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The snow hadn’t even been falling for a full hour before the wolf had gotten onto his horse and set off. He was waiting for it to get bad enough to mask his departure, which never took long in the winter of his town. It was as if the clouds always wanted to make sure that nothing could be seen but their contents, and that was something which the wolf loved about the place. It meant he could be as secretive as he needed to be, but also made the place far more beautiful and peaceful than most other places were. This was not to say that the wolf loved everything about his town, but he did at least enjoy that one particular part of it. He spent the rest of the time fighting against the parts of it that he didn’t so much like, and that list was far longer.

He was banned from seeing the one he loved in the town, for his love was another male. A badger to be specific, the wolf and the mustelid could hardly ever spend time with one another. Nights like the particular one which the horse was currently riding in were their only solace, and that meant that the wolf needed to take full advantage of them. The badger partner which he was meeting off in the woods also knew this, and was certainly on his way to their old rendezvous. This was part and parcel of their relationship; anytime they could sneak away now that they had been outted, they would do just that. Of course, their times had been far less frequent before their relationship had been discovered in the small, religious community, but the pair had such feelings for one another that neither saw that as too much of a setback. They would still spend time together, and they would still get to see one another. That was enough for the both of them.

On and on the wolf rode, his horse breathing fast and heavy as it galloped at full speed through the wooded surroundings of the town. The beast was black as night, just like most of his canine rider, and made their night runs that much easier to accomplish. The rainbow tail on the wolf and the metal on the horse’s saddle did stick out that much more, but at the speed with which they were going it didn’t matter. So on and on the two went, the wolf’s ears pinned back against his head and his thin, toned legs holding him just off the saddle so that he would not get abused from the constant bouncing. His tail fluttered in the wind, much like the equine’s in that sense but maintaining more of its shape. Both of their fur was plastered back in the frigid snow and the wind of their speed, and little icicles were forming around the areas where that was particularly bad. The beast of burden didn’t have the amount of thought within his small brain to complain about this though, and the rider on him didn’t have the time or the energy to think about it.

This went for almost fifteen minutes, the two setting a blistering pace through the thickening wooded area. Neither stopped as branches whipped at them and lashed out over the barely-usable trail which they knew so well. The wolf kept going too, just pushing through the pain of his limbs being battered, the soreness quickly developing in his joints as they were tasked with spurring the horse onward as well as stabilizing himself and as well as holding himself off said beast. All these tasks were taking a toll on the horse too, who whinnied and complained anytime that the wolf hit him now. The pair were beginning to feel the strain of their efforts, and yet there was little that they would do about it. The wolf would run that horse to death if he had to do that in order to see his beloved, and the beast beneath him would do just that for his owner.

That never came to pass though, as the two of them reached the clearing in which they could rest at long last. It wasn’t large, it was simple and utterly devoid of any trees though and that was all that the wolf and badger needed. The canine knew where the supplies were though, and quickly yanked on his horse to get it to come to an abrupt halt. The beast quite happily complied, giving nary a complaint as it came skidding to a stop on the slippery, snow-covered leaves beneath its hooves. Standing at one side of the small clearing, it shook a few times and let out a whinny as the wolf dismounted it and stepped off to the side. He still held the reigns though, and tied them to the nearest tree hastily before he set off towards what looked to be a large snow drift. It indeed was that too, but what was underneath it was what the wolf was after.

Brushing aside the snow with shaking paws, the wolf pulled out a wooden container from beneath the pile of snow. He looked it over for a long moment, making sure that it wasn’t damaged or had been tampered with. It was hard to tell in the steady snowfall which was going on all around him, but he did manage to discern enough from his quick check that he was able to be satisfied. Once he was, he opened the lid to the small crate and pulled out the blankets within. Three old, musky things, he barely wasted time looking them over and instead brought them to his nose and took a deep, inhaling breath. They smelled of sex, of the badger, of the wolf, and of so much else that the wolf could barely even contain himself as he just sat in the snow and held them to his face. It was a blissful reminder of all that the pair had done, and all that they could do.

The wolf was so distracted that he didn’t feel the badger come up behind him. Instead, all he got was a pair of paws wrapping around his neck and holding him gently to a plush surface. The canine jumped and let out a snarl, whirling around to see who was there. Being greeted by the mustelid though, who looked startled more than anything, the canine quickly dropped his snarling look and instead melted just a little inside. He took the one step between himself and the mustelid and wrapped both arms around him, pulling him into a tight embrace. The badger did the same, holding onto the wolf in his arms as tightly as he dare. This was not to say that they didn’t always cling to one another, but they did cling to one another even tighter the first time they saw one another every single time. It has been a while since their last outing too, and while neither could do much about it, that did make this meeting that much more special. In the clearing in the woods, surrounded by dead trees with nary a shelter or a fire. No warmth but themselves, civilization far away… It was their own little heaven.

After the long, loving embrace, the wolf released the wolf and immediately began to lay out the blankets. The mustelid backed up out of the way, as the clearing was so small that there was little room for much else once the blanket were out when they were combined with leaving enough room for two horses. The snowfall all around them did shrink their small oasis in winter as well, making little drifts and limited what the wolf could see under the blankets. He still did lay them out though, placing one on top of the other with a deftness to his actions that showed how much he had done it. The badger just watched through this, barely saying a word and instead just letting it happen. Both knew what was going to come next, and neither could stand to wait for it. They did their best to be patient, but it had been too long; they needed it.

The blankets had barely settled on the ground before the wolf and the badger were under them. Both beasts were of the ilk that never wore clothing, their winter coats and sheathes being more than enough for their small town. Clothing just got in the way too, and made their lives utterly miserable. The wolf had only ever heard of clothing in that sense too, while the badger had been forced to try it by his parents in his youth. He had hated it, as all others in the pair’s village did, and of course that meant that he went nude just like everyone else. Clothing might have had its advantages at one point or another since it was harder to hide one’s arousal without it, but the pair had trained themselves so well that they could pass one another in the street with no reaction. It had been tough when they had first started their late night romps, as they had been as horny as a pair of cubs growing into adults. That had been a long time ago though, and now they were experts at hiding their excitement.

They were also experts at showing their love once they were in private, and this became apparent less than a second after the wolf was under the blankets with the badger. Immediately, their muzzles locked and began to lick at one another. Pushing against one another in a primal sense of lust, they both sniffed and tasted one another in heated passion. They stayed locked together, each just pressing into the other from their muzzles to their toes. The thicker build of the badger dominated the wolf’s lithe build, but the longer limbs of the canine did wrap around the badger to keep him held incredibly close. Both could stay that way for ages, and would if given the chance. They wanted more than just some innocent grinding and kissing though, so they just kept at that for a short while until their arousal began to work its way to its peak.

The kissing lasted for a few minutes, paws exploring one another’s bodies as they stayed locked together like one being. The canine continued to sniff at the badger as he licked and pressed at him, the scents of the beast even more arousing than just the feel of him. Even hearing him, his heavy breath and the loud thumping of his heart, was enough to drive the canine wild. Conversely, tasting and smelling the wolf was more than enough for the badger; he needed more. He would get his more soon enough too, as could be evidenced by the scents of musk which started to fill the air. The canine’s length was starting to peek out of its furry prison, piercing into the badger just a hint as they continued to grind on one another. The mustelid’s was out in full force already; he was always easier to please than the canine. The wolf knew that too, and he took advantage of it to his fullest every time one of their romps happened.

In a single motion the wolf backed off from the badger and gave him a gentle shove to roll over. The mustelid complied with ease, rolling first onto his back and then shifting himself onto his side away from the wolf. Had it been summer, he would have wound up on all fours, but he did need the added warmth of the blanket over him not to ruin the arousal which was building inside him. Too much cold would shut both of them down, and that was just what lay outside of the covering of the thin blanket. The snow raining down on their heads and wetting the blankets wasn’t helping, but it wasn’t going to stop the passionate lovers. They would make it through that cold if it killed them, and while that wasn’t likely, there was a small chance that some freezing or a sickness could occur thanks to being out in the cold while doing such a… warm activity. It was a risk they were both willing to take though, and gladly.

The wolf slid himself right back up behind the mustelid and wrapped both arms around him. One arm just held the badger to his front, and the other wrapped its rough pawpads deftly around the exposed meat of the mustelid. This got a high-pitched moan from the beast, and it pierced the silence of the snow falling all around them. The horses beside them reacted with a couple of whinnies, but neither beast could care about that as they continued to go at it. The wolf’s paw around the badger’s length was making any thought for the mustelid nigh impossible, and the canine was lost in his own world now that his growing shaft was between the plush cheeks of the badger. He wasn’t inside him yet, but he was at least working on it in a sense. The badger was hardly one to try and take the wolf, so the wolf did that to the mustelid, but he always got him off first. This showed too, for the paw had lingered on the length of the badger for but a moment before it began to work it over, not stroking but instead just touching and lightly caressing. The pawpads on that paw were far too rough to do any stroking, and instead the whole experience needed to be done through touch rather than jerking.

The faintest of strokes, light rubs, and gentle cradling were all done by the canine’s expert paw. He had clearly done this before, and it was obvious to the badger that he had been practicing too. He couldn’t stop moaning and even went so far as to lightly buck against the paw that was bringing him such arousal. His member pulsed and throbbed with lust, the balls below it beginning to swell as a telltale sign of the mess he was going to make soon. The wolf could feel that, and brought his free paw down to work on those for the mustelid. The wolf’s lanky build rarely paid off, but right then his longer limbs compared to the badger’s shorter stature and build did help when it came to teasing him. There wasn’t much of a height difference, but it was just enough. The two both knew that too, and as the badger just succumb to the wolf’s teasings, the canine couldn’t help but feel his own length grow to nearly its full size somewhere beneath the blankets.

On and on he teased, pushing the badger closer and closer with every single touch of his paws. It wasn’t enough that he simply did that too, as the scents of musk were now overbearing in the air. They lingered like the arousing things they were, hanging heavily in both beasts’ nostrils and just further exciting them both. The badger was nearly at his peak, but the wolf needed that little push over the edge to finish him off and make him succumb as well. Both were now lost to their lust, any worries about their relationship, or thoughts about the whole thing not being natural, or any other hang-ups the pair might have had evaporating as fast as the snow which steadily fell onto the blanket which covered them both. Cloud nine had taken both the badger and the wolf, and the badger was so close to hitting the roof of that could that the canine behind him could do nothing more than send him right through that ceiling.

With the force of a train and a quick tug, the wolf both entered the badger with a forceful thrust and yanked at the mustelid’s cock with a sudden force that sent the badger right to his sexual peak. The badger howled out, his head thrown back and his cry echoing through the empty woods as he orgasmed so hard it nearly escaped their woven protection. The wolf could feel and smell that release instantly, the stench of seed reaching his nose and pushing him that much farther down into animalistic lust. The tensed frame in front of him was also a big help in this, and gave him nothing more than the satisfaction of giving his lover what he wanted. That was a feeling few got to experience, and one that the wolf cherished with every fiber of his being. Had he been more conscious of his actions, that would have been enough for him. He wasn’t though, and he was buried nearly to the base of his knot in the badger beside him. That needed to be taken care of.

The wolf began thrusting rapidly, pushing and grinding against the rear of the badger while wrapping both of his arms around the waist of the fur and keeping him held tightly. The mustelid just panted hotly and groaned as he felt the length in his rear ram into him again and again. His prostate was being utterly battered, the pointy length of the dog working like a set of fingers repeatedly bouncing around inside of the badger. Hot breaths left the canine as he pushed harder and harder against the badger, his arousal utterly apparent as he began to get lost in the animalistic side of things. The blankets above them both rapidly shifted around as the wolf got faster, harder, and rougher with the badger. His partner didn’t care in the slightest about this either; the badger relished having himself taken with such force.

That force only grew too, the wolf latching his muzzle onto the arm of the badger and giving it a gentle bite. The teeth inside that muzzle had been rounded over slightly from domesticated living, but not enough to make sure that bite didn’t cause pain. The badger cried out far louder the second that happened, pained pleasure coursing through his very being once that show of both affection and domination came from the wolf. It usually meant he was close too, which was faster than normal but it had also been longer than normal. Neither could think much more on that right then, the wolf especially. He was just gripping the badger tighter and tighter, holding onto him with clawed paws that were digging into the faint paunch on the black-and-white mustelid. It wasn’t painful in the least, but that grip was getting to be a bit much for the badger.

The wolf didn’t care about that though, and just kept bouncing his torso off the back of the badger’s. It moved in almost a blur, and as the knot which had been bouncing off the badger began to swell to its full size, it wouldn’t be long before that blur became one object. The wolf could feel that too, the familiar light-headedness that came with such arousal pushing rationality further into the recesses of his mind. It was going fast too, and the badger in his arms was about to experience just what that lust was. He had many times before, and it was never unwanted. Faster, harder, faster, harder… It was all that the wolf could give, and as he released the badger’s arm from his muzzle so that he could pant harder he could feel the muscles in his feet tense. That tensing worked its way up his arms, around through his rump, up into his chest, then through his arms, and finally came to rest in his muzzle and ears even. It all then forced itself down into his pelvis, which plowed into the mustelid one last time with a loud pop and stayed there.

The wolf was satisfied right then.


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