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The first bite had been enough. Even just a taste of the doughnut, with its rich cream filling and its decadent chocolate topping had sent Shard to the moon. The white Cheshire cat’s tail swayed with glee as he tasted what could only be described as deep-fried, filling-stuffed bliss. His lithe frame rocked back and forth due to the sheer force of his tail swaying, his bony hips bouncing around in a pair of ill-fitting pants. It was as if someone had taken his own idea of heaven and put it right into his maw. Shard couldn’t comprehend what he had been thinking to skip such bliss his entire life. Such ecstasy had just been a taste away, and yet he had denied himself it for the entirety of his existence. That needed to change, even though he knew full well the consequences. The taste was just too much; it overwhelmed logic and reason and common sense for the cat. He needed more, and he needed it as fast as he could get his paws on it. That first bite had truly hooked him, and there was going to be a lot, lot more where it came from.

Doughnuts were the gateway, but soon enough burgers, pizza, fried chicken, candy… It all flooded into the growing, expanding Cheshire as though it was air itself. He saw no need for moderation; he had been moderating his appetite his entire life, why should he continue to do so? He had been thin, scrawny, even immoderately bony since birth; it was high time he put some meat on his bones. That was the justification he used at least, as he shoveled thousands upon thousands of needless calories down into a muzzle which was insatiable. It hungered, and there was little that could be done to slow its progress through more feasts than could even be imagined. Progress… It was odd calling his sudden spurt of weight gain that in his mind. He had never seen putting on weight as something of a goal, but once he got a taste of just what was out there to eat, he couldn’t help himself. The pounds were just a side effect to his growing, and unchecked, food addiction. He needed to eat more, not wanted, and was just going to do so as time went on. It was as if he was a Cheshire possessed, and while that was in some ways a bad thing, Shard saw no reason to call it that. Instead, he reveled in it, and craved more. More. More.

The pounds that came with the increased consumption found their way onto his body like castaways to a dessert island. It was something of a miracle it took them as long as it did, but considering he had traded a diet of stir-fry and veggies for one of fried chicken and doughnuts, it was hard to not gain weight. He couldn’t deny that the added size, and presence that came with it, was something of a revelation for him. Never before had he been able to just take up space all by himself, without needing to say anything. The feeling of being imposing without even opening his mouth was as intoxicating as the food he was shoveling into it, and he needed more of that too. More seemed to be his new mantra, one that he took quite literally to heart as food filled his gullet over and over again. Buffets knew him by name, his grocer didn’t question the purchases he made after his first few trips, and the bakery had an order waiting and ready for him every single morning. Gone was the routine of being meek, shy, and quiet as he slid through the world with no recognition. In its place was one that made him feel important, wanted, and just all around like something that needed to be recognized and seen. The Cheshire felt the pride course through him as he went through that phase, and craved it as much as the two brownies which stained his paws brown. More. More.

More came too. It what seemed like just weeks, a lanky frame had been traded for one of considerably more… Healthy girth. The beginnings of a gut had sprouted, and Shard just cradled his new flab with adoration. Rubbing at it with a paw during every single meal, and with every single chance he had, he just wanted there to be more of it. The feeling of his stomach taut, beneath the burgeoning layer of blubber above it, was one that he now chased like a drug addict searching for his next high. His stomach had already expanded to nearly double the size it had once been, and there was just going to be more of that to come. He needed there to be, for his pants not fitting one morning was quite literally the most orgasmic experience of his adult life. It was a revelation for him too, that there would be no going back from what he had become. That his food dependency was either going to continue unabated and just get worse, or he was going to cut back and go back to what he had been doing. Having no wish to do the former, he just chose to do the latter and went back to his second breakfast; who wanted to waste good food after all?

Once the revelation that the feline was going to be round had sunk in, Shard began to really glut. The second breakfast never stood a chance as it was shoveled down into cheeks which were beginning to sag under their own weight. His arms, a fresh layer of adipose now covering them from paw to shoulder, shook slightly with the motion of lifting them from plate to muzzle, and back again for more. His chest jiggled faintly with the newly-sprouted moobs which the Cheshire now possessed; something which he adored and would often play with to bring himself to new heights of ecstasy. It was so much for him, just eating and feeling the effects of what it was doing to him as more and more food was crammed down into his already-full stomach. The beginnings of a stomach ache were already hitting him, but he still had over a pound of bacon left, as well as a tall stack of pancakes. This wasn’t counting the eggs, or the hash browns either… So much left to eat. His fork and knife in his paws, the feline belched lewdly into the air and grinned as only one of his kind could. There was going to be so many more meals like this if he had the chance… So many more.

More pounds found his frame at an increasing pace, and it wasn’t long before the size of his clothing needed to expand on a nearly bi-weekly basis. Shirts were so hard to come by that half of the time Shard just waited until they ripped from his expansion, became too tight to wear, or he stained them so much with excess food and grease which spilled from his ceaseless eating that he had to throw them away. His gut was always drooping out from under them too, as the feline decided that hanging his stomach over his pants, rather than tucking it in, made him look even fatter. Sure, it was a little less comfortable, but he relished the size which it afforded him in such a way that mild discomfort was something he was more than willing to put up with. Speaking of pants, Shard blew through the standard pant sized available in stores in just a few scant months, going from 34 to 44 in weeks rather than months. His gait changed from a shuffle, to a waddle, to a lumbering, panting tectonic stride which saw his thighs rubbing amply together. His pants were not helping this, always stuck on him like sausage casing and making him look even bigger as they failed to contain his rear on a nearly constant basis.

Shard ate on and on though, just pushing more food down his muzzle with every chance he had. Buffets began to ban him, delivery drivers refused orders unless a large tip was promised, and in-home grocery deliveries were getting to know him by name. Indeed, the feline was becoming a class-act of a glutton, and yet he showed no signs of stopping. Pounds upon pounds of fat packed themselves onto his body week in and week out, and it was becoming so much of a constant ordeal for him to chase the high of being full that he almost never stopped eating. A food pump was in the feline’s future, but he still wanted to be able to move for at least a while longer. He hadn’t been banned from every buffet yet, and he did have a few friends who loved just what he had become. Many more hated him, or were just so confused and disgusted that they wanted nothing to do with the engorged Cheshire anymore. Shard didn’t care though, he just wanted to keep eating. And eating. And growing. And sitting on his wide, rolling rump.

It was the second largest part of him, only his stomach beating out the sizable posterior in girth. His rump was probably his favorite feature though, as it had a life of its own. Having always been somewhat bottom heavy even in his slimmer days, the feline was now a pear if there ever was one. HIs thighs always fought to take up multiple couch cushions, and were beginning to become such a burden that it was only a matter of time before they anchored him to the sofa which he spent more and more of his time on. HIs stomach was helping that quest, drooping and sagging so low that his knees had an issue rubbing the underside of that sensitive, so constantly used table muscle. His legs were no better, looking like drumsticks with how much meat rested on the top of them, but with his rear sagging low enough to obscure part of that look from behind; it was just  that big now. He didn’t ever get a chance to see it, but there was a part of him that wanted to. Just feeling it smother every chair he sat in, knowing he needed more than one seat when he went out, and the utter strain of trying to keep the prodigious posterior decent… Shard wanted to see so badly what he was becoming, and he wanted it before he lost his mobility.

The problem with seeing it is that he had rounded out so much that taking pictures of himself, using a mirror, and even simpler things like feeding himself and bathing, were becoming almost too much to handle. His arms couldn’t reach past his hips anymore, his belly had kept him from reaching in front of himself for a time as well. Moving his arms even was becoming a chore, as they had gone from merely flabby at one point, to bloated and swollen with blubber now. They hung at his sides most of the time, rising and falling steadily with each raspy breath the feline sucked down into his weighted chest. His moobs kept them anchored at an angle as well, making sure to never let the Cheshire forget that he had become so incredibly fat now. His legs didn’t ever like having the weight of the feline put on them. That food pump he had thought of a few months prior was becoming a better and better option, and yet something about it seemed so final. It was like once that happened, there would be nothing to stop Shard from becoming dependent on others, and on getting himself a live-in servant to take care of him. Going out would be done, he would never feed himself again… The feline felt tingles on the back of his spine as those thoughts filled his mind; new territory for him to eat through always gave him such bliss. Old Shard would have shuddered at the thought of being that helpless… But the new and, some would say improved, Cheshire just shuddered in arousal at the thought.

Not wanting to go into full immobility without one last trip out, Shard called a few of his friends up to help him out. They hadn’t been his friends at first, of course, but over the time that Shard had spent gaining and growing rounder, a following around his endeavor had popped up. Some innocent enough shots on the internet, some chatting, a meetup or two… The feline dare say that he had fans at that point, but he didn’t really think much of them one way or another. This had nothing to do with his ego, and all to do with the fact that food consumed every waking thought now for the ever-gorging feline. In fact, the only reason he truly wanted his friends to come along was so that they could fetch him food, and provide the transportation which Shard so sorely lacked. Driving was not something he could do, and traditional taxi’s were not close to accommodating someone of his width, or girth. Special vans were the only vehicle which the feline could cram himself into anymore, and even those were becoming somewhat tight around his bloated thighs; another one of his features he adored. All in all, Shard just wanted to eat, and he had plans to do just that.

It took the Cheshire nearly an hour to get himself decent and ready to go out into the van, but that hour was spent looking at himself in the mirror or just panting and straining to get clothes on without assistance. He loved every inch of what he saw, from the rolling cheeks which adorned his face to the calves which were now so swollen with lard that they were beginning to sag down onto the tops of his feet. His stomach, white and drooping heavily, which obscured the view of his waistband underneath full feet of adipose. His thighs, bloated out to sizes more reserved for pachyderms, straining his pants to their absolute limits and then some. His ears even felt fat at that point, sagging slightly under their own weight and giving him a permanently depressed look. The feline couldn’t have been more elated though, and had he been able to, he would have turned to see his profile and get even more ecstatic at just how impossibly fat he looked. That he could move, dress himself, and feed himself was a feat with how large he was, and yet he craved more. The sofa was going to be his final resting place once the trip out was over, and something about that sent warmth between the logs of blubber that were his legs. Staring at the white vastness of himself though, and Shard knew he would need to be able to see that sight every morning from his self-imposed imprisonment once he got it all handled.

Once his friends had arrived, it took Shard almost a full ten minutes to haul himself from his bedroom and into the van. It was harder than he thought, moving up the light incline of the ramp into the van with gravity resisting every step of the way, but he managed it somehow and was seated in the vehicle in no time. A short drive later, and the process of getting in was sped up exponentially now that he was getting out; the forces of nature wanted him as close to the ground as they could manage. The van was happy to have the feline removed as well, the springs groaning in relief once Shard had left the vehicle. This made the outrageously obese Cheshire grin from ear to ear, but that was short-lived; he could smell the food which he had come for. Going from smiling to drooling, the feline approached the doors to the restaurant as if in a trance, needing them opened for him as he couldn’t reach past his own blubber to get to the handles.

The server didn’t ask questions, nor bat an eye as Shard shuffled in. She just led the small group of feline and cohorts over to a table close to the buffet, asked what drinks each of them wanted, and left the group to their own devices. Shard barely even noticed all of this though, and his eyes were latched onto the spread of food just across the way from where he was lowering himself down onto multiple chairs. His brain was already moving a mile a minute, trying to think of what order he was going to decimate the buffet in. He didn’t even know where to start, but he did know that come one way or another, this was going to be his biggest glut in history. His friends knew it too, as a few of them had a gleam in their eyes which was not unlike the one Shard possessed when he had come up with the idea. They wanted him to grow just like he did, and now they were all going to get what they wanted.

It took hours.

It was messy.

Shard was stuffed at the end of it though.

The buffet had nearly run out of food, with tray after tray being brought over to the Cheshire once it was decided that plates were too small and too much effort. This decision had come only after Shard had nearly bitten the head off of one of his helpers for being too slow, barely even getting time to apologize before they all decided that trays would be safer for them, as well as more efficient. The feline felt a twinge of guilt at that for a moment, but it was quickly eschewed when those big, hulking meals began to show up for him. Something about that made him just beam; he was too much of a glutton for plates. Every facet of that had Shard just light up, and redouble his efforts to eat the place out of business. He had nearly succeeded too, but the kitchen crew had all stopped cooking before he could finish all the food. Attempts by his friends to finish the food prep off themselves were met with rather harsh resistance, and it took a solid threat of police intervention to get them to stop feeding the Cheshire and get everything in motion for leaving the restaurant. Shard was pleased with himself though, and to him that was the most important part of it all. He had eaten so much he needed the very platters it was served on, and gone so overboard with his gluttony that the law was nearly brought in to help curb his appetite. He was stuffed, of course, but that alone was enough to make him hungry enough to want some more. He was so pleased with himself, and sated to boot… It was everything that the last outing he would ever make could have become, and then some.

The ride back to his house was uneventful, save for a couple of bumps that coaxed rumblings of gas out of the overstuffed feline. The van didn’t vent well either, but Shard was so used to it by that point that he barely noticed. The others did though, and were much quicker about getting him home and out of the vehicle than they would have been otherwise. They helped him inside, lowering the engorged beast down onto his sofa after getting him a few more snacks to rest on the table that was now his stomach. Shard thanked them all, made sure to request a few come over the next day to get him set up for the impending immobility which was going to strike, and posed as best he could for a few pictures. He swore they were for posterity, but if he angled his thighs just right… They could be for other things as well.

True to his word, the Cheshire didn’t leave the couch again. He just glutted until his legs became nothing more than an afterthought beneath and beside him, his stomach touched and then began to spread across the floor, and his cheeks blocked nearly all of his vision. He had a screen set up above him so that he could watch television, and mirrors placed around that TV so that he could see himself just grown rounder, and larger, and heavier. He had no idea what he weighed as his body just got more and more encased in immobilizing blubber, but he could guess that it was well beyond any sort of reasonable size. His arms stopped moving at some point, and a feeding tube was put in that same day. Being unable to move, he had a loyal fan of his gluttonous escapades move in to help take care of him, and change out the drums of fattening shake which he glutted on nearly every waking moment of his existence now. He did nothing but eat, gain, and eat, and gain, and eat. It was a cycle which he couldn’t escape at that point if he wanted to, and yet he saw nothing wrong with that whatsoever. He chuckled what little he could around the hose in his maw, unable to remove it so that he could laugh, when he thought about the fact that his whole gaining adventure had started from a single doughnut, and how now he ate more calories in one swallow of his shake than that entire pastry. He was a gainer through and through now, and it showed… But Shard wouldn’t have wanted it not to.


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