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The sign was the first thing that caught the eye of the wolfdragon. It was bright, attractive, had an offer on it which made the draolf smirk; it did everything an ad was supposed to do and then some. The ad was for a restaurant, and since Spikes was feeling a bit peckish, he decided that it would be as good a place as any. The restaurant was a buffet, and the sign had been advertising a weekend special, during which the buffet was half-off and contained more varieties of food than it usually did. A picture or two of the place gave away that the choices were staggering to begin with too, so Spikes couldn’t even begin to imagine what more choice than that would entail. He was going to get to see it first-hand though shortly, for it was a quick walk from where he had spotted the sign. The draolf had to only hope that the line to get in wasn’t going to be long though, for he had little patience to wait for his meal.

Paws padding along the sidewalk, his claws clicking softly on the cement, the draolf rounded the corner at the end of the block for the eatery. Bracing himself for some sort of a line, he was greeted with an empty street. Sighing with relief, his pace quickened somewhat as he hustled towards the buffet. His tail began to wag the closer he came too, the thought of food being finally in him making him somewhat excited. Sure, it was just going to be buffet food, but it was going to be plentiful and above all; cheap. Cheap fit in with what Spikes was looking for, so that made the deal that much sweeter. This desire for cheap had nothing to do with monetary concerns either, it was more something that the draolf wanted to pull off simply because he didn’t want to spend the money. He could have done better, but that would involve more travel or effort than he wanted to expend. He was hungry, this place had hopefully a lot of food, and it was close. That was enough for him, and enough of a justification in his mind so that the quick walk over to the window felt like one that he could do without worry.

Getting to the window, the draolf peered in and immediately grinned at what he saw. The place was filled with anthros, all of whom were very… Rotund. The smallest was somewhere between chubby and fat, and that was just the smallest one there. Each had a small stack of plates on their table, and none of them seemed to care about the amount of food they were eating. The wait staff didn’t seem to care either, helping those who looked to have trouble just getting around with their plates; they were all moderately chubby as well. Just looking in gave Spikes the affirmation that he had made the right choice, and he immediately made his way for the door. The scents alone as he pried his eyes from the window to look for said door were further proof he was at a good place; they were utterly heavenly. Looking up, the draolf made a quick mental note of the name and location of the buffet; he was assuredly going to be coming back to this place.

Stepping inside, he gave the hostess that greeted him a small nod. A plucky dingo, she smiled broadly back and greeted him with very friendly gusto. A few words were exchanged, followed by some cash changing paws. Spikes was then let loose on the buffet, told that he could seat himself and that his drink, a soda, would be over shortly. He could help himself from there though, and that was all the draolf wanted to hear. No structure, no warnings or limits, a large patronage… And the smells. They had been good outside, but on the inside he was just taken aback by how strong, and how good they were for him. He couldn’t stop thinking about just what they all were, because there were just so many. Meats, cheeses, breads, other dishes he couldn’t identify… All of it flooded his sensitive nose and made him want to do nothing more than eat till he was nearly fit to burst. Being that the objective of a buffet was exactly that, he could only give a quick look around for an empty table, put his receipt down to claim it, then strode with purpose over to the buffet line.

Unable to see the selection from where he had been standing, nor the window, Spikes’ jaw dropped once he got a good look at just how much choice he had. Platters upon platters upon platters filled what looked to be nearly 100 feet in front of him. The entire back wall of the restaurant was nothing but serving tables crammed with food, every few tables taking a different cuisine and putting as much of it into a small space as could be managed. All of the food looked expertly cooked too, and was being exchanged regularly; Spikes saw three platters leave just in the short time he had been gaping at the spread. It was unlike anything he had seen before, and the draolf knew there would be no way he could manage to try it all. He was going to do his best though, and so he grabbed two plates and licked his chops in hungry anticipation. He was ready to glut, and would let his inner dragon out to play on this trip; meat was going to be all he got.

Steaks, chicken, pork, bacon, a burger, meatballs with only a small hint of pasta, a potato, duck, mutton, venison, and turkey all were piled high on the two plates of the draolf in short order. He grabbed a small bowl of gravy to top off his carnivorous selection before returning to his table, being very careful to balance all his food. It was no small task for him, as he had to somehow manage to get it all back to his table without spilling a thing. He could see many of the casualties of attempts past on the stained floor beneath his feet, but the draolf was determined to not become another one of those stains. With careful paws and an even more careful sense of balance, he somehow managed to pull this off without a hitch too, something which made him grin with pride as he put the last of his four dishes down onto the wide, empty table in front of him. Sliding into his seat, the draolf just looked over his spread with the same wide-eyed expression he had seen the amount of choice he had before; he was going to eat all of that?

Even as his mind began to reel at the possibility of him eating all of that food, a sole paw grabbed a turkey leg and raised it to his muzzle. Without even thinking, the hybrid bit into it and immediately moaned inwardly. Everything he thought the food would be, it was. And then some. It was just so much in terms of flavor, texture, seasoning, juiciness… Nothing could be faulted with the turkey as another bite passed through the greedy muzzle in front of it. Barely even chewing up the morsel, Spikes instead just tore through the hunk of meat like a draolf possessed, and it seemed as though his expression gave that away as well. A passerby saw this, and gave a knowing nod even as his pace quickened; something about the draolf had made him nervous. Spikes couldn’t have cared less about this though, as he was far more concerned with getting more of the fantastic meat inside of his face. Paws working like they were machines and his jaws equally as so, piece after piece of the succulent food slid right into his jaws and was promptly devoured. It was all such a process to Spikes too, as he saw nothing abnormal about his behavior in the least as he was just that into eating everything in front of him.

It wasn’t until his paw scraped at a bare plate did he even notice the pace at which he was eating. He hadn’t thought much of his consumption until that point, and thought even more about it as he realized this was the bottom of the third plate of his; he couldn’t even recall switching plates out as he had been eating. Just a stack of places and picked-clean bones remained where there had been food seemingly moments before to the draolf. Something about that was off, and had he not still been hungry he would have been concerned. His stomach still demanded more however, even moreso than it had when he had first meandered into the place. It was shocking just how hungry he was at that moment in fact, as he had eaten far more in his missing minutes than he normal ate in a full day; yet his stomach begged for more. Looking at his drink, only to see that that was empty too and had been replaced with another also-empty glass, the draolf just sighed and shook his head. He had no idea what had gotten into him, but as his gut gurgled and whined in protest, he begrudgingly got to his feet and made his way over to the buffet line again.

Once there, he grabbed two more plates and began to load them up with meat again. Picking from different cuts and other styles, he wanted to see what else there was to eat and hopefully remember it this time. Something about how he had managed to completely ignore eating as much as he did was still nagging at the draolf, but the hybrid managed to push that from his mind and instead kept on grabbing more and more food. Three plates, four plates… Soon he was given a cart just for his own purposes. Something about that screamed abnormal to him, and when he finally finished it screamed louder simply for just how much he had gotten. There was enough food on the cart to stock a normal buffet by the time he finished, yet no one in the restaurant was looking at him with any sort of disdain; no one was looking at him at all in fact. Every other diner in the placer was engrossed in their meal, or conversation, but mostly meal. It was easy to see why the clientele was so rotund with how much they were all eating, and Spikes knew he would join them if he ate all that he had gathered onto his cart. Of course, he didn’t so much care about that at the moment, as his stomach was beginning to revolt against him. Its need for food had grown, and with it the draolf’s willpower was weakening. He needed to eat. Now.

Thusly, he did eat right then, after sitting down and pulling the first of many plates onto the table for himself. Forgoing a knife and fork, he simply hoisted the large cut of steak up to his mouth and bit down into it as though he was a primal beast. With how hungry he was, he certainly felt like one as the mean sheared off with his sharp teeth into his muzzle. Once the flavor hit his taste buds though, predatory instinct kicked into overdrive for the hybrid; he needed more. He pushed the rest of the steak into his muzzle like it was air, inhaling it down and barely even bothering to chew the meal-sized bite up before forcing it down with a loud, painful swallow. Each paw was at the ready once he mouth was free too, one holding a drumstick the size of a smaller anthro’s forearm and the other another cut of steak. The steak went in first, as it was something Spikes preferred to the cut of turkey, but the red meat hadn’t even been swallowed before the fowl joined it in his swollen cheeks and half-opened maw. Struggling to chew, and to breathe as he had replaced air with food in his mouth, the draolf just choked down the food as though he was possessed, and began to pull plates off his cart at such a pace it was a sheer wonder he didn’t spill anything.

Meats, sides, and more meats all flew up to his mouth with such ferocity that wind left his paws. The draolf had never, ever done anything in his life with such gusto, and yet he seemed to be a natural at it. He was an eating machine, each arm a trained feeding apparatus that had food at the ready whenever there was but a moment of emptiness. His jaws never once stopped moving for as long as there was food in front of him. Each bite went right into still-chomping teeth, more than once nicking a finger, and joined other flavors in overwhelming his taste buds with flavor. The draolf wasn’t even thinking of that though, as his main concern was filling the hole in the center of his stomach that had formed. It was as though a black hole had opened in him, and he needed to cram whatever he could down into it in order to keep from being eaten alive from the inside out. Of course, that didn’t explain why it was getting harder and harder to reach the food, or why his limbs felt heavier and heavier with each dinner-sized platter that was forced down by their mechanical motions. Spikes thought very little on that though; he was still hungry.

Once he ran out of plates, which was a lot sooner than even he thought possible, the draolf stood upright from his chair. He immediately lurched forward, and for the first time since he had started his binge, looked down. What met him was a ball of black, blocking the view of his toes and then some with its sheer mass. What had once been a flat stomach was replaced with a sagging, yet firm ball of adipose and food. Shocked by the sudden size, and amount of it he had gained, Spikes gave the newfound gut a poke. It was real; the poke released some of the pressure of all the food inside, forcing out a rather raunchy belch which got him a few looks. Spikes turned beet red beneath his black fur once he realized that, wrapping one arm underneath the paunch which he had eaten himself into and using the other to tenderly rub its heavy surface. It was surreal to him, and had he not still been hungry, it would have been enough for him to leave right then and there and make a beeline for the nearest gym. He was still hungry though, very hungry in fact.

And in a buffet.

Walking, or rather lumbering, over to the line of food, the draolf forwent even plates and just began to upend trays of food into his muzzle. Not caring that he was spilling food down the front of his frame, nor that he was getting incredulous looks from more and more of the patrons around him, the hybrid truly began to glut. With platters each able to feed more than a dozen larger furs all going to him, his eating prowess reached new heights almost instantly. He unhinged his jaw, a feat which he had never even thought possible, and just let the food slide right in. Mashed potatoes by the gallon, turkey by the whole bird, corn by the pound… It all went down with ease, and filled up more and more of that empty feeling inside of him. He worked through the trays with greed which he had never known, and it only took a few of these prodigiously large servings to have a profound effect on his physique.

Spikes could feel gravity beginning to get angry at him for being upright. His legs, strong as they were, were beginning to buckle under the demand of keeping him vertical. His arms ached from lifting heavy tray after tray up over his head, just to dump food in by the pound. Their growing girth wasn’t helping matters either, as his legs were starting to rub together with their corpulent flesh and his arms were becoming as heavy as the trays themselves. How he was fattening in real time with his gorging wasn’t even on Spikes’ radar at that point though, all that he wanted to do was glut some more. Thankfully, without even asking, a cart which felt to be reinforced was rolled up and placed behind him, allowing him to sit down and just roll himself from one platter to the next. On top of that, being in the lower position meant he could just lower his greedy snout into the trays and slurp up the food as fast as he could, therefore using even less energy to lift the food up for him. Somehow, the process was getting streamlined, and Spikes knew this would only fill him up faster. He liked that too, so he took it and ran with it.

Eating now with just minimal effort and maximum efficiency, the draolf began to chug his way through food. Seasoned chicken, green beans, casseroles, lasagna, pulled pork, baked potatoes, carrots… Absolutely no food was safe. A minute part of him wondered when the flow would end, but then he remembered the sheer volume of food in the buffet, and had to grin to himself as he splattered his muzzle with his latest snack; cornbread. Not a single part of him worried that he could hear the cart beginning to creak, nor that his legs were becoming so swollen with all-consuming lard that they were having a hard time moving him. The fact that his muzzle was taking more and more effort to even move from tray to tray was his only concern, but trying to raise his arms up to move aside the rolls upon rolls of newly-created blubber was too much of a task for him. Panting and sweating just from trying, he dug into another tray, this one of brownies, and tried to eat back the calories he had lost with gluttonous abandon. Sure, he had lost his good looks, but he didn’t care; he was getting something to eat and that was what he wanted.

Lost in his fugue, Spikes only caught glimpses of himself as he ballooned up larger and larger. He swelled like a balloon on a fire hose as he ate, the amount of fat he gained almost disproportional to the amount of food he ate. Almost. He still ate and didn’t care though, stealing looks at himself and loving every single one he got. He caught sight of the rolls which now smothered the cart he was on and blushed profusely, wondering just how deep the folds of his lovehandles were at that point. A look back as he turned ponderously to get to the trays on the other side of the room showed his immense, bare arse; his clothes had burst off at some point when he wasn’t paying attention. It shook and jostled like a great black bear before hibernation wrestling with another, making him blush yet again. He wasn’t ashamed for some reason though, for this blush was much more for the warmth he felt between his thighs. Those thighs, which hung off the cart and nearly halfway to the floor at this point, which would never be separated, and which rubbed his pride with every single motion they made. This kept the positive reinforcement for eating going, and made just glutting himself that much better. His arms were another thing he saw, and another thing that made him blush; he had once prided himself on his biceps, and now they were larger around than his torso had been at the start of his gluttonous rampage. It was astonishing to see how much flab had found its way onto his frame, and yet something about it all aroused Spikes to his very core. He needed more, and more, and more of it all.

And so he ate more, and more, and more of it all.

Eventually, some time later, Spikes was unable to feed himself any more. He had been creative, and tried to roll his way forward, but eventually just got beached on his fattened stomach and was unable to even move a single iota. He could see more food, and feebly tried to will himself towards it; his limbs had failed him long before. The waiters all stood around it too, looking from the trays, to him, and back. His slitted eyes pleaded with each of them, though he was too fat to even form words at that point. Simple whimpers and whines were all that the draolf could muster, his sagging jowls and ballooning cheeks jiggling like pudding with every sound he made. All parts of him were constantly in motion, his tail wagging like a blur between the two mounds of rump which encased it fully. His arms jiggling from the vain attempts to move them, just like his legs. His toes and fingers making the fat around his wrists and ankles, which buried them in nearly half a foot of adipose, slosh and wobble like dough. His stomach, which churned and groaned as it began to vaguely make sense of what had been crammed into it for hours. And yet, even through all that motion and all of that fat, all that had been eaten by the draolf, he wanted more. More, more, and more.

“Give him more,” came a voice, one which Spikes could barely hear from the fat of his back and neck pushing down on his ears. He somewhat recognized it though, and as he saw a grey stomach lurch into his field of vision, the draolf knew who was giving those orders. His tail began to wag faster, and as the owner of the voice came more into view, Spikes knew he was going to be taken care of. An orange crop of messy hair, jiggling chins and bulging jowls, and red, glowing eyes… “I don’t let my customers get rolled out hungry.”

And then Spikes got his more.


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