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Jockstraps had never been Kaji’s thing. The black draolf had always preferred the comfort of boxer briefs, and was never not clad in a pair of green, form-fitting ones. They hugged him all around, supported him in ways a jockstrap couldn’t begin to hope for, and were just nicer to look at. They even accentuated his rump, which being the tone beast that he was, he didn’t have much of one. Thusly, the draolf was grateful for the help, and would often even go so far as to flex his rear when he knew he was getting a peek at it; Kaji was somewhat of a showoff, and he knew it. The boxer briefs did one other thing as well though, which was the real reason the hybrid wore them. Even if he didn’t want to own up to it, the one thing that he was the most proud of, and used the most often on his body, was always clad in his underwear.

His bulge.

It was round, shaped perfectly with a meaty front and two swollen, sagging orbs below it. The draolf’s package stretched the fabric of his underwear to near its breaking point, but never once over. No, the draolf wouldn’t dare break his precious undergarments; he wanted to just test them, and that was all. He would sometimes make them from unbreakable fibers just to let himself get up into the realms of what horses dreamed of, but more often than not he just let himself go past well-endowed into all-out impressive and kept it there. The perks of being a deity were in full force there for the draolf, and yet he didn’t seem to use them too many other places.

The one exception to this was when Tyler was around. A tiger in the purest sense, the feline was nothing to look at past his svelte build and piercing gold eyes. His coloration was normal, he was of average height, and he didn’t wear anything flashy whatsoever. He was as normal as a tiger could get in the society of anthros which ran the world, and yet something about him had drawn the draolf and himself together. Their shared appreciation of movies? It helped matters. The love they both had of food and larger beasts that consumed it? The two gained mutual friends out of the shared interest, but little more. No, there was something else that Tyler and Kaji had in common, and yet were on opposite ends of the spectrum at the same time. That thing was clad in green boxer briefs at the moment, balanced precariously above the splayed draolf as he lay in bed and just awaited for the click of his door.

The click came shortly, and with it the scent of Tyler. The feline had a smell about him every time he came around Kaji… It was hard to place, but it had the same air about it that Kaji himself did. The hybrid never asked about it though, he just moved around slightly on the bed and let out a small sigh. He did have patience, but the sessions he and Tyler shared together were somewhat of a rarity. The draolf wanted them to be more frequent, but the responsibilities of a god often kept him busy. The same was true of Tyler as well, though it was taking care of another god which kept him so preoccupied. That was all that the two really talked about, as small chit-chat was hardly something either one of them cared about. The two knew what they were seeing one another for, and didn’t even bother to mask it. They just wanted their arrangement to continue, and nothing else; nice and simple for the both of them to enjoy.

The rustle of sheets began as soon as the approaching footfalls stopped. Tyler always tread lightly, but the keen hearing of Kaji never let those noises escape into the ether. The feline slid into bed below Kaji, his whole body at the very foot of the bed where he sat obediently and just waited. The tiger was flushed red, as he always was when he and Kaji were together, and the draolf was wearing his usual smug smirk. Something about that look had attracted Tyler that much more, and brought out something within the feline which few had ever managed to touch. His charge did it, Kaji did it, and Tyler had to struggle to think of anyone else who could hold such sway over him. Thusly, he sat stock still once he was fully in the bed, his eyes not looking at Kaji’s but instead wandering down to the meaty package resting both on Kaji’s stomach and between his legs; there was just that much draolf contained in those poor boxer briefs. Upon examining it, Tyler could even see small rips in the fabric, giving away that Kaji had been making himself larger again as well as the fact that the feline was going to enjoy himself that much more once he was finally allowed to start.

Kaji gave a grunt, and that was all the permission that Tyler needed. He immediately sank down to all fours, burying his muzzle down between the spread thighs of the draolf and giving a few light licks to the fabric-clad fur. Nothing was like those licks to the draolf, who took those in stride and did his best to not make a darn sound. He didn’t want to give Tyler the satisfaction of any sort of release, nor show any amount of enjoyment for the treatment; it was all about his attitude. The sense of dominance made hiding his arousal that much harder, but having such an obedient and willing sub also was just tantalizing to Kaji. It played into how much he loved the control, certain aspects of his godly attributes, the more feral parts of his mind, and other things which the draolf couldn’t begin to explain if he tried. Had he not been being worshipped over at that moment, he may have tried to think of them. Instead though, he just let the tiger and his rough tongue work their magic, which brought some life into the flaccid, and yet still underwear-straining, bulge.

Tyler’s paws moved up to help tease and arouse Kaji, sliding around the base of that package and cradling it gently. His tongue and muzzle still pushed and rubbed against the shaft, while two of each of his digits began to work on the balls below. Rolling them very lazily as if they were marbles made of egg shells, the tiger’s digits barely even touched the draolf. They just rubbed at him like an afterthought; giving every bit of the sensation over to the fabric and it’s contact, trying to heighten that pleasure while at the same time just make sure that there was some motion there as well. His tongue got more forceful as his paws worked, pushing into the length beneath it and forcing the flesh to dimple slightly. There was so much there though that his nose was forced to get into the act as well, following his tongue down the length of Kaji’s member and giving a slight shiver to the draolf. A weak purr just made the sensation of it all that much more affecting for the hybrid, who was beginning to stiffen in spite of his best efforts. The vibrations of such a soft purr were just enough to push him into at least somewhat giving the feline his price, and the hybrid didn’t have any fight left in him to try and stop it.

The teasing and rubbing continued for several minutes, Tyler’s dexterous paws working their way over the flesh beneath them again and again as he huffed, licked, nuzzled, and sniffed at the masculinity his face was buried in. Not once did he come up for breath, or even open his mouth past the amount needed to lick at the bulge; he wasn’t allowed to speak. This was no an idea of Kaji’s, but rather something self-imposed by Tyler. The feline felt that if he talked, then it would ruin the moment for Kaji and thusly he wouldn’t be allowed back. So silent he stayed, and judging from the light groans and moans coming from above him, the feline knew he was doing at least something right with his wandering paws and curious muzzle.

Kaji’s underwear was at the breaking point by the time Tyler finally lifted his head, the draolf’s length now at full attention. He was panting softly as he just looked down at the feline, having to look around the over-stretched fabric just to see him. Looking like a forearm protruding from his crotch, the draolf had to blush inwardly at just how large he had let himself get. There was so much more that he could grow, but he did want at least some release before he let Tyler have his own prize. So the draolf just lay there, looking down at the feline expectantly, while his underwear began to tear down the sides. The crotch was already all but destroyed, the elastic barely hanging on while green shreds of material draped over his tent pole. Grunting slightly, Kaji forced the underwear to just give up and it burst off him like a balloon. The material went every which way, and as Tyler saw this, he knew what it meant.

Sliding himself up so that he was in a sitting position now instead of on all fours, the feline slid closer to the draolf’s length and immediately latched his muzzle onto the top. He was not in any way trying to give it head, but instead just trying to tease some life into it. There was already a faint dribble of precum at the top, but Tyler said nothing of this to Kaji. Staying silent, he just licked at what he could and moved the rest of his body closer to the hybrid’s length. Once there, the feline used his nimbleness to all but embrace the thing; his arms near the top and his legs near the bottom. His tail even got in on the act, coiling down beneath him and gently draping over the pulsing orbs beneath his prize. Resting there, the tiger lowered himself slightly so that just a small amount of his weight rested on the draolf’s balls; enough for some amount of pressure, and the sensation of a rear on them, but nowhere near enough to cause any pain. It was a strain on all of his muscles to do such a thing, but it was what the draolf wanted to Tyler was more than happy to oblige.

Once in position, the tiger got to work using his whole torso to jerk off Kaji. Sliding his chest up and down while his hips stayed perfectly still, the feline moaned quietly to himself as he felt the solid, leg-sized cock rub against himself. Kaji had to bite his lip to keep from howling out in bliss-filled lust right then and there; it was all about making it last. More precum spurted from his length though, a thing which Tyler drank up as though it was the last water he would ever see. On he teased now that he knew he would be getting his prize, pushing himself along that length over and over. His fur caressed every inch it touched, having been groomed right before meeting with the draolf. His sinewy arms and lithe chest each rubbed along the draolf in alternating ways, as his arms moved in a pattern of sorts while his chest’s speed varied at moving up and down the hybrid’s pride. His hips did the same along the draolf’s own, an artful dance with copious amounts of grinding which had taken longer than either one of them would guess to master, but had been worth every single second of the effort in both of their minds. Kaji had to chew on his lip harder with that in mind; he was just being edged so close by nothing more than a torso and some grinding. It was nearly too much to bear in that respect, but the wolfdragon was hanging in there admirably.

Then the twist came, and it was too much.

Tyler twisted himself to one side and wrapped both paws around the base of Kaji’s length, turning it against his movement. This contorted Kaji’s pride in a way that should have been painful, but Tyler was an expert; it just was a unique way of getting a tug on the draolf’s length. Thusly, instead of pain, this motion just sent the jolt of immense pleasure which Kaji needed to release coursing through every fiber of his being. With a yelp and a restrained howl, the draolf shot his seed up into the air, a powerful release which coated both his and Tyler’s chests. It splashed on the tiger’s short muzzle as well, making him blush slightly beneath its white, liquidy coating as he looked up at Kaji with the same lust that he always had in his eyes. The draolf tried to look back, but could barely keep his eyes open as the tiger moved again on his length; another shiver of bliss running down his spine. It was all sensory overload for a draolf who had just wanted to get some fun in for his day. The deity hadn’t planned on being as fast as he had been either, but then again, Tyler was just so darn good at what he did… It had to be worth it.

His released calmed down after several ropey strands of cum bathed both he and the tiger in spunk. The heady scent of musk was beginning to waft from the both of them, and had Kaji cared at that moment about anything but the afterglow which was beginning to take hold of him, he might have wanted to wash it off. Tyler was always one to wash up after their romps, but instead of his usual routine, the feline hadn’t moved until the last bit of seed was freed from Kaji’s loins. Once the wolfdragon had finished, the cat began to lick the seed from his length, the sandpaper texture of his tongue making Kaji shiver and his length twitch at full attention. Tyler was being unusually forward with his teasing, and had Kaji been able to form words through his lust-addled muzzle and the groans which it was producing, he might have asked why. Any thoughts past how immeasurably pleasurable the feeling of such a coarse tongue along the incredibly sensitive flesh of his groin felt though were lost to the ether; the draolf was at one with his lust and his arousal, and that was it. Nothing else could get to him at that moment, as he melted down onto the bed beneath him in a heaping puddle of horny mutt. Gentle lapping sounds and light breathing were all Kaji could hear, the insides of his eyelids were all he could see, his own spunk was all that he could taste, and all he could smell was the musky arousal of both Tyler and himself as it permeated into every facet of his nose, the bed, and even his own fur. What he could feel though… That was what had him in the state he was in, and what would keep him there for however long Tyler felt like it.

The feline seemed to desire the day to last, as he took his time cleaning Kaji. He went over every inch of the draolf’s length, then down to the orbs beneath it, taking his time there as well. He snorted many times while he was down there, cupping the pair with both paws and just taking sniffs far more than once; he was drinking down the scent of the draolf as though it was the last time he would ever get it. Kaji knew it wouldn’t be, but something about that amount of devotion always made him smug. Giving a few cursory licks before his muzzle parted the area, Tyler then moved on up to the toned stomach of the hybrid, his tongue licking there to get every single taste of Kaji’s seed that it could. The feeling of the tongue on his torso wasn’t nearly as pleasurable as it had been just underneath that area, but Tyler had planned ahead for that; his paws lingered down in the draolf’s nethers and rubbed around there ever so gently. They cupped and caressed and cradled and fondled and a myriad of other motions which kept the wolfdragon rock-hard even as he shuddered oncemore from the bathing which was being given to him by the slowly-advancing tiger.

So lost in it all, Kaji was nearly stunned when Tyler stopped what he was doing and sat up in the bed. It was nothing abnormal; the feline was just finished for the day. His muzzle darted down to the draolf’s crotch for a final sniff, the usual deep inhale that he always did. His nose lingered there, pressed right under the sac of the hybrid and just holding its wet, supple surface against the base for a long moment. The draolf could barely contain himself again, as he was nearly ready to cum again just from the unending attention of the feline. All good things came to an end though, and as Tyler’s head lifted back up from beneath the length of the hybrid, Kaji had to sigh to himself. His ‘sessions’ were never long enough, and yet were always just the right amount. They gave him something to look forward to for the next one too, so there was always that bit of silver lining.

Not saying a word, the feline slipped off the bed and begun to move towards the door. Fully nude, his frame cast a small shadow onto the bed as the sole, faint light source in the room illuminated his frame. Kaji barely even glanced at the feline though, opting instead to focus on his stiff length. Moving one paw down to stroke it slowly, he shut his eyes again after giving another swift glance towards Tyler, who hadn’t even looked back as he had silently padded to the door and then slipped out with nary a whisper. It was how their meetings always ended, and neither had a problem with it in any way. Instead, Kaji just lay back down and moved his paws along himself, trying to calm down or get off; he hadn’t decided which to do yet. He was still riding the frenzied high which Tyler had worked him up into, and would be for at least several more minutes if his other experiences were any indication. There he would lay, playing with himself as he came down from that and tried to just get on with his day; eventually.

Just a draolf and his bulge.


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