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“And that should do it” The hyena smirked to himself as he put the last piece into place, taking a single step back to look at his achievement. His spotted tail began to sway back and forth with both pride, and impending enjoyment, of his latest creation. It looked to be little more than a hose attached to a tank of air, but it was far more than that. The nozzle at the end of the hose was to be inserted into one’s navel, and from there… What it could do was just going to have to be decided by what was in the tank. The hyena, Glitch, decided that it should be air first before he had even began constructing the contraption, and as such had left the compressed air alone in spite of himself as he had toiled away for hours to get the nozzle working just right. Now that it was though, he was ready to begin testing, and not a moment too soon; it was nearly time for lunch.

Stepping back towards his project, the nude hyena lowered himself down to sit on the floor in front of it. There were no switches or knobs to be seen on the entire thing, just a sole button on the nozzle which was meant to stop the flow in case it got to be too much. Nothing could be on the tank, for it was just the storage unit; that was the brilliance of the design. Glitch was almost smug-looking as he held the hose in his paw and rubbed his free one over the surface of his pudgy stomach. He had created the perfect inflation tool; he could make millions on the licensing alone. That wasn’t why he had made it though; this was just for his own use and no one else’s. The canid needed no money or fame for what he had done, he just took pride in his work and used to enjoy himself that much more. It was a simple plan, and yet he still did feel more than a little sense of pride in it all; it was ingenious after all.

Getting over his little bit of mental gloating, Glitch lay down on his back with a light grunt of effort, squirming back and forth a couple times to get comfortable. The cold, cement floor inside the warehouse he was testing in was hardly the best place to lie, but he needed the space in case his invention went awry or he just decided he was going to get that big through it. Either way, there was little he could do to change locations now, and instead he just held the nozzle still over his protruding midsection while absently rubbing at its corpulence still as well. Something about being round… It was appealing to him, and filling himself with air was just going to make it that much more appealing in his mind. He held the answer to that in his paw, just inches from his navel, and all he had to do was push it in to get things going.

Thusly, in the nozzle went.

A small prick was felt by the hyena, but it hardly was enough to cause any pain. He did yelp with surprise though as he felt the part of the hose which was designed to go inside him enter, as the cold, snaking metal went to work getting into him. His navel shook slightly on its own, making the excess adipose around it give a faint jiggle in response. Glitch sat up somewhat just to watch the process, his elbows propping him up to look at the device and make sure it was functioning properly. His spotted fur shook ever so slightly at the bits of air that escaped from the nozzle as it found its way truly into the canid, but Glitch barely paid that any mind. The cold he did mind, and his ears went back against his head involuntarily as he frowned somewhat from that sensation. However, Glitch was checking for real errors, not minute leaks, and he wasn’t seeing any that were of consequence. The air was beginning to enter him too, which in spite of it being a bit colder than the canid would have liked, it was just as pleasurable as he imagined it would be. A deep blush hit his yellow-orange cheeks, turning them nearly the color of his bright orange hair. Had his deep brown ears been able to go back further, they would have, but instead it was just the hyena’s matching tail tip that twitched with aroused glee as the sensation of growth began to take hold for the canid.

Faster and faster the air came, and yet no new leaks sprung up or even tried to surface that the canid could notice. It was as if that was all that was going to happen, and Glitch was more than happy with that result. Not needing to pay attention to much else other than insertion and flow, he was able to lie back down fully and let his paws move up to rub at his stomach. The spotted, small dome of flab, the result of too many nights in the lab with a snack machine, was beginning to grow taut as air flooded into it. Glitch blushed as he felt the increasing tightness of the flesh beneath his fur, knowing what it was but loving the newfound hardness all the same. He couldn’t stifle a moan as he felt his stomach rub against his aroused nethers, the little bit of growth all that was needed to push fur onto the top of his exposed pride. Clothes would have gotten in the way of all the testing, he had earlier justified to himself, but it was really so that he could reach around what was fast becoming a full-blown gut and enjoy himself as he began to round out more and more. His paw found his cock with ease at that point; there wasn’t much gut yet, and began to tug at the shaft haphazardly. He was stiff as a board already, and it wouldn’t take much to coat the underside of his burgeoning width with seed. The hyena wanted to make it last though, so he stifled his urges and just screwed his eyes shut tighter in an attempt to stave off the need to release. It worked for a time, but as the pressure in his middle began to get to the point that he was starting to actually inflate, Glitch knew somewhere in his mind that he wouldn’t make it much longer.

With each passing moment adding more air, and tightness, to the middle of the hyena, Glitch became redder and his breaths became more shallow and faster. Inflating at a steady pace now, he was beginning to really notice just how much air was going into him with acute accuracy. It wasn’t just rounding out his belly anymore; the gas was making his entire frame larger and wider with every single cubic inch of air that went into it. Glitch moaned again as he felt that pressure increase on his cock, his paw still able to reach it somewhat as he gave the tip a few last rubs before the pressure of his stomach and barely-inflated arm against one another became too much and he was forced to lie back down flat. He could still go for more inflating with that too, as he resorted now to bucking his hips up into the air in order to get some sort of release by rubbing himself against his swelling stomach. This worked, the fur on his underbelly plusher than most places on his spotted body. A few thrusts into the ether, and that was all that it took for Glitch to plaster white on the underside of his stomach.

Satisfied so easily, the hyena was forced to redden some with the realization of just how incredibly, intoxicatingly, and unendingly arousing the entire sensation of blowing himself up was. He lie there for minutes and just let himself expand past a beachball, a bed, and even up into levels normally reserved for vehicles. All this was done while just rubbing at his stomach to soothe the stretching skin, and humping at the air every now and then to keep the arousal which he felt so strongly from ebbing in the slightest. It was just too much to even begin to explain or try to manage, and yet he knew it was going to come to an end soon. The tightness in his stomach was beginning to reach levels of mild discomfort, and a chance peek out of one eye gave away that he looked as though he had swallowed a beachball at that point. Of course, all that was needed to keep his size and to just revel in it, possibly get off again, and let his body stretch to this size so he could go even larger the next time, was to hit the shut off valve and wait. The hyena knew that, and yet part of him was almost sad about it. It had to be done though, so Glitch moved to reach for it, only to stop far short of even reaching past his chest.

This made his eyes shoot open, and a new phase of his expansion began in an instant.

The hyena had let himself get too big, and now he was beached on his back with a hose jammed into him, no help even remotely available, and the taut feeling of his navel and entire torso beginning to become uncomfortable. Struggling to reach in spite of its futility, the hyena’s paws pushed as hard as they could towards the far away objective atop the grand curve of his stomach. His belly looked to be well over the size of a large truck now, and just kept on growing as the hyena looked on now with growing horror. Discomfort came and went as fast as it could, pain taking its place after just a few moments. Pain turned to searing agony, and it was just moments after that which the hyena’s eyes screwed shut. He had gone from loving every facet of his expansion to loathing it within seconds, and now as he felt his skin begin to part in certain spots, the fur all but gone as it was forced so thin from just how large he had grown. Had he been able to look, he would have seen the stretchmarks now riddling his surface. Of course, he couldn’t even see past his own cheeks now, as even they were filled with air from his expansion. Bloated, swollen, filled beyond his capacity, Glitch was forced to lay there and wait for the inevitable.

It came moments later, and as he was torn asunder from the release of pressure, one thought crossed his mind.

He’d inflate himself again in an instant.


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