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The raccoon awoke with a start, his paws shaking slightly as he tossed the covers off of his frame and sat up panting heavily. He had not expected such a vivid dream when he had gone to bed that night, but one had certainly come to him and made sure that his sleep was not only fitful, but downright terrifying. His dream of being taken and twisted into shapes, contorted all while a beast laughed down at him… It was utter horror for the fur. He had to wipe the sweat from his brow and just sit for a minute to catch his breath while he tried to will himself far more conscious. This was not to say that he wasn’t wide awake, but a part of his brain was still trapped in the terror that was his subconscious, and that needed to go away. Breathing still hard and fast, the raccoon just sat in his bed and took a few more moments.

Once he had composed himself, the beast slowly pushed himself off his bed and onto his feet. He groaned deeply as he got vertical, taking one deep sigh again and just standing still for a moment. He then stretched as many furs did, his animalistic side still shining through in that action. His tail flicked about as he did so behind him, the thick and bushy appendage brushing along the bed sheets with little care. His ears swiveled around lazily as he fully woke up from his slumber, the turning things picking up a few creaks of the house and some pops in his joints. His eyes, far better at seeing at night than most, were already fully adjusted as he forced them open and looked around the room. The sleep was still in them though, and he had to shut them again and give his head a few shakes in order to jar the grogginess from his head that much more.

Satisfied, the raccoon began walking towards the bathroom. It was still far too early to begin his day, but he at least needed to splash some water on his face and clear his mind of the horrifying thing it had created in his sleep. His tail and thin hips swished in time with his steps, bouncing around back and forth with the meager amount of adipose on them. The raccoon was in good shape, and he prided himself on that. He always made sure to take care of himself physically, and mentally when he could. He had been neglecting that as of late though, and was beginning to chalk his dream up to that since he couldn’t think of any other reason for it. That would be a thought process for another time though, as he rounded a corner and walked into his bathroom with a faint sigh.

Flicking on the light and turning on the tap in a rather smooth motion, the raccoon watched the water flow into the sink through slits of eyes while they painfully adjusted to the sudden influx of brightness. The mammal kept watching the splashing liquid swirl down the hole in his sink, staring at it intently for several moments before he just backed off and placed both paws on the lip of the sink. He then cupped them, filled the space between them, and brought the water inside them to his face. A quick splash, followed by another two for good measure, and the raccoon was blindly reaching for the towel which hung on the wall beside the sink. He knew it was there, and just had to fumble for but a moment before it was in his paws and wiping the water from his fur. The whole thing had certainly woken him up, and also gotten his mind just a bit clearer. Maybe a drink of water would help too, but he would need a glass for it.

As the towel came down from the beast’s face and he looked into the mirror with yet another heavy sigh, he stopped cold and just stared at the reflection looking back at him. It was definitely his face, with his features and his expression. It was just different though, something about it was very off in the raccoon’s mind. He had no idea what it was, but as he leaned in closer to the mirror for a better look, he saw the change. It was subtle, but it was there, and it terrified the beast. He recoiled from the mirror and immediately stripped down to nudity. Once there, he shut the bathroom door rapidly and looked at the full-length mirror which was on the back of the door. His suspicions were confirmed there, and he went as pale as he could once this realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

He was shiny now.

He had no idea what it was or why it was, but it terrified him. Every bit of him had a sheen that hadn’t been there when he went to sleep, and it looked to just be getting worse with every passing moment. From the tip of his bushy tail to the tops of his flattened-back ears, the raccoon was changing into something else, and it terrified him. He tried to move, but felt an invisible force of sorts hold him in place. He had to be dreaming, just locked in another nightmare which had formed thanks to his mind being a jerk. The raccoon shut his eyes tight and just willed what he was seeing to be a dream, and hoped that it would be merely that. He couldn’t feel anything change, but his mind was screaming at every part of his body to wake up.

A grope to the svelte frame of the raccoon jolted him back to reality, and terrified him even more as he saw that there was no one capable of giving him such a sensation. It was as though a pair of massive, invisible paws were roaming along his body. He had to stifle a moan of sudden arousal from that feeling, his fear momentarily forgotten thanks to the molesting of some unseen force. The raccoon was still mindful of what was happening to him though, and had to wrench himself from enjoying the experience back to reality. There, he had to figure out just what was happening to him, and how he could get out of it. This was no dream either, so there had to be something else going on.

Something else did start just then, and the raccoon let loose a massive yelp of surprised pain once it did. It was as subtle as the change to whatever shiny material he was made of, but still brought attention to the raccoon. As he looked on in the mirror, it took him less than half a second to figure out what was becoming of him. He went even paler still, looking nearly white beneath his black and grey fur. He had to keep looking though, as he was unable to move a single ounce of his body. He tried shutting his eyes to keep from seeing what was happening, but he could feel it and shutting his eyes made it even worse. He needed to watch, to look on as he changed yet again into something else entirely. He did at least understand why he was shiny though, but that thought made him more nervous as he looked on.

He was inflating.

The process was slow, but steady. His gut rounded out first, going from the toned midsection it was to one that looked to have a full beer belly in a matter of moments. It kept expanding as well, but the rest of his frame was starting to join the progression. His limbs started looking chunkier, but not at all feeling heavier. They were far more gradual than his gut, which was pushing into big beer gut territory already. It had to be because he was so small to begin with, but it was something that sent nothing but chills down his spine as he watched his stomach go from being flat, to round, and now to ball-like. It was just over a matter of a minute or so as well, and that alone was enough to send true fear into the raccoon.

As if the unknown force got bored of him, the invisible bindings which had been holding the raccoon’s limbs still suddenly snapped and he was allowed free. He nearly fell to the ground when this happened, so shocked that he suddenly had control of himself again that he had to fight to stay vertical. He won that fight though, and steadied himself on his swelling feet for a moment before reaching for the door handle. As he did, he could feel his new, rubbery surface brushing against itself. A cacophony of squeaks and other loud noises came from him as that happened, his whole body a giant mass of friction-filled surfaces at that point. The raccoon’s ears couldn’t go back further than they were at that moment, but they certainly tried to in order to block out that noise. He needed to get out of the echoing room and into somewhere that gave him room to grow; his overseer of sorts seemed to have no intention of stopping.

Out of the bathroom and into his living room, the raccoon sighed to himself once he was in there. He moved his coffee table to one side of the room and sprawled out on the generous space in the middle of the room, lying flat on the floor below. He could still feel himself expanding, going from just thick to round all over. His limbs were still movable, if not with a wee bit more effort than before the expansion had started. His cheeks were just barely beginning to broach his field of vision, and his head was trapped with a collar of inflated flesh now that he lay prone. His middle was starting to become unwieldy though, and an experimental reach gave away that the raccoon could no longer reach his nethers. Why he went that way was beyond him, but as he pulled his hand back he could take a guess.

His heightened sense of touch made any contact with his body nearly orgasmic, and that combined with the feeling of paws on his sides constantly holding the flesh there and just giving it a light squeeze was enough to make nearly all of the weirdness that being a balloon was causing. The raccoon still had no idea what was happening to him, but he was caring less and less the more of him there was. His paws began to slowly rub in large circles around the sides of his expanding gut, taking more and more effort to stay there by the moment as air beneath the flesh of the beast pushed them further apart. The mammal still tried though, and succeeded in teasing his generous love handles for a long while. Just playing with the pseudo roll of air-filled skin there, he could feel his length peeking from its shaft and pushing against the soft, light underbelly which was forming and expanding with every passing moment. The raccoon was quickly growing to enjoy his new predicament, and started to take advantage.

His thick, bloated hips smooshed together nearly down to his knees, and with just the barest amount of maneuvering, were around his length’s tip and teasing it with their expanding mass. This also got his sac as well, so the beast just went to town on himself as he felt his skin get tighter and his body grow to unbelievable proportions. By then he could barely see over his cheeks, it was getting harder to bend any of his limbs, and he couldn’t even reach his own stomach anymore with his arms they were so swaddled with air-filled flesh. The beast just groaned inwardly though, too lost in his own pleasure to care. He could feel as his ears were forced to stand back up and popped out while they were filled with air. His nose was also just a hint larger too, looking like a cartoon’s nose as it was filled with air as well. His paws were unable to close into a fist, and his feet could hardly be used to support his mass now that they were round on the bottom rather than flat. All in all, the raccoon was becoming a balloon of his former self, and that was something that he was ok with.

He continued to buck into himself for as long as he could, which was sadly not as long as he would have liked. His legs were starting to spread apart farther than the raccoon could manage, and bending them was proving nigh impossible. His arms were suffering the same fate, just trapped out straight from his sides as the buoys of air made sure that they couldn’t move. The sheer roundness of them distorted their proportions grossly, making him look more like a ball with a few marshmallow-laden appendages sticking out of it. Even his head looked like an afterthought, and thanks to the sheer amount of air all around it now, he had an airy pillow of neck flesh to rest on while he lay in and around himself. There was nothing more that he could do though, and he was forced to remain at nearly-stupefying levels of bliss while he was beached and just expanded and expanded.

A new feeling was starting to spread through the raccoon though, a certain tightness which he had managed to avoid the entire time that he had been inflating. It was starting in his middle, just a feeling of his body going a bit too far. His rational mind said that his caretakers wouldn’t let him burst, but he wasn’t sure if that was true. Surely they had a less-than-safe reason for wanting to do this to the raccoon, and he had his fears as to what that reason was. If it was revenge, he would surely burst, but that wouldn’t be for a least a little while more. The newfound tightness was just as pleasurable as all the other feelings assaulting his body at the time, so it was all the raccoon had not to orgasm right then and there. He was painfully close though, and he tried to buck into his belly, his thighs, anything that would send him that wee bit over the edge. It was to no avail though, as there was no moving his body at all at that point, so he was forced to just lay and take it.

The tight feeling spread and spread, going from his toes to his ears after just a couple minutes. The raccoon’s eyes were wide open as even they felt just the tiniest bit swollen from how much air was being forced into the raccoon. He wanted to shut them, for he was starting to get into real pain with how much pressure was building inside him. He couldn’t though, and instead was forced to watch as the skin on what little he could see over his cheeks became nearly translucent. It was like watching oneself fall; there was nothing that could be done but wait for the end. Faint whines and whimpers, pleading whomever was doing this to him for mercy, left the raccoon as what had been a pleasurable experience turned into a massively terrifying one all over again. Pain was filling his being, and as the doubts in his mind turned into certainties about what was going to become of him, the raccoon could only wait for the end.

Seconds seemed to be minutes as parts of him became so tight that the beast could do little more than just cry out in pain. It felt like he was being torn to pieces, but from the inside out. The raccoon wanted it to end, nothing more than for someone to stick him with a pin and just to put him out of his misery. He prayed that it would end, just doing his best to keep from utterly bawling as his body rebelled against the air in it and stopped expanding altogether; even his claws were inflated at that point. The end was coming, and right as it got there the raccoon sighed. He felt his body hit critical mass, and then for a split second he felt nothing. No pain, no pleasure, just nothing. He sighed inwardly at the reprieve from any torture to his body, and then let loose a deep grunt as he felt himself be torn into several shreds. The noise of it was deafening, and it rendered the raccoon unconscious instantly. His last thought was how this could have happened, and just why he had it happen to him…

The beast then woke up in his bed, sitting up bolt upright and letting out a blood-curdling scream of absolute horror. He sat there for a few moments, panting and trying to catch his breath while he just looked around the room. His eyes could only see the dark, and that was at least a good sign. His paws immediately went to his legs, and gave them a couple of quick pinches to see if he was indeed awake. Satisfied, the raccoon began to calm down and try to make sense of what had just happened in his mind. Two nightmares in one night was nearly unheard of, but he had to assume that he had just eaten something funny; nothing mental would do this.

The raccoon did all that he had done before in his dream; stretch, steady himself on his feet, and walk to the bedroom door to head to the bathroom for some water and to clear his head. When he made it to the bedroom door though, he stopped cold and looked at the floor at the base of it. He could see a faint amount of light seeping through, and realized in cold horror what that meant. He almost didn’t want to open the door suddenly, leaving his paw on the handle as deep, panting breaths began to take over his rhythm again. The raccoon knew not checking would be even worse, so he had to just stay as composed as his pale frame would allow as he twisted the door’s handle. He slowly pulled the large blockade towards him, leaving his eyes in slits out of fear as he tried to peer around the doorjamb. He didn’t even get a look though, for as he pulled his arm back he heard just what he was afraid of. He just hoped it was the door, but denial was already out the window as the door swung open that much more. What he had feared he could see, and what he did see as the door swung itself the last bit of the way open and the raccoon just stood paralyzed in true terror.

A piece of his balloony self was laying on the floor in front of his bedroom door.

His arm squeaked as he pulled it back to his side in shock.

It was happening again.


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