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Trinity was stuffed. It wasn’t uncommon for the gluttonous wolf to feel this way, in fact it was becoming more of a norm for him than even being awake. He was nearly constantly stuffed to the point that his stomach had more of a firmness to it than anything that fat should, a fact which he took a guilty pride in. He would often just let that gut rest either on or under the tables before him, though more and more he had to use it as a table thanks to how ponderously wide his middle had become. The canine was a true glutton if there ever was one, and he knew it as he just leaned back in the two chairs required to support his mammoth girth. Holding himself there for a moment, he placed both his paws on the sides of his bloated, overfed gut and just rubbed at its taut surface. Nothing would come close to the size which he had in terms of pleasing him, and he knew it as his paws worked their way in slow arcs over his furred frame.

“Done again Trinity?” Asked a slightly-incredulous voice. The wolf had to turn his head as much as he dared, so full that he could scarcely move himself from his position. The owner of that voice, the vulpine that owned the place, had come over to see how his best, and yet least favorite, customer was doing. The wolf just gave a gurgling groan and then belched so loud his own ears were ringing by the time all the gas had finished exiting his muzzle. The owner just flattened his ears back and waved a paw in front of his face, doing little to hide his annoyance at the greedy canine that was quite literally eating every ounce of his profits. “I’ll take that as a yes. Just pay when you can move again, and come by tomorrow if you would… I have a surprise for you, as a way of thanking you for all your business.”

“O…Oooo… Ok…” Trinity managed to gurgle out before another burp tore out of his middle. Had he not been so loopy from overeating yet again, he would have thought something was wrong with the fact that the fox was asking him by on a day that the place was closed, or that he was asking him by at all. The wolf was too out of it from his consumption to think about that though, and instead just made a mental note to come by again. He had to hope that the gift was food, and some part of him knew it was that too. Other parts of him were wary though, and rightfully so with the history which he and the fox shared. But that was neither here nor there for the wolf, who was slowly moving his paws over his sides at that point in a vain attempt to soothe his overstretched pelt. He just was full, content, and even wanted just a tinge more. Always the glutton, and he knew it. He also knew he had to leave; the place had closed two hours before.

It took the wolf nearly an hour to get himself out of the restaurant, and some of that was through no fault of his own; at least directly. He had eaten himself too wide for the front double doors, and as such was forced to move his tectonic girth around to the back loading entrance just to get out. Getting there proved a slight ordeal, as the kitchen was just barely wide enough for two, let alone the three-wide that Trinity was. He managed though, having to carefully shuffle his overburdened legs along the floor with such care that he didn’t know he still had. The wolf made it though, a sweating and panting mess by the time he was outside again. Thankfully his home was close, but it was still more effort than he wanted to expend to get out of the place. He could only imagine the calories lost, and was feeling just a hint less stuffed by the time he was outside and the door was locked behind him. Trinity couldn’t help but groan at that, but then he remembered the ice cream shop next to the buffet. They did have an all you can eat option too…


Trinity was standing outside the buffet bright and early the next morning, huffing and puffing heavily as he did so. He had hustled over to the place, as fast as a nearly-immobile hulking mound of wolf flesh could of course. The mountain of grey, clad in an ill-fitting sweatshirt and pants that had fit properly three sizes ago, just leaned against the wall of the buffet in anticipation, wondering what could be in store for him. He had been smart enough to go around to the back again so that the embarrassment of the previous night wouldn’t happen again; he had eaten his usual three breakfasts before heaving himself over to the buffet after all. So there he stood, just letting his mind amble along in its many food-addled daydreams while his gut groaned and gurgled in discontent from all that had already been stuffed into it, and knowing how much more was to come.

“Easy belly… Soon you’ll be too full to complain.” Trinity murmured after a few more moments of standing, placing one of his swollen paws on his surface and just slowly rubbing in long, drawn-out arcs along it. He had to do that, for anything else would send him rippling and jiggling so much that he would have issues with gravity reclaiming his immensity. He already had those issued, but the countless folds of fat along his frame were the evidence to that, not the fact that he was immobilized; yet. “Mmmm… Just thinking about all this… Can’t wait.”

“You don’t have to, come on in,” the vulpine owner called from the back door, making Trinity jump with surprise. He didn’t so much jump as he did slosh heavily and set his moobs bouncing on the top of his titanic table muscle, but it was more motion than he had done in several moments, so that was enough. He was facing away from the fox, and by the time he had shifted his legs around so that he could see where the sound was coming from, the fox was gone. The door which he had called out of was open though, so Trinity just grumbled to himself about needing to move and got his legs in gear. It was a slow, arduous process, which involved lots of thighs rubbing together, a very pronounced waddle, and oodles of panting and sweating. It was just torture for the poor feet situated on the bottom of the hams which Trinity called legs, but he still managed. He kept his arms out from his sides a bit as he did so, and not because of the copious amounts of fat which had built up to keep them from dangling above his meaty lovehandles. This action was for balance, of which the gluttonous canine had little when he was walking as of late. He had gotten so wide, and his girth so ponderous, that just moving it was a constant battle to not tip over or send himself sloshing too fat to one side or the other. He was winning that fight for the time being though, and as he won it he slowly made his way over to the door.

Once inside, the wolf let his eyes adjust to the dimmer kitchen for a moment before peering around. He felt instantly cramped by how much smaller the kitchen was than outside, plus how much space of it he took up on his own. He had to think little of that though, for he could smell something that was utterly heavenly. He couldn’t place it nor where it was coming from, but he could smell something that just made him want to drool. He had to have whatever it was, and he began to waddle in the direction of where it was coming from; his addiction to food had only heightened his sense of smell. The tight quarters of the kitchen would do little to hamper the wolf either; he could smell his edible treats, and it would just be a matter of time before he had them.

It was just a matter of time too, for the door which the scents were coming from was one of the other doors in the kitchen. It didn’t lead out into the main hall, but instead into a side hall which Trinity had never been in. He wasn’t entirely sure he should just barge into the place uninvited, for it could be a private party room, but his stomach quickly quelled any thoughts of that with a growl so violent his cheeks shook. The wolf had to blush involuntarily from that, letting out the faintest of groans from the slight chill of being that hungry after gorging himself on multiple breakfasts. His body was nearly insatiable, and there was some unknown quantity about that which made it as enticing as life itself to the canine.

Before Trinity could regain his composure and start walking into the room, one of the doors to that room swung open and struck him squarely in the stomach. He let out a loud grunt and then a lewd belch, bits of spittle flying from his muzzle as he hadn’t been prepared for the sudden outburst. He blushed again, looking down after a moment of making sure he was undamaged to see if anything had been in his blast zone. The fox had, of course, and it looked to be taking all he had to not yell at Trinity for being such a slob. “Sorry about that…”

“It was an accident,” the vulpine replied coolly, clearly not thinking that. Trinity was picking up on the hostility this time from the fox, and beginning to suspect that something was up with just what he was doing here. “Please follow me.”

“Okay,” the massive mutt replied, and began to slowly meander after the fox. He didn’t follow too close, for stopping his girth was a task all its own and he didn’t want to anger his host any more than he already had. The wolf was also worried about what he was waddling his gargantuan ass into, and wanted to make sure he at least had a feeble semblance of a chance of escaping. Deep down he knew he was utterly at the mercy of the fox the second he stepped into the buffet, but he didn’t want to admit that to himself; he was a wolf after all, and he could just sit on that fox if worst came to worst. “So, what’s this surprise for me?”

“A true all-you-can-eat buffet, for as long as you want too,” the fox replied, peering over his shoulder to see Trinity’s eyes go wide. “Some mutt paid me to feed you for as long as you could eat, said to make sure you were so stuffed that you couldn’t even be forced to take another bite. Guessing you got yourself an admirer or something… Dunno. Enjoy though.” The fox finished, stopping and stepping aside as the hall gave way to a massive dining room with just one low, and incredibly wide bench seat. It was even wider than he was, and could probably seat upwards of ten furs if they were all thin. The real treat to his eyes though was the spread of food which was there. It was unlike anything he had seen before, and he had to just drink it all in before he could even begin to think about sitting down to truly glut himself.

There was everything there that he could imagine, and some stuff that he couldn’t. His mystery benefactor had to be insanely rich, for there was duck and pheasant and calamari and sushi and just about everything in the book. Just the food alone would be worth orders of magnitude more than what a buffet cost, and Trinity had a hard time fathoming where to begin. He just waddled slowly over to the table, practically feeling the sneer of the fox behind him as he did so. He could have sworn he heard a ‘sucker’ come from the fox, but he wasn’t listening. He didn’t care about that though, he was soaking up the meats and cheeses and breads and pastas and pastries and cakes and more meats which filled a table meant for over two dozen furs. It was all for him, and he was going to eat it all. He didn’t care how long it took, nor how long he was there, he was going to eat until he was nearly ready to burst or puke. He had to hope for neither, but he was planning on stuffing himself that much. Maybe even more too.

Moving his immensity into a seated position, the wolf just rubbed his paws together as best he could. He could barely even touch them as it was thanks to his moobs pressing them far apart, but he did his best. He surveyed his surroundings oncemore too, and then reached for his first treat. It was a whole ham, cooked to utter perfection and meant to be a meal for at least five. He didn’t care about that though, and instead just raised the piece of cooked pig up to his muzzle and took a hearty bite of it. It had begun, and his stomach just groaned loudly in anticipation of what was sure to be the stuffing of a lifetime. Trinity had to place a paw on his gut and give it some gentle attention just to soothe the rumblings inside of his table muscle. He blushed faintly at the sounds it was making, but as he continued to push the ham into his face and spill juices down his chins and onto his chest, as well as his poor, straining hoodie, the wolf started to care less. Already the drug-like euphoria of eating was overtaking his brain, and with that came a loss of inhibitions.

Somewhere behind him the wolf heard a door close and click to locked, but the wolf barely registered it. He was already using both of his paws to shove food down into him, potatoes in one and biscuits in the other. Occasionally a paw would dunk into gravy and slather it onto either one of the staples of food, but mostly it was just a constant blur of gluttonous excess. The wolf was a mess almost immediately from that, drool and food coating the front of his torso and spilling down as low as the middle of his hoodie. He didn’t much care about that though, and instead just ate with gusto. Entire platters were gone in minutes, carcasses of birds and beasts began to pile up on the floor, and it even got to where Trinity was forced to stand on his overburdened feet just to reach the rest of the feast thanks to his gut getting too large.

Somewhere around the second hour of his gorging, Trinity’s paw stopped short. It was unable to make its way to the fourth cake on the table, stopped by the sheer immensity of its owner. Trinity had to stop his gorging for a moment and come out of the fog that had been private eating for the first time since he had started, and when he did he let out a faint gasp. He immediately began panting too, as he could feel the blood racing to his groin thanks to just how much culinary devastation lay around him. To say that he had eaten was an understatement, and it showed so well both on him and in the area around him.

Food splattered the table, the floor, and himself as though a small bomb had gone off. A vast majority of that food had indeed wound up in the wolf, but there were still causalities in the war on moderation in eating. It was an utter disaster area, and had the wolf cared even one iota about his image at that moment, he may have blushed and tried to clean up some of what he had done. Instead, he just looked it over and adjusted his bulk some so that it was resting very firmly against his aroused length. Panting just a bit more, the wolf had to do something which he hadn’t needed to in a very, very long time. He turned himself sideways, using the length of his frame to his advantage so that he could reach the food on the table far better than he was able to with a full stomach. It was a stomach so full that he could practically feel it stretching, and yet there was something so empty about it too. He paid that little mind though, and just went about eating again now that he could reach his food again.

This sideways stance got the wolf eating for nearly another hour before he was too wide to even reach any of the food on the table. His legs were shaking violently with the effort of trying to keep him up, which in turn was jostling his thighs and making his underbelly shake. The shaking was upsetting what minute amount of room was left inside the wolf, though he was sure that room was only the air in his lungs and not an ounce in his stomach. That thing was form to the touch, which was a feat considering just how much fat was in it. He could barely even reach halfway around it the thing was so tightly packed with food, and yet Trinity wanted more. He wasn’t full, but then again he never truly was. He was stuffed, packed, bloated, and any other word, sure. But full, well and truly full… That was something the wolf hadn’t known for a very long time. His benefactor wanted that too, so in a way the wolf felt like he was letting him down. He couldn’t reach any more food though, and the effort of keeping himself vertical was proving too much for his legs.

With a room-shaking thud those legs gave out and Trinity crashed down onto the bench behind him. He had turned enough to make it so that he fell right onto it, and once he did he had to groan loudly in the bliss that was sitting. He hadn’t ever felt so good with sitting, but as he spread his legs as wide as they could go just so that his gut had that much more room to sag and droop, he couldn’t describe that heaven. It nearly came to the level that eating was for him, but not quite. It was so close though, something that the wolf had never had happen before. That just made him sit still for a long moment, just staying there and letting his body rest itself. He felt his eyes slip shut at some point, and his arms go from rubbing the slop that had been in his fur to slipping down into resting in the fat rolls which held them in place. Sleep was taking ahold of the wolf, and he wasn’t in a place to stop it as he sat there and just drifted off into dreamland.

When Trinity awoke some hours later, he saw a bear that he had never met standing before him. The bear was just removing the last platter from a cart which looked to be for serving food in hotels, and as he heard the snort of Trinity waking up he hurriedly finished his job. The bear then left, leaving Trinity smacking his lips and moving to start eating again. He didn’t have time to do that though, for before he could even struggle to move to find out how hard it would be with his newfound girth, a bunny came into the room and placed a paw gently on his rear. This made the wolf blush brightly and let out a slight yelp of surprise, but it did nothing to compare with what happened next. The bunny made his way to the front of the wolf, slowly tracing the curves of fat which encircled the beached whale of a lupine, and then placed a paw on the front of his belly. Trinity had to raise an eyebrow from this, but he didn’t even have time to open his muzzle in protest. He instead just had to open his muzzle for the food which was being offered up to him. The wolf had a hard time saying no to that, and while he was a bit confused as to just why he was being fed, he didn’t question it. He knew he should have, but he didn’t; it was free food, he was hungry, and he couldn’t feed himself.

This process repeated itself time and time again, for weeks on end. The third time it happened rendered the wolf nude, as his pants and bright orange thong finally gave up the fight after a rather generous stuffing session of primarily streak. Somewhere along the line the wolf had become immobile, unable to bring his arms to his head and certainly unable to stand. He was unsure when, but he didn’t care for his whole existence was waking up to some fur he didn’t know pushing food into his face until he couldn’t even open his muzzle anymore, and then passing out to repeat the process once he woke up. It was a simple life, and somehow he knew it was what was going to happen to him with how he had been eating and living. He was content, got to eat as much as he wanted, and was growing impossibly fat at a rate which would make any doctor go pale with concern. It was bliss for the wolf, and he didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

It didn’t either, for he just spread out further and further as time went on. He knew he was getting enormous when he felt one of his rumpcheeks brush against a wall several feet behind him. AN unknown amount of time had passed by that point, but the wolf barely had time to think about it; cake day was that day. He had never asked questions to the one stuffing him, for he never had the chance. After the second day in fact, he was always awoken by that nameless bunny, just having a piece of cake or pie crammed against his muzzle as a sort of glutton’s alarm clock. He always ate that clock too, and once or twice nearly the paw with it. That was becoming more and more common too, for his capacity was increasing. The stuffings were increasing too, becoming more regular and even more filling. He had trouble breathing after some of them he was so full, and had lately even been the victim of some forced feeding at the paws of the bunny. He was in no position to complain or even begin to try and say no though, so he just had to take it and hope that he wouldn’t burst.

This feeding would be different for the wolf though, for as his eyes fluttered awake there was no bunny in sight. There was no table either, no nothing. He had been cleaned from the looks of things, and the room felt bigger for some reason. The wolf was a bit confused, but his food-addled mind didn’t really have much thought left in it. He had been reduced to little more than a fattening machine, and as such he didn’t have the wits to try and even begin to figure out what had happened. Instead he just whimpered like a pathetic puppy, looking around the room in a vain attempt to see where he feeder, and more importantly the food, had gone. Seeing nothing but his own cheeks and moobs though, the wolf whined some more in hopes that someone would hear his bassy pleas and come to his aid.

“Hungry mutt huh? Well… So am I,” A voice came from the dark, sending a shiver down Trinity’s spine. He had no idea who was talking to him, but he felt a new set of paws rubbing on his bulk. He couldn’t see anything over his moobs and cheeks, but he could feel a new presence, and it wasn’t innocent in the least as it roughly groped at his immense frame with eager paws. “Mmmm… That chef certainly knows how to fatten a meal. You’re going to be filling mutt…” The whines from Trinity got even louder at that point, and he tried vainly to use what minute musculature he had left to squirm away, to do anything to escape from the beast that was scaring his simple mind. There would be no escape though.

“Ready to be lunch, mutt?”


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