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Alkali groaned as he lumbered out of the local buffet, both of his paws clutching his stomach in overstuffed pain. He had overdone it at the food line yet again, and was paying for it as he just put up with the rampant indigestion which was rampaging his innards in no small way. The otter could barely groan again as he walked on down the sidewalk towards his home, his thick tail dragging behind his grey, stuffed frame along the cement. He tried not think about it, and instead just rubbed at the smooth fur which coated his mildly-chubby build. He wanted nothing more than to soothe the turmoil in his middle, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen due to his overindulgence. The otter always did this to himself, but instead of learning from his mistakes and trying to right them, he just ate and ate until he was in blissful agony every single time he went to the eatery. This was not for anything other than his love of the food which he was eating either; Alkali loved food far more than he would ever let on, nor than his build would reveal.

He walked on towards his home while he rubbed at his exposed stomach, his shirtless midsection getting all sorts of attention as the stuffed ott just trudged on. His blue eyes were squinting to see ahead of him thanks to just how overstuffed he was, and his ears were pinned back against his head with every step he took. Each footfall shook up the food which was firmly sitting in his middle, and that meant it made even more turmoil within his stomach. The otter did his best to ignore that, and kept on moving as he just wanted to cover the short distance to his apartment and make it back inside. Once there, he could just plop his thickening rump down on the sofa and rest. It was not much a reprieve from the full feeling that was wracking his very being, but it was at the very least something. Alkali would settle for this something, so onward he dopily marched, putting one heavy foot in front of the other.

It took the grey otter almost five minutes to trek the few blocks back to his apartment building, and another couple to navigate the lobby and get to his front door on the third floor. Once he was there though, it was just a simple twist of a key and he was inside his humble abode. Sparsely furnished, it was little more than a place that the otter could rest between work and going out; basically a home for his bed. This was not to say that the ott hated his home by any stretch of the imagination, he just didn’t really see it as a home. He instead saw it as a place to sleep, to occasionally eat, and that was nearly it. Thusly, there was no need for furniture in it, and that meant he didn’t waste money on the needless things. He was also thankful for the lack of clutter in his apartment when he came home after binges like he had been on just a bit earlier; less mess was in the way of his path to the couch.

The otter made his way right to that couch and plopped down with an unceremonious thud. It was a loud noise, and shook a part of the apartment, but that was nothing compared to what it did for the otter’s innards. He had to groan and just lay there for several moments, the sudden fall having shaken up everything which was inside him. He didn’t want to admit that it hurt as much as it had, but it was definitely something that made him pained and annoyed. His paws had stayed on his stomach as he had flopped down, and now they were working overtime to try and soothe the turmoil within. They helped, but it was just not enough whatsoever. There was too much food in his gut, and it was sitting so heavily and making him so sleepy and uncomfortable that the otter had little choice other than to let his blue eyes close. He paused his rubbing with one paw for a moment to remove his black cap and his rimmed glasses from his head, as falling asleep with those inconveniences would not at all be comfortable. Once those were set aside though, it was a brief moment before sleep came and took the overstuffed ott. Normally, the otter took some time to himself to please himself once he was so stuffed, but this time he just needed to rest. Food comas were the best comas, and the one that had been beckoning him since the fork had clattered against the plate in the restaurant several minutes ago was a strong one.

Hours passed by the time the food hiatus was done, and night had taken over from day all around the otter. He groaned and rubbed his eyes once he saw that, just sighing a bit as he had yet again wasted a day, at least in his own mind. Of course, it hadn’t been a complete waste, but it had been enough of one that the otter had to sigh a bit to himself and feel bad for a few moments. That was in the past though, so the mustelid had to just suck up his lethargy and be okay with the fact that another day had gone to eating. The trend was becoming more and more common to the otter as time had passed, and sometimes he had let it happen twice in one day rather than just once. Of course, just letting it happen once was more than enough, and the otter knew that. “Jeez Alkali…”

He just looked up at the ceiling through blurred vision and slits of eyes, drinking up the white stucco and just laying still. He didn’t even want to think about moving at that point, even his arms just staying stock still at his sides. He wanted to rub at his stomach, to touch the newly-formed fat which he could feel making his pants that much tighter all over. It was a feeling he relished, but his mind was too much in a fog to really comprehend. That was always the case with napping on his couch though; he had made a mistake in buying the one he had. It was far too comfortable, and coming out of a food coma on it inevitably took far longer than one on his bed. He was beginning to get wider though, and it wouldn’t be too much longer until the couch couldn’t accommodate his growing girth comfortably. The otter wiggled slightly in bliss at that thought, the idea of outgrowing furniture just enticing to him in ways he couldn’t begin to explain. For now though, he would settle at just being barely chubby, instead of downright fat.

As he lay there, his eyes slid shut again and movement began to be granted to his extremities. He slid his paws over his chest and then down towards his stomach, rubbing at the fluff beneath them in slow circles as he felt the faintest of jiggles from the light layer of burgeoning fat. Light moans of contentment spilled out of the otter as he lay there, his paws wandering around and exploring every inch of the more-malleable front which he had gained from yet another binge. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to bring a broad smile to his lips and push him right back into the blissful trance that eating had left him in hours earlier. There he laid too, just rubbing and groaning happily as his thick tail swished away between his legs. Flat on his back, nothing could bother Alkali at that point; his heaven had been found in spades and he wanted nothing more than to let it continue to exist in the tiny bubble of his couch.

It couldn’t last forever though, and after a few minutes of rubbing at his stomach the otter began to work up the resolve to shower. His stomach wasn’t fully empty either, but he did have a craving for some more dessert before crawling into bed. He had ordered a whole cake, and several gallons of ice cream just the night before too… There was a real treat in his fridge. He needed to bathe and eat before sleeping again, and it would involve getting off the couch. The comfortable, soothing couch that was holding him up and letting his paws still absent-mindedly rub at his stomach even though he was thinking of other things. His middle just had that much gravity to it for his paws, and Alkali wasn’t going to complain about that fact. The otter was just happy that he had that, and of course he didn’t want it to stop. His resolve was building though, so it would just be a matter of time before it had to.

A piece of cake gently bumping his muzzle interrupted that train of thought, and made Alkali’s eyes shoot open. Wide-eyed and with a gaping maw, the mustelid just barely had time to catch the blurry pastry fly into his muzzle before he could feel the chocolate goo on his tongue. He closed his gaping maw and began to chew, the bite far larger than ones he was used to and taking a little while for him to make sense of. He did it though, the haze of sleep quickly fading as his tongue was assaulted by the rich chocolate inexplicably on it. He hadn’t seen a paw, and even though his vision was far worse than average, he could still make out whether or not there was a body above him. There indeed wasn’t, so just where the cake had come from was beyond him. It was in him though now, and he would chew it up before trying to make sense of anything; it tasted too good to ask too many questions just yet. Indeed, as Alkali felt the morsel slide down his throat and into his stomach, his mind was filled with reasons why what was happening made no sense. This was fairly moot though, for he could already feel more of his brain not caring thanks to how delicious the treat had been.

As soon as he finished the cake, another was right in front of his muzzle, filling the lower half of his fuzzy vision with brown. The otter shrugged inwardly and opened again, letting the food into his maw and chomping himself off a bite this time rather than a whole piece. He let that cake swish in his muzzle and savored chewing it this time, the flavor overwhelming logic in his mind rapidly as it continued to utterly batter his taste buds with how delectable it was. It was as if the baker had used something beyond even magic to make the cake; perfect didn’t even begin to describe the cake. Scrumptious and delicious were miles short, and as the otter swallowed and took a bite of the hovering treat, he began to wrack his brain as to how something so good could even exist. Sure, the cake in his fridge had been good, but this was otherworldly. Either he had been abducted, or he was dreaming and this was going to be a tasty dream.

Deciding the latter was a much better fate, and ultimately made more sense, Alkali stopped trying to make sense of floating cakes and just what was happening as fast as he had started. There was no point in making sense of a dream; they were so sporadic and random anyways that even beginning to comprehend them seemed an impossible task. Alkali knew that, and instead of attempting impossible, he just lay back and shut his eyes, letting his jaw work automatically as he did so very often in the restaurants he visited. The one difference was that he wasn’t working his arms, so they were free to roam his stomach and rub at its filling mass. It didn’t feel very firm yet, but it did feel just a bit softer than even when he had woken up. Rounder too, and yet somehow not… It was strange, and Alkali was not even remotely inclined to look and figure out why. Strange was good in this case, very good, and questioning it wouldn’t make it feel any better. The otter just lay there and let strange happen to him because of that, letting his paws roam all over it and just pinch, knead, and toy with the expanding coverage it brought. Arousal was also working its way into the otter thanks to just how much the cake was filling him, but that would be saved for later; for the time being, food.

Alkali quickly lost track of time as he just ate, ate, ate, and ate. There seemed to be no stopping him when it came to what was going into his gullet, and the invisible feeder above him was as relentless as they were creative. The otter had tired of cake some time ago, and it had been replaced with ice cream the second he was about ready to complain. No cold headache came though, for before that could happen, apple pie right from the cooling rack began getting shoved into the mustelid by the heaping spoonful. Brownies followed, then ice cream again, then more cake… It was just a myriad of desserts which all complimented one another in such amazing ways that the otter was left in utter bliss as his jaw just mechanically went on and on. His paws had given up at rubbing his stomach for the moment, its mass just swelling over them as they lay where his sides had once been. The whole thing felt incredibly relaxing and comforting, almost like a lead blanket which rested heavily on the otter’s torso. He didn’t want to move with it on him, and just ate instead still; it was unending. It was everything that he wished he could do with eating, and then some.

The otter knew he should have been full by that point. He should have been full a long time before in fact, but yet he still just felt sated as the umpteenth slice of pie slid through his lips and down into his stomach. He couldn’t even begin to fathom how much food he had put away since starting his gorging, and even then he just had to imagine he would be short of how much. Alkali could feel sleep coming up on him, the effort of working his jaw for the hours he had been catching up with him as he lay out prone and let his stomach just expand. He tried lifting his paws to rub at the dome of his gut, to touch the raging boner beneath his protruding stomach, but they were met with just flesh and more flesh the higher he went. He didn’t dare try and stretch against his weight; he didn’t want to burst from how much food he could only imagine was in him. Not moving and just rubbing the protruding swell where just chub had been before was an odd sensation though, one which the otter wasn’t entirely sure to do about. He still had yet to look at what had become of himself, but he knew that he was massive, and that was apparent by how little of himself he could reach versus feel. His thighs felt crushed, and even trying to move his legs sent painful ripples through his gut. The otter was just afraid of bursting, but knew he couldn’t do so in a dream. Could he?


It wasn’t long after that thought that Alkali had succumb to sleep, passing out right as some more cake entered his muzzle. What he hadn’t known is that during his nap, or more aptly put coma, he had kept eating. Oh had he kept eating, and as he began to stir his gluttony would make itself known in a big way. For the time being though, the otter was just coming out of the haze of yet another nap, moving his arms to stretch as best he could. Or trying to rather. He tried to move his legs in the same fashion, and felt the same resistance that he did on his arms. He tried again, feeling a sluggish jiggle from both limbs, but no real movement. He didn’t know what was going on in that case, but he tried one more time before attempting to open his eyes. Nothing felt around his limps, but they did feel unusually heavy. Maybe sleep had hit him harder than he thought, or he had brought home a partner and forgotten in his sleepy gluttony. It wouldn’t have been the first time for that, but he would really need to start taking better care of himself if it kept happening.

Opening his eyes, Alkali was greeted by grey. Nothing but grey filled his vision, and a dark grey at that as if light was being obscured by it. He tried to move his arms to shove the grey off his face, but that didn’t work yet again. He tried to wiggle himself free of the weight, but instead just got a sluggish jiggle out of his frame yet again, though this time the grey above him did the same. The otter frowned and tried again, but as he frowned he finally began to piece together what the grey was, and why he couldn’t move his arms. He moved ever-so-slightly when he frowned, and he could feel his cheeks moving when he did that. He thought they were his cheeks though, for the otter had never felt things so massive attached to his face. Each felt like a boulder of lard strapped to his face, making him permanently pout and hiding his muzzle from the world behind a large collar of fat. That was just his face too, so the otter had no way of imagining what he looked like to the world. Alkali couldn’t see anything past what he had to assume was his stomach for that matter, and was just trapped by every definition of the word in the blob of himself. He had no idea how he had gotten that way, but could only surmise that his dream hadn’t been a dream at all. Either that, or he was still dreaming. He could hope for that, but for the time being he needed to figure out what to do.

He tried rocking back and forth, but to no avail. His mass was too gravid and too wide to even begin to rock, let alone move much under what little muscles the otter had. He had never been a gym rat, and even before when he had just been chubby, he had been toned at best. Now though, with an utter sea of fat encasing him that he couldn’t even begin to comprehend, the otter was beached in himself. He had to wonder just how it had all happened, for when he had passed out he had only been downright fat, nothing like this. He was so massive now that the otter wondered just how he would survive if he was truly this big. Surely help would come before he starved; his boss would send one of his coworkers nearly immediately if he didn’t show up. But how long would that take, and what would he need to survive? He didn’t feel unhealthy, he felt great in fact, but just how healthy was he?

Alkali’s brain didn’t have time to get into the minutia of being that big though, for no sooner had he started down that train of thought than a million tiny paws descended onto the side of the otter and began to push. It was slow, but they pushed and shoved and, with some effort, began to move the otter. He could feel his fat folding and collapsing onto itself, slapping noisily against both its own rolling surface and the floor below. Somewhere he heard the couch groan and crack as he was rolled off its destroyed frame, but the otter couldn’t see it. He didn’t want to though, for instead he just wanted to see what had become of himself. Fat collared his vision though, and smacked against his head more than once as he was rolled over onto his mountain of a stomach. The mustelid could practically feel himself getting taller and wider as he was moved onto his mammoth table muscle, shutting his eyes and groaning softly in spite of himself at the satisfaction of the feeling. Real or not, the whole experience was something no fur he knew had ever gotten, and it was utterly heavenly. He may not have wanted to be that big persay, but he was, and it was well worth it for that alone.

Opening his eyes after reveling in being utterly obese for a few moments, the otter had to squint in order to make out what he could see of himself. It wasn’t much over the foothills of cheeks that he had, but a few attempts at moving his arms gave away how truly fat he was. He couldn’t move his legs at all even though they were removed from the prison of being beneath his gut; they were that swaddled with fat that their joints couldn’t move. His arms were nearly the same, but at least his wrists and fingers could move somewhat. His shoulders too, making his limbs like giant marshmallow-laden sticks which he moved sluggishly back and forth along the rippling surface of his frame. It quaked and sloshed like water and jello combined, yet rose and fell like dough with every breath the otter took. He was just there though, unable to do much else as he looked out onto the expanse of grey which unfolded before him, untarnished by sweat or food or anything else.

Alkali nearly came when he saw it all, drinking it up and feeling himself rise to attention the second he realized just how much of what was before him was indeed him. Feeling it was its own euphoria, but actually getting to see it, as blurry as it was, was revelatory for the otter. He needed more, and that was an understatement. He had to have whatever he could of the lard, and then some, so he just kept looking around and vainly trying to get his thighs to rub together even more than their adipose-laden size made them so that he could get off just looking at himself. He had no idea where the sudden onset of arousal came from, but he didn’t care. He was horny from the growth, and needed to get off.

The paws that had rolled him over seemed to sense this, and went straight to work rubbing down that cock on the otter. This made him holler out noisily, so much so that a neighbor banged on a wall a moment later. Alkali didn’t hear the knock though, he felt it send his fattened frame aslosh from the vibrations in the wall. The fact that he was that big just made him moan again, and on that moan the otter tasted something. Something chocolate. He had to frown the second that happened, and from just over the hills of his cheeks he saw it. He hadn’t seen it at first, but it was enough to send a sole rope of pre from his length in spite of himself and the paws rubbing along his member. It was a sign of more, much more, so much more that the room itself might have problems holding him in. The otter didn’t even want to think of how big he could get, or would get, just that he needed all of it. He needed the paws to keep working and he needed every bite of what he could see in front of him.

It was nary a thing but a brown blur, a massive brown blur.

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