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Each swallow was hard, and joined by a pump into the feline-fox hybrid’s orifices, specifically his navel and his rear. The hoses going into those holes were thick and constantly changing in gage and shape as they were designed, giving endless pleasure to the hybrid on the receiving end of their teasing. Shard had no way of stopping any of it either, he just was forced to lay utterly immobilized and accept what was happening to him. He had wanted it that way, to a point, but what he was getting was untamed and wouldn’t stop even if he wanted to. He could feel the tightness of too much too fast spreading through his body, but he couldn’t do anything about that. Any rubs which would help to soothe the tension of his frame growing as it was weren’t going to come, nor were any dirty words about just how out of shape the Cheshire-vulpine was growing into. He was alone in the room, his caretaker unconscious, and his whole body being pumped full of fudge at a rate which was alarmingly fast. Nothing Shard could do would stop that either, he had to finish the tanks above him.

The hybrid didn’t want to think of that, he didn’t want that reality for himself. He just wanted the bliss that was filling him, and slowly forcing the worries from his mind. He had been smart enough to allow just enough magic into the chamber to prevent him from bursting, but anything past that was null and void. He wouldn’t die, but he would be uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. That wasn’t very enticing to the feline-fox, but as he felt his rear suddenly be stretched out to nearly its limits with a rather forceful blast of fudge, he had to howl out into the sludge which was pouring in through his muzzle with arousal. His cock was at full attention, prodding deep into the thick, taut ball of flab and chocolate which sat where his belly once had. The hybrid just was too conflicted, too torn between the reality of what he was facing, and the arousal of succumbing to it utterly. He wanted the latter, but the former was screaming too loudly at his feline half for him to fully ignore.

Another jerk from the pump, this time into his navel, was enough to really help though, and it took a few more jolts to either side of his torso for the Cheshire-fox to really grasp that he was just going to have to surrender. Once that was in his head though, it didn’t take very long for him to do just that. Giving up was easy, he just let his muscles relax and let his mind drift straight to the part of him where most of his blood was rushing. Painfully hard and being forced flat thanks to the weight of his stomach, the catox did his best to hump against the thickly-sloshing paunch which was beginning to smother his thighs. Shard didn’t even know where to begin with that, but groaned very loudly as he felt all that weight move, and how hard it made moving himself. He could barely even lift himself from the bed which he was strapped to, and he was no weakling by any stretch of the imagination. Arching as best he could, he just felt all that heft move with a sluggish glorp, and that sent a spurt of pre right out of the head of his cock. He had no idea just what he was going to be in for, but as his eyes shut and his whole frame collapsed back down onto the bed with a room-rattling thud, he was beginning to get a sense of it all.

As heavy as he was, the catox knew that he had so much more left to go. He could already feel his stomach spilling off the sides of the narrow table, not at all sagging but instead just beginning to spread much like a flattened marshmallow or an overfilled balloon. His body couldn’t digest the food being forced into it fast enough, and while the catox did indeed feel fat flooding onto his body at an unbelievable pace, he still knew that he had no way of letting his massive, quaking belly get any rest. It would be filled to the brim the entire time, and for several hours after that, if not days. It was going to be a true test of his body to keep all that fudge in, but he was handling it admirably so far. So much was in him too, and as much as Shard wanted to take a peek at the supply above him, he knew that looking at such a thing would not be in his best interest. He had to wait, to see what he could handle before just stealing a look at himself in the mirror above and ultimately just spewing all over his underbelly from that sight. Sure, the feeling was enough to keep him so hard that he felt a twinge light-headed, but seeing just what had become enough of him was always, alwaysenough to send him over the edge.

Knowing it would be a little while before he would steal that peek, the feline-fox just moved to rub his thickening thighs along the sides of his length, which was now forced flat and beginning to be bent down slightly thanks to the sheer amount of mass above it. His thighs were just barely able to move thanks to all that weight, more rubbing heavily against the belly which was nearly to the knees below them than anything else. The catox didn’t really mind that though, and just felt the light grey fur of his frame rubbing on his length. He had to moan inwardly from that, the loudest purr of his life rolling out of this throat. It sounded more like a gurgling groan thanks to the sheer amount of fudge which was passing through his throat, but the catox barely paid it any mind. Instead, he focused solely on the pleasure coursing through his body, which was just as present as blood in him at that point. His toes curled and his ears flattened back against his head, his tail flicking wildly below him as his body began to truly give up to the bliss and revel in it. It had him, fully, and it wasn’t going to give him back anytime soon.

Less than a minute later the bloating catox couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes shot open, and he looked up at the ceiling above. Seeing what had become of him, and how much was still left to go, send a shiver down his spine and a heated breath from his nose. His length twitched, bumping into the tight belly above it like a drumstick, and then began to spew the load which had been brewing below it since the first few inches had been added to the catox’s waist. He didn’t even know where to begin looking himself over, his blue eyes wide with amazement as he looked at his impossibly fattened pelt. There was just so much of him, and it was still growing at a pace that was noticeable. The bed beneath him was gone, the room looked and felt far smaller than it had when he had entered, and the tanks… They still had so much left in them. Shard wasn’t sure of what to do, but he did screw his eyes back shut and pant as hard as he could through his nostrils as his orgasm really took full effect and coated his underbelly in strand after hot, wet strand of seed.

What the Cheshire-vulpine had seen was a ball. It was a grey ball with no limbs from the looks of things, just a pair of feet sticking out from the bottom of it and a head, impossibly bloated, sitting on top. The ball was grey and looked to sag on the sides, but still had a roundness to it which was so massive that it took up the entire eight-foot wide mirror on the ceiling. Shard’s eyes had stayed on the mirror long enough to drink up every detail of that ball too, every mild fold or slight crease on the flesh which comprised it. There were so few thanks to how taut and stuffed it was, but there were some, and that was all that the catox could ask for. His head looked just as swollen as his stomach too, which cheeks that belonged on an obese, inflated chipmunk rather than a feline-fox hybrid. His eyes looked to almost be squinting they were so small in comparison, which was an unusual sight on a Cheshire. Even his ears had looked fatter, and that was truly saying something. His feet were no different, looking fatter in their own right with the blue pawpads on the bottom sticking out a bit further than normal and the toes looking that much more sausage-like. Those were the only real features on the catox though, for everything else was belly. Every single other thing of him was hidden by that grey weather balloon which his torso had swollen into, and was still swelling out into that much more.

Shard could feel that swelling continue, every passing moment feeling inches added to his circumference. He had no idea how big he was, but he had a good guess as he felt the frame of the bed beneath him shake. His ears were too pinned back and his hearing too focused on the rhythmic pumping of the machines above for him to pay attention to the noise, but the feeling of the very metal holding him up beginning to fail gave away how truly large he had become. It was a feat to say the least, and the catox had every intention of sticking with that feat and letting it swell into a true accomplishment. The tanks had looked to still have more than three-quarters of their supply left when he had peeked, but he had only seen them for an instant. With his load having just been spend, the aroused hybrid would wait a while more before stealing another look of his frame. He knew it would be after the metal bed failed, and that alone would probably be enough to set him off again. Breaking something with his own body… Shard had never experienced that. He had come close once or twice during a particularly intense session of expansion, but he had never once done it. This was going to be unique for him.

As Shard waited for the bed to fail under him, he wiggled his fingers as best he could at the lard and stomach above them to feel just how tight it was. It felt like a furry, cooked turkey or chicken, which was an odd feeling. It was so tight and had so little give that it reminded him of those foods, and yet so warm to the touch as well that he had to wonder just what was going on inside him. There was next-to-no give in the flesh, and he couldn’t magically control his body as he always did, so there was wonderment there for the catox. He had no way to tell, and he just had to lay and hope that whatever was causing him to be so warm wouldn’t make him ill, or do any damage. The feline-fox tried to pay it no mind though, and instead just shook his heavier thighs as best he could against one another, which in turn battered his spent length and brought it right back to attention. That feeling of flab on his member was enough to distract him from anything, and anything was what he needed to be distracted from.

The metal below him continued to shudder and shake, getting more violent as the moments continued to pass by. The irregular pulsating of the hoses flowing into his navel and rump kept Shard awake and at attention, even if he was beginning to feel the fatigue of stuffing himself as much as he was setting in. Something about consuming as much as he had was always going to knock him out, and with all of the melatonin in the chocolate that he was eating… He was riding an endorphin high while at the same time crashing harder than one ever did from a Thanksgiving gorge. It was another weird sensation for the catox, but one of several that he was going through as his stomach began to truly sag off the sides of the bed which was doing its best to keep it off the ground. There was so much weight on his arms that they were starting to fall asleep, and the same was true of his completely-smothered legs, but the catox didn’t want to think about that. He just wanted to feel his body grow, and grow, and grow.

He did get that sensation too, and in better effect, for just a few moments after his feet began to go numb from the sheer weight of all the fudge on them, the end of the bed gave up. It tipped the catox forward, and while his feet stayed tied together, they did burst from the table and spread out enough for them to not be smothering one another with their fat quite as much anymore. The sudden shift in his weight shot the catox forward, bringing him to a more or less standing position on his feet. His stomach sloshed violently from that, and the bindings on his arms snapped like paper from it. His paws suddenly free, Shard didn’t have time to use them, as the sloshing combined with the motion of his stomach made him roll forward onto the thing just enough so that he was trapped standing on his very tip-toes with his arms buoyed out at his sides simply by the fat of his stomach. Having to balance there with a hose awkwardly in his navel and another in his rear, along with the sudden yelp which made him gag on the fudge coming in through his muzzle, the catox was in a new spot all over again.

That new spot, and how he got there, truly highlighted his size. His eyes were open again, and almost all that they could see was grey. The feline-fox had a very hard time peering over his cheeks, which blocked most of his vision from below anywhere but straight ahead. Even still, his stomach had swollen so large that it was there, filling the rest of the hybrid’s sight with its own grey fur and making it so that the feline could see nothing but himself. He was completely immobilized too in that position, unable to move his legs thanks to his bindings and his swollen, fattening thighs. His arms were no better, pinned back almost uncomfortably by the force of his stomach pushing at them and making it so that he couldn’t bring them below almost horizontal. He tried lifting them, and with a bit of effort managed to get them unstuck from the roll of flab which had them trapped. It was a very tight roll, and immediately bounced out to a single sphere just like the rest of the feline-fox’s torso. Shard didn’t care though, as he tried to move his paws to his muzzle. He was stopped by his stomach though, as he thought, his arms just stuck at an angle above his head which made him groan and complain inwardly. He was able to rest them comfortably for the time being in that spot though, and from there just had to relax as best he could.

On and on Shard grew, his feet leaving the ground almost a minute later as they were forced up by the belly spreading out below them. They were also forced back, and the hybrid was slowly but surely rolled both back and up thanks to the pressure in his middle. The fat on his frame was coming even more rapidly now too, meaning more and more padding was going to his limbs and his stomach. The faintest hints of rolls could be felt along the hybrid’s sides, though he was feet away from reaching them at that point with how immensely full his stomach was. Pain still had yet to grip him, and the tiny bit of Shard’s brain that could still think was beginning to wonder if he had been worried for naught. It wasn’t something he could think on much more than that though, for his length was demanding attention again; the loss of any mobility and the influx of fat around it was sending his horniness at his size into overdrive yet again. There was no way for him to see himself this time, but with how hard his arousal had returned, the catox suspected that he wouldn’t need it.

He began to buck into his stomach as best he could, the entire mass sloshing just barely. It was so gravid, so immense, and so dense that it acted more as a boulder attached to the Cheshire-vulpine hybrid than anything. He didn’t even know what to do with the mass, and instead of thinking it through, he just humped more. This sent ripples through the flab on his arms and legs, making the back of his length get absolutely pummeled with the flab of his thighs. Shard had to pant through his nose again, the effort of moving his mass tiring him out after a few thrusts. So aroused was he though that he kept going, a thin film of sweat beginning to form in spite of the catox’s need to keep clean. He tried to ignore it though, and instead just moaned loudly, and gurgly, into the hose which was supplying him with the addictive growth he was sop enamored with.

Pushing his length against himself, it didn’t take long for pre to leak into the fluff which was already stained with a prior load. Shard snuck open an eye at this point, his ears so far back against his head that they could even feel the fat which was forming there as well. He couldn’t arch his head any direction at all, and even turning it at that point was a task which demanded too much effort of him. But the look of absolutely nothing but light grey in his vision was enough. It was more than enough, as it cemented in his mind how large he had gotten, and that was all that Shard wanted. He could feel it, as he had just began to feel a wall on the front of his stomach. The wall which had been ten feet away at the start of his growth. The wall which he knew would break first from all of his weight. He would bring down a building with his weight.

Shard came so hard that he felt his chest hurt for a moment with how rapidly his heart was pounding. A howl of arousal came bubbling through the chocolate in his maw, and his entire body tensed as he was coated from underbelly to floor in the largest load of his life. His balls hurt from the release, and his length was so stiff that it could have served as a bat. The catox didn’t care about any of that though, just the sheer thought of his mass as big as it was and what was still left to come was enough for him. He didn’t even know where he would go from there, but he didn’t care. Nothing mattered, not that he would need to lose all the weight, not that he had an injured partner on the floor, not that he was so densely packed with fudge that he could feel it almost in his body more than blood itself, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So addled was his mind that the second his orgasm began to subside, he was humping at his stomach again. Not in horniness this time, not in lust, but in an attempt to get it moving. He wanted to feel the entire thing shake, quake, and move around like the blob it was. There was nothing else that he could think to call his middle at that point, as stomach or belly didn’t do the grand thing justice. Even ball or balloon paled in comparison to a stomach whose diameter was better measured in meters than feet at that point. Blob it was, and even that word would have trouble describing what Shard had become. He was more chocolate and fur than catox at that point, and he knew it as he felt the wall more and more against him. A second wall joined that one at that moment too, and it was enough to bring a deep groan from the feline-fox. He had no idea how far away that second wall was, but he could feel it tickling his fur one moment, and then matting it down the next. There was no stopping his spreading mass, none whatsoever. It was going to be huge no matter what anything or anyone had to say about it, and that had a drug-like grip on Shard.

This pushed him to hump into his stomach more, using what little fatty mass he had to move. He still could feel his limbs bloating out more and more, the arms which had been above his head sinking down from the sheer weight of themselves an inch at a time. His legs were nearly to the breaking point of the strap which had them held together, the rubber digging into the flesh of his ankles nearly to the point of pain. It wasn’t too much to bring Shard out of his trance though, and there he stayed as he felt his body just grow and grow. And grow, and grow, and grow. It didn’t want to budge with his humping, not a single movement could be felt other than the faint vibrations of the walls which he was slowly but surely smothering with his own mass. They continued to bow out too, as he could feel the very wood inside them beginning to give up to the catox. Like everything else which would be faced with his belly, it would stand no chance.

The catox suddenly felt something new, warm, against his stomach. It was his partner, whom he had nearly forgotten about. He didn’t want to smother the other Cheshire-vulpine hybrid, but at the same time was too lost in his power-hungry fantasies and the vice-like appeal of growing too big for anything to really think of what to do. He did feel the limp frame begin to move away, slowly but surely being rolled along by the fat which was so taut and dense at that point thanks to the fudge in it that even a speeding truck would have a hard time making a dent in it. The catox took that as solace enough, and let his mind drift back to himself. Shard had no thoughts on what had become of his sudden egotistical nature, but had to chalk it up to growing as large as he was. There was no other beast in the whole hemisphere that was as big as him; even whales would have a hard time with his weight. He still was growing too, still getting more and more mass added to his frame. There was just so much of him, so much to come… Shard could feel himself swelling back up to attention yet again.

A ding broke his concentration, and immediately made him grin inwardly. It was an evil grin, and one that made the very walls themselves shake with fear. Nothing would stop him now, for that ding gave away something that the catox had thought to have happened long ago. It was a sign, something that showed he was meant to be huge. He was meant to burst from the room, perhaps the very building itself, and then just grow that much more. As his limbs fattened, his rear filled out to portions more befitting of sofas than bodies, and his stomach forced the walls around it to bow and splinter, the catox smiled. He smiled and just felt himself wiggle somewhat with a newfound arousal.

The ding meant the tanks were half-empty.

The ding meant the catox was half-full.


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