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A faint thud signified his arrival. It sounded more or less like a sack of dough being hefted onto a counter, and upon turning around to see just who exactly ‘he’ was, that description was fairly apt.

Sitting down on his hind two legs, a fact that you had to guess as you couldn’t see them, was Kaji. The taur was resting the greater portion of his bulk on the ground, and upon looking at the mid-grey mass of fur and adipose, it looked as though that was a common occurrence. It bulged out wide from his flanks, the lowermost roll of fat spreading out nearly a yard in width. The only interruption in that swell of blubber was a fold in the middle, upon which a sheath just barely poked out to make itself known. Also light grey in color, it was vastly oversized for the taur-mutt, and rested heavily on the ground beneath all of the adipose above. A few more rolls ran up along the sides, though they were small and looked to be more because he was sitting than anything else. Where the lighter grey fur met the darker grey of his back was where the fat on his frame was most apparent, as it looked as though a ladder ran down the width of the taur towards a rump which more likely than not could have smothered a sofa. The flick and faint glimpse of a wolven tail came from behind that, long and very fluffy.

Your eyes moved forward, spotting the resting spot of his fore-legs. The meaty appendages were comprised of a much darker grey and had big, sturdy paws at the end of them, both resting well over a foot off the ground. Each chubby digit on those hanging paws was adorned with white claws and grey pawpads. His thighs, at least the pair of them that were visible from the front of the ‘seated’ taur, were very wide and soft, and yet still had a look about them that made them look rather strong; undoubtedly to haul around all of the mass between them. A prominent roll of adipose was between those thighs, looking to be a sort of front-belly that was accentuated by the leaning the taur needed to do in order to be seated at all. His back was arched forward in that position, and the comparative swell of blubber needed room to bulge out somewhere because of that.

Moving on up the seated taur-mutt, his vertical torso was nearly svelte, with an inkling of a beer belly on the front of it and little else. The same light grey as his lower stomach, the small stomach rested on the roll which was between his thighs and formed a sort of pocket of fat of sorts on the front of the taur. His paws were resting there, the lean and yet incredibly toned, deep grey limbs which held them looking to almost be flexing. The stark contrast to his lower half was further accentuated when looking at his shoulders, which were nearly half the width of his thighs and made him look almost disproportionate; almost.  A faint flutter of wings behind his torso caught your eye as you continued to look at the merely slightly chubby top half of the taur mutt. Big, folded-back swaths of deep grey supports and lighter-grey wing were just barely poking out behind the towering upper section of the mutt, large and withheld behind his back to rest somewhat on his heavy lower torso.

Moving up to his face, to finally lock eyes with the taur-mutt seated haphazardly on his rotund torso in front of you, the first feature you noticed were his markings. Strokes of light grey, several shades lighter than his stomach fur the further it went up, went up his chin and neck to nearly his cheekbones. From there, they angled down sharply just as cheekbones would, curving down to nearly the middle of his cheeks before rising back up in an ark. The ark stopped right around the middle of his muzzle, where the outcropping of a jaw met with his cheeks. The features of his face were chiseled and very canid in nature; a long, pointed snout with a decidedly canine nose on it. Above the muzzle, which had just a hint of fangs poking out of it from the top jaw, were a pair of piercing green eyes. A jagged, pink scar ran over the left one; a clear sign of a rather long story begging to be told. They locked with yours, and the deep grey fur around them scrunched up slightly as a hint of a scowl formed on that face. His ears, filled with lighter grey fur, swiveled forward towards you, pointed right at you with serious intent.

“I’m hungry.”

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