, and the moment he did he really began to grow.

Walls became a joke for him after a few minutes, the cavern itself beginning to feel confining after nearly ten. He was growing at such a pace that most buildings would soon not be large enough to contain him; hangars would already have a challenge. He could feel that expansion slowing down, but it was still happening at such a rate that the husky had to wonder just how he would ever be able to leave his current confines. He could feel the very earth around him getting angry about his size, and that was unsettling in a whole new light. Furs may be able to beat the earth, but how would they be able to move him. How was he even alive for that matter; he had gotten too fat to even open his eyes once he had passed what he could only image was two tons. He was several times larger than that by now, and how he was breathing through his smothered nose as well as how his heart was somehow forcing blood throughout his massive body was beyond him. Rioku had just this to think on too, for there was nothing else to occupy his mind as he ate, and ate, and ate. Or was forced to rather, but that was semantics at the point he was at. He was good for nothing else.

Sometime later, the husky had no idea when, he felt the cave crumble onto his blobby body and the tentacles themselves vanish into his body. He could feel the sun beating down on the top of his utterly useless body, as well as ripples all along his impossibly-immense surface. He couldn’t move a single muscle, he could smell nothing but his own unwashed BO, and he could see nothing but the insides of his eyelids. Why he was now like this still was a hard thing to wrap his head around, but the husky had to accept it if he wanted to have any chance of getting out of it. How he could do that was beyond him, but he needed to get out of this.

“There is no escaping this fate mortal! You are now the Atlantean avatar! All shall see you, and worship at your mass!” Rioku couldn’t respond to the voice in his head, but he did have a few choice words for it. He had no idea how that was even going to be possible, but at the same time he did at least take some solace in the fact that he had indeed found what he had set out to find. The feeling of other beings coming all around him gave him a bit more solace as well, along with the faint wind shifts that could only be brought about from choppers in the distance. Maybe he could still get the word out that he had succeeded, and maybe the whole ‘God’ thing could work. At least he wouldn’t be alone with the snooty voice anymore. He would also get to have his name in books too, for being the fattest mammal on record, and the discoverer of one of the planet’s last mysteries.

Atlantis. And it’s end.


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