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Sasuke was tired. He was, in fact, beyond tired. He had not been sleeping well for weeks at that point, and it was starting to show. He had been eating a lot more to try and keep his energy up, and while that had been spiking his weight even moreso than normal, it was just not sustainable. The draolf needed to get some rest, but with his life at its busiest thanks to the time of year, he doubted that would happen. He needed a break, but again there was no real chance of that happening. Part of him loathed that aspect of his life, and questioned why he was even a god if he couldn’t just take a break from his busy life. No rest for the wicked though, or so he told himself as he kept his head down and trucked on. Dark circles under the draolf’s eyes, a lumbering gait that was even more cumbersome and lethargic than usual, and a temper which was far shorter than normal all mixed to make the perfect storm of crabby Sasuke. It was making life for him miserable, and something was nearly ready to break.

On his fourth gallon of coffee for the day, which was more akin to a cup filled with heavy cream, sugar, and a splash of coffee, Sasuke let out a groan. He was sitting in front of his desk, an item which he hadn’t used since around a thousand pounds prior, and trying to do paperwork. Owning as many businesses as he did in the middle of tax season was not a thing the draolf relished. He could have an accountant do everything that he was doing, but something about that always made the draolf worried. That, and who would want to look at all of his money without taking more of it? It was something that Sasuke had once enjoyed too, but now he just hated and wanted it to go away. “Why do I do this to myself…” He muttered as he just raised a paw to his face and slowly trailed the heavy mitt down his swollen features. His cheeks and jowls bounced and smooshed beneath the weight of his thick appendage, distorting for a moment the draolf’s soft look. Sasuke barely cared though, and instead just left his paw on his generous cleavage, drumming idly for a moment as he continued to try and stare down numbers to get them to work.

“You do it because you hate yourself,” Came a sarcastic-sounding reply. The draolf jumped, or rather sluggishly rolled a bit as ripples went throughout the colossal grey pelt that was his body. The red eyes of the wolfdragon ripped themselves from the paper to see who had intruded into his office, intending to scold whomever it was for nearly no reason whatsoever. Seeing the intruder though, the draolf immediately softened and gave a heavy sigh. “What? Not happy to see me?”

“Oh no, I am… I could use a bit of a good thing right now.” The draolf replied as his guest stepped fully into the room. A green and white bear clad in just ill-fitting black pants, Sasuke knew the ursine as Lobo. The pair had known each other for a very long time, and the meeting was something that Sasuke had totally forgotten about. He had made plans with Lobo that day to just get away, and of course life had taken those plans and swept them from the draolf’s mind. There the bear was though, waiting patiently at the entrance to his office while Sasuke just began to pull the papers from his stomach and put them down into stacks wherever he could reach around his immensity. The area was becoming less and less, but it was still enough for the draolf to be able to clear himself of paperwork before he rose to his feet with a loud groan. The floor echoed the sentiment, which drew a chuckle from both the hybrid and his ursine caller. “And lunch, could use that too.”

“Read my mind lardo,” the bear replied, a grin curling onto his muzzle. Sasuke just stuck his tongue out at the chubby green beast, slowly beginning to waddle around his desk. It was a laborious task, his gut dangling to his ankles the last time he had checked, though that had been a while ago. He still didn’t feel the floor on the bottom of it when he was standing, but if he leaned forward even a little bit he definitely felt that cold surface on his own warm one. That in mind, he just didn’t lean forward and instead let himself go about what he was doing; trying to get around his desk. One food brushing the underside of his gut, followed by another, he trudged along in shuffling, short steps. He didn’t tire at all from the sheer effort of moving himself; he at least made sure to do that to himself so that he could further relish being fat rather than how exhausting it was. Something about that was enticing, but not when he was in his home and trying to get his taxes done. Nor when he was trying to get one of the several meals per day that he ate just ‘to keep his strength up’. “I always forget how fat you are…”

“I don’t, usually… Sometimes I forget how cumbersome it can be though.” Sasuke grunted as he spoke, his gut hitting the corner of his desk with enough force to move the solid-wood piece of furniture. Unable to even come close to rubbing the sore spot, he gestured to Lobo to do it, and the bear happily complied. Bringing his own waddling form over to the draolf’s, he just smirked and began to very slowly walk backwards in time with the slow, lumbering steps of the draolf while his paws massaged out the sore spot on his rotund front. “Mmmm… You just love getting to touch all this lard, don’t you?” Lobo nodded, his cheeks reddening beneath his white fur. “Getting to rub your paws along more lard than you can even imagine having on your body.” Another nod, more blushing. “Just lusting after every single, glorious pound your master has.” The bear was now beet red, his face nearly hidden into his own neck folds as he tried to shrink down into himself to hide his embarrassment. This was not to say that he did even a remotely good job at hiding his sheepish embarrassment, but he was still attempting it.

Sasuke chortled to himself, his legs still struggling to keep upright and keep his gravid mass of flab moving along. Every step took more effort than the last, and aside from the rivulets of sweat which were now forming between each fatroll on his frame, the draolf soldiered on. He was panting a little bit from the sheer arousal of feeling himself constantly grind against his impressive endowment, with the sweaty, cum-stained fur beneath his gut making that whole process even more arousing. He didn’t need to stop from being tired though, a fact which always would amaze Lobo in spite of how much the bear knew about the draolf. The ursine had seen a great many things done by Sasuke which shouldn’t have been possible for any beast, let alone a barely-mobile blob like the hybrid. He hadn’t questioned them nor had he been afraid though; he was just that loyal to the draolf. It was a fact Sasuke relished, and as he kept shuffle-walking with his stomach so expertly being attended to, the draolf could only be more grateful of it.

The process of the titanic mutt was indescribably slow, so it took nearly a full twenty minutes to make it from the office, out of the triple-wide doors, down the hall, and into the kitchen. He was sweating buckets by then, had already cum once into the copious folds beneath his stomach, and had nearly bowled over Lobo from the bear pressing himself fully against the sloshing, wobbling display of his gut a couple times in arousal. Their destination was reached though, and so the draolf didn’t need to be upright anymore. He maneuvered himself to between the refrigerators and the colossal pantry and plunked right down. The impact of his flab onto the tile floor, already cracked and indented from various other times he had done just that, sent rippling waves through his ocean of lard, as well as sweat drops in every direction. Lobo blushed as he was coated with the rank liquid from his master, opting to lick it from his paws rather than be reviled by it. He also blushed as cupboards, plates, pans, and other kitchen implements rattled and clanged together from the impact of so much fat onto the floor. Even if the draolf had only had to sink a foot to the ground, it had been enough; he was just that stupendously fat.

“I’m hungry,” Sasuke stated flatly, looking over his single tire of chin-and-neck blubber to what he could see of Lobo over his own horizon. The bear looked back and nodded, turning immediately to the fridge and opening it up to see what he could find. “Eat something yourself too, I plan on being stuffed to the brim.”

“That’s always the plan with you, sir,” Lobo quipped back, giving a wink to the draolf he was going to be feeding. “Besides… You have been working so hard and sleeping so little, it’s only right you get some well-earned rest after a large meal.” Sasuke arched an eyebrow at the ursine’s words, but as he saw the first armful of food being taken out of the fridge, his eyes glazed over and a bit of drool spilled from his muzzle. He was hungry; famished even, and just the mere sight of food was enough to push any conscious thoughts from his brain. He was locked in eating mode, the need to consume and consume and consume just filling every single synapse in his brain. “You’re already so hungry… And looking so thin from all that stress. Let’s stuff you back up to a proper size, hmmm?” Sasuke just gave a dull nod, his eyes still locked at the growing mound of food being pulled from the cold box beside him.

Lobo stopped pulling food out on his fourth trip back to the fridge, shutting the door with a food as he struggled to carry the amount of food he had taken out. The draolf’s personal chefs had been busy, preparing for a feast at the request of the ursine. Every single thing that had been pulled out was pre-prepared, no work needed other than to shove it into the draolf. Unwrapping would be a challenge, and thankfully each was only wrapped in a single layer of paper; it could be eaten if the hybrid was just that hungry. For the time being though, Lobo just placed his load down onto the countertop, the same as the other three, and then lumbered over to the ovens as fast as his thick legs could take him. A few nobs turned and some buttons pushed, and they were all prepped to preheat so that the bear could throw in the main course to heat up while he fed Sasuke the appetizers. Granted, feeding those appetizers was going to be a real job, but the bear would manage as best he could and give his master a true feeding.

Moving back over to the wrapped food on the counter, he used his left paw to tear through the paper while his right paw took off some of the wrapping. An assembly line of sorts formed by doing this, and each time he did he would shove the sandwich down the counter towards the waiting draolf. Not needing a prompt, Sasuke kept reaching to his side and grabbing the food as though his life depended on it, rocking back and forth in his adipose only instead of trying to move any part of him more than he had to. He was so gelatinous, so blubber-laden, that moving himself around in such a manner was just as easy as standing; so why would he not do that? It helped that the motion of swaying back and forth in his lard helped give his arms the momentum they needed to get to his face that much easier, for reaching that high up on his frame and being his arms that much had become a real chore thanks to the sheer amount of flab which encompassed his limbs now. All in all, it was as if an eating machine was at a factory, and Sasuke couldn’t have been more content.

Lobo was working even faster than Sasuke though, and it wasn’t long before the bear had finished unwrapping every single one of the ‘snacks’ for Sasuke. Each snack was either a sandwich or some pastry, all sized enough to be a meal for a smaller beast, but to the draolf they were little more than bites in a far-larger meal. Portions were a thing of the past to the gluttonous deity, the very concept of a meal had long gone from his mind. It was replaced with a nearly constant stream of eating now, and on the rare occasions that the draolf completely gave over to this desire… He was left in a food coma after consuming enough food to thin the fur on his stomach, ruin parts of his kitchen, and add no less than a full thousand pounds to his frame. Lobo’s intentions for that particular ‘meal’ was to do just that, to let the draolf give in and stuff himself to the point where his body could take no more. It was somewhat devious of the ursine, but he knew Sasuke wanted that and nothing else. And Sasuke knew that was the bear’s intention, but had zero plans of even attempting to stop him.

The mutual understanding between the two of their plans was unspoken but known by that time as Sasuke tore through the sandwiches and pastries. A dozen donuts were barely even chewed by the glutton, a pastrami sandwich vanished as though it were simply air being sucked into his overburdened lungs, and the pile of food beside the draolf was diminishing as fast as he could swing back and forth on his bloated, quaking posterior. Lobo was nowhere to be seen by the mutt, but he didn’t care as he ate on and on. He knew the ursine wouldn’t just abandon him, but he also was far too concerned with stuffing his fattened face to care about that. His paws were but a blur of grey, stained fur as they passed from his muzzle to the counter and back, smothering his bloated, fatty cheeks with their sheer size and the amount of food they continuously contained. It was efficient. It was sloppy. It was heaven for the mutt.

Lobo watched all this from the ovens, pushing in food to nearly pack each industrial cooking station to its limit. There were several too, but he knew they wouldn’t be enough. He had to rush to get all of the food crammed into them, knowing that if Sasuke lost his momentum with glutting that he would stop and just act as though he was full. Lobo knew that filling the draolf to his real capacity would take a lot of time, and far more food than he had been given. This was where the hoses came in, and though the bear regretted needing to use them so early in the process of stuffing the draolf, he didn’t want to let his master go hungry. Or have him stop eating altogether; that would be a sheer nightmare for the ursine. This meant that hoses would be involved, and once he had stuffed the last whole hog into the over more akin to a store room, he quickly waddled his way over to the few nozzles sticking out of the far wall.

His timing couldn’t have been better in doing that, for once he got a hose hooked up and lugged the bulky, coiled tube over to the draolf, it was time for him to have it. Sasuke had just finished his last snack, groaning and rubbing his food-crusted paws over what little of his gut was still reachable from his position. This wasn’t much, as he had eaten himself fatter just with the appetizers that had been given to him. Lobo knew this was just the start though, and without so much as asking he leaned his bulk heavily against the bloating ball of draolf and shoved the hose right on. The feeling of that much more weight against his stuffed, yet still ravenous gut made the draolf groan loudly and try to move away from Lobo, but the bear held fast and got his job done within moments of the last bit of sandwich plopping into the unending cave of muttgut. The hybrid took it into his muzzle as though it was another piece of food, nearly swallowing it had Lobo not been quick enough to put the straps on both over and around his head. The one that went around bunched up the mutt’s cheeks that much more, making it impossible to see much of anything aside from the ceiling and his own flabby face.

That soon didn’t matter though, for it only took a few sucks for the hose to kick in and start doing its job. Food flowed down into his muzzle at a steady pace; a chocolate shake made of ice cream, weight gain powder, and pure milk chocolate. Sasuke guzzled this down as though it was going out of style too, greedily pulling more into his maw with every strong suck. Lobo watched what little he could see of the draolf’s eyes fell shut and his stomach began to swell, so slowly it was nearly imperceptible. His job was getting easier, but at the same time harder, so the bear knew he couldn’t rest now that the draolf was on his hose. More solid food would need to go into his master to really get him to that point of fullness which he wanted so badly. That wasn’t going to happen if there was no solid food to eat either, and that meant Lobo needed to get to work.

Sucking, drinking, and gulping down gallon after gallon of shake, Sasuke just fell into a rhythm that he was comfortable with. It was not as though this was a hard thing for him to do either, for he just could drink and drink to his heart’s content without needing to worry about anything but his own gut getting filled. The vat which he was drinking from was even more than he could eat without having to extend his stomach, and he had no intention of doing that. Instead, he just wanted to get to the stuffed that made him aroused, and above all full. Not a piece of space left in him.  He wanted to be so bloated that even with all of the lard which coated every inch of him, his stomach would be firm to the touch. It was a selfish desire, he knew, but it was one that he above all wanted to fulfill for a fleeting moment. Being as busy as he had been hadn’t given him the time to truly indulge in this little joy, and with Lobo there to help him along, it was as if he had been given a small gift. He planned on taking full advantage of that gift, so on he drank to try and do just that.

The mutt was so lost in his own thoughts that he barely even noticed the flow of the shake peter out into nothing. It only registered with him that he had stopped drinking when he went to suck on the hose and felt nothing but his swollen cheeks try to suck themselves into his face, a feat made impossible by the utterly prodigious amount of flab on them. Adjusting himself so he was seated even more comfortably on his enlarged haunches, the draolf opened his eyes to see Lobo looking at him with a cart on either side of him. Each cart held a roast boar, though to call it a boar was almost an understatement. These hogs were closer in size to hippos, specifically bred to be fed to Sasuke during moments like the particular one he was in. He immediately began drooling at that sight, the hose in his muzzle just being coated in that within seconds. Lobo gave the hose a light tug once this happened, and that was all it took to come right out of Sasuke’s muzzle; the latches around his head had some remote release that he never bothered to question.

The hose drained the last of its chocolatey goop down onto his stomach, chest, and then the floor once it was pulled all the way to Lobo and finally escaped the rolling hill of draolf blubber. Sasuke had to smirk in the amount of time that took, but also remember that Lobo had a similar problem to his; being fat. The problem of sorts was far, far more understated with the bear than it was with the hybrid, and that gap was only going to widen with the hogs that now lay before the gluttonous beast. How he was going to eat them was no real matter, for Sasuke had a plan for that. He would need some help, and Lobo seemed to know that for he already had it waiting. The hose rested on the floor, a smidgeon more of chocolate spurting from it as it did so, but neither Sasuke nor Lobo cared about that. They instead were more concerned with the crane-like apparatus dangling from the ceiling, which the bear was slowly maneuvering towards his master.

Sasuke had other plans though, and just rolled himself onto his stomach right in the middle of the kitchen, then onto his side, as though it were nothing. He didn’t often use his abilities for more than feeding himself, and technically he was doing that as he made himself temporarily mobile to maneuver into a spot so that he could eat more. It was a flimsy justification at best, but the draolf didn’t care about that; he had hogs to eat. Lobo had to laugh as he saw the immensity of the hybrid shift itself around like it was nothing, and then give a faint smirk once the beast had settled somewhat. The rolls and folds of blubber lining Sasuke’s frame still moved heavily around, bunching up around his head and then sloshing back in rippling waves of adipose. The draolf barely noticed them, but Lobo was mesmerized by them. Something about seeing that much fat just move with nearly a mind of its own was enticing to the bear, but he could do nothing about it.

He barely even noticed in fact as the draolf reached out and grabbed the first mammoth of a hog, pulling it towards his still-quaking frame. His arms had to really stretch against the amount of blubber that encased them, and his barely-usable digits had a nightmare of a time gripping the rotund feast. They all managed though, and with a tug it was all right in front of the glutton’s muzzle. The hog lingered there for but a moment before Sasuke tore right into it as though he had never eaten before in his life. Huge hunks of meat were ripped right from the bone, and some bone went with these hunks when the draolf was really being aggressive. It was a sight to behold, as no glutton before had been so much to the point with his greed. Lobo was envious of the sight, his little stub of a tail flying back and forth over the surface of slowly-jiggling rear on his frame. Sasuke didn’t even care about how he was being watched though, the hog had absorbed every sense in his body, and he needed all of it inside of him right at that moment.

The first pig was gone in minutes, the second barely taking any longer. The third was a wee bit more of a challenge for the draolf, but at that point it was easy to see why. He had bloated out to nearly double the size he was at the start of the feast, meaning that mobility was an utter impossibility for him. He wouldn’t be leaving the kitchen without a monumental amount of assistance, and that was something that he had planned on. Instead of lamenting the jarring lack of mobility about him though, he just reached as best he could for more food. Extending his paws past the rolls of stretched, taut flab which rested on the floor was not going to happen though, as he had swollen up so stupendously with blubber that no part of him could reach past his bottom, most-bloated roll of draolf lard. Sasuke didn’t want to admit that, but he was either going to have to start using his powers again, or just have Lobo feed him.

Lobo was nearly stupefied by how arousing the sight of the draolf was at that point, so feeding would be hard for the bear. He would have to try, but he just needed to step back for a moment and drink in what he had created. A set of twin peaks, with a huge, third roll running right down the middle that had once resembled a tail, towered over Sasuke. Going down from there was little more than collection after collection of grey rolls. Each was feet thick, covered in sweat or food, and lacked any definition. So much so that telling where limbs began and ended on the blob of a glutton was absolutely impossible; Lobo couldn’t even see truly where the beast’s neck was. He could see Sasuke’s face, as the cornucopia of splattered food made that all too clear, as well as the bunched up cheeks and beady eyes peering over them; the orange hair helped too. Past that distinguishable landmark on the surface of the beast, everything else was just rolling hills of lard which spread out yards in every direction. Reaching his muzzle was going to be a task, but there was still so much to feed him. So, so, so much. Even though the draolf was already taut with lard, filled to the brim with food; he would keep eating.

Sasuke was willing to keep eating too, as his muzzle opened what little it could with the amount of cheeks and chins keeping it weighted down and closed off from the rest of him. Lobo had to chuckle at that sight, and decided that he would use the hose for the rest of the time that he could. He couldn’t paw-feed the draolf like he wanted to, as the limited amount his muzzle could open was not conducive to feeding. He could get that hose in though, and from there… Well, a funnel on the other end of that hose would work nicely. Soup, chili, chocolate candies… A whole manner of things could go down that funnel, and be forced down it if necessary. Eating three hogs and doubling the size of his frame was already an impressive feat, but the bear hadn’t needed to shove anything down into the draolf just yet. Once he had to do that, then he knew that his master was full. He planned on it, and he planned on really having to shove.

Taking the hose, and the funnel like a champ, Sasuke lay in an ocean of himself and rumbled as best he could. He was getting very full, and Lobo could see that. The vat of chili beckoned though, and it was still warm from its time in the three separate ovens needed to prepare the amount of it there was. Chicken wings by the bucket were in the wings, waiting to go next down the funnel, but Lobo wasn’t sure just how much more the draolf could hold. He was about to find out though, and as he lowered the funnel down to get it to where the chili could flow into it, he could feel the light tug on the hose that was Sasuke sucking down on what he could. His master was still hungry, and the ursine was going to do his best to oblige.

The soupy mixture of beef, beans, and spices began to pour slowly into the funnel right above Sasuke’s head, filling it and then going down the hose at a somewhat sluggish pace. The hybrid sucked at it as best he could, making sure to get every bit of the slop that he was now being fed. He couldn’t adjust himself without using his godly abilities, but he had a few itches along the rolling, undulating surface that was now his body. He couldn’t see how large he had become, but he could feel it and that was enough. The pressure of the counters digging into his sides, rolling over them as well as smothering them with his lard. The refrigerators at his rolling calves, which had swallowed his feet completely and only made him look that much fatter. His arms resting on folds of blubber that were more akin to whole bodies than just a small section of one. There was also the fullness of being so incredibly engorged on a small market’s worth of food combined with all of those sensations. It was enough to drive the draolf wild, but he still had so much more eating to do, so much more to consume.

The rhythm of chili was lulling him into relaxing too, joining with the tiredness that had been plaguing him and pushing him towards sleep. He couldn’t sleep with that hose down his muzzle though, so his eyes just fell shut instead and his moans of fullness became deeper and more drawn out. Lobo could see how tired Sasuke was, and while part of him wanted his master to be able to sleep, more of him wanted to put him to sleep with food. The draolf below as fading fast though, so the bear knew he needed to speed up his methods. And the quantity of the food. It could wait until after the few dozen or so gallons of chili remaining in the serving vat still being dumped into Sasuke though. Lobo knew that the hybrid wanted to finish his snack off, and who was he to deprive the draolf of thousands upon thousands of calories?

Once the chili was emptied, having been poured into the wolfdragon entirely, the funnel and hose came out of him with a soft pop. Sasuke belched lewdly as they left his muzzle, his cheeks and chins flapping in the rancid breeze as gas left him. His gut churned and groaned as they began to make sense of the gaseous meal that had just been forced inside of them; the wolfdragon was going to be rank before much longer. Lobo didn’t put much stock in that though, and instead set right to work gently pushing a second funnel into Sasuke. The hose went in just as the last, and the draolf began sucking on it mechanically even though he didn’t know what he was sucking on. His brain was addled with food at that point, reduced to pure gluttonous desires and the need to grow into something even larger than the blob that he was. His stomach was just beginning to ache though, the tautness of his body spreading over more than just the area he was resting on.

Lobo just smiled as he gave a gentle pat to that tight flesh, running his paw over it and feeling just how much the fur along it had thinned. It was somewhat jarring, to know Sasuke could take all that he had eaten and digest it in an instant, but instead he chose to be this way. The bear knew full well why he chose it, and that it was more arousing than any romp he had ever been in, but it still made him smirk every time he saw the draolf reduced to what he was at that moment. A blob of his former self, a stuffed tight blob that would probably burst before too much more went into him, and yet he could make it all go away. Had it been anyone else but Lobo, they might have been puzzled. The bear just gave the thick hide under his paw another pat instead, and pushed the shake hose back into the draolf; there was still feeding to do.

Turning on the hose, shake began to slowly flow into Sasuke. The pump was set to go off once it took a certain amount of pressure to force food into the draolf, and Lobo made sure to set that higher than normal. He then began to pour pudding into the funnel which he had inserted earlier, the gooey mass of chocolate mixing with the shake to form a creamy sludge inside the draolf’s muzzle. This illicted a groan of contentment from the beached glutton, and also made him start to bloat out noticeably. Where he had been growing slowly and steadily with the chili, he now looked as though he were being blown up like a balloon by comparison. His expansion was nowhere near the speed nor grace of a balloon, but when one was over fifteen feet in diameter alone, to notice the growth spoke just how much he was swelling with food. The draolf sucked his meal down though with gusto, not wanting to stop in spite of the spreading feeling of tightness, nor the creaking of his very kitchen walls on one side of his hide.

He ate, gulped, slurped, and gurgled as more and more of the intensely fattening mixture forced its way into him. His swallows slowed over several minutes, his cheeks filling to the brim before the liquid just was forced down his throat involuntarily. Lobo watched the flow of the pudding ebb, and heard the motor on the pump kick down into a lower gear to work at forcing even more down into the draolf. The thinning fur along his hide was becoming visibly noticeable, along with the tightness of the skin beneath it. Angry red marks littered the surface of the draolf, the flesh they adorned pulled so tight it almost seemed to shine. Still he ate, though it was nearly not at all of his own choice at that point. He never complained though, just panted through his nose and groaned through the hoses as he felt his whole frame begin to reject what was being done to it. Had it been any other beast, bursting would have entered the fray at that point. It wasn’t though, and Sasuke was just relishing the pain and the tightness and the fullness which came with his impossible act of overeating.

The pump ground to a halt eventually, beeping loudly to signal a pressure warning. Lobo looked at the pudding to see that its level too had stopped receding, and gave a sigh of relief. Sliding down off the counter beside the draolf, the bear moved himself over as close as he dare get to Sasuke. The draolf had his eyes screwed shut in what looked to be agony, but the overwhelming stench of musk wafting off him gave away that more than just pain filled his being. The bear had to chuckle to himself, and using the counter to brace himself began to pull the hoses from the draolf. Both leaked profusely as they left the beast, spilling chocolate slop down the front of his torso and making him moan even louder. The hybrid’s muzzle also leaked chocolate too, spilling out of him like drool from a cub as it emptied the excess from his cheeks and showed how packed he truly was. A belch roared out of his muzzle the second the tubes and extra slurry was free, making Lobo’s ears ring for a few moments after the explosion of gas had ceased. He didn’t dare touch his master at all, but he did look, and just looking alone showed what he had created.

A sea of thinned fur, sweat, and slop filled the kitchen. Rolling hills of draolf barely did the extraordinary size of the beast before Lobo, and yet there he was. Each fold of flab on his frame was tight to the point of being shiny, and every crevice looked to be pooling with the sheen of sweat. Quick, panting breaths left the draolf’s muzzle thanks to the absurd amount of pressure on his lungs, further adding to the appearance of gluttony before Lobo. The counters around him had broken, the plaster on the wall to one side was cracked from floor to ceiling, and even the tile below had a couple cracks in it. No limbs or features were visible on the draolf, and this included his face. His cheeks had fully hidden his eyes, and the neckfat from behind his head had rolled over to smother his ears before meeting his cheeks. Just a muzzle stuck out, and even that was surrounded by fat; the black nose at the end as well as the canines sticking out of the front were all that could be seen. No other feature was visible on the draolf though, as his nipples had long vanished underneath the tide of flab which had overtaken him and his tail had been engulfed in the sloshing, gravid mass of ass above.

The whole sight was unlike anything Lobo had seen before.

And he wanted to make more of it.

“When I wake up… Round 2,” a voice said in the bear’s head, sounding deep and utterly fat. The ursine understood immediately, and could only smile as he looked one last, longing time over what he had made. He could already hear the breathing slowing, and the beginnings of deafening snoring coming from the amorphous shape. Sasuke was finally getting his sleep, and the bear couldn’t have been happier about that. A small part of the ursine wished the draolf had been awake a little longer after such a feeding, but he didn’t lament the instantaneous loss of consciousness; he had been tired before eating a supermarket worth of food. Instead, he just gave a light pat to the surface of the beast and turned around to face the mess of the kitchen. He would need to clean, and get the cooks on the phone, and start preparing more food, and possibly order more to refill the vats of shake which he had emptied.

All for Round 2, of course.

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