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Going to a brewery was always a bad idea for the obese draolf. It never ended well; always with him drinking more than he should, and having a tap bigger than he wanted to pay. That was part and parcel of beer being one of his favorite beverages of all time though, and of course his sheer immensity. He never got drunk off the stuff, but he did leave tipsy more than once and have his gut get stuck many more times than that. Something about beer got him incredibly bloated, and the wolfdragon just relished that feeling. It was one he chased in a sense, always with food though, and when he got it from beer he just loved the stuff that much more. Thusly, breweries were the draolf’s weakness, and he was sitting down in one right at that moment with two tankards in his swollen, pudgy mitts.

“Of course they ran away, I mean… Do you see the size of me? I’d run too if something this fat was coming towards me pissed off.” The draolf finished his story and then let out a loud belly laugh, his many grey rolls of lard shaking and rolling with the motion. The several other patrons around him all laughed as well, a few even heartier than the story merited thanks to being utterly sloshed. Sasuke kept laughing though, the wolfdragon loving the story he told every time he told it. His beer spilled slightly onto his paws from the motion which laughing was making him do, but he barely paid it any mind; that was common. His arms were far too big to expect to stay still, and he was seated too; being two tons and sitting down meant his balance was far from perfect.

Once Sasuke finished laughing, he took a hearty swig from one of the two tankards, made a bit of a face, and then downed it in four solid swallows. What would take a normal fur almost a full minute to down he did in seconds, then loosed a belch which rattled the ears of the ones closest to him. Unashamed of his gratuitous display of slobbishness, the draolf simply placed the empty mug amongst the small sea on the makeshift table to his side, smirking inwardly that he was running out of room on the bar table. He was really putting it away, as he always did, but that night was a special one; he had just finished off a large project he had spent months working on, and was celebrating its completion. It was little more than a book, but it was something he had been working diligently on, and completing it meant a great deal to the land whale of a draolf. So he went out drinking, found some of his friends, and brought them drinking too. Few could keep pace with the draolf though, so the supply of chuckle-buddies he had to spend time with was dwindling. It was no matter though; there would always be more when he was around.

Thinking a bit about what story to tell next as he gave the tankard in his other paw similar treatment to the one prior to it, the draolf let loose another belch mid-swallow. Forced to yank the cup down, he coughed and spluttered as beer and foam spilled from his muzzle rather blatantly. A few of the anthros around him stood and looked concerned, if not drunkenly so. The draolf managed to just shrug the entire thing off though, doing little more than wiping his muzzle with his arm once he had stopped coughing and spluttering. Another belch roared forth from deep within his frame, and he just grinned toothily once the gas had passed through his muzzle and out into the air. Satisfied with himself, the draolf finished off the beer which had made him choke just a moment later, and then returned to thinking about just what story he would tell next.

“Sasuke! We got a new brew for you!” The bartender called out, immediately throwing off the big beast’s train of thought and getting him thinking about just what he was going to do with all of the newfound beer. He would of course drink it, but was he in the mood for the full keg, or even something from the tank itself out in the back of the brewery? It had been a while since he had drank straight from the tank, and he loved it every single time he did it. This was not to say that he needed that much booze in his system, but he did love that taste… And after the last story he had told, he was feeling incredibly fat. “How do you want it big guy?”

“Tell Jim I’ll be around back pretty soon here.” The draolf said, getting a few groans from the crowd around him. He had been the life of the party so to speak, and leaving just to go out back brought more than a couple frowns to the faces he saw. Sasuke shrugged that off though, giving a broad smile to those around him. “I’ll be back guys, probably more sloshed and considerably rounder too! I’ll tell a good story when I come back too; promise.” A few cheers came, but mostly laughs and chuckles at the fact that the empty glutton was just going to gorge himself even larger. Sasuke was that though; a bottomless eating machine that knew no bounds or moderation when it came to his consumption. He knew that wasn’t the best thing for him, and he knew that it would be something he may regret one day, but he was willing to pay for his greed. His gluttony was his greatest asset, and his best friend, and gave him a full feeling which brought a certain warmth to his nethers that could rarely be matched.

Sasuke stood up, which was more of a task for the massive beast than it looked even with having to move his bulk. His head was spinning slightly from how much he had drank, and having to lift over two tons of sloshing, tipsy, and bloated draolf fat was no small task. His legs creaked and popped as they were forced to take on the weight of the wolfdragon. His ass sagged and never even left his seats, even though it had been lifted over two feet from the chairs it had rested in. His back was on fire with the sudden shift of weight, but the pain would pass like it always did. His stomach was the most monumental of his features to be moving, as it has been resting on the ground before, but now it was more hanging there than anything. The draolf was so immensely obese, so tectonic in his motions and size, that standing like that simply put new folds and rolls in his stomach; it didn’t move the centerpiece of the behemoth. He smiled to himself as he felt that, knowing full well his gut wouldn’t leave the ground again if he had anything to say about it.

This posed a challenge for the obese beast though, as he moved to take a step but was met with little more than resistant fat. Lifting his leg at all against the utter onslaught of fat which encased it from mid-thigh upwards was no small feat, but getting that weary, worn muscle to push forward against more blubber than some whales was nigh impossible. The draolf would need help, or he would need to walk backwards as he did when he was always too bloated and lazy to lift his gut from the ground with what little power of he ever felt like using. He was all-powerful after all, a God amongst mortals in every sense, but he hated using his power. He instead liked the feeling of being powerless, and would more often than not take struggling with his size than making it easier. It was one of his quirks, one of his kinks, and right now something that was keeping him from more booze.

The draolf couldn’t just use his powers then either, so instead he asked for ‘help’. A snap of his fingers brought two muscled tigers from seemingly nowhere, making a few patrons look slightly surprised at the power of anthros Sasuke seemed to have. The doppelgangers were little more than husks that would help the draolf move though, having been formed inside an empty stall in the bathroom moments before as the draolf realized he couldn’t simply levitate his gut like he usually did when the few movements a day he needed to make demanded it. The shells took each of his arms and hefted it over their shoulders, one per side, and then grasped onto whatever rolls of fat they could get their free paws onto. In one motion, all three lifted in unison, and the draolf began his slow, ponderous trudge towards the back of the brewery. More than a few catcalls came his way, all of which he called back and laughed off as little more than ribbing. His ass shaking got most of those calls, being that his pants had fit better nearly 100 pounds prior. So what if he was showing more than a little crack though, the drunks seemed to not care and just wanted to tease the blob of a draolf over it, so he took it in stride and just continued his slow waddle towards the back.

Each step put magnificent strain on the poor beast’s joints, and sent his lard quaking as though it was a fault line on the earth itself. The draolf counted each one, huffing and puffing by five and ready to give up by twenty. He used his power to rebuild his muscles to those of a spry beast once he was out of sight of the vast majority of patrons, and began to waddle as though he were several hundred pounds below his weight class. The tigers stayed there, no sense in fully breaking the illusion, but as soon as Sasuke could he took as much of the strain as he could off his body. He didn’t even know why he had elected to be so weak in the first place, but he was certainly paying for it at that moment. The tiredness would ebb though, or he could force it away, but it was little more than an inconvenience. “I thought you wouldn’t make it back here!”

“You know it takes a while to get my fat ass in gear.” Sasuke quipped back, drawing a laugh from the commenter in the empty store room. A downright fat bruin was standing near a large vat, unmarked and with a sole nozzle coming out of it. Sasuke only knew the bear as the Brewmaster, his name was never discussed. Sasuke was a frequenter to the room, so he figured he would have at least learned the name of the chatty bear by that point, but he still knew as little about the bruin as he knew about the draolf. It was an odd relationship, one born of an appreciation of bigness and booze, but it was one that Sasuke relished with every ounce of himself. He could tell the bruin liked it too, with his paws always on the stomach of the immense beast, but neither said anything about it. Instead, they let things run as they always did between them; talking about nothing while the wolfdragon went from barely tipsy to utterly sloshed on the latest brew that Brewmaster had created.

“I’m surprised it can still get in gear at all. Using your usual help I see?” The bruin commented, nodding to the two tigers on either side of Sasuke. Both felines simply grunted in response; that was all that they were capable of doing. “And as chatty as usual I see.”

“Go on guys, leave me and the burr to drink.” Both felines grunted again, releasing Sasuke and removing his arms from over their shoulders. The entire draolf settled back down heavily onto the floor, groaning slightly as several hundred more pounds of weight settled onto his frame. He still wasn’t going to cheat, but he did at least make his gut much lighter so that he could drag it with a slight amount more ease. He wasn’t sure about how he would get over to the bear, but he did start his shuffling along as best as his overburdened legs could muster. Kicking up the flab heavily on an underbelly that made full contact with the floor was no small task, but using legs that were so flabby in their own right that the feet at the bottom of them were nearly impossible to see was another one. It was work for the draolf to pick up one foot and shuffle it in front of the other, but thankfully his bruin friend was coming along with the hose. Sasuke still did his best to move along though, letting his fat support him between steps and using the muscles he had rebuilt to push himself through that ponderous motion of hauling what could only be described as a truck’s worth of blubber around.

“Yer fatter than before, and not a little bit… Am I going to need to make house calls next time I get a vat for you?” The Brewmaster smirked, his teeth bared just slightly in a mocking grin as he came over to the mostly-immobilized draolf with a hose in paw. Neither spoke about the hose, it simply changed paws as though it was nothing. Granted, the exchange took some effort both on the part of Sasuke and the Brewmaster, for the draolf reaching past his own flab was nigh impossible. It was no small task for the bruin either, but he still could do it with some effort, all of which he needed to give the hose to Sasuke. The draolf had it though after much meeting of the flab, and once he did he stopped trying to move right away and settled himself down into his own adipose. This was not to say that he didn’t get comfortable, but he did just sink down into the sheer amount of fat that encased him and let his overworked, straining body relax itself. He needed to do something about how tired and out of shape he let himself be; being like this when going out was not at all fun, but at the same time it was far more arousing that the draolf would admit. Either way, it was a thought for another time, as there was beer to be had.

“You tell me… Phew… I think you just may.”

“If I do, then we’ll need to make this less casual and more formal, and do we really want to do that?” The Brewmaster’s tone as he asked one dripping with sarcasm, and Sasuke was just inebriated enough to both catch it, and find it far funnier than it was. A deep belly laugh came from the grey mound resting on the floor, sending rippling waves along his gut which bounced and rolled over its vast acreage. The bruin watched it happen, just like he always did, with both jealousy and lust in his eyes that was just barely masked. Sasuke caught that too, but said nothing as he always did and instead moved to push the hose into his muzzle. It was no small task, just like drinking as he had been earlier had been a challenge, but his arms were still just ‘svelte’ enough to allow movement to his muzzle. Pushing the blubber on them down to a more manageable level made the muscles ache, but it was another sacrifice Sasuke made, and his crotch appreciated immensely.

“I’m sure I can find a forklift… Whatcha got for me?”

“Your favorite, Chocolate Stout… Brewed to be probably the sweetest, most fattening, and richest beer I’ve ever made.” The bruin grinned proudly as he said that, and Sasuke needed no more prompting. He shoved the hose right into his muzzle upon hearing chocolate, letting his arm droop back down to somewhere near 80 degrees from his side; his fat bunched up quite a bit there. Sucking hard at the hose, the draolf wanted nothing more than to try the beer that the bruin was talking up and get it down into his greedy gut. Chocolate anything was like a drug to the grey blob, and he would have it all if he had anything to say about it. Or lack thereof, as speaking over a muzzleful of hose was an easier task to imagine than do. Sasuke didn’t want to try either, lest he lose some of his glorious booze.

Then it hit his muzzle, and he wanted that even less.

It was an explosion of flavor, so rich and thick and full that it made the draolf’s eyes roll back into his head with bliss. Right then he realized why he made himself as weak as he did; he would have jumped for how with how incredible the brew tasted. The Brewmaster had outdone himself on that batch, and it was all going to wind up inside Sasuke. The bruin seemed to sense that, his paws already rubbing in slow arcs the vastness that was the front of the draolf. Sasuke barely cared though as he guzzled down the beer with reckless abandon, taking deep swigs and chugging through enough liquor to put some shops to shame. Not a care in the world about that crossed the mind of the draolf though, as he was in a brewery, and that was what the place was made for. That, and sucking up too much of the draolf’s money…

But that bill would come later, for now there was Chocolate Stout.


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