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The belch tasted of apples, and pork. Zero smacked his lips together and just grumbled lightly, trying in vain to rub at his stomach to soothe its over-stretched confines. His arms were still shackled down however, firmly held to the ground at either side of him, and there was no point in struggling against those binds. Unable to calm the squirming and struggling inside of his stomach, as well as massage it to try and at least alleviate some of the strain of two furs suddenly being crammed in there, the drake could simply moan and hope that the cultists around him would offer some amount of care. None looked to be coming, but then again, the drake could see little past his stretched, aching cheeks and the vast roll of a neck that was encroaching on his muzzle far more than it had been minutes before. The added size of his stomach was seeing to that, with two supremely bloated beasts now residing within its seemingly infinite confines. Just thinking of that made Zero groan again, and try once more to move his arms to reach up at the bloated dome of stomach which towered over his prone form, and spread out full feet in any which direction.

A loud tear reached the drake’s ear holes, and made him wince slightly. His pants were giving up the ghost, if simply because his thighs were losing ground to the stomach above them. His body was looking for places to pull scaly flesh from, and his chest and legs were the most available places. The blue appendages, bloated and pressed firmly together, felt almost smaller now that the dragon’s stomach was so impossibly large and taut. Zero blushed ever so faintly at that thought; his limbs were going to shrink because his stomach was getting so large. A purple tinge on his cheeks, all that filled the dragon’s mind was just how much more he was going to gain once the beasts inside him got converted into flab. The drake was very much one for growing to absurdly obese sizes, and as he settled into thinking those thoughts over the sounds of shallow, panting breaths and the popping seams of his clothes, he did find some solace from his current predicament.

The thump of a third stomach against his barely open muzzle reminded him of just what predicament he was in, and as that thump was followed up by a pair of paws on his horns, Zero sighed. He had been kidnapped by cultists of some form, and was now being forced to eat thirteen of their fattest ‘sacrifices’ for some reason or another. Each fattened meal of sorts was a different species as far as Zero could tell. The dragon couldn’t see any of the others over the curve of his cheeks and from his position flat on his back, but he could hear muffled whines and many labored pants not unlike his own. The drake knew the sound of being stuffed very well, and he could hear it all around him as the paws on his horns forced his jaws open as wide as they could. Once the jaws were opened, the fur which had been standing dutifully in front of the dragon slipped his arms into the gaping muzzle before him, just as the previous two offerings had. Zero didn’t even look to see what species he was devouring. Instead, he let his tongue do the discovering, and licked along those arms with a lazy slurp. Salt, and… Feathers? Zero opened one eye, and was greeted by possibly the fattest eagle he had ever seen.

The bird had very obviously been stuffed with fried chicken, a sick joke of sort if Zero thought about it for a moment. He didn’t have much time to think on that though, as the eagle was just as forceful as the two before him. The avian slipped into those jaws with little ceremony or force from the other two thanks to being skinnier than the previous two; a small feat giving just how rotund the eagle was. Zero’s jaw unhinged, just as before, and his cheeks stretched wide much like a snake swallowing its meal. His chest bulged and contorted slightly from the winged beast making its way through the ever-shrinking canal to the stomach below. Zero couldn’t do a single but groan and swallow as his body was stretched and jostled about by the avian making its way into him. The stomach of the bird made his already aching jaw give another pop, and with that sound the dragon winced slightly. The pop had been his jaw fully dislocating, meaning that now he could open his muzzle as wide as his cheeks would allow. His lower jaw hadn’t done this to the previous two as it was still somewhat untortured, but the avian was the straw that broke its back.

Little ceremony was made as the roundest part of the bird passed through Zero’s muzzle and down into his cramped stomach. The drake gurgled and tried to belch as the feet of the eagle passed through his muzzle to vainly let some of the pressure out of his stomach. All he managed to do however was a light wheeze; he was too full to even burp at three beasts in. He had eaten far more than this before, as a few of his friends were rather… Overenthusiastic feeders, but it had been a long while since this much had been crammed down into Zero. A few feathers fluttered out of his muzzle before it fell shut, his jaw now slack and more hanging there than shutting of its own accord. It was an odd feeling for Zero, but he barely paid it any mind as the true fullness of his stomach was starting to really hit him. Strained, shallow breaths out of his nose were all that Zero could muster, and he barely even had the strength to groan now that he had been crammed so full.

An otter was next, stuffed up to be fatter than any of the first three on sushi. Some of the sushi was spilled down his front, and Zero wasted no time licking that off in spite of himself; he had a true weakness for the stuff. The otter was followed by a bruin that had to be helped over by two others and reeked of honey. Zero barely managed to get him down, his cheeks stretching so much that a few of the scales separated from one another in an attempt to wrap all the way around the bear’s absolutely colossal middle. Another bear came right after that, this one a panda that had gorged himself into more of a ball than a bear on salads. Zero had to wonder how that could happen, but he was too dizzy and stuffed to think much on it.

As the panda’s middle mercifully slid down his throat, which swelled so much that it grew rounder than his chest for a mere moment before shrinking back down to a more reasonable size, Zero heard a pop come from his stomach. This pop was followed by several more, much louder ones. The drake’s eyes went wide, and for a moment the two cultists that had been ‘helping’ him eat their compatriots each dropped the horns they were holding. The pops were followed by a sense of relief though for the drake, who almost sighed in contentment as he felt his entire body just spread. His hide felt looser, his stomach surged out to go from being a bloated, stretched, and hilly mound to something much more akin to the flabby mountain it always was, and Zero’s breath came back somewhat. Cold streaks of air went along his stomach after all this too, and the dragon immediately knew what had happened as he groaned in blissful contentment at the sudden change to his frame. His stomach scales had all separated, allowing for nearly limitless growth now. This was a truly rare occurrence for the dragon, but something that he welcomed as it took so much of the strain off of him.

Paws rubbing the gaps between his scales was an even more welcomed experience, as Zero felt multiple presences converge on him. Four new sets of paws began to massage and knead at the exposed blue hide below those stretched scales. The ice dragon welcomed the massaged to his incredibly over-taxed stomach with a groan of even more contentment, as well as a deep rumble of approval. He may have only been half through his meal, but now that he had grown to be even bigger and more comfortable with all that was happening to him, he was ready to fully accept it and see just how much was going to be crammed into him. He had to guess that it was a lot, as there were still seven more beasts to go, and the last two had been bordering on immobile as it was. If the growth in size was to continue at that pace… Zero didn’t even want to fathom how large the last victim to his gluttonous muzzle would be.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to think long, as a German Shepherd’s doughy underbelly smothered the drake’s muzzle for a moment before rebounding off and coming to a jiggling halt right before it. Zero could just barely see the beast over his cheeks, which had grown and stretched to absurd sizes and looked almost like deflated tires hanging off his face. All he could see past those sagging mounds of blue was a tan stomach, hanging from the floor and going up beyond his field of view. The softness of the stomach and the smell of chocolate gave away what the canine had been stuffed with, and it made Zero chuckle to himself as he thought of an old friend. A familiar grab to his horns, the feeling of his muzzle being hoisted open now that he could barely do it himself, and the drake knew what was coming next.

Taking a couple licks to the canine’s arms, the dragon could taste the chocolate on them. It was very obvious that the dog had been stuffing himself recently, for Zero could hear the whines and whimpers coming from her as she slid in closer. The first female that the dragon had eaten that entire time, Zero could feel himself try to squirm slightly, almost involuntarily in fact. He knew what would be coming soon after the arms and head had entered his muzzle. Heavy, roll-laden arms slid down his throat, already stretching his cheeks out wide and making him groan doggedly from the repeated testing of his limits. Shoulders that were incredibly wide and barely felt like joints at all, and a head that tasted strongly of chocolate followed then down into his muzzle. Two doughy bulges followed, far meatier than moobs and instantly making the dragon’s cheeks turn a deep shade of purple. They tasted strongly of chocolate, just as the paws before them had, and lingered in the drake’s muzzle for a long moment as the female g-shep waited on assistance to push her down Zero’s throat. That assistance came, but it took a few moments, and for those moments Zero was utterly embarrassed, as no captive had clothes on… Thusly, bare breasts lingered in his muzzle.

They soon left though, and a stomach which could rival a small sofa followed them down into his stomach. Zero could feel himself stretch out full feet in every direction as his cheeks, chins, and neck bloated out to comically overstretched proportions. It was a sight that he would have normally wanted to see, but he was so stupefied from being overfed and still hopelessly embarrassed that he didn’t get a chance to even try to see it. But, it was over as quickly as it began, and with a loud gulp, the German Shepherd was forced down into the dragon’s stomach with the others. Her rear had been even bigger than her stomach, and that too made the drake blush. He almost sneezed as well, as her stub of a tail had brushed his nose on its way past, but had somehow avoided it and instead just let her into him without a struggle.

The next three beasts were all routine as well, or as routine as shoving immobilized, tightly-packed beasts into an increasingly-blobbish drake could be. A dragon, another canine of some sort, and another otter; all had taken residence inside the dragon’s stomach and were cramming it back up to its limits. His scales now full feet apart from one another, and his stomach rising up high enough to nearly touch the rafters above him, Zero could simply groan again. The relief he had felt when his stomach scales had separated was fading fast, and the rubs to the exposed surface between them were doing less and less. The paws simply weren’t big enough or able to cover enough area, and Zero didn’t dare wish for one to climb atop him; the pressure of all that food alone had brought back his panting, wheezing breaths. He was starting to sweat too from all of that effort of feeding, and the air in the room was heating up as a result. The ice drake wasn’t used to getting hot from eating, and yet here it was happening to him as he was packed full of more food than ever before. No one had stuffed him this much, and yet as another stomach brushed his muzzle, Zero knew he still had three more beasts to eat.

The next one to be forced into him, a badger that was mercifully still somewhat mobile and consequently far smaller than the previous three he had consumed. The mustelid slid down his throat with little fanfare or aid. The eating was now becoming mechanical for Zero as he just wanted it to end. He was reveling in being so full, but even a gainer of his grandiose size had their limits. He could see the light at the end of the tunnel though, when he would be able to just enjoy his overfed massiveness instead of needing to cram it full of more and more. All the drake wanted was the last two anthros inside of his stomach, which was squirming and reeling with the now-eleven occupants taking up more space than the drake’s own body. He was several times more stomach than dragon now, and he knew it; it took four of the cultists to hold back his gut now from smothering his head, and the ropes which had been holding down his limbs were being undone as he was granted a moment’s respite from being fed.

Given a chance to take a small break, the drake just shut his eyes and let his stomach try to rest and make sense of all that had been stuffed into it. It was no small task, but his more draconic instincts were starting to take him over, and that was all that was needed to help him along. The dragon barely paid any mind to anything else while the cultists worked around him. Some sort of contraption was rigged up to keep his stomach from getting in the way of stuffing the drake. A pillow was placed under his head as it had been lifted further off the ground from the fat of his stomach being forced around to his back, and thusly lifting Zero further off the ground. His limbs now freed as well, they just uselessly lay beneath the swell of a gut which wholly dominated the figure of the dragon. Wider than a bus, and spreading out in every which direction multiple yards now, it was a surprise to even Zero that he hadn’t burst. Somehow, one of his more magical friends must had made sure that no bursting would occur, since there was no way that he could naturally hold that much food… He was an ice dragon, not a weather balloon.

The second to last anthro was wheeled over to him on a pair of pallet jacks thanks to being too fat to even lift themselves from the ground. The cultists, now nearly ten in numbers at that point around his head from Zero’s vague estimate, all huddled around their twelfth victim to the drake’s gluttony. Zero was just salivating involuntarily as they talked and schemed though, for he could smell what the grey pachyderm had been stuffed with; peanut butter. One of the drake’s favorite tools for gaining was right before him, just waiting to be crammed into him. Somewhere during his baser instincts taking hold in his mind while he had been given a short break, his hunger had returned. Logically, Zero had no reason for it to have come back, but logic was something that couldn’t even be afforded to the baser instincts of the dragon. Feed, stuff, eat… All that was running through Zero’s mind now was those thoughts, and as drool spilled out of his slackened muzzle, it looked as though the cultists had formulated a plan of sorts.

Two opened his jaw, the same as always, while eight more positioned themselves behind the groaning ball of an elephant. Pushing with all of their might, the eight smaller furs shoved the pachyderm stomach-first into Zero, which made the drake grunt with discomfort. His drool had moistened up his muzzle though, and acted as a lubricant of sorts to get the elephant at least started on his way in. Sliding in slowly, four of the cultists stayed behind to shove and push the elephant inch by inch into Zero while the remaining six began to massage the cheeks and neck of the dragon. The rubbing helped Zero greatly, as it loosened up his tired, sore throat and helped him make hard, deliberate gulps in an attempt to cram down what was easily a solid ton of pachyderm. Shove, swallow, shove, swallow… The eating machine that was Zero was getting truly tested with the elephant, but it was working out fairly well in a sense as the drake was making progress on his latest ‘victim’. Inch by inch, more of the elephant went down into the dragon, sliding past his jaws, and then down into his throat. He bulged and swelled out bigger than ever before, looking like a snake swallowing a car, but kept at it even with his eyes screwed shut and his claws digging into his stomach.

With a sudden pop and several rather disgusting gurgles and burbles, the elephant flew into the drake’s maw and disappeared down into his stomach. Zero just groaned loudly once that happened, his muzzle falling shut and just limply resting on his several chins. He now truly ached all over, every inch of him exhausted suddenly and wanting nothing more than a nap. He didn’t even want to revel in being this fat now, he just wanted to sleep off the meal that was jostling around his insides and making it hard to breathe. His stomach was silent after such a large intake like that, trying to make sense of what had just happened to it and failing utterly. To think that something larger was coming… Even the baser instincts of the drake weren’t enough to fully banish that thought from Zero’s mind. Zero wanted rest, but that wasn’t going to happen, and as Zero kept his eyes screwed shut and just tried to rub the minute amount of gut which smothered his paws for comfort, he heard the approaching hoof-falls of the bull who had started it all.

“You’ve done well, dragon. One more, and then we will take our leave of you.” The bull stated, an ominous and yet grandiose tone to his voice. The bull took one step off to the side, and Zero had to open one eye to see what was coming. He was so, so, so full… And yet curious at the same time. As he was greeted with nothing but pink too, the drake began to salivate anew. Thoughts of a nap vanished, and he drunk in the smells coming off the beast before him. His gluttonous nature returned anew, the dragon of him now fully awake and alive in spite of being so fully packed full of food that he was sweating, panting, and barely able to even see from the shadow hid his flabby stomach looming over him. His stomach ached, his jaw was so sore Zero doubted he would eat for at least a full day, and yet…

There was always room for bacon.

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