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“I thought I told you that enough was enough there dragon,” A cool voice stated flatly. The dragon the voice was aimed at just shrugged and kept on doing what he was doing, seemingly uncaring of the consequences as he strode along the street with a bag in his clawed paw. This was not to say that he wasn’t thinking about what he was doing, but he more just didn’t care about it and instead was ignoring the warning from the other beast behind him. A beast whose eyes were shimmering with an unnatural glow to them. The creature, looking to be a black dragon-wolf hybrid of sorts, didn’t even try to make the warning to the beast again. He simply spread his wings slightly, taking in a deep breath of air to try and calm his nerves. What he had planned for the dragon wasn’t going to be pretty, and it would take more than a few instances of the beast being cocky to earn. He was getting close though, and that was not something that happened often. Oh how the draolf wanted to put the snob in his place, but there would need to be more reasons, more evidence, and more time for him to concoct something worthy of such a self-centered drake.

For the time being, the draolf simply followed the dragon in silence, his wings flattening back against him after a few steps and the glow in his eyes returning to normal. He hadn’t fully calmed down, but it was enough for the hybrid to at least think clearly again. So in step he fell, looking at the large, green back of the drake he was following in silence. No wings were on this reptile, instead a long mane of fur adorned the eastern drake. It was common for his species, but the many braids and dies that the mane was were not. He apparently wanted to stand out; wanted to be something unique in the world of what he called ‘sameys’. He was doing his best to do that too, what with his attitude and utter disregard for anyone else other than himself. It was bad, but the draolf had met worse; few, but he had. That alone had stayed the dragon’s judgment, and kept the draolf at bay and instead just following him and watching his toned body saunter along the sidewalk s though he owned it.

“You did tell me, I just didn’t listen Kaji. They will be able to make more anyways.” A reply came riddled with snark from the drake. It wasn’t the best thing that the hybrid could have heard, but he was almost expecting it with how he just shook his head a wee bit and kept walking. There was nothing he could say to dignify such arrogance with a reply, and the draolf didn’t even want to stoop down to that level. Yet. So his mouth stayed shut and he kept walking, silent as ever and just watching what was slowly becoming his prey. “Didn’t take everything they had after all, just what we wanted. It wasn’t like we were stealing or anything; we did pay them for what we took. I can’t help it if they were way too generous and underpriced everything because they needed the money. I wanted it, you wanted it, so why wouldn’t we take it?”

“Makes sense Luc, I ‘spose,” Kaji replied, utter ice in his tone as he did. The drake was too busy thinking about what he would do with his spoils from the market to even listen to what Kaji had said. The draolf knew that, but instead of being angry he still walked, and stayed silent. His world was now consumed with rage at that point, there was nothing that could be done to calm him now. He had his mind made up, his target in his sights, and it would just take one or two more incidents to set him over the edge.

The walk back to the hotel room which the two were sharing for their short time of visiting with one another was uneventful after their fight of sorts. This allowed Kaji some time to think again, and once they were back inside the room he was able to get his thoughts together and come up with the fact that he shouldn’t do what he wanted with that dragon. The drake may think himself above others, but Kaji knew neither himself nor the drake was. That meant that he couldn’t treat him with such… Arrogance and disregard for consequences, even if that was how the drake lived. It would take a lot more than taking advantage of a fruit vendor and acting entitled for the entire time that Kaji had been visiting with him in order to get the true wrath of the draolf.

“Well then draolf, now that we’re back… Shall we?” Luc murmured, dropping the bag which he had been carrying on top of the dresser in the modestly-sized room. No sooner were his paws free than they were at the buttons of his tight shirt, undoing them with practiced ease as he began to strip his muscular frame. Each button fell without a fight, and it took less than a minute for the drake to go from clothed to shirtless and presenting himself to Kaji without a thought. The draolf just looked up and down at the drake with a growing smirk, his eyes drinking in the toned musculature of the beast, from top to bottom and back again. Green with white belly scales and a mane that could be better considered a gay pride parade than a part of his body, the drake was definitely something to look at. He had a very light body-builder physique, with his muscles bulging as he flexed once or twice for the draolf to look at. His torso was sculpted, with modest pecs and abs which looked toned, but not unhealthy. Even his face was attractive, with a few piercings to accentuate his punkish looks and make him seem even more like the opportunistic and shovanistic hunter that he was.

“Shall we what? Go at it like wild animals?” The draolf replied after drinking up the sight in front of him. The draolf just smirked at the very thought of it and waved his paw off of the dragon, moving past him towards the bathroom at the other end of the room.

“And why… HEY! Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“To the bathroom. It was hot, I’m sweaty, I’m going to shower. That’s how it works after all.”

“Heh… Well, then ca-“

“No.” Kaji replied flatly, finishing moving past the dragon and forcing his way into the bathroom. The drake was clearly stunned, silent and just slack-jawed from what Kaji could see in the reflection in the window. This was not how the draolf normally was when offered such a captivating specimen, but he wasn’t at all in the mood for anything after the show the dragon had put on during their time out. This wasn’t computing for the dragon though, so he just stood shell-shocked as the door to the bathroom closed and he was left half-naked in the middle of a hotel room.

“That… What…” Luc finally managed to mutter, having stood still and staring at where Kaji had been for nearly ten seconds before his brain kicked back in. The dragon went from stunned to furious in an instant, utterly enraged that he wanted something that he couldn’t have. He was going to have that draolf, that utterly gorgeous beast which had denied him so rudely. He didn’t care if he had to force it on him; he was going to get what he wanted. It was with this determination that the dragon slid his pants to his ankles, followed by the skimpy underwear which he had been wearing especially for that occasion. Fully nude now, the eastern looked at himself in the mirror beside himself and smirked. “I look good…”

Admiring himself for but a moment, the eastern moved towards the bathroom in a couple long strides. He didn’t even pause once he reached the door, forgoing knocking and instead grabbing the handle and giving it a hard turn. He didn’t stop once it turned either, the twisted logic of his mind making him think that going inside the room was utterly allowed. Kaji would have locked it if he didn’t want what the dragon was offering after all, right? So the eastern opened the door, and didn’t even bother looking in. It wasn’t as if he was expecting something to not be in there after all. The two had been in that room for a few days at that point, so the dragon had seen that little room a couple times per day at least.

He should have looked though

If he had, he would have seen several things changed. First and foremost, the bathroom was not a bathroom at all but a glass wall. The second thing was that there was nothing past that glass wall. It was just black. A void of nothingness which eschewed any light, reflection, or even time. He didn’t seem to notice this in time though, for he stepped right into the glass and shattered it as though he was walking through a wall. Nothing happened, no cuts or scrapes from the impact, but the damage was done to him. He began to fall almost immediately, and before he could scream or call out, there was nothingness around him. The black which had covered the doorway, which had swallowed up what had once been a bathroom, and which was now all that he could see, was taking him into itself. There was nothing that Luc could do about it either; his cries for help didn’t leave his mouth, all his flailing did nothing to slow his decent, and he could see nothing but the black abyss which surrounded him completely. In short, he had stepped from the hotel room to his own doom in one careless motion.

Kaji knew of this, and had intended it all along. He was utterly tired of Luc and his egocentric ways, and simply wanted to teach the beast a lesson in humility.  A certain amount of malice was in this lesson, as well as annoyance, but the draolf was doing his best to be objective instead of subjective, and as such made sure that the falling sensation didn’t last for too long; the non-injured form of Luc from walking through the glass was also his doing. The hybrid was a demigod, and his powers could handle something that simple without issue, it was more that he didn’t want to. He wanted nothing more than to watch as his ‘victim’ succumb to the madness that he was trapped in, to become nothing more than a whimpering husk of a beast and to stay that way so that he could harm no one else. There always had to be a chance to redeem oneself though, always one to see if there was a cure for the problems which kept one from becoming less of a beast and more of something more. Kaji needed to give Luc that chance, and that was his intent.

Luc stopped suddenly, and the blackness which he was in flooded with light. Two eyes appeared in the sky, as well as a row of sharp, deadly-looking teeth. The faceless features were all several times larger than the eastern dragon, and he couldn’t help but cower in fear. Terror gripped every ounce of his very being, and yet he could do nothing about it as he still felt like he was falling. Nothing stopped, not his motion, not his advance towards the light which was becoming more and more blinding every passing moment, not his flailing mind or limbs; nothing. It was as if the entire world were set into motion and its direction was to scare him to the very brink of death. It was working too, as his heart pound in his chest and his brain raced to try and solve what was going on.

“Start showing some respect,” a voice boomed, “Or suffer the consequences.” It said nothing more, but it shook Luc to the very core as the words echoed throughout his head. They had been loud, commanding, and almost shook him to his soul as he heard them. He couldn’t fathom what they meant, but before he could begin to process them, he felt himself suddenly rushing up towards the teeth beneath the eyes in the void. Shutting his eyes tight, the dragon prepared for the inevitable crunch of his frame being swallowed and gulped down into whatever vast belly such a beast was sure to have. It was going to happen, and while he felt as though he had lived a life worthy of envy, his demise was certainly not on that list. Just what was happening to him? Was this a dream? A nightmare? A hallucination? A warning? He could not say, but his mind raced as his body careened into the teeth below him. He felt his clothing brush the massive, pointed, jagged canines as he flew through the opening, his own teeth grit in preparation for his consumption.

Nothing happened though.

He felt a floor beneath his feet as suddenly as he had not, his arms and legs stopped moving as fast as they had started, and as he threw his eyes open, he saw nothing in front of him but the bathroom which he had expected to enter. The drab wallpaper, the sparkling toilet, the big, bland shower… Everything was there as he had left it before falling into his nightmare. He didn’t even know where to begin with processing his ordeal, as he had no idea what it was. He shut his eyes and opened them again, bringing a paw to rub along them as he tried to make sense of what he had just seen. The words echoed through him still, and his limbs began to shake as reality regripped them. It was terrifying, to be somewhere, then somewhere else, and then back to the first place in such a short time with such ferocity and abruptness. He nearly collapsed and vomited right then. His brain just couldn’t handle what he had just been through with any sort of logic or anything like that. He needed to find Kaji and explain what had just happened, but as he began to reassemble the pieces of his reality, he remembered why he had entered the bathroom in the first place.

Cockiness and pride found him as fast as reality had, the warning flying out the window from him in an instant. He needed something normal, and yet it wasn’t denial or trauma that was changing his mind to go right back to its lustful ways. No, it was something far more deep-seated, far more malevolent, and fare more difficult to change. Some were just born bastards, and Luc was one of those few. He saw no remorse in what he did, felt no regret for staying still in the bathroom and beginning to strip while Kaji hummed quietly to himself in the shower. In spite of what he had just experienced, ignoring the warning as though it was told through lying teeth, he tore his clothes off and just stood there nude while he waited for the draolf to finish off his shower. He didn’t even think about anything other than getting his rocks off, and while some part of this was to reassert his dominance over reality, another large part of him wanted to dominate Kaji. He had been told off time and time again, and yet something about taking that draolf and knocking him down a peg appealed to Luc. Kaji needed no knocking down to any fur who used logic, but Luc wasn’t about to use logic. No, he wanted to use his own ego to push the hybrid’s out of the way. He wanted sex, he wanted words of submission, and he wanted power. Greed was pushing him to that, and it was all that he knew how to do.

It was also going to be his downfall.

Kaji tossed open the shower curtain to a dragon splayed on the counter, his sheath exposed and a sultry smirk on his face. The draolf had to try to nor roll his eyes nor start yelling; his warning had been ignored. He did neither though, instead reaching over Luc for a towel and beginning to wipe the moisture from his fur. It was a slow process, but not once throughout it did he even give Luc a second glance. This obviously perturbed the dragon, who tried to sway his tail around slowly and just kept giving Kaji looks as the draolf dried himself off. The demigod did nothing though, just ignoring the presence in the room with him and instead choosing to finish cleaning himself up before briskly walking through the door. His blood was boiling, but he wasn’t going to lose control. Trauma could always make one do strange things; it wasn’t as-

Kaji didn’t have time to finish his thought as he felt a pair of arms slide around his torso forcefully and grip him. Unable to stop them with such a surprise, he could feel in an instant a sheath grind against his bare ass; he hadn’t changed in the bathroom. Before he could fully react, the sheath went between his cheeks and dwelled there for just a moment. That was all that it took. All of Kaji’s fury, rage, and anger boiled over at the poor attempt at assault. Luc was doomed now; he just didn’t quite know it yet. He would soon though, for Kaji’s eyes twinged red for but a moment before beginning to glow with the ferocious, furious color.

“Just what the fuck are you doing?!” The hybrid shouted, his voice deepening almost a full octave and coming with a sea of echoes and bellows. It was enough alone to make Luc break contact with the draolf and cringe in pain. He didn’t have time to get his paws to his ears though to shield them from the noise, as his arms were twisted and gripped by Kaji, in one paw, faster than one could blink. The pain was excruciating for Luc, and yet he felt nothing break. He still cried out in the shock and agony of the sudden change of dominance, his face contorted into a painful glare as he fell to his knees in front of Kaji. The draolf just glowered down at him, his features all enraged and his eyes glowing brighter still. Luc didn’t look to be afraid though; he still had some sort of confidence, and cockiness, behind him even as he saw what true rage embodied was. It was sickening to Kaji, and it was then that the draolf knew there would be no way to cure Luc of his ego.

“You didn’t listen. Now you will pay.”


Luc awoke with a start, lying in a bed just like the one in the hotel. He was alone, the windowless room dark around him. He felt as though he had just had the worst nightmare in his life, as his whole body was covered in a cold sweat. The bed was no better, musky and wet from his manly smell as he sat up in it and wiped a paw along his face. The room looked slightly different than it had in his dream, and yet the same; Luc chalked it up to the shock of his dream. He needed to wash his face and get something to drink to calm himself down. His heart was still racing, his mind reeling from what he had seen. Kaji? Reacting as he had after such a terrifying experience in what was… The bathroom? It all made no sense to Luc, and he just wanted to wash it down with a glass of water and forget that it had ever happened.

Stumbling towards the door for the bathroom, he noticed again that something was off about the hotel room. It felt smaller, and narrower than before. There was also one bed, though that could have been the darkness; dragons weren’t known for their night vision. There was also a slight slant to it all, but that was most likely just fatigue to Luc. He wanted to explain it all away, but as he grasped the handle to the bathroom door he knew he wasn’t going to be able to. The handle felt hot to the touch, and Luc recoiled as he held it for but a brief moment. Something was wrong there, and he wasn’t particularly keen to find out. He needed to though, for if it was a fire or something along those lines he needed to know. Kaji could have been in trouble to; certainly saving the draolf would get him some time in bed.

Luc burst through the door with a kick upon thinking that.

And froze with what he saw.

Glass walls surrounded him, as well as sand. There was a small step down to the sand, but what was most disturbing was the shroud of mostly-transparent materiel enveloping his entire seeable space. An opening at the top gave away that he was in a bowl of sorts, but just how one could make something so big was beyond him. He couldn’t see much through the glass, just what looked to be a wooden surface stretching on and on, as well as what appeared to be a stack of papers. The papers were several times larger than Luc though, and that again didn’t make sense. How could something like that have happened in such a short time? Where was he? What was g-

“Told you that you would pay… You want to show off to everyone and keep trying to impose your sexual will on others? Well, now you can prance and show off all you want for the audience of one.” Luc couldn’t place the voice at first, but he began to put it together as he paced and tried to find the source of the sound. His whole face went pale as he pieced together his fate. “I hope you like your gift Sasuke.” Luc froze, for the voice was none other than Kaji’s. Looking up, he saw the green eyes of the draolf peering down at him through the hole, his taut face and pronounced features looking absolutely supersized by comparison to Luc’s. Another face was there too, one which the eastern didn’t recognize. Red eyes, very fat features, what had to be a triple chin… The beast was downright fat, and peering down into the bowl along with Kaji, grinning rather broadly.

“Oh I’m sure I will… Just like the last few, of course.”

Luc gulped. And the draolves grinned.

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