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Range and Rocky sat on the loveseat beside one another, their fat-laden frames touching rather firmly between them. Each was busy eating, stuffing pawfuls of chips and treats into their muzzles as they watched the flashes of the television before them. Neither really knew what was on, nor cared as it was just mindless enough to be noise for them to snack on. Both only cared about the snacks, and the feeling of their fat touching the other. It was a warm sensation, and why they had chosen to sit on the far-smaller loveseat. Each had their own reason for it, of course, but it was something that neither wanted to admit just yet. They were still only friends at that point, even though both wanted to become just a hint more than that before the night was out. That was the reason for their binging; both the canine and the raccoon were nervous eaters. Nerves were high, the tension was palpable, and as each shoved another bite into their muzzles, one hoped the other would break the tension first.

Range was the one to start it off, but he did it subtly. It was just a simple grope to one of Rocky’s moobs, feeling up the hefty sac of adipose attached to the coon’s chest in a single, soft motion. This illicted a groan from Rocky, who shut his eyes and blushed furiously as the markings around his face began to glow. Range had to smirk at that, his gaze turning to one of lust almost immediately as he knew full well what that meant; his slight of paw had done its job. Neither was fully ready yet, but Range was ready enough. Rocky just shoved another pawful of food into his mouth and chewed, looking at the smaller, pear-shaped beagle with a deepening blush and brighter, more vibrant markings on his cheeks, ears, chest, limbs, and tail. He looked to be part glow stick he was so vibrant as Range’s paw slid down and began to lazily caress the rotund curve of adipose sagging over his meaty thighs. The beagle didn’t mind in the least though, for he had the raccoon right where he wanted him.

The innocent gropings and rubbings continued on for a minute or so, the beagle turning more away from his snacks to tease Rocky more as the raccoon became brighter, and ate faster. His blush was as vibrant as his rings at that point, which were a pulsing green hue in the dimly lit room both beasts occupied. A TV and the raccoon being the only sources of light made the setting that much more intimate, and it was something that Range took full advantage of as he let a paw slide a little bit lower on the grand curvature of Rocky’s stomach. The sagging, bloated mass of overindulgence jutted out well over the raccoon’s crotch, and that was the beagle’s target with his pudgy paw. The four digits worked along the doughy surface, slowly but surely making progress beneath pounds upon pounds of adipose. His other paw didn’t rest however, groping a moob and teasing a lovehandle intermittently just to further excite Rocky.

The coon was enthralled in the attention, groaning and moaning faintly as he continued to feed himself, albeit at a slower pace. The kneading of his blubbersome frame was distracting him from his meal, as well as the growing tension between his chunky thighs. The paws, the feeling of Range’s own bloated torso pushing on his, the light pecks, nibbles, and licks to his double chin and spare tire of a neck… All of it was nearly overwhelming for Rocky, and yet he still just stayed silent aside from the involuntary noises of arousal and enjoyment which escaped him. He wanted to return the attention in kind, but Range was far more forward than the coon could ever be; there was nowhere for Rocky to even begin. Instead, the raccoon just sat in his place and took it all in, letting himself succumb to the pleasure of attention.

He didn’t get long to revel in the feelings though, for Range had plans, and those plans started as the thick digits of his paw wrapped around the coon’s cock. In an instant, Rocky squirmed, moving about on the seat which he was planted in and sending waves of rippling blubber between both he and Range. Range moved as well, rubbing his pawpads over the green shaft just once before sliding his heavy arm out from beneath the coon’s prodigious table muscle. He felt how hard it was, and just how much that Rocky wanted everything Range was doing to him. The beagle decided to push this too, and that made Rocky look up with a faint hint of concern in his eyes, coupled with a copious amount of lust; he wanted it more than he would let on. Range could see that, and he just smiled to himself as he grunted and stood up in front of the raccoon. Wanting to see just what he was going to get into, Range sized up his latest ‘prey’, and Rocky did the same.

Range was a beagle, plain and simple. A fat one, clad in nothing but blue sweat pants that had fit maybe 50 pounds prior, but a beagle nonetheless. He had normal markings, the big, floppy ears which all beagles had, and a thick, stubby tail which was just barely poking out from the round, plush ass he usually sat on. His build was very pear-shaped, most of his weight around his thighs and rump, with some spread out to his moobs. His chest sagged down onto a gut which had ended many-a-feast, and yet just sagged more than it bulged. He was smirking as he stood before Rocky, the look in his eyes one which made the raccoon swallow in anticipation, and yet squirm slightly with glee; he was finally getting what he wanted. “Bedroom.”

Rocky grunted too as he got to his feet, a task which was not a small one for the raccoon. He was nearly the same weight as Range, though his build was fairly different. A raccoon in species and markings, his uniqueness came from the fact that most of his markings were green, instead of black. This coupled with the heart-shaped mark on his chest, and the dirty mop of green-and-black hair atop his head, and he stood out in the crowd. It also didn’t help that he too was clad in sweatpants, which though black, shared the same size issue that Range’s did. His build was far more rotund, with his limbs being more like logs than Range’s drumsticks, and his shape more of a ball than a pear. His weight was more in his gut, which sagged nearly to his knees and moved at even the slightest motion; it was currently sloshing heavily to and fro as Rocky dusted the crumbs from his haphazard snacking down onto the dirty floor below. His eyes met Range’s after looking his newfound partner up and down once, a small smile creeping onto his blushing, and yet pulsating green face. “Okay.”

Range went first, giving Rocky ample time to look at the rear of the beagle. It was a sight, spilling over the top of those sweat pants like they were never meant to even attempt to contain so much mass. Every step was a sight, with each lift of a foot causing the weight of the beagle to shift to one side, followed by moving forward along with the motion of the leg. The footfall was what really made it for Rocky though, for each one of those sent waves of quaking, jiggling fat all along the gravid, sagging shelf of rump on the beagle. It lasted until the next step happened, each one taking more time than they should simply because there was so much fat they had to move along. Range didn’t seem to mind either, though he was wheezing and panting rather hard after just getting halfway to the bedroom. Rocky was hardly better, admittedly, but neither beast moved around very much. Rocky was also stiff as a board from watching the show that Range was putting on, and that was hardly helping matters as he walked along; his thighs were jerking him off with every single step, each one rubbing up and down his length like massive, yet soft pillows filled with jello.

A minute or so later, and Range and Rocky were in the bedroom. Each leaned against a wall and panted, recovering from the simple act of getting there, and yet neither wanted to do that just yet. They knew what kind of exertion their plan had for them, and what it would do. They didn’t care though, or at least let it show if they did; they both wanted it. Range huffed and puffed as he tried to recover, his size not making it easy to do so, while Rocky was even worse off; his binging had taken space away from his lungs, and that was hampering his breathing even moreso than the sagging saddlebags of blubber which adorned his chest. The beagle was propped up against the wall opposite the bed, looking at the bed and the raccoon between heaving breaths. Rocky was leaned on the bed, already beginning to slip from it onto the floor, which he knew was where he needed to be. He knew the basics of sex at his size; he was made to be on the floor while Range would have to smother him in beagle lard. It was something he had dreamed of for ages, and now he was going to get, and both he and the beagle couldn’t wait.

Rocky made the first move, lowering himself to the floor on his roll-laden stomach and feeling it slosh and shift beneath him. Settling all of his weight down on his own fat, he just felt himself spread out wide and lift up off the ground. It was an odd sensation, and he had to use the foot of the bed to keep himself from rolling either back onto his feet, or onto his face. He held on though, pulling himself forward what little he could with the weak, quivering arms that strained to even move, let alone use the atrophied muscle inside them. Rocky then put his head on the mattress, tilting his whole body down even moreso on the softer, squishier part of his stomach. There, he squirmed around for a moment to get more comfortable before just letting out a light grunt and lifting his tail, lowering it back down to one side of his now-bare ass; his sweatpants had slid down on their own on the waddle over simply due to how much fat was being contained in them.

Range didn’t wait for a verbal invitation, instead waddling his way over to the raccoon swiftly and heaving his belly up. Without pause, he lowered the shelf of adipose back down onto the back of the coon with an unceremonious thud, getting a deep grunt out of Rocky. The drop of fat sent both of their frames sloshing, rolls battering themselves against rolls and hundreds of pounds of blubber set into harmonious motion. Range’s stomach’s fall made even his moobs and chins jiggle around a small amount, while the arse beneath his stomach belonging to Rocky looked like a disturbed pond the cellulite in it was so easily moved. The beagle blushed to himself at the feeling of all of that movement, and all the fat that had caused it, as it teased him from the tips of his toes to the bottoms of his drooping ears. Rocky continued to pulse with light at that point, his markings the only source of light in the room as the pair had neglected to even illuminate their place of ‘romance’.

A series of grunts, groans, and quiet moans followed as Range began to feebly try to find his length and slide it between the beanbags of rump which Rocky possessed. Panting again with just the effort of standing and having to shift around his own fat, the beagle was beginning to feel the effects of having as much weight as he did. This aroused him somewhat, which in turn made his cock that much easier to find; it was the only hard thing on his whole body. Rocky was just as aroused as Range, if not moreso from the sheer amount of weight he felt pressing down on him. It was as if he had suddenly gained several hundred pounds, and seeing as that was a goal of his, he was in no way complaining. Instead, he could feel his own pride prodding his doughy underbelly, pushing deep into the blubber beneath him and forming a sleeve of sorts for him to hump. Rocky was ready for Range, and as Range’s mitts finally slid around his crotch-fat, the beagle was too.

Leaning back somewhat and steering by feel alone, as he was too large to even begin to truly reach his cock without some work, the beagle somehow managed to get himself inside Rocky’s rear. It was just between the pillowy cheeks, but it was enough for the two of them. Once there, Range began to slowly slide forward, having to lean in thanks to the sheer size of his hips and the bountiful amount of ass which Rocky had. Flab pushing on flab, and the raccoon getting more weight on him as the pressure forced his cock to push harder at his underbelly… It was all Rocky had to not release right then and there. He was so teased by it all, but some part of him knew he needed to wait; the experience was going to get so much better if he did.

He was right on the money.

Range made it into him, and immediately began to hump. Having to balance using just Rocky as leverage and his back and rear as a counterweight, Range was panting before he had even made two thrusts into Rocky. The raccoon was whining in aroused pain though, so he didn’t even hear nor notice the sounds going on above him. The only thing he was conscious of was the feeling of his own length being forced in and out of the pocket of adipose it had created, and the precum which was beginning to fill that pocket. He also could feel the constantly shifting, quaking, rippling, and undulating blubber which encased him from both his own excess, and Range’s. It was intoxicating, and he needed this more than what he was going to get.

Range felt the same way, as he pushed in and out of Rocky at a steady, yet slow pace. The beagle couldn’t manage much more than that, as he was exhausted already and knew it would only get worse. He was so aroused and addicted to the feeling of his blubber rubbing along Rocky’s though, as well as the sensation of his thighs slapping into the rotundity of raccoon rump beneath him. His cock being ground against by over a foot of blubber was helping things too, as that same adipose was also teasing his balls; it cradled them at the hilt of every thrust. The cries and moans of Rocky were also something that Range ate up like the countless snacks which had inflated him to his size, for it was a sign that the raccoon was enjoying this just as much as he was. All in all, Range wanted this to never end, but even he was beginning to precum. This was the price both beasts paid for waiting so long, and getting so aroused just from being their sizes. It was no matter though, for Range knew he was going to enjoy what came next.

Rocky and Range sloshed and swayed back and forth for several more minutes, the pants and moans getting faster and faster as time went on. Precum was covering the underbelly of the raccoon, as well as beginning to seep out of his rear. Range’s feet ached, his back was on fire, and he was breathing in shallow gasps. Rocky was hardly better off, and yet neither one of them paid any of those bad sensations any mind. All either was focused on was the fat between the two of them, and how close each was to orgasm. Neither wanted to go first, but one was going to have to blink.

Rocky did first.

He shot all over his underbelly, ever single miniscule muscle in his body tensing as he did so. He howled out in pleasurable bliss as he was covered in his seed along the front and underside of his torso. His rings and markings all were a constant, bright green hue as this happened, pulsing so fast from his arousal that there was not a visible time delay between the flashes. His tail was only lit up on the bottom ring at that point though, for its pattern had changed the second Range had begun leaking pre into him. That sole ring flashed slowly, while the four above it were completely neutral. It was an oddity that neither Range nor Rocky noticed, nor paid any mind to; both were too occupied.

Range went off next, and his release was so powerful it came back out of Rocky for a moment before shooting straight into the raccoon. It went in as though it was water, forcing its way through his innards and right into his stomach in a matter of moments, and yet the flow only seemed to get stronger. The bottom ring began to flash faster as this happened, and Rocky just stayed glowing brighter green and began to pant harder as Range howled above him. In utter bliss and lost absolutely in the moment, the beagle was barely aware of what he was doing to the raccoon, but his victim was not at all going to complain about it; the full feeling just added to the intensity of the experience. He wanted more of it, and with no signs of any sort of ebb from Range, he was going to get it.

Cum continued to flow like a waterfall from the beagle, even as the howl from him died down and he began to hump oncemore. He was grunting with every stroke now, his seed filling Rocky like water into a balloon as it came in by the bucket load. Rocky was now full, and beginning to feel his stomach tighten as it filled with more and more of the spunk from the beagle. His first ring on his tail was full by that point, and the second was beginning to flash at a steady pace. There were still three more rings though, and had Range not been lost in his sexual need, he would have figured out just what those rings meant by that point. He was too far gone though, and too horny to take any notice of anything aside from the rear below him, and the need to empty his swelling sac of all of its contents. All of them.

Grow and grow and grow… That was all that Rocky did as he lay on the floor and began to pant in short, shallow breaths. His stomach was now tight, and beginning to push out against the floor. It was lifting him more off the ground at that point, his legs having to spread a bit wider to accommodate it’s growing size. It swelled and sloshed, making gurgling and groaning noises as its size went from several hundred manageable pounds, to something that the raccoon was going to be anchored to with no way to move. It was a change that had him stiff as a board downstairs, and blushing beet red as he continued to glow from his tail to his ears. He was still rolling back and forth from the power of the humping Range was giving him too, which made him blush that much more as well as get a couple of belches out; his body needed the room for all of that seed. One of his burps even tasted like it, so Rocky made it a point to leave his muzzle shut after that. He knew he was going to be filled to the brim at that point, so he didn’t want any to escape; he just wanted to get as big and round as possible.

Range wanted that same thing, and he was going all out to get it. He hadn’t left Rocky for even a moment since beginning the torrent of cum, and as it was beginning to peter out, he wanted to make sure that every single ounce of it went into the raccoon. Granted, the ‘petering out’ was the flow being reduced from a raging waterfall to that of a fire hose on full blast, but it was still something. Range wanted to make sure that Rocky was an utter cum balloon by the time he was done, though no part of the beagle was quite sure why. The size, the heft, the fact that the raccoon would be helplessly sloshy… All of these things appealed to the beagle, and every single one of them kept his arousal to stay as he continued to pound away at the jiggling rear which was now beginning to push him out with its size. The cum was filling Rocky’s entire being now, his body having to figure out ways to get it elsewhere, and putting it wherever it could. His stomach was at critical mass, and his torso was beginning to round out with fewer curves and more of a round shape. His limbs were beginning to vanish into his swelling frame, and his cheeks were swelling out as even they had cum in them. The gurgling moans and grunting breaths coming out of Rocky just sealed the deal for Range; he needed to stay and get the last bits of himself into the raccoon. His load was coming to an end though, and it had impeccable timing; it wouldn’t be long before Rocky was in danger of bursting from the filling. It was at that time that the fourth ring began to flash at a steady pace, Range knew somewhere in his sex-addled mind that he needed to stop; once he was empty of course.

He could wait until the fifth ring though, and Rocky wouldn’t mind that.

Not one bit.


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