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Riesig was feeling excited this morning.  He had received an email that MegaFoods had purchased one of the most popular Mexican fast food chains in the nation- Jalapenos.  It was a pretty cheap place that sold tacos by the dozen for mere pennies and had an array of hot sauces made for varying levels of spice lovers.  It had been floundering once furs all over the country started to want healthier choices, but MegaFoods knew that if anyone could turn that around, it was Riesig.

He had been coming up with ideas all morning, and the kitchens had been in a flurry to start on the prototypes.  He wanted to give the illusion of healthy foods but keep the same cheap ingredients and wonderful fat content as the restaurant usually used.  Burritos were to be stuffed with more “grilled” meat, black beans, and roughage.  That way they could be sold as a healthy, grilled alternative to something fried.  Beans were to be cooked in lard but sold as “authentic Mexican style.”  Tortillas were to be made thicker to hold more.  He smiled blissfully as he thought about not only the money he’d make but about all the food he could enjoy while testing 30 or more meals of each menu item.  For quality control, of course.

Thusly, Riesig waddled heavily down the hall toward the factory floor where they were to start assembling prototypes to be tested.  The kitchens couldn’t handle the volume needed for testing so the recipes and huge sacks of ingredients had been sent down to the plant for cooking.  Just the thought of the factory having to be the ones to cook his test meals made Riesig happy and his belly rumble.  A hefty paw, covered in doughnut icing and chocolate sauce from breakfast number two, patted the top of his vast, jiggling gut.  A smear of chocolate and sugar was left behind as he lazily rubbed but he didn’t care since he had already spilled a cup of syrup on the shirt during pre-breakfast.

Of course, there was something else on his mind too.  All that Mexican food in his vast gut was going to cause some havoc.  Normally when he ate Mexican food he’d fear for the structural integrity of his house.  Now that he was going to ingest a lot of cheap, newly formulated Mexican food, he wasn’t sure if he was going to have to worry about the factory.  Sure it was strong enough to stand an earthquake, but what about earthquake-causing farts?  And what about those factory workers?  Some of them could barely tolerate his normal gas levels!  The thought of some of them passing out made the corners of his mouth curl into a devious smile.  Maybe whoever survived could receive a promotion to his personal staff; Riesig’s morning gas was brutal.

The hefty bunny did his best to cast those thoughts from his mind as he neared the doors to the factory. His heavy, wall-rattling footfalls had alerted his staff to his approach, and they were on high alert. A few donned gas masks, while one or two simply fled for their noses’ sake. Riesig didn’t notice or care about this though; he could smell the impending feast of testing ahead, and skipping his first of 3 lunches made those scents that much more appealing. The incredibly obese bunny’s stomach was growling with anger at him for doing so, but it would be satisfied momentarily; if the workers had done their jobs. If not, then the wrath of Riesig would get another notch in its belt for how sinister it could be. One knew not to get between the Slob Boss and his food, as the one time that had happened the poor panda in the way had simply become food. Riesig had to smile at that memory as he neared the doors, giving the final resting place of that bear a hearty slap of pride before taking the final steps towards the factory floor.

Riesig entered the room as he did all rooms once he passed 800 pounds of rabbit; with his belly. The sagging sac of fat pushed against the doors with a soft whoomf and forced them open until the thick arms of the bunny could reach them. Once that happened, he threw them open around him to further announce his arrival, and make it known to the entire room that their boss had arrived. The workers knew that already though; how could they not with the shaking of the room and the stench which lingered heavy around Riesig. He still liked making that entrance though, as his ego and pride knew no limits, and his actions just further heightened those less-than-desirable aspects of him. The bunny stopped in the doorway, pausing for a moment as his insides churned for a few seconds thanks to the ponderous waddling he did just to get around. Being a glorified tanker of lard didn’t make moving easy, but Riesig paid it little mind and instead just focused on getting the turbulence from his gut and out into the air.


His three chins sank into the thick spare tire of fat that had once been his neck, his cheeks pushed up further into his field of vision, and his stomach rolled and sloshed from the force of the belch. It lasted for several seconds before dying down, and once it had the bunny sighed contentedly and gave his stomach another slap. He could feel the several sets of eyes on him from his entrance, but he knew he was a sight and ate up their disdain like it was made of chocolate. Little would stroke his ego more than being watched as he was, so he just stood still for a moment longer to further drink up the gazes of his employees before making his way fully through the doors and into the factory. A few of his employees were waiting right there, each holding clipboards and food while they stood patiently by the entrance. They were the best Riesig had, each loyal and all but one attracted to the slovenly rabbit in some form or another. The Slob Boss exploited that as much as he could too, constantly taking advantage to further his own consumption-based agendas.

“Well?” Riesig boomed out, his fattened voice sounding like a wrecking ball made of pudding as it poured from his muzzle. Bits of spittle and food also left his maw as he spoke; remnants of his second breakfast still fastened to his two front teeth. Not one of the four employees in front of him batted an eye though, and each stepped forward towards Riesig without reservation. The set of furs all had no gas masks on, and did not wrinkle their noses at the stench of unwashed gluttony which enveloped the bunny; perfect minions.

“Ah, well, sir,” quipped a fox with glasses perched on his snout and a lab coat on his thin frame.  “First we have a delicious one for you.  It-”

He was cut off as Riesig held out a bloated paw, “I asked for the food, not for you to talk!  You KNOW I skipped a meal today JUST for this!  I.  Want.  To taste.  The FOOD.”

The fox flinched just slightly, holding his clipboard a bit tighter as the bunny barked at him.  He merely nodded and gestured politely to a section of industrial fryers and ovens where a few furs in shower caps, lab coats, and gloves stood around cooking by pushing buttons and pulling levers on machines that spit out ingredients out of vats and barrels.  They tried not to make eye contact with the massive rabbit and stuck to their stations.  The fear of being consumed was constantly running through their veins whenever Riesig was in the plant.

There were long, steel tables that held row after row of what appeared to be extra thick burritos that were still steaming.  Each was full of ground beef cooked in lard, full fat cheese, beans soaked in grease, and plenty of leafy greens.  Riesig grinned as he knew what all of those ingredients did to his body separately.  Together they’d be quite destructive and he figured he could grade the quality of the food based on the quality of the farts it gave him.

He picked up a burrito in each paw and smashed them into his open maw.  His bloated fingers held on to the burritos just tight enough to squirt the filling into his mouth so he could easily suck down the hot, spicy mixture in one go.  His palms shoved the remainder in before he reached out for more, grunting as he chewed noisily.  Loud smacks and slurps would have echoed if the machines weren’t humming and clanging but those near him could hear his disgusting gluttony.  Drool seeped out the corners of his mouth and ran down to his thick chins as it mixed with the grease from the burritos.  His light-brown fur slowly began to change a light orange as the grease mixture dripped down like a slow moving river.

A muscular bull from the group of four employees watched intently as Riesig ate.  His lab coat was stretched tight across his back and his tie nestled neatly between his pecs.  Riesig did like him but the bull knew his boss was also keeping an eye on him.  His physical strength would possibly pose a problem since he could easily overpower a beached bunny after all.  So to keep him on his toes the rabbit grunted at him, pointing from him to the burritos with a dripping paw.

“What the hell are these?” he mumbled thickly.

“The Big Burro-ito.  Ground beef, seasoned, and cooked in an authentic style-” he was cut off.


The bull nodded, tapping on a tablet in his hand.  He brought up the ingredient list and rattled off the rest of them, looking up after each one to make sure his boss approved.  His colleagues stood behind him, stone faced but worried.  They all knew that one bad taste meant hell for them and another long night of reformulating everything.  Each burrito that the bun stuffed into his mouth seemed to go down easily enough and Riesig had to admit that his staff had done an adequate job.

“‘S not bad,” Riesig said before grabbing the last one of what had to have been 50.  “Maybe a touch more cheese but you guys pass.”

The rabbit rubbed the top of his gigantic gut that had blown up a bit bigger from the stuffing.  It wasn’t much but it was enough to start to test the buttons of his formerly white dress shirt.  As digestion started that would change since his entire body would begin to fatten.  He started to pick at his teeth with a bloated pinky finger while his belly gurgled and roiled while it started up its digestive process.  It was just like the machines making his food- efficient.


He belched, causing the steel tables to rattle.  With a shrug and a comment on how the food tasted just as good coming back up he motioned for the group to follow him to the next station.  Heavy thumps from his broad, lapin feet shoot the concrete floor as he waddled over to where huge vats of liquid cheese were squirting out their golden calories onto brick-sized enchiladas.

Once again he didn’t wait for an explanation.  He picked up a foil tray of the huge, overfull treats and started to push them into his mouth without worrying that he was getting the thick red sauce all over himself.  This time, though, he found it harder to guzzle the food.  Not only was it fresh out of the oven, the sauce was the hottest they had been testing.  A moderately beefy tiger from his group of followers gasped as he watched his boss’ expression change.  The tiger had fed his boss the wrong hot sauce thinking that the huge rabbit could handle the highest intensity.  Little did he know that, while the rabbit liked the intense heat, he didn’t like not being told it was coming.

The beast’s body shook wildly in huge, rolling waves of blubber.  A yelp escaped his maw before he quickly slurped the rest of the tray up as he wasn’t letting food go to waste.  Ponderous steps turned him to face his crew, his face fur drenched in sweat from the sudden onslaught of heat and his eyes were red with a mix of anger and the tears from the sauce.

“What the hell was that?!  I damn near burned my tongue off!” he hollered, his booming voice resonating in their chests.

The tiger stood up to him to respond, “Sir, we’re very sorry!  These are the Spice Lovers Enchiladas and we were going to warn you!  It’s just that you sort of-”

Again, Riesig cut him off.  “Dammit, tell me what I’m eating before I eat it!”

“Y-yes, sir,” the tiger said quietly, bowing his head and casting his gaze to the floor.

Riesig shifted back to face his food, grunting and rumbling with both anger and hunger.  Inside he was smiling at how much his crew was cowering in his presence.  He would start swelling soon and he hoped they would get to marvel at him as he digested the spicy food into pure lard.  His thick rolls swung and jostled in his tight clothes as he moved.  The stained shirt started to come untucked as the fat inside forced it to ride up and tighten as it shifted inside.  The rabbit didn’t care though.  He just wanted more food.

More food he got too, but not before he was brought over his favorite thirst-quenching drink. He loved his food hot, but to get such a burn without something to clear the taste from his muzzle, the rabbit couldn’t appreciate the myriad of other flavors he would be indulging in. If he couldn’t do that, then he couldn’t do his job, and that would mean disaster for the company. It would also mean disaster for his employees, so as if on cue, he was brought over a whole gallon of thick chocolate shake. He had added this to Jalapenos menu specifically to get away with pouring lard and milk into one glass, but the combination was incredible. It went down thick and heavy, coated one’s gut like a thick layer of paint, and even washed the taste of those incredibly hot enchiladas from his muzzle in just a few swigs.

Riesig wasn’t going to waste the gallon though, and downed it with greed before tossing the container aside in the general direction of the peon that had brought it to him. Sated, he leaned back down and picked up one of the five remaining platters of cheesy, spicy concoctions. Each looked to be a variant of the first, with no labels or warnings on any of them. He turned his head as far as he could towards his entourage, giving them a sole chance to warn him again. He had no tolerance for mistakes a second time, and barely any for them the first time. That tiger which had nearly burned his tongue would get his comeuppance…

“Sir, each of those is as hot as the first sample, just with varying levels of lard and ot-”

“You mean some have less than others?”


“DAMNIT! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I SAY MAKE IT AS FATTENING AS POSSIBLE?!” Riesig bellowed, the tiger from the previous incident shrinking back further. The feline knew he was boned, just from the look in the beady eyes behind those sagging, food-stained lapin cheeks. He couldn’t do anything about it, just suffer the look of wrath from the enraged rabbit and hope that his punishment wasn’t too severe. It didn’t look to be either, as the Slob Boss just turned back towards the table and proceeded to raise the first remaining tray to his maw.

Using just one of his paws, he messily forced the contents into his muzzle, and onto his cheeks and shirt in the process as well. Cheese, meat, and tortilla fell into heaps all around the rabbit as he made short work of the first tray, then another, and then another. It was like watching a machine work as fast as it could only this was a machine of pure consumption. The food fell all over Riesig’s shirt, permanently making it a shade of deep red and orange all over his generous cleavage. He could even feel some of the juices seeping into the fur below that shirt, but he didn’t care in the slightest. The onslaught of spice and meat and fat was enough to send him to heaven, but he didn’t dare let that on as he made quick work of the last platter of enchiladas. Showing any sign of enjoyment would ruin his plan though, and make sure that the feline who was about to be punished thought he hadn’t made as terrible a mistake.


Riesig belched uproariously as the last platter fell off to his side and clattered on the floor loudly. It joined the gallon jug, and four other platters, as well as a small meal’s worth of food which was scattered all around the slovenly lapin. The rabbit didn’t even move, he just stood where he was and placed his sticky, greasy paws on the sides of his stomach to clutch it slightly. He knew that there was going to be turmoil from all those spices, but he wasn’t expecting as much as he was getting thanks to eating so much so fast. Bubbles, churns, and groans came from the gastrointestinal plant which was housed in the thick layer of fat around his midsection, and had the rabbit been at home he may have laid down. Instead, he just stood stock still and concentrated, trying to figure out just where to send all the gasses welling up inside of him and forcing his stomach to swell just barely. It wouldn’t be long before he would reach a boiling point, and right as he was debating how to handle that, inspiration struck.

“Gas him,” He spat out flatly to his entourage, and immediately the tiger who had wronged him so went pale. Riesig didn’t care nor did he even think twice about the order, he just stood and continued to rub the small amount of acreage which he could reach on himself. Faint screams and cries reached his ears, as well as the sounds of struggle, but the lapin paid it no mind. He was far too focused on calming the storm brewing in his middle, and that meant forcing all of it out of him in one powerful blast. It wouldn’t be long before it came either.

The beginnings were slow, small bubbles forming somewhere deep in the rabbit’s larger intestine. He could feel each one of them, like small fingers prodding at his insides as they began to coalesce into a larger fist. Those fists then joined into a small ball, and were soon added to by a large and somewhat painful push from his churning stomach. His tummy felt like it did a backflip as this happened, and the rush of gas around in his innards made his shirt stretch in almost alien ways. It contorted and twisted, albeit mildly, around those guts which had put away more food than some nations. This was another part of that, and as those gasses began to rush towards their exit, the lapin was reminded of another part of the process as well.


Riesig loved that part.

The tiger coughed and groaned, his clothes rumpled as if they had been in a windstorm.  A few tables behind him that had once held ingredients and test tubes were blown far back.  Broken tubes and now-wilted lettuce littered the floor.  Bowls of ground beef were dumped everywhere though since it hadn’t been cooked Riesig was only slightly miffed.  He cared more about the fact that he had ripped that glorious fart and the steel table was now halfway across the warehouse.

“P-please, sir,” the tiger said weakly.  “I’m s-s-sor-”

He was cut off by one of the machine operators clapping a paw over his mouth.  Riesig growled deeply.  It welled up from deep in his gut and caused his flabby chest to vibrate with rage.  He flexed his gut again while using his paws to push on the doughy expanse before him.  The bubbling started again inside of him like his gut was a bottle of soda that had been shaken up.  The tiny bubbles fizzed past his paws and his gut gave a deep groan like an old ship.  With a small shift of his thighs he pushed ever so slightly and farted yet again.

The deep FFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHFFFFFTTTTTT pelted the tiger again.  This time the poor tiger was thrown back by the foul wind.  The machine operators who had been holding the tiger were knocked off balance by the sudden blast and had let go.  A flash of orange tumbled like a leaf as he was pushed toward, and finally into, the upturned table.  He groaned and clutched his midsection as he tried to recover from the pain of being slammed into.

Now gas masks were being donned.  The warehouse was starting to not only smell but the air was becoming muggy and thick.  The rabbit’s fart had caused the entire atmosphere in the enclosed room to change.  Air vents were strewn about the room but no central air system could handle filtering out all that powerful gas.  Furs were starting to sweat from the sudden humidity while others could swear the air had a visible haze now.

“Ugh, there.  What’s next?  I swear I said to make tacos too,” the rabbit said, lumbering heavily to the next station.

The workers there had covered their dishes at the first sign of the boss’ need to fart.  The unveiled huge tacos that could easily be rolled into burritos.  They were stuffed to the brim with meat, cheese, veggies, and coated in various sauces for Riesig to try.  Drool was dripping out of the corners of Riesig’s mouth as he got closer to them as his belly rumbled hungrily.  The buttons on his shirt were straining even more now with small gaps forming between each one as the shirt pulled tighter.  His staff watched as his massive rear end strained his suit pants, knowing that seams were starting to pull apart as their boss gorged.

“These look good.  Guess you lot know what you’re doing,” the blob mumbled as he picked up the first taco.  “Nothin’ on this that’s extra spicy?”

One of the machine workers shook his head no, nervously, as Riesig opened his mouth wide and took a huge bite.  Before he had swallowed he shoved the rest into his mouth so that his cheeks were puffed up.  With loud, sloppy chews he swallowed the taco and licked his short muzzle.  Everyone waited with their breath held.  Though that did help with the need for a break from taking in even more fart into their lungs.

The rabbit shrugged and scratched at his sagging moob, swearing it was softer, “Not bad.  Actually pretty good.  Nice ‘n messy.”

He picked some cheese and meat that had fallen out and shoved it into his mouth before using his other paw to grab the next one.  As he ate his gut churned more and more.  The addition of even more greasy, fatty food was making it worse but he loved it.  The feeling of his gut ballooning with more fat and even more gas turned him on.  A tent was forming in his oversized pants now as he thought about it, getting lost in his fantastical reality.  Well, a tent would have formed had his thick rod not been surrounded by all that fat.  He barely even noticed he had eaten the last taco.

The smorgasbord of meat and cheese which now filled the rabbit was enough to feed most families several times over, but the bunny still had two more stations to go before he finished the tour of his latest product line. He could feel his gut churning and groaning, trying to make sense of its latest gorge, but the rabbit didn’t care about that. He did care about the workers around him all cowering at even the slightest hint of a gas bubble in his gut. He cared about the button that he had lost off his greasy shirt after finishing that last taco. Above all though, he cared about the feeling of the fat which was pulling him down towards earth with every labored step he took. His girth was his pride and joy, and nothing would change that as he heavily waddled towards his second-to-last stop.

His entourage followed, all silent save for the sound of their breath coming through the gas masks which they all wore; safety regulations made it mandatory, many of them didn’t want to wear them in fact. They all had to match the boss’ pace, and that took some effort for the faster beasts in the group. Each wanted nothing more than for the whole tour to end so that they could both find a replacement, and get the food out the door. The boss being pleased with something was a rare occurrence those days, and it always lead to a massive hit in the stores. He knew how to pick his food, and that was a talent which many of them were endlessly jealous of. Riesig knew this too, and he was going to milk it for all that it was worth while he still possessed the ability to do so, and most likely even after. He was a hit maker of the food world, and nothing was going to stop that as he just kept making those hits. Nothing would stop his consumption either; he was going to be the fattest, most powerful rabbit in the world if he had anything to say about it; or eat for that matter.

His trip towards the next station finally ended, a panting and sweating mass of lard-laden lapine coming to a stop near a trough of chimichangas all fresh from the deep frying vats. Each was nearly the size of Riesig’s fist, and given how fat his fingers were, he knew that was a large food item. They were all double-fried too, and laden with enough lard on the outside alone that when the bunny lowered his head towards them to take a deep sniff, he could practically smell the pounds piling onto him. He had specifically ordered these to be spicy too, so as he lifted the first part of the trough towards his head, he could only imagine the gasses that were going to build in his midsection after that. His musky stench growing stronger as that thought passed through his head gave away how much he would enjoy that, and as such filled him with glee as he bit into the first of several test subjects.

Riesig inhaled each chimichanga with gusto, practically vacuuming up the spicy foodstuffs as he felt his gut growing more and more full. There was still another station after this, but the rabbit was already growing slightly full from the previous ones. He had eaten well over fifty servings of food for most, but that shouldn’t have been an excuse; there was no way he was going to be full now. Not when he was getting his gassiest ever, and certainly not when he had the chance to stuff himself into a near-coma on his latest creations. So on he ate, stuffing the food into his muzzle with such force that it splattered out around his paws and began to seep down the sea of chins which adorned his face. This was not to say that none got into him, but there was just such greed and gluttony in his consumption that even more stains, crumbs, and grease covered his stained and sweaty shirt. That was just a part of the job though, and a perk as far as the gluttonous rabbit was concerned.

Twenty more fist-sized chimichangas later and the last of the first trough was done. There were still two more to go, each with thirty in it like the one Riesig had just finished. How he was going to eat that and then the small sea of nachos he left for last was beyond him, but he always managed before, so this time was going to be no different. He needed something to quench his thirst from the onslaught of spices which he had been subjected to though, and not just anything would do. “Gainershake, now,” he bellowed before picking up his second trough of chimichangas. He heard a pair of feet scampering off to get that order as soon as it left his muzzle, a faint smirk forming before he buried his face right into the less spicy, even more fattening pseudo Mexican food. There were perks to being the boss, and he was enjoying them.

By the time he’d eaten the second trough the shake had arrived.  He smacked his lips as the spicy mess tumbled down to his chins and shirt while his eyes locked onto the big drum that the little workers rolled in.  They picked it up and pried the top open with a crowbar before pushing it closer to their boss.  Though as he enjoyed toying with them he picked up the third trough and pretended not to notice they’d brought him anything at all.

They wanted to make sure he knew it was ready before leaving since he’d yelled at people for less that day.  As the obese rabbit started to shove the chimichangas into his mouth the little workers stood huddled together and watched as the things slopped loudly down the trough.  Riesig turned his massive ass a bit to blow a quick blast at them as he ate.  The fart wasn’t nearly as bad as his others were seeing as it was merely a couple seconds long after all.  Of course the smell was still just as thick and spicy as the others so the little slaves quickly pulled their masks on to avoid suffocating.

When the rabbit had finally finished the last trough, the big cone-shaped stain starting from his chins to his shirt and ending in a point below his moobs having gotten even darker and richer, he chucked the metal bin to the side as he belched thunderously.  His blubber shook in small waves as he brought the belch up from deep inside of him and added the thick scent of the spicy food back into the room.  Without a word after his deep eruption he turned to finally acknowledge the barrel, picking it up and sniffing it.  Strawberry with heavy cream and a bit of lard.  His favorite.

The workers trembled as they waited for his approval.  They watched his fat chins bulge and jiggle as he chugged a few mouthfuls of the extra thick shake.  It lowered, leaving a mustache of shake on his lip, and his mouth curled into a smile.  It wasn’t friendly but they knew it was a sign that he approved.  Finally they were able to scurry away to their stations where they could work in relative peace.  Riesig resumed his chugging not really caring where they went off to.  He was too distracted with the feeling of his belly swelling bigger to hold the shake in addition to the food.  The rest of the buttons on his shirt strained along with the one holding his pants together.  Before this afternoon was over he was going to burst them.  Not really because he wanted to but because he desperately needed the room and couldn’t reach most of them.

As if on cue, two of the lower buttons on his straining shirt gave way about two-thirds of the way through his immense refreshment. They shot off somewhere into the factory, joining a myriad of other buttons that had been forever lost thanks to the rabbit’s insatiable gluttony. Riesig didn’t pay that any mind though, instead reveling in the full feeling that was coursing through his body and making his stench become laden with an overbearing musk. His rod was prodding hard into the sagging, fatty underbelly which draped his thighs and nearly came to his ankles as it just grew out bit by bit. The front of that immense gastrointestinal nightmare was getting more taut by the second as there was so little room left in it for the glutton to put his meals. Riesig just loved that though, relishing the stomachache that would come from eating those nachos and the gas that being so incredibly overfull would bring to him. It was what he lived for, and it was his one solace in the sea of incompetence that he was in right then.

The rabbit finished his gainer shake with another thundering belch, so loud ears were left ringing for over a minute after it completed. The bunny used his empty drum of shake as a microphone as well to further amplify that noise, just to show his absolute dominance. His own ears rang for several seconds as a result, but this only turned prodding into stabbing from his nethers. The bunny was furiously horny, and as he tossed the empty barrel aside and felt his stomach begin to bubble and churn as more gas was being formed, he had a hard time not humping into his own blubber. Riesig knew that he needed to maintain at least an iota of self-respect though, and instead just began walking towards the next, and final, station ripe for his consumption. The fat from his thighs would serve nicely to get him off along the way, making that some of his motivation for this. However, the motion would get him there to the end of his meal, and upset the gas enough to get it to come out in a powerful blast.


Three workers behind the rabbit wound up injured from that blast. Riesig sighed in heavenly bliss though, not noticing or caring the screams of pain from behind him in the moment following the utterly foul explosion from his posterior. He just waddled on, making sure to take short, shuffling steps so that his meaty length encased in pounds upon pounds of lard could get a heaping amount of attention. It was leaking into his pants after just a few steps, and by that time the stench of his fart had reached his nose. It was wafting in there in spades, just filling his nostrils with what so many loathed and were actually made nauseous over. They should be so lucky to smell their boss though, Riesig thought as he waddled on laboriously. It was a blessing that they even had a job in the current economic times, and to be around such a hit maker in the food industry, and directly working for him no less, was a privilege.

The self-praising of the rabbit continued as he sluggishly wobbled onward. Sweat and grime were now pouring from him like a small waterfall, steam literally seeping out from beneath the immense overhangs of his moobs and lovehandles. Drips of liquid were falling out from under the shelf of his ass and the plateau of stomach on his front, leaving a trail of slime behind him as he waddled on. Riesig didn’t care about that either though, just keeping his eyes on the prize and rubbing his paws on what tiny amounts of his protruding gut that he could get his paws on. That surface area was shrinking by the meal, but that was what his entourage was for; they could handle touching their boss. They should only be so lucky to be chosen in fact for that task. The rabbit had to decide which would be the luckiest for that though, and as he got closer and closer to the nachos, he was getting an idea who would work the best.

The tiger.  John?  Sam?  Whatever his name was.  He was the one who hadn’t warned him of the spice level of the enchiladas and had been thoroughly gassed.  He’d do nicely since Riesig decided he wasn’t done punishing the little punk just yet.  Once he’d reached the table that contained true buckets of nachos he motioned to the tiger with his fat finger.  The poor thing walked meekly up to Riesig and the rabbit could swear that the feline was still steaming with stench.  He still didn’t want to act like he absolutely needed the attention in order to keep up appearances so he just hauled up one of the plastic tubs and sniffed.

Inside were huge, fresh tortilla chips coated in brightly colored cheese sauce, shredded and melting real cheese, huge globs of refried beans, big chunks of chicken fried and coated in hot sauce, pools of melting sour cream, guacamole full of cream, and fresh salsa so he could call it a healthy treat.  As he stood there peering down into the tub he also added a bunch of fresh bunny slobber as he drooled down into the bucket.  The tiger stood at his side, straight as an arrow and trying not to quiver, while he admired the work others did to make his creation happen.  Riesig turned his head to the side, near the tiger, and belched thunderously.  It rumbled out as a blaring BBBBRRRRRAAAAAAAARURRRRRRPPPPPP that projected spittle and bits of food chunks at the tiger who also caught a whiff of spicy belly gas.

“Ugh, there.  Made some room for this,” he mumbled thickly, sticking a paw into the tub and shoving it sloppily into his mouth.  His chins jiggled as he swallowed and continued, “You.  Start rubbing my gut.  Get the sides, the front, all the areas I can’t reach.  Then you’ll work on the undercarriage.”

He smirked.  The tiger tried not to show an ounce of fear or disgust but there was a flash of it- a millisecond of weakness- in the form of a twitch of a lip.  Riesig leaned down a bit, the blubber on his sides folding into rolls that seeped vile sweat into his shirt, then down onto the floor in thick drops.  His fat face was closer to his little underling’s, so much so that the tiger could smell the thick breath coming out of his boss’s face.  It was hot and spicy and smelled like cheap cheese.

“Got it?” Riesig said in a rumble low enough that the tiger could feel the vibrations flow through his chest.

“Yes, sir.  Of course,” he muttered back, sure to stare the rabbit in the eye. The tiger quickly got in front of his boss’s vast gut and began to rub.  First in big, wide circles and then kneading the tight paunch to get things inside shifting and moving to make more room.  The risk, or reward for the rabbit, was dislodging trapped gas bubbles.  Looking up the crest of the gut showed him his boss now guzzling the nachos like they were water.  The cheese had likely softened the chips enough by then so there weren’t any crunchy shards to get stuck anywhere.  Not that the rabbit was probably one to care, or even notice for that matter.

Riesig felt a bubble come free from under all the food and promptly released it as a roaring fart that made his ass cheeks quiver.  He could faintly hear more furs fall to the ground with unconsciousness but he didn’t care.  The tiger was kneading his gut and slowly working his way down his side from his front.  Plus the nachos.  The fake cheese rolled into his mouth like golden lava carrying chunks of everything else into his mouth.  It all slowly flowed down his throat after passing his taste buds so wonderfully.  It also started to fill in whatever empty space was left in his gut.  The liquid goodness seeped into any little crevice left thus creating a veritable solid mass inside of him.  That ball of food plus the gas made his belly bloat outward even more with the tiger able to feel it swelling.

“RUB!” Riesig said before belching into the tub while reaching for the next one. The tiger nodded, using both paws to rub deeply into the overhanging blubber in front of him.  He gave a solid push as Riesig started guzzling the next bucket which set yet another rumbling fart flowing right out of his boss and into the befouled air.  Riesig didn’t even have to push or try to fart that time.  The tiger had literally pushed it out of him!  Of course he just stood there and let it happen for as long as it needed to happen.  The powerful blast shook the floor gently and spewed out so much thick stink that the area around him was starting to get even warmer.  Even those wearing the masks were not immune to the gas as they began to sweat from yet another sudden increase in temperature.  More furs fell to the floor as they passed out.  Riesig’s rod twitched in his pants.

Once he finished farting he picked up the next tub and started shoveling the nachos in.  His paw and face were a mess of cheese and whatever got stuck in the cheese but he kept going.  Mess flowed to his chest and bits splattered onto his cheeks.  The third bucket went down, followed by the fourth, and the fifth.  Empty plastic buckets lay near his huge, wide, fatty feet dripping whatever had been left inside of them.  The tiger was drenched in sweat to the point of his dress shirt becoming see through from having to both rub and stand directly next to Riesig.  The rabbit had almost forgotten the tiger had even been paying him any attention.

The lapine reached for the next bucket only to be met with an empty table.  Everyone feared he’d yell at them again but were met with a sudden surprise.  A deep, satisfied groan rumbled from their massive boss.  His fat paws slowly came down to the top of his gut and began to massage it as his eyes closed and he groaned again.  Riesig had eaten everything.  All of the test products in vast enough quantities that entire families could have been fed.  It was all inside of his gut due to his insatiable appetite and greed.  Nothing stood in his way of eating and now he had proven he could, and would, eat it all.  He needed to release immediately.  He needed to blow and the tiger was right there and had no choice but to be ready.

Riesig was hung. Not small by any means, the lapine would have still been able to pull his length out of the thick collar of pudge around it had he been able to reach it. Thick as a soda can too, it often made the jockstraps he wore fail at the crotch first rather than the overtaxed waistband. With the recent gains though, that was becoming less and less common. The poor line of stretching fabric was currently digging into the gravid shelf of ass behind the lapin, as well as peeking over the waist of his taut, undone pants somewhere underneath the sagging overhang of his paunch. The paper-thin fabric there would do little to stop his spraying release, but more would be handled by the fat in front of said fabric. The bunny didn’t really care though, for as the full feeling took hold in him, he knew that the tiger wouldn’t need to do much to set off the fire hose below.

The tiger didn’t disappoint either, taking both lovehandles on the sides of the rabbit’s gut and heaving them up before letting them drop. That sensation fully reminded the bunny of how heavy he was, as well as sent his stomach smashing into the front of his length only to conform around it like a sort of thing to fuck. That was all that it took, and with a powerful grunt Riesig came. It was in buckets, like the release always was, and it shot straight through the sorry excuse of undergarments that the lapin wore and right into his underbelly. The bare flesh was immediately coated in white liquid, which at one point had blended in with his fur. No longer though that fur having been permanently browned with strains and sweat from years of being unwashed and unkempt thanks to being hidden and unreachable by its owner. Others had been down there, but none had left without a stink rubbed into them which lasted for over a week. The stench was just getting worse, or better in some minds, as the rabbit came and came.

The white goo began to drip down onto the floor almost immediately, having nowhere to go but down thanks to the small amount of surface to cling to. Only the tiger in front of the rabbit noticed this though, but even he said nothing and instead kept rubbing at the lapine’s belly in those large, lazy circles he had started in. He knew that his job was done, but Riesig wouldn’t just let the tiger off that easy. He would have to clean up the ‘mess’ which the lapin left behind, as well as possibly make sure that he had a clean suit for later in the day. That wasn’t really on Riesig’s mind though, as he was still in that orgasmic bubble which always took hold of him after a large meal and cumming once he was done. No gas rumbled out of him, no turmoil was in his middle, it was just utter bliss that gripped his very being and made sure that nothing more than a smile was plastered on his blubber-laden face.

It took almost a full two minutes for all of the goo to be drained from underneath his undercarriage, but in that time the blob of rabbit had calmed back down and was in his business mind. Both he and the feline in front of him had not once stopped giving his stomach loving attention in the form of rubs, gropes, squeezes, and kneads. The attention on the surface of the massive fat-production plant was something that nearly set the lapin off yet again, and at the very least get him as stiff as a board as he drained his seed onto the floor. His musk filled the room, joining his raunchy farts and noxious belches in a cacophony of stink. The rabbit just breathed it in and felt his spent member twitch with want. He was so fully immersed in his obesity that it coursed through his veins like blood itself; he needed more of it. He could feel more forming as the food which was digesting in his innards began to spread around his frame in the form of new adipose, but it wasn’t enough. It was never enough, and the rabbit needed a way to get it all happening faster. Food would work… But he had access to the best minds in fattening out there; they would help his lust for more if it was the last thing they did.

“Sir?” A shy voice said, barely audible over the roaring sea of bliss the rabbit was turgidly floating in. Riesig dopely opened his eyes and looked towards the source of that voice, one of his entourage holding out a phone with a slightly-shaking paw. The rabbit glowered at that mouse for a long moment before begrudgingly removing his paw from his stomach and swiping the phone from her. The rodent shrunk back in fear, cowering behind one of the larger furs that followed the bloated lapine around as best as she could.

“WHAT?!” Boomed out the rabbit, making everyone in the area around him stop what they were doing and stare; the tiger included. “I’m testing food here, and you’re interru-”

“The board wants to speak with you Riesig. Now.” Came a flat, clearly-angry voice through the other end of the phone. The Slob Boss looked at the phone with a huff and then just tossed it somewhere behind him, giving a loud grunt and then forcing out an utterly foul blast from his rear before the device hit the ground to give the other end of the conversation his answer. The lapine hated the board more than anything in his life, and yet they were what made sure he could eat to his heart’s content… For now. He would have to see about changing that though with this new meeting.

“I’m going upstairs,” he rumbled, annoyed.  “You lot make another batch of this stuff.  I’ll admit you did a decent job, and I’m going to be starving after dealing with those bastards.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, his personal posse agreeing with him that the board was full of bastards.  Even if they didn’t think so they were paid to agree with the rabbit so agree they did.  Riesig grunted and shifted his flab as it had settled from him standing there.  Normal furs would have had to sit down by now but his massive legs and broad feet gave him enough of a platform to stand on.  The problem was that standing in one place caused all that flab to find a place and sit there until he moved again.  As he shifted his weight forward, the tiger went to do up the rabbit’s pants but a fat paw waved him off.

“Leave it.  The button’s busted anyway,” he snarled and stomped.

Everyone hung back, knowing that they shouldn’t go upstairs with him.  His posse had to stay behind and supervise the workers with the notes from the tasting anyway.  Plus being free of their boss was going to be a nice break even if the rancid stenches mixed in the air to create a veritable cloud of him lurking overhead.  Riesig sighed and waddled his way to the freight elevator at the other end of the room while they all scurried about to get more food ready.  An overly bloated finger jammed the button and he huffed as the elevator doors opened with a ping.

“Damn board… Probably going to bitch about the books…” he grumbled as he waddled himself inside.

A thick grunt escaped Riesig’s mouth as he realized he had to turn around to push the button now.  He shuffled his massive feet and pushed his vast bulk around, glad that it was all plush and fairly moist from sweat and drool.  That allowed him to glide against the walls of the wide elevator, leaving trails of dribbling goo on them.  Loud wheezes and puffs escaped his fat face as he exerted himself.  He couldn’t even get a minion to do this for him since he was too fat to fit anyone else in here.  Sure it’d be fun to smother one of them, maybe more, but they’d be of zero use to him.

Finally after his shifting blubber had turned enough he stood sideways in the elevator.  His gut jiggled out before him and came within mere inches from the other side.  The rabbit’s ass was pressed firmly up against the walls behind and next to him with no room to spare.  His lovehandles were smashed up against the walls and he had to push one back with his fat paw so it wouldn’t hit any of the buttons.  He had to use a fat encased knuckle to tap the ‘3’ button and then kept the flabby side from touching any others as the doors finally closed.

“Not my fault they can’t keep me fed.  I make them millions!   They should be happy to buy me all that damn food!” he mumbled to himself as the elevator started up with a loud groan.

It took a moment but it did start to rise up.  The cables moaned and the pulleys squeaked loudly as the poor thing tried to haul up over a ton of rabbit fat.  He flicked his eyes toward the card that had the weight capacity listed on it.  3 tons.  That meant he still had a couple tons before the elevator would no longer be able to haul him.  Deep within his flab his thick cock twitched again as he thought about being so fat that a freight elevator was no match for him.

He passed the first floor and grumbled more, “Damn slow elevator.  Once I’m fat enough I’d get my fatass right on every member of that board and just… just…”

He clenched his fists and gave a grunt from deep in his belly before he started to rip a booming fart.  It reverberated off the walls his ass was trapped against causing said rear to vibrate wildly and the stench to blast out between his legs and up his back.  He could feel the elevator grow warmer with his stink.  His cock twitched more as it died down.  If he wasn’t careful he’d end up blowing in the meeting… A smile curled onto his face at the thought.

Floor 2 went right by as he ascended toward the third floor.  His sweat was now dripping off him as his immense body heat and the warmth of his fart combined to overheat the little box.  It fell from the bottom curve of his belly like rain, creating a puddle beneath him.  His fat paw waved a soggy flap of his dress shirt to fan him as the elevator hit floor 3 and the doors opened.  The cool, air conditioned air rushed in, causing him to shudder for a moment.  Of course this also meant the musk, BO, and fart saturated air rushed out too.  Anthros seated near the elevator quickly gagged or coughed, turning their heads to yell at whoever was there before realizing it could have only been one fur.

Riesig waddled his way out of the elevator like the blimp he was.  Sideways at first, one paw gripping one side of the doors to push himself out and the other one holding what he could of himself to steady his fat.  Loud thumps echoed off the floors as he waddled his way down the main aisle toward a meeting room.  Those furs who were diligently working took quick glimpses before going back to what they were doing.  What they caught was an immense bunny waddling so heavily that his soft, blubbery fat rolled and shook in slow waves inside a sweat soaked, food-tarnished, and now nearly translucent shirt and pants which had seams that were popping by the second.  His grunts and wheezes were heard throughout the entire floor as that deep bass rolled across the desks like thunder.

One young lion sat listening to music on his headphones, only feeling the thumping that he wasn’t really paying attention to.  Riesig took the opportunity to mess with him by “accidentally” knocking his desk to the side a few feet by slamming his thick hip into it.  The lion jumped up to yell at the rabbit before finally registering the true enormity of the situation.  His eyes widened in horror of who it was and how he had just acted.  Riesig just smirked and continued waddling, crop dusting the lion’s area with a deep, low fart that made the poor kid gag and fall back onto his chair.  He would have punished the kid but he was busy.

“Finally,” he grunted as he reached the conference room at the other end of the floor.

Riesig used his belly to shove open the doors and crammed his fat self inside.  The blubber formed around the doorframe and he turned to squeeze his hips in sideways after shoving a bunch of loose belly fat in straight.  He looked like some kind of fuzzy blob of pudding rolling inside from all angles.  The board sat there, quiet, with the head of it at the other end of the table near the windows overlooking the city.  He was a deep red fox with a smirk on his face and his eyes rolling annoyingly.

“Glad you could make it, Reisig,” the vulpine said in a smooth, silky voice.

“What do you want?” The mammothly obese lapine breathed out, his raspy breaths pouring out as he tried to maintain some ounce of composure while his body screamed at him for all the wasted effort of coming this far. Just thinking of all the calories he had burned, the precious fat he had lost making his way up there, put him in a foul mood. The smug look on the fox’s face wasn’t helping that either, but the fear and loathing in many of the other board members’ faces was at least a modicum of solace.

“To talk about your continued employment here at Mega Foods. You see, we-”

“Hold on, continued employment?”

“Yes, now please let me fi-”

“Finish firing me? ME?!” Riesig boomed, shaking the very walls of the room. “The one who has made you billions?! The one who has you sitting there so smug?!”

“Yes, I’m a-”

“You’re not afraid… Not yet.” The lapine went from outraged to menacing in an instant, and proceeded to back himself against the room’s only doors. They swung inwards too, so he was essentially trapping all twelve members of the board inside a room with him. His stench was already in the air, that thick musk and overbearing BO filling every nostril with their noxious fumes. A deep gurgle in the rabbit’s gut gave away that another smell was preparing to join those scents, and the few closest board members in the room turned pale at that prospect. The fox was the only real problem, and he remained as smug as ever as he sat at the head of the table and remained steadfast. Reisig wanted to blast that look off his face, and as all the bubbles churning in his insides coalesced into one larger one, he could feel that blast coming on.

It was a blast alright, one so deep and bassy that it shook the very windows of the room. The rabbit was surprised the doors held with the force of it, as he could feel the wood splintering around his flapping asscheeks. The sweat which had been raining off his body flew off as his entire gelatinous form quaked from head to toe, even his neckrolls shaking violently from the explosion of flatulence. His stomach rolled and jiggled and quaked, waves of adipose running along its surface like oceanic tides. His thighs jiggled against one another so harshly that the lapin had to change his stance mid-blast just so that he wouldn’t be smacked in the nethers by his wobbling lard. The fart was a long, loud, and utterly rancid release for the lapin which showed his true power. His mind went deep into a state of bliss, sinking deep into the revelry of his powerful body. He was the epitome of slovenly living, and it was time he got some respect for that.

The furs nearest him immediately fainted, un-accustomed to the stench of their lapin employee. The ones further down the table turned pale and green as the blast started, but looked utterly sick as it continued. The far ones though just remained silent, trying their best to look stoic even as the telltale signs of fear crept onto their faces. It was showing on that pretentious fox’s face as well, just barely eeking through, but Riesig could see it. That spurred him on, and gave him validation that his choice was right. Not that he needed it of course; he was always right after all. It more served as proof that he just needed to keep going, and then he would have everything he wanted with no hindrances anymore.

A moment later, his sequel did happen in the form of another rank expulsion of gas from his rump. It quaked just like before, rolling and undulating with the force of the fart. The doors splintered some more, but held astonishingly well as the gas was redirected back into the room. The small space meant that even with the first blast the air had been thick with the cloud of Riesig. This second one made it heavy, and filled every pore of every beast in the room with the stench of the rabbit. Riesig’s cock wasn’t twitching from all of this; it was at full attention and prodding deep into the veritable sea of fat which covered it on all sides. The lapin had to moan outwardly as he felt that, the sound drowned out by his own flatulence but still coming out all the same. He could barely see his mind was so lost in the bliss that was his own befouling of the very atmosphere around him. If he had seen, he would have loved the sight unfolding before him.

The ones who had passed out were beginning to change.  Their thin bodies were starting to actually swell up somehow.  It was like they were converting calories into fat at an alarming rate even though they would never have eaten enough to cause such a thing.  Buttons were straining, seams were popping, and low groans of confusion and aches trickled out as the rabbit stopped farting.

“Ugh, damn,” he panted, sweat dripping down his face in big drops.  “What’s happening…”

One of the ones who had passed out was slowly standing up with the aid of the table.  Riesig opened his beady eyes and glanced over at him to see his pants split right down his grizzly bear butt.  It was growing… The bear was growing!  The poor thing’s suit was torn all over with bits of brown fur and fat peeking out of it here and there.  He was panting out of breath and dripping sweat down onto the conference room table, looking like he could barely stand as he fattened.  But what really made Riesig grin evilly was the fact that the bear ripped a loud fart that added his own stink to Riesig’s cloud.

The rabbit looked all around him and saw the fattening problem was spreading.  Those who had passed out were coming to while growing.  The ones who had looked sick were now totally over it as they were too shocked to see their bodies begin to swell.  Yelps and gasps were beautiful music to Riesig’s long ears.  They yelled at him to move so they could get out of the room but he wouldn’t budge.  Some waddled over to push at him but their strength was being sapped as they grew so their puny attempts at shoving were nothing more than weak slaps.  Then Riesig felt it.

He too was swelling.  His stained and moist shirt was stretching even tighter across his body.  The seam in back was starting to slip as the ones on his shoulders were tearing apart, the fat they were barely containing swelliing bigger and softer.  His pants screamed as stitches tore straight down his ass and thighs due to the fat there growing so much so fast that they didn’t have time to even attempt to stay together.  He could feel the open collar of his shirt even start to grow tight as his giant chin and jowls bloated up so hugely fat that it couldn’t be contained by the shirt.

“R-Riesig, stop this!” yelled the fox, covering his nose with a handkerchief from his pocket.  “Get out of the way!  Let us out of here you fuckin’ fatass bastard!  Security!”

Riesig growled and clenched his fat fists as best as he could.  He strained to lift one of his long, fat feet and then slammed it back down in an exaggerated stomp.  The entire floor felt the ensuing tremble from so much weight crashing down while Riesig felt his growing body undulate and jostle in contradicting waves all over his body.  More stitches popped and more fabric tore as the jiggling forced it to burst apart.

“HUSH!” he bellowed.  “Look at your board.  You see what they’re becoming?  They’re like me.  I’M making them into perfect little versions of ME.  That means I’M the one in charge here now.”

“Riesig, cut this out!  I am CEO.  I am in charge.  I am telling you that you are FIRED!”

Riesig’s belly slapped down onto the floor and began pooling outward over his feet.  His thighs and hips stretched wider as to block the doors completely from sight while the fat drooped closer to the floor.  The giant ass swallowed up his short tail and caused the thick wooden doors to creak and splinter more from the insane amount of pressure his fat was putting on them.  A deep, menacing laugh welled up from inside the vast belly that was now rolling over the conference table.  The board members were being trapped under various spots of the rabbit gut but as they grew lazier they didn’t have the energy or drive to pull themselves out.  They merely groaned and wheezed on the floor while sweaty bunny blubber covered them like a loving blanket.

“Nothing you can do can stop me,” Riesig said in a voice so thick with fat that it vibrated deeply in the fox’s chest.  “Look at yourself.  You’re growing too…”

His fat finger pointed to the fox who looked down slowly.  A small potbelly was forming in his expensive suit.  The jacket was slowly pushing outward as of a balloon was inflating inside it.  He yipped and dropped his handkerchief as he stumbled back into his chair.  Bright green eyes shot fully open in terror as the fox watched himself grow.  His chest was forming from flat and toned to soft and saggy in his dress shirt.  Arms were held out to better gauge his growth but those too became so flabby that he was sweating while holding them up.

“Make this st-URRP-stop!” the fox yelled.

“Stop?  Whyever would I do that, my dear?  In fact, it’s about to get far worse.”

A deep groan, much like steel straining, echoed from the rabbit’s belly.  The fox looked up and saw that the stained, off-white was continuing to roll over the table toward him while also drooping off the sides.  Board members groaned, wheezed, burped, and farted on the floor while offering no help at all.  Riesig moved his bloated arms forward and lazily began rubbing the minute amount of his soft, gooey fat which he could reach as he prepared to fart.

Riesig smiled as his ass gates broke open and unleashed a rumbling flood of stinking wind into the room.  The lights swayed above and chairs bounced and jostled to the edges of the room.  The table rocked and bounced which just upset Riesig’s stomach even more.  His fat rolled and shook in huge waves while his ass quaked violently.  The door cracked and splintered even more now with pieces flying out into the offices.  The holes created just leaked out stench as Riesig pumped more and more of it into the conference room as his powerful blast rumbled onward like never-ending thunder.  The shaking was even too much for him too.  One fat paw was holding one of his rapidly blimping moobs while tweaking a nipple while the other was pushing deeply into his fat belly to make himself fart more.

The fox’s suit was popping off of him faster now.  A great, white belly plumped right out of the bright white shirt as the buttons flew right off.  The jacket was now nothing more than a few pieces clinging to his forearms and a collar that was stuck in his neckroll.  His pants nearly exploded off of him with bits trapped in his thigh rolls at his knees while his big, deep red butt wedged itself into the chair and started swallowing his thick tail.

“Riesig, stop!  I can’t… URRRRRPPPP… take this!”

Riesig kept farting and farting until his ass finally sputtered to a stop.  He was drooling from being so aroused and could feel thick pre trickling down his thigh rolls to the floor.  In fact, he could feel that his cock had grown even longer and far heftier as he grew too.  Hell, he could even feel that his hips had now smashed against the walls and sealed a dank, rancid brown cloud in the room that everyone was forced to breathe.  His belly undulated on the table in front of the fattened CEO who was looking at it in sheer terror.  The table creaked and groaned under the tonnage of rabbit gut.

“Huff… Look what I’ve done… Huff… I’ve created a full team… Huff… of slobs.  Huff… I am,” he paused there to think and grin.  “I am the… Huff… Slobfather!”

With that declaration the table’s legs finally gave out and snapped.  Riesig’s gut fell with the table and hit the ground with such a huge thud that the fox swore the floor cracked under it.  His breathing was quickened and all the new fat on him made him wheeze audibly.  Oh how he wished he was dreaming but this was certainly no dream.  His employee grunted animalisticly before tilting his head back to release a belch so loud that he had to cover his ears from the sonic boom of gas and slobber.  The floor creaked beneath them but the belch was too loud to hear the impending doom.

Their doom would have to wait though, for Riesig wasn’t done fully asserting his control over the board. He was fully aware of what he was doing, and he just loved it as he could still feel himself swelling. The wall behind him was so bowed out that the metal studs were beginning to creak, the wood around them having splintered and shattered several hundred pounds ago. To think that the bunny had put on that much weight since entering the room was beyond even Riesig’s tiny mind, but he didn’t question it. Too lost in his own ego and the utterly orgasmic sensation of swelling and turning all those around him into smaller, potent versions of himself to care, the bunny just stood where he was and spread. It was as if he was being flattened, for his fat continued to go down and out instead of sagging. His ass hit the floor, and with the wall preventing it from bowing out behind him, it was nearing the ceiling as well.

That wall wasn’t going to do that for much longer though, for the bunny could feel something in his gut. This was a new feeling, and it make his leaking member twitch with a sudden newfound feeling of arousal. Bubbles were an understatement as to what was traveling through the rabbit’s middle. It felt as though an entire balloon had burst in his stomach, and was now looking for a way out. Riesig had no doubt it was from his Mexican food excursion minutes before, but now he could feel it flying through his body and wanting out. His rear was barely ready for it; silence had never been that exit’s strongpoint, but even this was a true burst for the thing. The doors, the wall itself, would have a hard time here. The rabbit’s face twisted up and his eyes screwed shut involuntarily in preparation for the explosion. Both his arms grabbed at the gravid mass of his slick, slimy stomach, slipping on rolls and just pushing the yielding lard around in a vain attempt to get the bubble out faster.

“Oh man…”


The doors flew off the room, sent so fast away that anyone caught in their path had zero chance of not sustaining injuries. They wound up back against the wall where the elevator was, slamming there so hard that they splintered even more and fell to the floor in hunks of wood. Suddenly freed, the rabbit’s ass fell feet to the floor and spread out over a yard in all directions. The wall couldn’t take that sudden load either, and just fell with a massive groan. The whole thing toppled, and with it the gas which had been contained so expertly just flooded into the offices on that floor. Scream, yells, and cries suddenly began anew as the uninitiated had to experience what Riesig had become for the first time. Many tried to flee, but the main electrical line for the floor had been in the wall which Riesig had just toppled. There was no escaping him, no getting away from the mass which was spreading out even more rapidly now that a small conference room could no longer hold him. He could really grow now, and the bunny felt that.

Grow he did, more similar blasts to the one which had freed him roaring from his ass and befouling the new air supply in a matter of moments. He could hear the groans and cries of shock as buttons pinged off both him and the walls of the offices. Chairs cracked, shirts were shredded, and so much fat rippled all around the bunny. He was far too lost in his mind, leaking a steady stream of cum down onto the fat which had encased his cock long ago in the arousal of his new power and size. There was just more too, so much more, and more, and more for the rabbit. He was addicted to it, and he had to see his domain to fully appreciate it.

This began him turning around, and doomed the entire floor in the process. Heavy, banging footfalls came from the rabbit as he tried to shift his heft, having to drag nearly every bit of him along the floor as his waist now measured in yards instead of feet, and his weight in tons instead of pounds. The building wasn’t made to support that, and combined with the weight of his immobilized co-workers, it was proving too much for the floor. The former head of the board knew that, and the vulpine was trying to speak, to warn what he just had to accept was the new ruler of the company. Try as he might though, he couldn’t, slobber and belches kept him just a groaning and rancid mess of his former self. Instead, he just had to watch the rabbit seal all of their fates.

Riesig didn’t care about any of the others in the least; he was fattening and in control, and that was all that mattered. “I…. I want…” The rabbit tried to speak, but could barely get words out of his muzzle. Between the blasts from his muzzle of gas, and how hard it was to breathe while moving, he elected instead to stay silent and address all of his masses once he could see them. That would be a little while though, for the going of moving a body which resembled a vehicle more than a rabbit was no small task. Riesig was handling it admirably though, and those trapped beneath him were working as small logs to make the process even easier. So around he went, shuffling steps growing shorter and shorter as the rabbit’s mass was making it harder and harder to stand. The pressure of his fat was lifting him from the ground at that point, so he needed to get spun around. That, and the cracking of the floor was no longer at a level which he could ignore. It was no matter to him though; he was so impossibly fat that it would cushion any fall. In fact, it would almost be a good change, for right below was the open production floor; there would be real room to grow down there, and to eat… Oh how Riesig wanted to eat.

For now though, he focused on getting swung around, and made it shortly after. Looking out over the scene before him with what little he could see over his bloated cheeks and his newly made horizon of a stomach, the rabbit had to grin. The tainted air, the few balls of lard which were still trying to resist, and the utter devastation which just farts alone had caused was enough to make the rabbit cum. He wasn’t ready just yet though, for one final blast had been building in his gut. All the motion, as petty as it had been for most, had shaken the rabbit to his very core. A full weather balloon of gas had built in him, so much so that his belly seemed almost a twinge firmer with it in there. It needed out, and now that the rabbit was fully spun around with his bare ass facing towards the former board of directors, he had no better place than to put it. So he lifted a leg as much as he could, closed his eyes, and gave out a grunt as he tensed what few muscles he had in his middle to get that gas moving. It flew through him, and made him howl in sudden pain from how much it jostled his innards. Pain was nothing to him though; he often ate till it hurt, and this kind of pain was usually something that he came after. This time would be no different, as he felt his ass itself swell with the sudden influx of gas, and then begin to deflate as a deafening roar left it.


The rabbit felt his cheeks jiggling for a solid minute from that, slapping against one another with such force that even his stomach quaked liberally. He didn’t hear the shattering of the glass or the screams of the board being flung out of the building, but he did hear a few splatsjust barely. It was a satisfying noise, and a satisfying release. So much so that his underbelly had gotten far stickier, and the rabbit groaned in cross-eyed bliss as he just held onto his gut and rubbed at the miniscule portion of it that he could still reach. His moobs bunched up fully into his vision at that point, but the rabbit was too lost in what had just happened and his own spooge to even care. He just saw fat, and felt the strongest orgasm of his life after the strongest gas of his life. It was overbearing, and fully overloaded what little sanity was remaining in the rabbit. There wasn’t much, and it was gone the second he had that feeling.

He had tensed for all that, but as soon as he came, and finished for that matter, his whole body rested. Every muscle gave up and just relaxed, making the blob of a rabbit literally sink into himself in the process. This also meant his foot, which had gained even in the time that it had taken for him to cum and fart, came crashing down to the floor with a final thud. That was enough to shatter what little structural integrity remained in the floor. Cracks screamed through the cement at breakneck speeds, and the entire building groaned out suddenly. Riesig’s ears were buried in fat though, so big was his frame now, and even if he had heard the rabbit wouldn’t have cared. He couldn’t move a muscle, he was too spent and stuck in a heaven of his own making to care about anything whatsoever. So he didn’t feel it, not a thing, as the floor itself just gave up along with his muscles. He didn’t notice as all his co-workers began to roll towards him, along with what furniture hadn’t been turned to debris by the sudden gains all around and the gaseous blasts which had just send several executives to their untimely demise.

He didn’t feel himself fall.

How could he have though, so large was his frame that the fall of two stories was nothing. He was nearly a story tall in his own right thanks to his immensity. Still he did notice that he fell, the floors rubble making its way into his vision and prodding his sides just enough to garner an iota of attention. Nothing really was enough for him to care though, not until he remembered where he had fallen into. Around fifty square feet of floor had come with him, along with a small mound of debris and the floor. It all was wedged into and prodding the underside of Riesig, but it was not worth the attention to get it out. No one could even do it anyways, as he was just in a jiggling, quaking, swelling blob of himself now. He could barely even see, but the fall had made adjusted his fat enough so that he could see more than he had up above. His feet no longer touched the ground though, stuck in fat and held almost a foot off the floor below them.

All that paled in comparison to what filled Risieg’s mind. He was seated, amongst rubble and several co-workers, or slaves as he would now call them, in the production plant. He was smack in the middle of it too, where he just heard a few groans from those who had been crushed by the debris and his own fat. It was no matter though; the Slob Boss was hungry and suddenly had a means to feed himself. He had never made such a grand entrance into the floor either, which meant every single set of eyes was locked on the boss which had left them less than twenty minutes prior. Oh how he had changed, and oh what a change they were in for as well. None of them knew that yet, but Riesig had a plan to let them know. He had a plan for it all; and all of that plan revolved around his stomach.


And oh how they fed him…

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