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Red pandas were never meant to be fat. They were lithe creatures, usually short in stature, and with a massive tail to boot. Looking more like a raccoon than a panda, they generally snuck under the radar of society, and instead of seeming as though they could ever add up to anything just did what they could to get by. Small species like them never got much recognition, and that was such a shame for most of them; they were usually smart. This meant many red pandas were bankers, or bookkeepers, or some other job that was mentally taxing, and yet one that very few people ever knew about. It was a known societal fact, and one that most of the species accepted; just like raccoons, rodents, and other smaller anthros. Of course it was speciest and something which just wouldn’t be forever that way, but that was of little consequence. Reality was what it was, and there wasn’t going to be a change in the foreseeable future.

One red was determined to change that though, for himself at least.

This red panda, blue and white in color and just about as average as one could get in every other way, wanted more for himself than something smart and quiet for a life. The draw of money and silent success was very strong for him, but when he was told that he would never be more than a behind-the-scenes contributor to the world, he got angry. He got determined. Above all however, he got resolute to add up to something more. What that would be he didn’t know, but he wanted to be more than the sum of his parts. It was going to be a task, but he was going to do it if it killed him. That drive put him where he was right then, and it was a story that he enjoyed thinking about, as it was a long one. He had all the time in the world to reminisce over it as well, for he needed to do little else with his life than what he was doing. He was cared for, waited on paw and foot, and just as rich as his smarter, smaller brethren, if not moreso. He had it made, and it had taken just a few short years to bring himself to that point.

Three-some years prior, the red panda had seen a commercial. This was shortly after he was told that he would amount to nothing more than what he was destined to be, so that memory was still fresh in his mind. He had tried going to the gym before, to gain some mass and some height maybe in order to stand out some from the crowd. It hadn’t worked though, so his resolve was wavering and his drive was beginning to slip; the words he loathed so much may have just been coming true. Unable to admit that to himself though, he had sat down to replan his life-changing course, when the TV blared something at him which gave him a new course. A new direction to head off in, and it was one which he had never considered.

The commercial was for a modeling agency, though this was no normal modeling agency. It was for extremely plus-sized furs, specifically rhinos, hippos, elephants, dragons, and larger bears. The add was asking for fat members of those species, as well as any anthro which could be considered that big just from eating that much alone. The red panda immediately perked up at that part, as it was something he could do with minimal effort. He would need to support himself somehow, but glutting as much as he could and just gaining weight to do something like that; it sounded like a cakewalk. The ad promised exposure and compensation; a lot of it. The idea sounded like one that would have been for a crazy beast, and the red panda was just crazy enough to consider it. He wanted more than he was, and this looked to be his ticket to get it. Of course, that meant having to give up his figure and begin a new diet, one which would be far worse for him, but that was something he was willing to do.

Resolve strengthened and a new idea in his mind, the wah grabbed his keys and set off for his car. He didn’t quite know what he was going to need to start his gains, but he knew he was going to need food. A lot of food in fact, and the supermarket was the first place on his list. He didn’t ever look in aisles that contained the foods he would need to get truly large; he had never held an interest in them. The red panda had never tried to take care of his figure in one way or another; he just ate what he liked and let his body sort itself out. He was reasonably active too, and that was another thing he would need to change as time went on. As he made his way out to his car, more plans filled the wah’s head on just what he was going to have to do. Supplements would possibly needed, some help from outside to get him really motivated, a new job that was exclusively sedentary… By the time he had his keys in the ignition, the wah had plans up to his ears filling his mind. He wasn’t sure what one he was going to go with, but starting the car was his final act as a beast that wasn’t going to be one to gain.

Three hours later, the wah was carrying in the last bag from the car. He had gone to two fast-food places, one big-box store, a drug store, and a few of his more perverse friends’ houses. Advice, food, additives, supplements, and various other things filled his mind and arms as he had trekked to and from his destinations. He had gotten more food in that day than he normally ate in a month, and yet it didn’t seem like enough still. He wasn’t sure just why he was gaining now that he had it all; there had to be another way. He had spent the money though, and it was all there. He had even asked friends who may have known about it, and each of them gave valuable advice. Stick to his guns, keep track of his progress, find a partner to gain with or for… Various points and tips that he started writing on post-it notes to leave throughout his house once he got all of his groceries in and put away. If he was truly going to gain, he needed to be serious about it. He also needed to sleep on it, as that decision was a big one. Sure, the allure had been there for him, but he was always known to be rash and hasty to make up his mind. He was also stubborn too, and hated being wasteful. Sleeping on his idea wouldn’t change much, but that was something he needed to try; another bit of advice he had received.

Sleeping on things hadn’t changed anything, and so the wah set out on his first week of gaining. It went far better than he expected, as eating more and more just seemed to come naturally to him. His body almost seemed to want the weight to pile on, and it was little more than a few bites into his first large breakfast that the red panda decided that this would be a good idea for him. Of course, there would be kinks to work out, his job being the largest, but he would figure something out. Sure enough too, just two days after he started, he got a job offer to work from home for the same company he worked at currently. The pay was slightly better, the benefits were around the same, and it kept him from having to do anything that wasn’t sitting, and snacking. It also gave him a steady income, as well as a way to keep himself as inactive as possible so that the pounds could really settle onto his frame. Wasted calories would be truly wasted in that way, and there were so many that he could cram into his frame. Supplements and just eating horrendously saw to that. His body took some time to get used to the assault of junk food, but by the fifth day he was all set.

His first week ended with a weigh in, and that went even better for the wah. Up six pounds, which was more weight than he had gained in three weeks of working out. Marking the progress on his calendar, the red panda couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as he was so pleased with himself. He set a loft goal of 100 pounds in a year, and that seemed as though it was one he could reach. He put on 6 pounds in a week, who was to say he wouldn’t gain 200 pounds in one year? Stretchmarks and tight clothes were something he would be prepared for in that event, and he was already looking online for remedies to that. He was also looking at places that could deliver food to him; no point in going out to waste those precious calories if he didn’t have to. Six pounds was obvious on his short, five-foot one frame too, so 100 pounds of weight would be incredibly noticeable. He would need to work his legs to carry that weight, and his arms to stay strong enough to keep doing his job, and shoving food into his mouth. Strength training though, hardly anything that would burn off calories. That would be good for him to eat protein too… More plans spun in his head, and the wah had to grin; he had made the right choice.

A month passed, and 25 more pounds had found their way onto the wah’s figure. He was eating nigh constantly now, snacking between meals and binging so much he would more often than not pass out with food in his paws. He still got his work done, just not as quickly and efficiently as he had when he started his trek to size. He had gone up a few sizes in clothing too, something which he took pride in whenever he ripped an old set or couldn’t get something on. It was like a badge of honor to him, a sign that he was going down the right path. He still had a long way to go, and as he looked at the numbers on the calendar in front of him, he knew he was going to be going down it for a long time. His capacity for food had increased though, and it was becoming easier to fit down those binges. The food bills were getting more and more outrageous, with the delivery anthros often asking questions. The wah had answers though, never once lying about his goals. He was often met with strange looks, but one had given him his number; it seemed as though a helper could be found there. The wah wanted to be larger before he went down that road though, as right then he didn’t feel like he would be worth the other’s time. The badger had been cute though, an added bonus… And more motivation to shove down his third hoagie of the day.

That hoagie led to chips, which led to steak, which led to a nap after some straining to get work done. A few hours later, more work happened, then the first of two dinners; the red panda was up to six large meals per day. It was such a shift, and it had left him so far from where he had been at the previous month’s point in time that he didn’t know why he hadn’t started sooner. It was a revelation for him, with every bite pushing him more towards a distant goal and every pound pressing him out further into something else. His growth became more than just an attempt at gaining size or stature or even something different in his life; it had become arousing and addicting. It had turned into the entire center of his life in just 30 some-off days, and had he been anyone else it would have been alarming to see such a mental shift. Instead though, this was how he attacked things. He went after them whole-hog and did nothing to stop; he came at them with a fire and a passion that was often bling and dumb, but never, ever capable of being stopped. His waistline was just another thing to change, and he was going to. All of the added bonuses were just that, and he reveled in them to keep his resolve even stronger.

His determination stayed that way, and the months began to fly by. Work became more and more of a chore, and the pounds just began to pile on at a faster and faster rate. A plateau or two in gaining came along, but the wah just did as he always did and ate his way past them. He found himself weighing his expanding frame less and less, getting out of bed less and less, and even so far as just doing less and less with himself. Eating and by extension gaining was beginning to entirely run his life, as he expected it would. Less work being done? He got food stamps. Trouble sleeping? He had a doctor give him sleeping aids. Stiff legs from spending a day just sitting and absolutely cramming his face full of food? He got himself a mobility scooter, and also just got up less. As his weight climbed higher and higher, he saw more and more what he would need to do to keep himself growing, and he was okay with it. More than in fact, he relished it all as it showed progress in a true, tangible way.

688 pounds was the last time the wah weighed himself. It had been well over a year since he had started his gains, well over a year since a doctor had seen him, and almost a full three months since he had set foot outside his home. Getting out of bed was becoming a true task, and often led to the red panda passing out on the couch instead of bed; it was easier to get food that way. Delivery and take-out containers littered his house, all dropped carelessly when their contents had been devoured by the piggish wah. He couldn’t even dream of bending down to get them now, which was no surprise with the size of his stomach and just how low it drooped. Sagging nearly to his knees and making all sorts of problems for him, though in the best way he could imagine, it was his true pride and joy. He hadn’t seen much past it since around 250 pounds, and up near 700, seeing much below his cheeks was becoming a true task. The wah didn’t care though, as he had avoided a mirror at all costs. Seeing his gains would be his reward for sticking with his guns, or for losing his full mobility. What had given him this goal the wah would never know, but he had it and he was using it to spur him on with eating even more.

That spur took the form today of what he planned to be his last trip outside. He wanted to go out to eat, at a buffet of course, and saw that as his last act as a member of society before he went about trying his modeling career. He had needed to find clothes in his size, which was a headache for him as no wah’s had ever even gotten close to being as heavy as him. Custom-orders were made though, and they were all immensely elastic as well, as the red panda never planned on ordering clothes again. Sliding the sloshing, rolling columns of blubber that had become his legs into the panda took effort, and nearly an hour of it. He had to spend another hour just gorging on ice-cream and catching his breath once he had one leg in the pair in fact, which gave away just how inefficient he was at clothing his newly-created adipose. The wah was set in his goal though, so he made it through and got his other leg into the panda, and of course did another stomach-stretching gorge after he finished.  A shirt was a fruitless effort, as even the tent which he had ordered barely covered two-thirds of his stomach. It stuck out from the bottom like a badge of gluttony, or of honor in his mind, which made him proud.

Early afternoon had come by the time the wah had finished with his adventure in getting dressed, and with it finished he could start on his next task. This one was going to be far more difficult, and one which he didn’t remotely think he could succeed at. He was going to try though, and try hard in fact; as hard as a butterball of red panda could at least. Steeling himself with an entire cake, messily forced down into him for the needed calories he knew he was going to lose in his efforts, the wah forced himself to his feet with a loud groan. Once there, he stood still for a moment, catching his breath and letting the weight just settle into his feet. His paws ached, his legs were quaking inside of the skin-tight pants which were barely holding in the couch-smothering ass he was forcing them to contain, and his stomach sloshed about with the multiple pounds of food already in it. Taking stock of all of this, the red panda just grinned ear to bloated ear with pride and began to slowly waddle towards his door. He kicked various empty containers out of the way, each step barely more than a food ahead of him as any more would mean having to lift his stomach with his gut; his legs were far too weak for such a feat. The slow shuffling waddle was working though, so he didn’t question it and instead just pressed on to the back slider of his house. He had needed to use it the last time he had left, as it was the only door wide enough for him to exit out of. That had been months ago though, so the wash was far less certain if it would work. Throwing caution to the wind however, he just pressed on and made it to the door.

Once there, he tossed it open with a grunt of effort, already panting and feeling weak in his legs. He hadn’t called the service to drive him to the buffet yet, and as he looked at the door and then felt where his arms were, he knew why. There was no way he was getting out of the door unaided, and even with help he would have issues. He was that wide now, that bloated with food and fat and fur. Door couldn’t even accommodate him without an upgrade, and it was a wonder it had taken him this long to notice. He had made sure to have all his interior doors widened or removed months prior, but his exterior doors he left the same just to use as a measurement for his growth. It worked and he just groaned again. Not with disappointment however, or shame, or even glee in his twisted way of being proud of himself. He was only worried about it from the sheer wasted calories he had lost from standing, and the thought of having to eat even more to make up on that. Lost time, lost pounds, and a realization were what he got, and as he turned around and began to shuffle to the kitchen to start on his fourth lunch, one thought began to form in his head.

I’m huge.

More time passed after that day. The days slid on by as though one, and more often than not the wah would just tell time by what places were open to deliver to him. He had to quit his job not long after his attempt at leaving the house; he couldn’t type anymore with his fingers as bloated as they were. Soon after that he gave up on getting off the couch, opting instead to find a helper to take care of him in his gaining. He found a good one too, a tiger with nearly the same entrancement to gaining as the wah. His side of things was on making others larger though, and the moment the feline entered the life of the red panda, they both knew they were in for something good. One rule was established; don’t ever stop feeding him. Period. There would be no breaks for the wah, never again would his jaw not be moving and his stomach not churning, and his waistline not expanding. It was then that the wah saw just how much he needed the help too, for in just three days he put on more weight than he had in the week prior. The tiger was pleased, the wah was pleased, and both had what they wanted. It was going to be a partnership made in heaven, and of course one which would end with even more pounds encircling the wah’s growing waist.

Once the mobility of his legs was completely gone, sometime a few months after the tiger came into his life, the wah’s gains grew exponentially. He was eating nigh constantly now, a cycle of stuffing himself to delirium and then sleeping the food coma off for but a few hours, then repeating the process again. And again. It was such a flurry of food and more food and more weight that the red panda almost never had a chance to even think about what he was doing. Instead, he just had to keep on stuffing himself, lest the tiger get bored. He was the only companionship the wah had now, and that was needed somewhat as the pounds, and loneliness they caused, began to mount. He was unable to go out, and eating was his only true source of interaction with anything side from the mind-melting television he saw day in and day out. At first he tried to keep smart by watching more intelligent shows, but they would impede his eating as he often would get distracted by trying to learn. As the pounds mounted and his appetite continued to grow, he switched to more mindless drivel; it let him grow and eat that much more after all.

The day came, at long last, where the red panda was large enough to be considered for the modelling agency. A talent scout came to see him, and immediately was gaping over the sheer size of the beast before him. Muttering something about having never seen such a truly slothful glutton, he decided to forgo any sort of measuring tape or interview, and instead just turned right around after telling the panda that he got the job. Somewhere between his fourth and fifth lunch of the day, all the meals blended together in his muddled mind, the red panda heard him. He didn’t respond though, as that task was for his feline caretaker; that was all that he had to do. He was still paid as well, though his salary had diminished as the sex, and the food, had grown in quantities. The red panda knew his fortune was dwindling, but he still needed to glut at all times, and he needed his tiger companion. So the agency was going to be his new source of money, and with it he was going to take care of himself from then on.

The few weeks after the talent scout had come were but a blur for the red panda. He had been cross and hungry for most of it, as he wasn’t allowed to eat a thing while he was being fitted for clothes, or having his picture taken. He was so large by that point that he could barely see over his cheeks, and his chest was all that he could see past that. It was his entire life, that and food, and he didn’t really have much to complain about in that respect. He didn’t even know how large he had gotten, but the tiger was helping him out with that. After a nude shoot; something the lead writer of the magazine had insisted on, the feline snatched a photo to show to the red panda. It wasn’t much, just something for him to see so he had a sense of what he had done to his body over the course of his gluttony, but it was enough for the red. He wanted to know what he looked like, and in spite of being unable to talk or make any motions, he got that across and had a picture of himself lowered down in front of him, along with a hose for the first snack of the day; all eight of his breakfasts were over.

A blob stared back at him.

The first thing the red panda saw was just the immense roll at the bottom of his stomach. It was easily feet thick, and expanded as though it was a crushed marshmallow over two feet in all directions. His legs, rear, sides… Nothing could reach as far as that bottom roll of blubber, and not by a long shot. His feet were invisible, buried in the fat of his legs and just suspended in the air by the bed of adipose he rested on. He was splayed as far as he could go too, his thighs rolling over his lower legs in a grandiose way to make him look even larger. An inkling of ass could be seen past his stomach, the gargantuan monster of a middle that it was. It took up most of the picture, and far and away the bulk of the red panda’s size. It looked almost fake it was so large, so domineering, and yet so taut with the sheer amount of food and blubber that was packed into it that the red panda couldn’t help but smirk to himself. The afterthought that his arms, shoulders, moobs, head, and tail looked to be coming off at angles from the shape of a circle that he now was made him smirk even more. His arms, what a thing… They were just as shapeless as the rest of him; rolls upon rolls of lard jutting out from the sides of him and as splayed as his legs were thanks to the buoys of fat which held them in place. It was no wonder they were always stiff; he hadn’t been able to move them in ages. His moobs looked to be breasts, and hung feet below where they would on a normal beast; each was the size of an obese anthro’s stomach though, so it was no surprise to him that they swelled and sagged as much as they did. He could just see the tops of his cheeks and the tips of his ears over them, a thought which made him just smile as best as he could with his heavy face; it was no easy task.

He was massive. Immense. Obese beyond any sort of definition of it.

And he was hungry.


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