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Spikes was utterly massive. He was not huge in his normal ways either, as his muscles were utterly useless and there was very little fat on his frame. He was still as well-endowed as he always was, but even that was bloated and swollen just as the rest of him was. No, something else had taken the black wolfdragon from his usual herculean, bulging self to a balloon which could rival a small country. It was simply air too, nothing complex or even hard to create. The sole gas was responsible for his lightly bobbing, immobilized, expansive frame which took up miles and miles of space. To think that a simple joke had started it all too, and he had to chuckle to himself; rather, he would if he wasn’t too busy moaning from the bliss which such immensity brought him. The feeling of cars tickling him like ants and his whole body stretched to the utter limits of what even his limited magic could contain, and yet still ceased to stop… It was addicting, and he loved every ounce of it.


“Sasuke, are you going to ever stop growing?” Spikes asked, a small smirk worming its way onto his face as he watched his grey blob of a companion continue to shovel food into his greedy maw like it was all going to flee before him. The sagging mound of adipose and food just grunted a reply as he slurped down nearly ten pounds of spaghetti, gurgles and grunts of effort simply from having to lift his lard-laden arms more than a few inches off the bugling corpulence of his cleavage. The draolf still ate on though, in spite of the amount of work it took for him to do that, while the black wolfdragon opposite him and just watched. He hadn’t expected much in a way of reply, and knew he wouldn’t get much conversation from the gluttonous gourmand until the food on the table had been cleared. Of course, that was no excuse for rudeness, which was why the draolf held back the dessert for a moment.

Tossing the empty pot aside and reaching for the triple layer cake which was supposed to be resting just barely in his reach, the final piece of his meal, the greedy hybrid looked up at the muscled one sitting opposite him for the first time since food had arrived. The look was filled with malice, and something behind the red eyes of the beast was more primal than even Spikes could comprehend. Cautiously, the smaller of the two pushed the cake back onto the table, where it stayed for nary an instant before being scooped up in a blur by the beached whale of a wolfdragon. It was devoured in a similar fashion to the pasta, slurped down with a greed and need which few could ever experience with air, let alone with food. Paws a flurry of motion, showing whole fists of cake down onto a muzzle slathered with food already, it was a surprise that the hybrid didn’t choke on the bites he was hoggishly stuffing into his face. Spikes knew better than to show concern though; food was the one thing that Sasuke loved more than anything else, and it showed through and through in moments like this.

A few moments later, and the tray clattered to the ground, followed by a belch which drowned out even the sound of the metal dish meeting the tile floor below. Sated, the wolfdragon began to lick at his paws to get the last of his meal off of them. He also began to look around for a napkin; he was a glutton, not a slob… At least, not when he was out in a restaurant that he didn’t own, which wasn’t many in his town anymore. “I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing… I love it too much after all.”

“Ain’t that the truth… You’re gonna make the Marcy’s Day Parade feel tiny if you keep it up.” Spikes quipped back, tossing a napkin to the wolfdragon with a light flick of his wrist. Sasuke caught it, gave a nod of thanks, and then began to wipe the spittle, drool, and food from his muzzle and cheeks, as well as the copious ring of chins which encircled his head. “Though it would take a lot of helium to get you to float…”

“Eh, I float in water, close enough.” Sasuke replied with a shrug, putting the napkin down now that he was satisfied with how clean he looked, even though he still did have many-a-crumb on him. He was more worried about being presentable, which was easier said than done when you eat more food in one sitting than a family of six eats in a week.

“Heh, sure you do lardo. You’re too fat for even that I’d bet. Such a bloated blob of fo-”

“And not hot air like you?” Sasuke quipped back, smirking as he got a face from Spikes. The draolf apparently hadn’t liked the retort much, but Sasuke didn’t appear to be concerned with that. Instead, he just sat there smugly while his stomach let out a few distant gurgles and groans from the latest onslaught of food it would have to make sense of. It always would work out, and always turn into just a little more sag on his rump, a bit more overhang on his stomach, and that much more bounce in his steps. Spikes could see just how much Sasuke relished his size, and it gave him all the more reason to poke fun at the addicted draolf; it was an easy target after all.

“Well, we should get going. C’mere and give me a goodbye kiss. It was good to see you as always,” Sasuke said, looking over at Spikes with a genuine grin now. The two had been out to eat for a while, and both draolves did have lives after all; Spikes needed to get to the gym and Sasuke needed to get to another restaurant. Each built themselves up in a different way, and yet they were the closest of friends, a pairing which neither tried to make sense of. Spikes didn’t want to, as he just liked the companionship of the fatter one.

Rising to his feet, the muscle-bound hybrid snrked to himself as he saw the struggle of Sasuke trying to get to his feet. Rising from four chairs could never be an easy task, but Sasuke never once wanted help. He almost seemed to enjoy the struggle; a token of his size or something like that he had once said. The black wolfdragon couldn’t help but feel bad for his grey compatriot regardless though, as that much work couldn’t be pleasant. It seemed to be though, so he just shut up and stood beside the table while he waited for Sasuke to do the same. Shuffling and thudding footfalls soon reached the hybrid’s ears, and a moment later he felt a heavy, warm roll of blubber press against his shins. The pressure mounted as more and more lard embraced his frames, rolling slowly up his legs to his thighs, then to his groin where just how much he enjoyed the feeling became apparent almost instantly; another aid to their companionship. The feeling of being draped in a heated, yet weighted blanked continued to mount as Sasuke came closer and closer, eventually stopping just above his navel and nearly with enough force to knock Spikes back. He was strong enough to withstand the wave of lard though, and just stood fast as he leaned forward as much as he could and rested both arms on the sagging moobs which Sasuke possessed.

Staying there for a moment looking up over the rolls of neckfat, and the few chins which had accumulated alongside jowls which were nearly the size of Spikes’ biceps, to the face of the fat draolf, Spikes had to smile. It was a real smile too, and he got one in return. The two reveled in one another’s company in spite of the public setting, looking back and forth with contented grins and looks of light lust in their eyes. This wouldn’t be their only meeting that day it looked like, as Sasuke gave the draolf leaning into his corpulence a wink which was returned in kind. With a light sigh, Sasuke leaned forward and moved his muzzle to lock with Spikes’. The black hybrid did the same, slowly moving his arms up to wrap around Sasuke’s neck while the larger beast did the same. Their muzzles met in the middle, somewhere on a roll of lard which had once been considered a neck to Sasuke, and it was there that it happened.

Sasuke blasted a strong huff of air into the kiss.

It wasn’t subtle, and it wasn’t a little amount of gas either; this was intentional. Spikes’ eyes went wide and he tried to struggle, but he was taken over by a feeling of immobility the second that thought entered his head. No muscle on his body could move, even his fingers and toes incapable of curling up in reaction as his frame was flooded with air. This was no ordinary breath either, as Spikes felt something else change in him right as he was forced to inhale it all. He wasn’t sure what, but something had changed, and sure enough his whole frame filled out proportionally as a result of that change. Instead of just going to his stomach, or his chest, the air went into every crevice of his frame. HIs paws became just that much more thick, his arms and torso became markedly larger, and even his head swelled just a minute amount. It was an odd feeling to say the very least, but he knew it was far from over as his eyes met Sasuke’s.

The hybrid’s gaze was one of pure mischief, and in an instant Spikes knew he was in for some serious expansion. The air began to come in strong, steady huffs once their eyes locked, with Spikes gaze going from fear to a myriad of other emotions as he expanded. One huff, and he was nearly separated from Sasuke simply by the amount which his legs expanded. Another, and he was resting on the surface of the wolfdragon with his legs dangling uselessly in the air as he held onto Sasuke in spite of himself. One more huff, and he felt the ceiling of the restaurant against his now-bare rear. His clothes were in tatters around him on the floor somewhere after the second huff, and yet the third had come so fast that he had barely noticed the tearing. There had been no pain though, thankfully, so he was able to truly relish in the feeling that was beginning to take hold in terms of being able to grow. Just three short huffs and he was already beginning to rival Sasuke in size. There was no way the wolfdragon could get that much air into his lungs, so there was something else going on’; that much Spikes was sure of. What though, he couldn’t know as his mind began to wander while his body grew out wider and wider.

Another breath of air, and he was pressing into the rafters of the building. He could feel the wood digging into the skin beneath his fur, pressing it down while his body expanded around it almost as though it were a balloon. It was an odd sensation, but not one that he had long to comprehend as another breath of air entered his body. He expanded even more than he ever had, filling the room out now to nearly capacity as he could feel chairs, furs, the walls, Sasuke… It was all touching him in some way or another, and the wolfdragon had to do his best to hold back a moan. His eyes had already slid shut from the euphoria which was flooding his mind, but as his nethers stirred from the sensation of being so darn big, the draolf could do little to keep himself from growing aroused. He didn’t much care though, as he knew he had lost his decency long before when his clothes had burst off. Sasuke’s escapades always managed to have very small consequences as well, if any for that matter, so it was something that the draolf kept in his mind as he just succumb to the expansion.

Another breath of air, this one stronger than the rest, and the draolf was filling the restaurant almost painfully tightly. Something about it made him groan as he wished for the walls to collapse, and yet he was sucked in that much more to just how incredibly large he was. He was looming over Sasuke, and a cursory glance through slits of eyes gave away that the other hybrid didn’t mind this in the least; his eyes were still smiling. Spikes had to blush slightly at that sight, but then as he felt everything become even tighter around him, he couldn’t help but groan some from how incredible it all felt. To think, that the teasing pressure he could get from being crushed by the sheer girth of Sasuke could come from his own size and being wedged in a building… It was nearly too much for his mind to wrap itself around. Aroused and just letting whatever on earth was happening to him happen, Spikes was now lost in his own blissful ignorance at his situation. Nothing else mattered but his size, and as he heard the huff of Sasuke pulling in even more air beneath him, he knew that there was going to be even more to come.

Another puff of air, and the building gave way. It burst open like a button freed from impossibly tight pants, shooting debris high up into the air but also in every which way that it could. Spikes was elated to be freed from the pressure, and at the same time saddened; he was bigger now, but he also had no way to truly judge his size. That was part of what made being so big so enticing to him, but the feeling of building beside the one he had just burst rubbing along his sides was enough for him. It had to be too, for there was no way that he was going to get any smaller, nor even move at all. He could feel his limbs somewhere inside the sphere which had become his torso, a bloated sphere of draolf for all to see. HIs backside was high in the air, having long swallowed his furiously wagging tail into its expanding girth. His wings were also gone, two holes in the surface of his black fur which he could just barely feel thanks to the breeze of the outside now stirring the fur which had been matted down by the ceiling. TO think that too… That a ceiling was messing up his fur on his back, rump, and legs… It was so erotic to Spikes that his arousal heightened that much more just picturing it. He had felt it too, and he called on those feelings as he began to feel warmth between his overblown thighs.

Another influx of air, and those thighs spread out even further than the draolf thought possible. They were smothering his pride, making it long for release and him wish that he could move something, anything, just to tease himself to orgasm. He had gone from hating his predicament to reveling in it, and now he needed to get off to it. This was the way of things with Sasuke, usually, and yet Spikes always seemed surprised when it happened. He shouldn’t have been at that point, and he knew it, but he still was taken aback by just how much he was enjoying losing every inch of mobility, every modicum of decency, and every ounce of personal space to more and more of himself and the expansion which was turning him into little more than an overinflated balloon with indents that could once be called limbs. How his head had stayed above the rising tide of torso was beyond him, and had he been able to think at all it might have seemed odd. Of course he couldn’t though, so enraptured in the inescapable bliss that was his growth that he couldn’t even begin to form a rational thought. All that was coursing through his mind, and his body for that matter, was the need to handle his arousal, and the lust for more. More of his size, more air, more sexual pleasure… More.

Another blast of air, and he understood Sasuke. As another building crumbled from the pressure of Spikes against it, and he began to feel pedestrians and vehicles and whole houses being smothered by his light, but unyieldingly immense surface, he understood everything about the draolf. How he could lust for size. How he could continue to eat and grow even as his mobility and modesty were forgone. How he could glut unendingly on food, even knowing full well that he was being judged harshly for his actions. All of it came flooding into Spikes in an instant, and in that instant he began to crave more even stronger. It was as if realizing the thought process of his fellow draolf had broken down a mental wall, and suddenly the primal part of him was let out to play. He wanted, no, needed more of the air, the size, and the feeling of overpowering the very earth itself as he expanded larger and larger. He was no longer going to just take what Sasuke was giving him with each huff; he was going to suck it down as though his life depended on it. There was going to be more, and a whole heck of a lot of it, if Spikes got to do as he wanted.

There was no more though, at least, directly from Sasuke. The draolves had finally separated, the last puff being too much for Sasuke to hang onto reasonably anymore. Spikes opened his eyes to watch Sasuke’s face fly away, a smirk plastered on it as he raised a heavy arm to wave. The wind was moving Spikes now, and had that been all of it might have almost been angry at Sasuke; not for causing the predicament, but for leaving it incomplete. The draolf seemed to have handled that though, for Spikes began to feel warmth radiating off of his black fur in a way that was new to him. He could feel the air inside him getting that warmth, and as such beginning to expand. There as so much air in him too, that he could only imagine just how big it was going to make him. Had he been able to see anything more than the blackness of his own hide, he might have seen that he had swollen to far over a city block in girth, and was just going to get bigger and bigger with the air expanding in him. He wasn’t getting lighter though, just barely bobbing along on the surface of the planet as he stayed mostly stationary and slowly but surely grew evermore outward. It was nearly as enticing as the puffkisses, and yet somehow even more in a sense. The closeness had been nice, and the intimacy… It had helped a great deal with Spikes’ arousal. The feeling of just ceaseless expansion though was something new to the draolf, and it was even more of a treat to his overstimulated mind. It was as though he had lost control of his own body, and it was going to do what it wanted to do in terms of getting even bigger. That idea was so alien, so erotic, so… It was too much.

A small sea of semi-translucent white began to trickle down the underside of Spikes’ dome of a stomach.

The draolf sighed with a light shutter as a semi-truck bounced off him as though it were but a toy.

And then he expanded some more.


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