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“You mean to tell me that you have never been to the back area here?” A fox asked incredulously, looking over at the husky beside him with a slight smirk. The blue-and-white canine just shook his head sheepishly and sunk a little more down into the waters which both he and the fox were seated. He was beet red with embarrassment, as not only had he been the one to recommend the trip to the spa, but he had also been the one talking up the place. Now that his friend knew more about the place than he did, he looked foolish. The husky, named Snow, sat there as the Fox, aptly named Fox McCloud, just shook his head and chuckled. The waters of the spa weren’t deep enough for the soothingly-colored husky to sink into, but he did his best with just his nose, eyes, and ears sticking out above the water. The steam did a good job of blocking out the rest of him, but his vulpine friend saw enough and just chuckled to himself as Snow tried to hide.

“Well, do you want to see it?” Fox asked as he calmed down from chuckling, sliding himself a little closer to the sulking husky in the water and just sitting there, basking in the warmth of the water around him. Snow meekly nodded, and that was the only prompt that the fox needed to stand up and expose himself to the world. The spas were private, each to be rented out by a client and that was that; anything that happened in them was covered under strict confidentiality agreements. This of course meant most all of them were nude spas, and this one was no exception as the well-endowed vulpine’s package came right into view of the husky. Snow had to grin to himself at that sight in spite of himself, looking it over with a lustful glint in his eye as his foxy friend moved towards the edge of the spa and lifted himself out of the warm water.

The husky followed suit, his even-larger equipment coming into view and making the Fox steal a glance over his shoulder at it. The vulpine licked his lips entirely unsubtly, and that made Snow smirk to himself; he knew that some adult ‘fun’ would have to happen later. Perhaps in the private area, perhaps someplace else.

For the moment though, it would have to be enough for the husky to just look and not touch; any teasing would have to wait until they were at least in the private area. This was not for their sake, it was more for the management, as the two knew they would have to cross the lobby at some point, and that meant having to show themselves. Going out in public with raging boners was not a thing neither wanted to do, so for the time being both Fox and Snow just kept giving one another furtive glances and smirking back and forth. They knew what the other wanted, and how to give it, as it was nothing new for either one of them. Just how they were going to do it this time was going to be the real challenge. Snow as ready for it, Fox looked to be too, and the canine could hardly contain his excitement at the thought; his tail was an utter blur.

To try and get his mind off of what was going to be happening soon, once he had a towel wrapped around his lithe waist he began to look around the room. The spa was a small one, privately owned by a well-off hybrid of some sort and very exclusive. Thankfully both Fox and Snow knew the owner, and called in a favor to get the time to themselves even with the several-month-long waiting list. The sheer decorative nature of the whole place gave away why it would take so long to get in, and why it cost a small fortune just for an hour of time in the relaxing waters. Stones lined the hot pit of water, the walls were made of bamboo picked straight from Asia and ferried over still alive; the walls were growing still. The dimly-lit room held no speakers or cameras or any other piece of technology aside from a filter in the water to keep it crystal clear and clean, and an intercom sparked simply by snapping one’s fingers. With the intercom, drinks, food, or other items which would be needed for more… intimate moments could be summoned straight to the room with ease. Coupled with the complimentary massages, the amount of privacy, and the silence that came with each chamber, and Snow had to wonder why he didn’t make it a point of pestering the owner for more time in there.

Fox snapped the husky out of his looking, bringing him back to reality with a slight poke to his side. The husky yelped with surprise, whirling around and dropping his towel to once again expose himself to the vulpine. Fox wasn’t subtle about his lust that time, reaching straight down with the paw not keeping his towel around his waist and placing it straight on the husky’s package. Snow yelped again, only quieter and more aroused than surprised. Fox knew that, and left his paw there for a long moment before pulling it back and bringing it to his muzzle, where he took a deep whiff of the husky’s scent into his nose. Snow had to blush slightly at that, not that he could see it but his sensitive canine ears picked up every single bit of it. Instead of reciprocating or even trying to counter the fox though, he just reached down and picked up his towel nearly casually. The vulpine had to chuckle at that, watching as the tail on the shapely rump of the husky swayed back and forth in teased, lustful movements. His own tail was doing the same, and Snow saw that as he moved to stand back up and wrap the towel around himself again to be at least decent.

“You’re just asking for it now, aren’t you?”

“You know it, and you love every single second of it.” The fox quipped back, getting a laugh out of Snow.

“I’m not complaining, but you may when I get my way.”

“Have I ever?” Fox replied, moving right in front of the husky and letting his tail brush along the chest of the husky. The blue canine blushed again, and the growled lightly out in horny need to his teasing partner. The fox ignored that though, instead just sashaying his way towards the door, making sure to let every movement show off his frame. The husky had to watch as that happened, licking his lips and watching that rear of the fox especially as it moved back and forth in front of him. He did eventually follow too, but far enough behind to see every single curve of the thin, foxy fox.

They two made their way out into the lobby, where Fox made an abrupt turn towards the front of the building and towards a small wall of bamboo. On the way, he flipped what looked to be a coin to the panda behind the counter, who caught it with little effort and gave a nod to the vulpine. Snow had to wonder what that was about, but as he heard the panda push a button on the counter and the wall open up in front of them, he knew just what had happened. He blushed again faintly at the fact that he had never known this particular area existed, but he ignored it just as fast as a wave of a familiar, arousing scent slammed him in the face from the new entrance in the lobby. He knew that scent, and now any pretenses about trying to walk across the lobby without his member turning into a towel rack were out the window. Fox seemed to get that too, and made his way quickly inside the door.

Snow followed suit, and let his towel drop around his legs almost instantly once he was inside. Fox was nude too the second the door shut behind them, and continued down the short hallway which they were in to the main spa room, which held the smell that had made snow go from just horny to savagely aroused in the span of seconds. Fox looked to be no different, his own length stiff as a board too as he rounded the corner of the hall and took a big, long breath of the air around them. Snow did the same, but stopped and gaped at the sight before him as he looked around the room. It was hardly bigger than the other rooms, nor more opulent or stylish. It was just… It was a very different room, and it was a lot for the husky to take in as he huffed the musky, pungent smell of sex which filled the room.

Standing around the black-tiled spa, which looked to be on a pedestal of sorts, four horses were all blindfolded and held up by ropes around their arms. Each had a hose running from their massive lengths, going down into the spa and just ending there. The spa itself was a murky white color, smelling very strongly of cum. Snow didn’t need to be told that was just what it was, but as one of the horses moaned and then twitched, his hose jerking around wildly on his length, Snow knew just what was going on. Closer examination showed that the horses each had plugs in their rears, their tails raised and groomed to perfection as they stood like statues around the pool of their own seed. Each had a bit in their mouth, shaped like a ball gag, to keep them silent. They also were resting on their legs on the ground just enough so that there looked to be no pain, but Snow had to imagine just how much they were paid to be such things.

“Well, what do you think?” Fox said, his eyes having never left the horses of the pool of cum in front of himself and Snow. Snow just muttered something incoherent, too enthralled with the horses to form a real reply as he looked them over again and again. Fox chuckled at this, his vulpine frame moving right in front of Snow and just standing there for a long moment before he pushed himself against the lithe canine. “Whaddya say we go add to that pool?”

“Don’t need to even ask once,” the husky replied coolly, placing one strong paw on the chest of the fox and roughly leading him back towards the pool. Fox complied, barely uttering another word as his more submissive nature came out into the forefront. Up the few steps and then back against the edge of the pool with a deftness that few could muster, he stood stock still with Snow’s paw still holding onto his chestfur. The white fur bunched in and around the white paw holding it there, and for a moment it looked as though Snow would stop there. He didn’t though, and instead lead the fox right into the pool of seed going backwards, not stopping until they were both waist-deep in the seed.

From there, Snow placed one paw on Fox’s shoulder and began to push down, not having to push hard at all as he just felt the fox comply with very little force. For being the master pilot that Fox was known for, as well as taking down the villains he had, it was such a surprise the first time that Snow had gotten him to do as he wanted so easy. That had been a while ago though, so now watching the fox sink nearly to his neck in the bath of cum was little more than expected for Snow. He lowered himself down in as his smirk broadened, noticing the closed eyes of the fox and the faint moans coming from the beast as he sat in the musky, murky liquid around them both. The husky had to moan lightly too as well, though simply because of how painfully horny the whole thing was making him. He needed to pound Fox, and soon.

The vulpine seemed to gather this up very well, as he turned around in the bath and raised his tail from the cum-filled pool. It was slick and dripped glops of horse spunk back down into the larger bath below, but Snow made a quick point of taking it and wrapping his arms around it, burying his muzzle in the tip and taking long, deep sniffs of the intensely heady smell of horse seed. He sniffed again and again, grinding his torso against the backside of the fox as they both slipped rather clumsily on the slick floor of the bath. Fox’s paws sought purchase on the edge of the bath, hoping that ledge would keep him steady and that his arms would be strong enough to withstand the pounding that he knew he was about to receive courtesy of Snow.

The husky didn’t want to disappoint, but at the same time he waited for Fox to get himself steady before he even made an attempt at going after him. While he patiently waited, and by patiently he just ground and humped into the fox without actually entering his hole, the husky took more sniffs of the air. His length pulsed and throbbed with utterly animalistic arousal, painfully hard and leaking pre already just from the scents and feeling of his whole frame being bathed in seed. No words could even enter his mind as to how orgasmic the whole experience felt, but of course he wanted more of it.

For the time being though, Fox was steady, and Snow didn’t wait for an invitation. He slid his paws from the tail which they had been cradling and mounted them on either side of the fox’s pelvis, holding it steady as his length took aim at the hole between the tight cheeks of the fox. In one swift motion, he slid his pointed member right into the fox, taking it slow but still wanting to go deep on his first try. This brought a loud holler from the fox, along with a couple of startled, muffled whinnies from the horses around them. Snow had to chuckle to himself at that very lightly, but Fox was too lost in the mixed pain and pleasure of being violated by such a large length with so little warning. Snow quickly returned to that too, pushing his torso more into violating the vulpine in front of his as his back and ab muscles worked to both push, and restrain how hard he was pushing. It was a symphony of motion, and Snow knew it was just beginning as he slowly reached the point where he wanted to be in Fox.

Once there, he began to pull out, albeit much faster. Stopping half-way, he then thrust back in, a hint deeper than before, then pulled back. He repeated this several times, each hump getting a little faster as his grip on the fox tightened and his torso lowered down to be more bent over the fox instead of towering over him. His paws held tightly to the sides of the vulpine, making sure there was no chance that Fox could get away from getting his rear absolutely ravaged while the canine above him really got into gear. The husky was nowhere near hilting in the fox, but he was pushing a little closer with every powerful thrust forward. His paws were sliding around on the cum-slicked sides of the fox now, as even the tight grip which he had on those sides was no match for the power in his legs and middle. He did his best though, leaning lower still and letting his thighs do all the work while one of his arms moved up and pushed hard down on one of the shoulders of the fox. This was simply to keep him still, and so that neither of them would topple over; the humping was reaching a pace with which bunnies would be jealous very fast.

Snow was a fast worker, pumping hard at the fox, each thrust sending shakes through both of their frames with every powerful ingress into the fox. Heated pants and moans escaped them both as the impromptu sex began to near its climax after just a couple minutes of going. Fox was taking in deep, gurgling breaths as his muzzle splashed in and out of the bath of seed which they were in. He had swallowed some of it down, but not a single ounce of him cared about that as he just panted anyways and lapped up what he got on his muzzle. Snow had gotten some in his muzzle too, his pants far harder and louder as he did much more work than the submissive fox. It was worth every single bit of the effort though, as the fox’s tight hole held his length like a glove, and was getting closer and closer to the knot at the top of the husky’s length. Of course, Snow thought little of this and just kept going with a greedy gusto that he rarely ever had. He wanted to ravage Fox, he wanted that vulpine unable to sit right for days, he wanted claw marks in him… It was savage, lustful, and animalistic.

Both he and Fox didn’t want it any other way.

Moments later Fox’s entire frame shivered and he let out a loud whine into the air. He had cum, clearly, and the husky behind him just smirked to himself as he kept going with passionate fervor. Each muscle in his body was beginning to yell at him for going so hard, so fast, and so brutal into the fox. His claws were out and starting to dig into the vulpine beneath him, which got more whines out of the submissive bottom under him. But there was nothing to stop Snow, especially as he felt the new warmth of Fox’s seed on his legs. He was committed, taken into the passion which filled every single ounce of his being and brought him to the point that he was at as fast as it had. Nothing would stop him now, and as he made even deeper and more powerful pounds into the fox, he knew it wouldn’t be long before nothing had to stop him.

Exactly eleven hits straight into the fox later, Snow gave one last ram and then tied himself with Fox. Letting out a howl which drew more whinnies and snorts from the horses around them, Snow came hard right into Fox. He panted and huffed, slumping slightly down onto the shaking fox as seed spilled into the vulpine. Tied as they were, the cum had nowhere to go, and the load was just big enough to give the fox the smallest of potbellies thanks to how much Snow spat out. The fox’s front jiggled very faintly from this, but Snow barely paid it any mind as he just panted hard and stayed slumped over the fox, his length deep in him and not going anywhere until his arousal ebbed. That wouldn’t be for a long while though, even as his claws retracted and he moved a bit off of the fox. He was surrounded by cum, hot horses, and the fox which had teased him up to that point. Calming down and untying would be nigh impossible in that room, and there was still so much left for them to do at the spa.

Huffing and panting, Snow tried to stand behind Fox, only to succeed in slipping and tumbling right on top of the fox. As spent as the vulpine was, he just collapsed instantly with the added weight, submerging the tied pair into their cum bath. Each went fully under, from their toes to their ear tips, in the pool of seed. They stayed under for a moment too, letting the warmth of the gooey liquid wash over them as the wave of sex came back in spades. The afterglow which they were both in was unlike any other, as there was so much around them which kept them stimulated. It was as though they both could do little more than stay still and enjoy the feeling of the warmth, arousal, and lust which had gripped them both since they stepped into the room. It almost made Snow ready for round two, but he needed to breathe first.

Fox did as well, and the two reluctantly pulled themselves from the seed which they were in to suck down the musky oxygen polluting the air around them. Their own scents had fallen in with the four horses, adding to the sheer lust which was building in them both. The horses were also sharing this feeling, as two of them let out deep huffs and then sent their tubes twisting like untamed fire hoses. Snow and Fox could barely care less about that though, they were still just tied to one another and standing, carefully, in the cum bath. They didn’t move, didn’t make any noise aside from breathing, and didn’t do anything to tease the other. Fox’s tail was still save for the tip, which twitched like mad as it always did when he was horny. Snow’s tail was wagging a mile-a-minute, just like it did when he was horny.

Several minutes passed with them both tied, still, and silent. Their breathing slowed down and their lengths began to return to normal. Snow managed to pop out with a bit of force from Fox, the resounding noise echoing in the chamber as it was so silent. Neither sat or even moved though, as Snow didn’t even bother fully pulling out of Fox. Instead, he just slowly moved his arms down to the vulpine’s hips and let them rest there. Fox made no move to stop this, and in fact began to move his hips towards the end of their silence. He was ready for another round from the looks of things, dripping in slowly-drying seed as he stood before snow with his tail beginning to sway as it always did right before he raised it. Snow’s was doing the same, slowing its wagging to be more aroused. He licked some of the cum off of his muzzle, letting loose a low moan at the taste which was the first sound in the room since he had pulled his knot from Fox.

“Round Two?”

“Do you even need to ask?”


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