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Kaji had never been a very rotund mutt; he had been the opposite in fact. Always one for having toned muscles and a svelte build, he normally was the epitome of physical fitness when he was seen. His black frame, accented handsomely by grey markings along his torso and face, was quite often shirtless and just clad in a green set of boxer briefs which left absolutely nothing to a viewer’s imagination. The wolfdragon was proud of how he looked, and wanted to flaunt it as much as he could, as often as he could. Involuntarily at times, he would flex an arm or just casually stretch a leg out to show off how the musculature clung to his lithe frame in perfectly shaped masculinity. He barely thought of his actions as vain as he did them though, more just flaunting what he had in a cheeky way to show off his godly physique. Even going so far as to do it while he was alone as well, it was something of a habit to him now, and one that he never seemed to even consider bad. Others though, didn’t quite seem to agree with him on this matter.

One of those beasts was Sasuke, another draolf who was quite the polar opposite of Kaji in terms of build. He was round in every sense of the word, a sprawling mass of adipose which could barely move himself under his own power, and even then it was more often than not from one source of food to the next. He could hardly even feed himself, his tree-trunk arms were losing their ability to bend as time wore on; he wasn’t gaining any new muscle under the layers upon layers of adipose that covered his frame after all. His stomach was nigh constantly hungry, a gurgling and grumbling mass of food, fat, and more fat which swung scant inches from the ground when the ten-foot tall beast stood, and utterly smothered any floor within feet of him when he sat. The grey wolfdragon was gluttony incarnate, and his mirror image was usually one that helped to make sure that the beast of a stomach which was his centerpiece, dominant feature, and best friend stayed packed. The Adonis and the pig were an unlikely pairing, but one that had been forged through many years and equally as many meals. The showy nature of Kaji was the one sticking point for Sasuke in their friendship though, and the draolf had been scheming on just how to tone that back for some time.

It was just a matter of doing it.


“I’ll see you soon,” Kaji replied hastily into his phone as he pulled it from his face. Sasuke had just called him, sounding rather full already, and asked the hybrid to come by for another meal. This wasn’t uncommon, and the demigod had been somewhat bored, so he accepted the rounder draolf’s invitation. It was just a short flight away after all, and one that he had been meaning to make anyways to visit his friend.

“Seeya,” Sasuke rumbled out as he too pulled the phone from his face, grunting with effort as he moved it off to his side and placed it with a plop onto one of his many rolls of fat; reaching beyond the bounds of his beached frame had become impossible a great many pounds ago. His plan to bring Kaji up to size was already in motion, and would be a masterpiece of fattening if he had anything to do with it. The draolf had been making phone calls all that morning, gathering every mage and alchemist he could to construct the single most fattening piece of food ever created, and then make it impossible to detect even for a demigod. It was a plan that he had been working on for a great while, and now that it was finally beginning to coalesce into something much more than just an idea in his food-addled mind… Sasuke was beyond pleased. Elation soared through him like food through his all-consuming muzzle, and as he bit into the final dish of his second pre-brunch snack, he couldn’t quite wait for Kaji to arrive.

The black draolf landed a few minutes later, Sasuke’s own godly power sensing him long before his feet ever touched the ground. Part of why the pair had become such friends was that they both were demigods in a sense, though Sasuke was much more lax with his powers than Kaji. Sloth begot Sasuke, and action was more of Kaji’s forte, and each showed that quite handsomely with their respective builds. Neither minded the other’s preference though, and instead had bonded simply over the fact that both were capable of far more than they let on. Sasuke had to smile to himself for a moment while he waited for Kaji to seek him out in the mansion in which he lived as he thought about the first time they had met. It was so long ago, and yet it felt so recently at the same time; they had both been different back then.

“Reminiscing?” Kaji’s words snapped Sasuke back to reality, so hard in fact that the draolf returned the other’s greeting with a hearty belch. “Heh, I’ll take that as a yes fatass.” Sasuke flushed red for a moment, giving Kaji a bit of a look as the svelte draolf simply chuckled to himself and strode into the room. He eyed the immobilized, stuffed hog of a wolfdragon with a certain look in his eyes that always made Sasuke squirm, and gave away another part of their friendship that they both enjoyed.

“I was, yeah… Just thinking about the times before we both were what we are now.” Sasuke replied, his tone lowering slightly as he watched Kaji move in closer, pressing his legs against the lowest roll of adipose on the round glutton. Sasuke smirked a bit as his flabby corpulence smothered the shorter wolfdragon’s shins entirely, and better still kept him full feet away from his arms and face. It was an achievement it took a sliver of pride in, and yet one that most seemed to look on in disgust at. The draolf was content though, and that was what mattered to him as he ate another bite of his ‘snack’ and just watched Kaji look him over with unmasked intent.

“Whaddya mean by that? We haven’t changed much since then.”

“Oh I’d beg to differ on that one. You’ve turned into a model for all intents and purposes, and when was the last time you saw me stand?” That retort from Sasuke got a chuckle out of Kaji, but only just as the draolf went from eyeing over the gargantuan slave of food to looking his friend in the eye.

“I guess you’re right on that one… But who says that’s a bad thing?” The shorter, thinner draolf responded slowly as he leaned in, placing both of his paws on the outpouring of wolfdragon blubber before him and beginning to rub in slow, long arcs. He fully leaned in once he was sure that he wasn’t going to sink in too far, letting his arms rest in the deep, yielding lard which coated the front of Sasuke as they worked on the engorged stomach beneath it all. This got grunts, groans, and light moans of utter contentment from the greedy mutt, whose train of thought was all but derailed in an instant from the motion along his sensitive, stretched hide. An utter sucker for any attention of his bloated corpulence, the wolfdragon melted nearly immediately and began to sink down into the smothered sofa on which he resided, the plan which he had called Kaji over for almost forgotten in that very moment.

It wasn’t fortunately though, and with a conscious effort Sasuke resisted the unadulterated ecstasy that came with each swirling rub of the paws on his torso to force himself back to at least a portion of reality. A light food coma was also setting in at that point, as it always did when consuming nearly twenty thousand calories of food over a couple hours. This wasn’t helping matters, and the wolfdragon knew he needed to act fast in order to get Kaji to fall for his trick.

“I’m kinda full… But I think I can cram more in. Want to nab some more from the kitchen for me, please? There’s a few bagels in there for you too.”

“Oh you… I’ll be right back, and you’d better eat every bite I bring back,” Kaji said as he turned to leave the room, pushing himself off Sasuke who had to stifle a belch from the sudden pressure. The grey wolfdragon watched the other leave with a broad smirk on his muzzle, his tail trying to wag so very hard beneath the countless pounds of fat and rear that compressed it down into the straining sofa below. His plan was working flawlessly, and it would only be a matter of time before Kaji ate the bagel which was to be his. It had taken a while to find out what food the draolf would eat without being prompted, and it turned out an everything bagel was just something that Kaji could never pass up. Without fail, every single time there was one to be had, Kaji snapped it right up and just gave Sasuke the rest. It was a somewhat odd choice in the glutton’s mind, but he was also an utter foodie in every single sense of the word, so for him, pickiness when it came to eating was something that was beyond him.

Sasuke sat in wait for Kaji to return for several minutes, shifting himself around a few times and drawing out a multitude of belches to clear up some space so that he could eat even more when his finely built friend returned. His nerves were running wild, hoping with every single bit of his being that his plan would work. He was so nervous that he could feel himself shaking slightly, a feeling which was only heightened by the doughy exterior he sported for feet in every direction. It was nerve-wracking for him, and had he been a weaker beast, he may have passed out from how hard his heart was pounding with nervousness. His fear came to a head as he heard the footsteps coming back towards the room, and in an instant it was as though time stopped. Kaji’s leg came into view, then his elbow, and then finally his muzzle and head.

A piece of a bagel was sticking out of his muzzle.

Sasuke sighed heavily and settled back down into himself, the very world itself feeling as though it had fallen from his shoulders. His plan worked! It was going to make Kaji an utter blob of his former self, and there was absolutely no-

“Sasuke? Uhm…” Kaji started, trailing off as he swallowed the last of the bagel and raised a paw to his flat stomach. “What was in that bag-UUUUURRRRPPP” Kaji belched out, then tried to speak again only to be forced to belch even louder than before. He looked utterly perplexed, dropping the two armfuls of food which he was carrying to the floor in shock as he felt his frame begin to slowly expand. An inch here, a light fold there, it was like something was building up for a climax in his middle. Both of his arms raced to clutch around the center of his torso, but once they got there, they stopped far further away than the draolf was expecting. Sasuke had a front row seat for this, and he looked on in fascination as he saw the hybrid’s eyes go wide with shock. Something about what was going on with him was utterly wrong in Kaji’s mind, and every single bit of him was beginning to panic. He opened his muzzle to cry out, but again was greeted with another lewd outburst of gasses. He looked up at Sasuke, his eyes pleading and wide as they met the smirking expression of his friend.

Then he began to expand.

His stomach bloated out over a foot in all directions in an instant, so strong that it forced his arms apart and away from it’s explosively expanding girth. Gravity was unsure of what to do with the new flab for a moment, leaving it suspended unceremoniously in the air like a ball on water. It bobbed for a moment, a perfect sphere of black and grey fat which distorted the markings of the draolf a great deal, before falling with an audible slosh towards the floor. Kaji would have been tugged with it, if for not the equally-as-sudden burst of lard onto his rear. He went from having a shapely rump to a gravid ass in but a moment, a twin set of sagging cheeks offsetting the weight of his burgeoning stomach. His limbs weren’t spared the blindingly-fast gaining either, his thighs going from toned to doughy as they snapped his tight shorts off like they were made of paper, his arms bloating out to be the absolute opposite of sculpted, and even his face gaining a second chin, as well as the start of a third, just as fast as the rest of him put on the pounds. It was a sensation that made the mutt just shut his eyes and groan, but one that made Sasuke’s eyes go wide with excitement, and lean forward what little he could manage against the sheer pressure of the weight of his torso to get a better view of it all.

The rapid explosion of weight stopped after a few seconds, and then the real gains began to happen. Steady and at a pace which looked to be constant, Kaji’s stomach and rear marched towards the ground. The draolf’s legs began to shake and spread out, his ham-like legs fighting for more and more room as the pressure of the fat between the two of them reached levels which his muscles couldn’t contend with in moments. His arms lifted up slowly but surely from the flab which was beginning to encase them in multiple layers, each looking less and less like a limb and more like overblown wing. His chest, already sagging down a great deal with a pair of moobs that could have been stomach on some rounder furs, began to roll off to the sides of the expanding wolfdragon and down towards the floor as well, his width not matching his girth for the time being as he was forced to just grow against his own will. His thighs supported his burgeoning lovehandles, barely, and quivered with rippling, jiggling waves of adipose as they struggled to support the sheer amount of weight above him. His calves were rolling over his ankles in a small tide of fat that too wanted to reach the ground, and even his feet were starting to look more rotund. His hands were no different, going from usable appendages to useless sausages as fat caked their joints, the wrists above them, and even began to roll over onto his palms as his forearms swelled to new levels of rotundity. His rear, Sasuke could only guess at what was happening back there, but from the simple fact alone that Kaji hadn’t fallen over onto his stomach yet, Sasuke had to guess that the twin peaks of black draolf were holding their own quite nicely back there. Kaji’s eyes peered over cheeks that were quickly encroaching on his vision, pushed up not only by their own girth, but by the multitude of chins which were forming below them with every passing second. The collar of fat formerly known as a neck on the draolf wasn’t helping either, bloating itself out to be shaped more like a mane than anything else as it expanded out in all directions, and sagged somewhat down into the impressive cleavage which was forming on the front of the hybrid. Even his ears looked fatted, beginning to sag somewhat under the pressure of the fat on the back of Kaji’s head pushing them forward, as the draolf continued his relentless growth into levels of fatness normally reserved for the grey hybrid who was sitting opposite him in the rapidly-shrinking room.

On and on Kaji expanded, his stomach making full contact with the ground in less than a minute from the time that he ate the bagel. In two minutes, he had been lifted off the ground by both his stomach and his rear. In three minutes, he was pushing heavily against Sasuke, and beginning to flow out of the door into the hallway. Walls were creaking, Sasuke was just staring on in awe, and Kaji had given himself over entirely to being fattened mercilessly by whatever food he had eaten to cause such a thing. The draolf was at an utter loss as to just why this was happening, as he hadn’t even sensed a thing about the bagel which he had downed like he did every other one he ran across. It wasn’t an odd food, and yet here he was about to knock down a wall from the sheer weight of his bloating frame. It was beyond him, and yet something about it seemed so perfectly Sasuke that he knew the mutt had everything to do with it. Somehow though, the weight felt like it would take more than just a little of his power to work off, so he knew it would be a while before he could plot any sort of revenge against the onlooker which he was nearly smothering with his weight. Kaji was still plotting though, and that was all that he could do as he felt the wall which his rump was crammed rather roughly against give way and fall to rubble against the surging tide of flab which demolished it.

A grand total of a mere five minutes later, and Kaji’s expansion was at an end. The draolf’s couldn’t see anything more than the blackness of his cheeks, nor could he feel anything but the sensation of pressure against parts of him, and wind against others; he had been inside when he started. His bare rear felt the free air of the outdoors though, and Kaji had to blush internally as he simply imagined the view that he was giving the neighbors, and the rest of the world in fact as his rump poured out into the open air. He didn’t have to imagine long though, as a mental image from various entities he created came to him from all around, and gave him just a clue of what he looked like.

For lack of words, he was immense.

His rear was the first thing that he saw, and it was spilling out of the front of Sasuke’s mansion and into his yard for several yards. It was as tall as the roof of the two-story abode, and took up more space than Kaji dared guess. It constantly moved, quaking slightly with the breeze and undulating with the light movements that Kaji was still able to make deep within the veritable sea of himself. He moved on to the countless rolls and folds of fat, some deeper than he was tall, that adorned where his sides had once been. He couldn’t pick out his limbs at first, as they were completely and utterly buried in fat so deeply that even holes where his hands and feet would have been were simply collections of hills of adipose. The draolf looked at them closer though, and found that his arms were raised above his head and blended into a deep crevice of fat which sunk down towards where his head was. His legs were suspended, completely splayed as far as they could go, beneath his fat as they were lifted multiple feet from the ground by the fat which coated his thighs and made them thicker than even the biggest sequoias. His moobs were the size of small cars, each draped over the side of his stomach and resting against where his feet would have been, had they not been swallowed up by the fat of his calves and hidden deep in the recesses of his fat. His stomach was the crowning jewel of his frame though, bursting through the other side of the house for even further than his rump was, and spreading out to over half the width of the expansive mansion which Sasuke resided in. It was little more than a blob of black and grey fur, so distorted and covered in rubble and folds of fat that it looked to be a separate being entirely from its owner. It too moved, just like his rear did, with a mind of its own along the rolling hills of blubber which made up its oceanic surface. The lowest fold was as tall as Kaji had been before his expansion, and at its highest point, it peeked over the roof of the house by about a foot. Kaji was almost impressed with his ability to gain right there, and had he not been absolutely beached, he would have been smirking to himself. Instead though, he was forced to just stay still and move his mouth what little he could with the heavy cheeks that made even smiling nigh impossible. He couldn’t truly see his face, as it was hidden by chins and neckfat and the fat rolling over from his back, but he could feel himself try to make expressions and fail miserably from deep within the prison of himself.

You’re kinda fat now,” came Sasuke’s voice in Kaji’s mind, making the draolf snap out of looking at himself and back to the reality of the fact that he was quite literally larger than a house.

Yeah… Thanks for that,” retorted Kaji, a little miffed by the whole experience in spite of how comfortable he was getting in the sea of himself. A little shift here, a little jiggle there… He could really enjoy the time he had as a blob if he settled in right, and he was doing just that.

“Just needed to give you a bit of humble pie, show off,” Sasuke replied, his voice all but giving away the broad smirk he had to be wearing underneath the tons upon tons of Kaji resting all around him.

“Ouch… Was I being that bad about it?”

“Yeah, you were at times.”

“Oh, well say something then! I’m not a mind… Oh wait, yes I am. Well think it louder next time!”

“Fine, fine… But you have to admit, it is pretty comfy.” Kaji thought for a minute, and then he had to agree with Sasuke on that last point. It was pretty darn comfy, and he was getting sleepy as he sat in the frame which was ruining Sasuke’s home.

“Yeah, it is. You’re right. Oh, and speaking of pie… Good luck eating till I slim down.”


Kaji just chuckled to himself, then purred as he nestled what little he could into the sprawling expanse of himself for a much-needed nap; being truly immense was so darn tiring after all.


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