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It had been a very long time since Sven had seen the outside through more than a window. Longer than he could remember in fact, and this was in part thanks to the fact that he could not move. Well, he could if he really put some effort into it and had a lot of help, but he never wanted to. He was content to just stay where he was, watch the outside go by as it always did, and just be comfortable where he was. Sure, it did get a little lonely and boring in the sense that he always had to stare at the same four walls, but he dealt with it like a real champion. He never complained, never once tried to get out, and even went so far as to cherish what little time things would change. He often would have the art on the walls changed just so that he had something else new to look at, and that was one of his few solaces in the boredom that could come from just watching. It wasn’t a bad boredom, but it was there nonetheless. He was getting less bored less often though as time went on, mostly because he was getting more and more attention.

He had eaten himself into his current predicament after all.

Being immobilized by the small sea of himself left him rather horny all the time, as being so fat was a certain kind of arousing which few would ever get to know. Sven knew it well though, and had for a very long time. His friend had enabled this, and kept enabling it as time had passed. It was getting to the point that the polar bear barely needed to raise his head before the wolf would push food towards his snout. Indeed, Sven had a blessed life, and nothing to pay for it either. He didn’t need to, just eat and grow and gain and get larger. That was all that he needed to do to qualify for a life of nothing but consumption and growth. That, and of course sex. But that was something that he relished, as it let him interact with his feeder and caretaker in a far more carnal way than feeding could ever hope to touch. That was what little interaction the ursine got too, for he never had visitors. He never did get to see others. It was all him, or his caretaker Alonely, and that was it. That and the window.

Alonely was late on that day too, meaning something special was coming. Alonely was always punctual, and if he was ever late that meant that it was going to be a special night. The bear could only imagine what the canine had in store for him, a few guesses flooding his mind. He shifted his furry bulk around what little he could in anticipation, letting his legs dangle against the flabby surface of his gut rather lazily. His neck rolls held up his head quite well, working in unison with the many chins below his thick beard and making him look as though he had multiple collars of flab. His body was covered in more rolls too, bloated and larger than it had ever been. It was still getting bigger too, and every inch added around a midsection which served better as a sofa to some was another inch that the feral polar bear relished. His plush white fur shone brighter than the very sun itself thanks to the full, healthy blob beneath it, and just punctuated the few features which weren’t fat that much more. His green nose looked like the pistachio ice cream which he ate by the gallon, and more often than not Alonely would make sure to splash some on it to tease the bear. His blue eyes pierced just above the chubby, swollen cheeks below them. Sven often had trouble seeing over said cheeks, but he didn’t very much care about that and instead let it happen, as when he couldn’t see over them they were packed with food. That the ursine loved, and only hoped it would happen more often.

Unable to do much else than wait, Sven began to move his legs in slow motions as he felt his stomach roll and undulate with hungry growls. It was angry that it had not been fed or attended to in over two hours, but that was just a sacrifice he would have to make so that he could enjoy the surprise that was coming. His legs made up for that, and as he began to massage the rolls and piles of blubber beneath his feet he felt his eyes droop shut. Bliss filled his very being as a slight shudder ran down his lard-laden spine, sending ripples of fat out along his oceanic white surface. His flabby belly was stretched too tight from the weight above it and the sheer density of the fat which it had to contain in order to jiggle as his back did, but it tried its best and made one motion as the bear rubbed a bit more aggressively at his soft surface. His claws pierced the furry cover of his body and began to rub at the flesh below, drawing the faintest of moans from the ursine as he sat still and just let himself give in to the simplest pleasure which he could give himself. He couldn’t take care of the arousal he was feeling from doing this to himself, but he didn’t very much care about that and instead just let his thick, stiffening length prod at his underbelly. It poked and teased the roll of flesh there, and just made Sven hornier. It was a vicious cycle, but one that the ursine was used to at this point; he didn’t want a remedy for it.

The bear let out a surprised yelp mid-moan as he felt a sole claw trail along his immense backside. He hadn’t been washed that day, and the leftovers from the romp the previous night did care up a bit on that claw. Of course, that was not something Sven cared about, he more cared about the owner of that claw. He knew that Alonely was coming, but it was rare for the wolf to be so stealthy. How he had entered without Sven noticing was beyond him, but it was just something that the polar bear had to accept. He had been lost in his fat, and he wasn’t nearly as sharp as he once had been; the fat had dulled every aspect of him. He was far from a mindless blob though, and still used his mind as much as he could when he wasn’t eating. That was less frequent, and with Alonely arriving, there would be another time that he wouldn’t be able to. The canine was relentless, and the way he was rubbing that claw along his abused rear… Sven knew today would be special.

“Feeling frisky, huh fatass?”

“And hungry,” Sven blurted out, a mechanical response for him almost at that point. That got a chuckle out of Alonely, who slowly plodded his way around to the front of the immense bear and just stood there for a moment. The black-and-grey wolf looked over his handiwork, his deep black hair twitching slightly as his tail slowly went back and forth behind him. He didn’t waste any time with formalities, just looking at his creation with a lusty look in his brown eyes that made the bear gulp slightly at the sight of it all. Nothing else that the beasts exchanged was innocent, but that look was downright evil for Sven. He didn’t want to know what was coming, or at least the logical part of him. The submissive part, the horny part, all the parts of him which were dark and more sexual wanted to know more than anything. They just were about to win out too, as a bit of drool formed on the side of the fattened bear’s muzzle. That gave the dark wolf in front of him his cue, and that was it for Sven.

Alonely didn’t say a word, he just reached behind his form and produced a hose. Having a bit of trouble with it thanks to being feral like Sven, he did his best to lift it from the floor and push it into the blobular ursine’s muzzle. Sven didn’t know what to do there, but mechanically opened his muzzle. His response to being faced with a feeding hose which he was almost sure would stuff him to the point of pain was just to open up and take it. It wasn’t normal, it wasn’t accepted, and it wasn’t something that the bear took pride in. It was his response though, and one had become the easiest to accept out of any. He didn’t even really question it at this point, just opened wide and took in his food like the submissive bottom blob he was. Alonely knew that too, and the smirk on his snout said it all as he pushed the hose from his muzzle into Sven’s.

Once it was in, the black wolf sat down on his haunches and just looked at Sven for a long moment. He seemed to be studying the fatter of the pair, rolling his eyes over every curve and fold which made up the immense bear. Sven knew that, and while he loved the attention, he felt as though he was being judged. He did his best to not care about that, but part of him worried that he would care too much one day. Or that he would never measure up. That part was small though, and part of the logical mind which was slowly but surely being fed into submission. It was nothing more than a blip on a mind ravaged by food at this point, and something that Sven was beating down the larger he got. One day he wouldn’t care, and one day he wouldn’t care about anything. He would have the window, food, and sex, and that was it. The window, food, and sex.

For that moment though, he also had Alonely, and it was right then that the wolf turned on the hose to Sven’s muzzle at a slow, but steady pace. The two kept their feeding and goals realistic, not wanting to burst the ursine from an over-aggressive session. They did push him to his limits though, and secretly Sven knew his limits were way over what could ever be considered normal. He could go for over an hour at this pace and only just be stuffed, not to the point that he would swear he would burst with another swallow. Alonely somewhat knew that, and while he did derive pleasure from watching his project grow, he didn’t know all that went through Sven’s head. The two never really talked, aside from food requests and sexual complaints. It was a relationship born and bred to be fattening, not fruitful. Neither minded that arrangement though, and in fact they both loved it; it kept things simple. And it grew Sven, which they both wanted.

The first taste of the liquid in the hose reached Sven, and immediately his eyes widened with delight; no small feat as his cheeks swelled with food. He was being pumped up with jelly, one of his favorites, and it was blueberry jelly at that; his all-time favorite. He didn’t even know what the occasion was, but he did know that he was in a blissful, eating trance almost immediately. Every bit of him squealed with joy at the fact that he got to eat his favorite food, and he hoped that Alonely would let him get stuffed into a near-coma yet again. He didn’t have to hope because that was normally what happened, but it was still something he had to think about for a moment. Then become aroused over as he thought of that that entailed.

Alonely still sat in front of the engorged bear, watching as he began to slowly but surely swell with food. His eyes continued to wander over the surface of Sven, drinking it all in as though it was the most beautiful piece of art which had ever been created. It wasn’t, and Sven knew that, but it was something that both of them took pride in. It was their little creation of fat, and it was something that would just grow to be more and more ‘beautiful’ over time. Alonely loved that, at least he looked to, as his tongue ran over the outside of his snout slowly and his eyes began to narrow into a purely lustful stare. Sven knew what was coming, but as the trance of eating really began to take over his very being, he couldn’t have cared less. He was horny, eating, and feeling his gut swell; it was heavenly for the bear and that was all he cared about. He barely even could see Alonely his eyes were drifting shut so quickly, but the wolf didn’t every much care about that.

The next notice of Alonely Sven had was that the wolf was climbing onto him. This was always something that happened before they would go at it, but that day it felt different. It felt as though Alonely was being more careful than usual, letting his paws knead and grope at the fat below them for a longer time than he usually did. He was pushing and rubbing at every inch of surface that he touched, taking a long time with the massive rumpcheeks which he began to slowly part as though they were a great sea. The fact that Sven could feel the effort needed to pull him apart and just knew that it was no small amount was arousing to the bear in and of itself, and somewhere beneath a great many pounds of fat he felt his cock twitch and stiffen that much more. The ursine didn’t even know what to do with himself, but as he felt his length began to peek out from his fat-riddled sheath, he did know that Alonely needed to take him. Soon.

The wolf didn’t disappoint, sliding his sheath against the worn, but tight pucker of Sven in a short amount of time. Sven could feel that, part of the canine’s torso, as well as the paws which were on his sides to steady Alonely all at once. It was a very weird sensation for the first few times it happened, but now it just made the rotund bear leak pre into his underbelly. He didn’t even know how to feel, but he knew he was horny. That was it. Hungry, horny, and ready to be taken as the utter bottom he was. So much so that a gurgling moan escaped his muzzle into the hose as he felt the sheath rub against his tail hole in another pass from the wolf behind him. Sven slid his tail lethargically off to the side, as if it would do anything with how stubby it was, entirely to make it even easier for Alonely to get access. He also bucked his hips what little he still could just for an enticing invitation.

Alonely didn’t need it, nor did he wait.

With a grunt of effort and a rather forceful grip on Sven’s ass, the wolf punched what was exposed of his length straight into Sven. No lube, no warning, just a forced push that made the bear howl out in sudden pain. Alonely was rarely this aggressive, but the sex was amazing when he was; and this felt like it was going to be some of the best yet. Pushes from the wolf came hard and fast the moment after he entered Sven, each thrust pushing his torso into the deep crevice of Sven’s ass and making his claws dig in slightly to the furry, plush rear which looked to be swallowing him. Alonely just moaned and panted, humping forcefully in and out of the bear beneath him as his whole frame lowered and spread out to get an even better grip on the fat below. It was as if the canine knew he was going to really let loose, and Sven could feel that; he was excited and ready.

Humping hard and fast, Alonely panted hotly over the rolling folds of back fat along Sven. The gorging bear just panted out of his lime-green nose as best he can, still eating from the hose as if it was oxygen. In and down went the jelly by the moment, and unbeknownst to the gluttonous beast, it was speeding up. Any time he sucked on the hose the feed increased just a bit, and it was so gradual that he barely felt it. It was jelly too, so the bear could take it as much as his body would allow him to and then some. New stretch marks would form under his fur from his meal, and new claw marks on his back would come from the romp behind him at that moment. The thrusts shook his whole form, making him feel all that fat even more than he could feel it stretching and spreading. It was going to grow larger and larger, and if he had anything to say about it that would just be the beginning. He could also feel his cock moving around beneath his flab, humping into it as though it were a small rear of his own to ravage. He just hope that Alonely would keep up his pace, for it wouldn’t take much more humping his own flab to make the bear spew into his underbelly.

Alonely did keep that pace, and got even faster and more frantic as his length went from just stiff to a steel rod which bashed into Sven’s prostate with every thrust. It was as though the wolf was possessed, ravaging the ursine with every single pound now that he was so taken with humping into him. It was making the flab on the fat bear shake and jiggle as though it was jelly, and in spite of being so full of the stuff, it moved around with a soft plushness that few items could match. Sven wasn’t even feeling full yet, just a bit less empty, and that was making his horniness feel as though he would be blowing his load early. Alonely just pounding away at him and forcing his length to prod and plow into fat over and over again wasn’t helping matters though. It was a combination of lustful things that made Sven far too horny to even think, and he just shut his eyes and began to glut on that jelly as though it was going to all leave him. He sucked hard on the hose, again and again, and felt the flow speed up in tune with it as he did. He also felt his frame getting fuller faster, and that was enough to really start pushing him towards the edge.

He could feel that Alonely wasn’t far behind, and of course that meant that it would be a huge load in him that day. The dragon was rarely fast, and when he was quick, Sven was usually left sloshing for a few hours later. Alonely was also a fattening cummer, in that his seed put pounds onto Sven. Combined with the jelly, the ursine’s mind just couldn’t comprehend what was going to happen to him, and it didn’t want to. Thinking about it would ruin the moment, so he didn’t. He just ate. Ate, and sloshed, and jiggled, and grew. The four things that he was still good at with his size as bloated as it was.

Alonely was pummeling Sven at that point, his grip nearly tight enough to draw blood and his thrusts so strong that Sven felt quakes from his tiny tail to his round snout with the force that his fat was moving around. The jiggles and quakes were becoming less and less powerful though as his frame filled up, and as pre began to seep into his hole, the bear knew it would just be a matter of time before he was full to the point of bursting. It wasn’t something he cared about though, it was a challenge. It was a goal. It was just that thing that he chased, that elusive fullness which was becoming more and more of thing which he couldn’t find. The bear wanted it more than anything through, even more than the cum which was coating his underbelly as he gushed like a small fountain into his many folds. His orgasm was almost unnoticed, but the warmth and the small spurts did garner just enough interest to make Sven smile. It was a small one thanks to the hose in his muzzle, but it was one nonetheless. And with that thought, it showed just how much food meant to him, and how lost he would be without it.

Alonely wasn’t too long after, and the time in between the wolf cumming and when Sven had wasn’t something the bear even registered. He was gone, a victim of sex and eating, and it was fine by him. His mind was mush, his body was swollen beyond any sense of reason, and he was eating like he would never, ever eat again. He would, in a few hours in fact, but for that moment and with that mind, he felt as though food was his entire being. And it was, and Alonely knew that as he pushed a few more times, far more forcefully than before. His pounds slowed and increased in force a huge margin, pounding into him just so hard that it sent yelps of pain out of Sven. It was enough to nearly knock the hose from his muzzle it came so hard, but it wasn’t so much that he didn’t keep it in. He needed that jelly, that food, that sustenance which kept him gaining and growing to the point that he was just about ready to burst with his own fat. Sven was addicted, and so was Alonely; it was their very lifeblood.

Alonely showed that by adding to it, in a big way.

His load shot deep into Sven as he came with a staggering amount of force. His last push stayed bottomed out, the very torso of the black, chubby wolf staying tied to the base of Sven’s ass in spite of the force needed to keep it there. He didn’t even seem to be struggling to keep it there, he just held it and howled out like the wolf he was as he came and came and came. It was a small bucket’s worth, and it was nothing that was new for Sven as he felt himself slosh that much more with even more liquid in him. It would be hours before that feeling left him too, but he didn’t care. He just howled along with Alonely as best he could over the hose and took every ounce of seed that he could. He had no real way to make sure that he could get it, but he wasn’t entirely certain that he got it all. He did feel the warmth in his rear, and on it, but he wasn’t sure of that was Alonely or cum. He didn’t care too much, but that small part of his brain which always yearned for more size did register that any lost cum was lost pounds. It was just another sign of how hungry he was to grow, and had Alonely been a mind-reader, he would have probably come all over again from just that though alone.

Eventually, while Sven wasn’t paying attention, Alonely finished and slid himself out of and off of Sven. The fattened bear was nearly cross-eyed with the bliss coursing through him, not to mention the full feeling which was consuming his very being. He was swollen, bloated, and nearly in pain from how full he was. It was something he didn’t care about though, and instead just reveled in as the start of a real stomachache began to course it’s way through his distended middle. It was just another day for him though, just another feeding, and just one of the several he would get before the sun set outside of the one window which he could see. The one link to the outside world. The one thing which allowed him to see normalcy and what was going on outside his four walls, which were growing more and more confined with every ounce he added to his body. It was his sole thing that remained his anchor from descending into complete and utter addiction to food.

And he wasn’t sure he needed it anymore.


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