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It had started out slow. A few pounds here, some extra helpings there. Nothing about the steady march of weight gain had been obvious, aside from the occasional hint that clothing had gotten too tight or that a belt needed to be let out an extra notch. All of that was fixed though, and had been remedied the next day by an overeager and kind housemate. Of course the ‘victim’ of the slow and yet unending gain didn’t know this, he just thought he was losing the weight that was stacking onto his frame. There were some things that wouldn’t hide that though, and denial could only last so long. It would be quite the shock for him when that denial wore off too, for just what would make it go away had to be something impressive; the housemate had thought of nearly everything. Adjusting mirrors, breaking scales, constant influx of new clothes and food, and even going so far as to strengthen some furniture so it didn’t creak so loudly. It was all there, all done, and yet something had to still give.

Or in the case of the Clydesdale, get stuck.

It happened one morning, when he was leaving the bedroom, just waddling along like he always did towards the door. It had been a normal morning, with him squeezing in and out of the bathroom like usual, and the shower getting wet on the outside because the door didn’t quite close like it used to. He took his usual length of time getting ready, and needed help like he normally did to get his pants on. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and nothing was necessarily wrong. He still was either ignorant or didn’t care about his growth, as he always was, but as he approached the door to the bedroom, the equine saw a new problem that he had never truly encountered until that very moment. He didn’t so much see it as he felt it in his lovehandles, but it was something new to him. He was just barely brushing the sides of his door, both of them, at the same time with the adipose of his frame. He could make it through the doorway easily, but he touched both sides of it.

It was at that moment that he saw how fat he was getting in a new light, and that same moment that the one who had been fattening him up the entire time had to either come up with the best lies of his life, or just hope that his equine partner would be able to handle his new size. Either outcome wasn’t exactly what the lithe otter wanted, but it was something that he would have to deal with seeing as there were no other options for how to passivate the horse. He was already starting to look down at his heft after all, studying it, giving it a few pokes here and there. There was just so much of it, and while he may have just been ignoring it, rubbing the doorway on both sides of himself was something that was just too much to ignore.

“Man, I’ve gotten fat… I should be die-”

“Diet? You? But you look so healthy!” The otter replied, sitting at the foot of their bed and just watching the scene unfold. So many words flew through his mind, and many of them he had to keep from tumbling out of his muzzle. “Don’t worry so much about it, I’m sure you’re just bloated from last night.”

“This much though?” The horse replied, taking his gut in both of his hooves and heaving it up with no small amount of effort. That sight alone made the otter go weak in the knees, but he had to stay composed as he just watched and shrugged as nonchalantly as he could manage. Oh if only the equine knew… “This is some serious bloating. Besides, I’ve noticed I just keep having more and more trouble with everything. I can’t have you always helping me out of bed and getting dressed after all.”

“Oh I don’t mind it and you know it. Besides, I think it looks good on you.” The otter blurted out, and then immediately went quiet as he let his horse mull that outburst over. It was not every day that a partner one had been with for years admitted being attracted to so much weight, it was normally the opposite. Normal couples would break up when one of the two began to gain weight, let alone the amount the horse had gained over the years. His partner didn’t look like someone who was shocked by that though, instead he looked as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He sighed, shook his head, and then just looked at the otter with a smirk.


“Ok? Ok what?”

“Ok I won’t diet. I finally understand those cooking classes, and why my pants were always a little stiff every few weeks… You are a sneaky one, but not that sneaky.” The otter just blushed at those words, a bit taken aback by how sudden and calm the equine was being about all of the sudden changes. Of course, he didn’t say anything to that effect, he just sat there and watched as his large partner turned back towards the door and moved through it with nary a thought. It was a sight to see, and one that the otter could only hope would become more and more of a struggle as time went on. “Widen the doors next, will you?”



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