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Shard was stuffed. The Cheshire cat rubbed lazily at his stomach, a stifled belch rolling out of his muzzle as his blue-padded paws roamed the surface of his expansive, white stomach which rested heavily both on, and over his thighs. His bare stomach rolled and sloshed around from those lethargic, and yet rough rubs to its jiggling surface. The feline didn’t really notice this though, instead shutting his eyes and letting out another belch, this one far louder than the first. Bits of spittle and rice shot out of his muzzle and landed haphazardly on his chins, bloated cheeks, and even on the rolls of his hilly chest. Shard paid the debris little mind though, as he knew a shower would be in order once he got the ability to move back; he was far too full to consider it at that moment. The feline was sweating from the effort of his latest gorge after all, and he knew more than a few noodles and bits of rice had wound up in the expansive pelt which was stretched before him, resting on the table and bumping into a few of the empty dishes left over. Shard couldn’t really see it all though, nor did he very much care about it; he was stuffed, and that was all that mattered.

“Made a pig of yourself again, huh?” A voice called out, drawing closer as the words came to the feline’s ears. Shard didn’t have time to think of a response, for his stomach responded for him with a third, even louder belch. A light groan came after that explosion of gas, more kneading going over his stomach from his heavy, sausage-like digits. “Yup… Yup… Gotta get in your pre-bout snack, huh?”

“Urgh… Something like that,” Shard groaned in reply, opening one eye a slit to see a heavyset elephant standing beside him. The paunchy pachyderm smirked broadly down at Shard, leaning down to clear away the few dishes his previous several trips had left. Before standing upright again, a heavy, broad paw rested on the taut stomach of the feline and gave it a rather affectionate squeeze. A deep, rolling purr came from the feline in response to that, his eyes shutting blissfully again as that paw did more with its sole touch than his own had accomplished in a full minute of rubbing. The paw lingered, a faint chuckle that sounded more like a passing train coming from the elephant before he went back to the task at hand.

“You keep me in business all by yourself fatass, you know that?”

“I’ve always suspected as much Trunks…” Shard paused, stifling another burp as he leaned back what little he could. A loud, warning creak came from the bench which he was seated in, making him blush faintly and getting another chuckle from the pachyderm. “Speaking of that, toss this one on my tab… Oooph… Ok?”

“You  got it,” replied Trunks over his shoulder as he lumbered back towards the back, dishes in tow. “Oh, and good luck today.”


Shard let out another belch, his paw resting on his stomach as he looked from the locker in front of him, and then down at the stomach which made reaching it conventionally an utter impossibility. He had asked the stable time and time again to come up with a more feasible solution, but always gotten the same response; making concessions for one wrestler would set a bad precident. While Shard did agree, he was more than a little perturbed at the fact that he had to turn to his side in order to just reach the handle to his locker. Mercifully, he wasn’t the only one in the room that particular day, so he could ask one of the more… Svelte sumos in the room for help. “Kyle, mind giving me a hand?”

“Sure thing!” An over-eager reply came from a rather fat badger, who waddled right over without hesitation. Shard backed up what little he could, feeling his bare rear press and conform against the cold metal of the lockers behind him. He had to press back more though, and all but smothered nearly half a row of the things with his heft before Kyle had just barely enough room to reach an arm over the protruding paunch of the feline in order to grab the latch and tug it open. This was no small feat for the badger though, as he had to heavily press into Shard to do that, and there was no small amount of blushing from either party during the contact of those hundreds of excess pounds, though for vastly different reasons. “Need help getting it on too?”

“You mind?”

“O-Of course not!” Kyle quickly replied, his blush growing redder as he backed up to let Shard lethargically shift himself out of the row of lockers and into a far more open part of the changing area. Shard sighed once he had more room, letting his whole frame sink down a small amount, and his muscles get a well-needed break. His legs ached, as they always did when he was standing, but the fact that he could stand at all was no small feat. The shower he had taken when he first arrived had helped those aches too, all of that warm water coming from multiple sides relaxing him to his very core and helping his engorged stomach start to make sense of the tens of thousands of calories that the feline had crammed into it less than an hour before. He had a job to do now though, and as he yawned rather noisily while waiting for Kyle to retrieve his mawasashi, the feline realized just how tired he had gotten. He would need to make the bout he was about to enter a quick one, so that he could go back to his room and get some much-needed rest… Maybe after a meal though, as all the waddling around he was doing was surely going to make him hungry.

Kyle came over while the feline was thinking and dropped the massive strands of rope down onto the floor. Shard’s belt was the same light-blue of his eyes and nose, and instead of having all of the frills on it that most belts of ones of his stature had, it was as simple as he could make it. This wasn’t necessarily by choice; the feline needed a new belt nearly every other week, and the darn things got expensive. Shard did enjoy the plain familiarity of it though, and as he stepped slowly into the holes of the garmnent, he had to smile. Carefully positioning himself as close to the middle as he could guess, as he had no way of seeing what he was doing at all, Shard then gave a nod to Kyle to hoist the yards of fabric up around him.

“Let me know if it gets tight, or uncomfortable…” Kyle’s voice wavered as he spoke, a light gulp from the badger. Shard chuckled to himself as he heard it, giving a thumbs up in reply to the much-smaller sumo before waiting for the feeling of paws over the expansive hide he had grown for himself over years and years of unrepentant gluttony.

“Just be careful back there; I don’t want too bad of a wedgie,” Shard quipped, getting a nervous laugh from Kyle as the badger slowly began to pull up the belt. He started around the front, paws pressing into full feet of blubber which dangled nearly half-way down the Cheshire’s calves, and had the same consistency as pizza dough. He lifted and pulled, the through-strand of the belt lining up perfectly with the meaty ‘W’ which sagged heavily down in front of the feline. Shard involuntarily purred at the feeling of paws against that part of himself, as he couldn’t ever reach it and instead had to rely on the rubbing of others to tend to that rather sensitive part of his frame. Kyle turned beet red, and let his paws linger there for far longer than was necessary, but Shard didn’t mind; it felt heavenly to have that bit of his body rubbed, and even moreso to know that it was a part of his body he could never see, reach, or even notice without someone else’s help.

Kyle finally moved away from that underbelly, giving the gelatinous cellulite there one final pat before tugging the mawasashi up to nearly the belly button of the feline. Shard then knew the drill and walked forward towards the wall in front of him, pinning the fabric in place so that Kyle had a chance to get the rest of the garment on. Kyle gave a light nod, and started towards the right side of Shard, still as red as a tomato and looking down at his paws alone. The badger was entranced with the fat in front of him, unable to look anywhere else, even if he didn’t want to admit it. Shard knew that, and Kyle knew it. The whole ordeal wasn’t an awkward one though, as Shard continued to purr and even let his eyes drift shut as he felt the chubby fingers of the mustelid give a long, drawn out rub to one of his lovehandles. The roll of flesh, nearly a half-food in diameter and not even the biggest roll on the feline, was so sensitive to the touch that Shard would sometimes just slide his paws into those handles and ‘enjoy’ himself. He didn’t want to get that way at the time though; he still had a match to do… But maybe when he was getting out of unifortm, he would let Kyle help him undress too.

Still moving around, the mustelid made it around to the back of the Cheshire, where he was greeted with the biggest bubbles of ass ever to grace the sumo stable. Gravity had decided to mostly ignore the swell of Shard’s rear, leaving him with a pair of mountainous cheeks that swelled full feet out behind him. Each the size of an obese fur’s stomach in their own right, they hung unceremoniously off his bloated thighs and sagged over the backs of his knees, still retaining the round shape of a rear though for some unknown reason. Shard was quite proud of this, and gave those two balls of rump a light shake just to further tease Kyle. A light groan was all the response that entivement got, and that was enough for Shard, who was just grinning like a fool with it all. He felt the paws on those twin orbs, pressing into them and their yielding, dough-like flesh in an attempt to drag the belt over them. The indentation of the belt over them made him blush and purr even deeper, as it felt like one giant grope slowly sliding up his entire ass all at once. Shard had to admit, he loved getting dressed every single time he had a bout, and as he had grown bigger, the experience had only gotten better. At his biggest yet at that moment, it was nearly enough to make him weak in the knees, and had he not needed to fight… He just may have gone to have some alone time after Kyle was done sliding that belt over the grand curve of his bloated rump.

Shard needed to focus though, so instead he just bit his lip and continued to purr like the feline he was, feeling the paws lingering for even longer on his ass before slowing working their way over to his left lovehandle. From there, they stopped, and Kyle took a sole step back.


“I-I… I think so… Take a look…?” Kyle murmured, still staring unabashedly and biting his own lip as well. Shard chuckled again to himself and took a few steps back, turning to his left to look into the mirror on the wall in front of him. Greeted with the fattest Cheshire known to exist, all he could see was white and rolls upon rolls of blubber. The belt looked to be in place, though barely visible as it wrapped around him thanks to his lovehandles and the underside of his moobs rolling over the fabric and smothering it entirely. Shard was utterly incapable of turning far enough to see much else past that, but it was all that he needed to see; he could feel that the fabric around his rear was more than enough. It was wedged down deep in the valley of rump behind him, and he had to squirm a little bit to get more comfortable. This said nothing of the pressure against his fat pad, pressing it and his manhood just enough to feel like a teasing paw; this match couldn’t end fast enough for the feline.

“Looks good, thanks Kyle… And don’t go anywhere, I’m gonna ne-“

“Yessir!” Shard chuckled and gave a flabby wave, his rolling blubber beneath his arm quaking even more than the paw above it. With that, the feline turned and began to waddle slowly towards the double-doors out of the changing room. His gut met the doors well before his paws, as was customary, and it pressed into them with the pressure of jello. Conforming around their handles, and then rolling up through the little details on the door, Shard could almost reach past his protruding stomach before the pressure of his fat against the wooden doors was enough to force them open. Huffing slightly from the effort needed to just do that, the feline waddled laboriously out of the opening and out into the hall, slowly moving himself down that towards his next destination. Each footfall shook the walls slightly, rattling paintings in their frames and making doors rattle in their frames a good amount. There was no way the Cheshire could hope to be stealthy, like so many of his species, and it was something that he took pride in as he lumbered precariously onward.

Reaching the next room, he repeated the process of entering the room by pressing his gut against the doors. They gave the same resistance, but inside Shard went, only to be greeted by the flash of a camera and a hearty laugh.

“What th-“

“Sorry! You know I always have to get a picture of the biggest sumo ever to grace this stable.” Replied the pudgy croc behind the camera. Shard just frowned, blinking a few times to get the spots from his eyes as he hung in the door frame. The reptile, placing his camera down, laughed again and moved over towards the sole reason Shard had come to the room; the scale. It was a massive contraption, actually used to weigh livestock instead of normal furs. Of course, no normal scale could hope to weigh the impressive corpulence that Shard had, so this one had been brought in just for him and a select few other sumos. The need had mostly been Shard though, and every time Shard got near the scale he felt a rush of something indescribable go through him. The fact that he outweighed even some livestock just made him blush and squirm down to his core, and also made him take pride in every single ounce of blubber he had crammed into his frame over years and years of unyielding consumption.

Stepping forward, Shard had the process down to a science as he gave a nod to the croc. Lifting one leg as high as he could, which was barely four inches off the ground before the resistance of his own flab became too much, Shard stepped onto the low plate. He then lifted his other leg on and slowly positioned himself in the middle of the grey plate. His wide, sagging frame spilled over the sides of the box, rubbing rather heavily against the chains which were meant to judge how much weight was pulling down on the scale. Shard sighed and turned himself sideways once he was in the middle of the platform, his tectonic gait taking its time to turn the ninety degrees needed in order to not be putting pressure on the chains. He was already working up a sweat just from the menial tasks of preparing for a match; maybe some more work on strengthening his legs was in order.

“One-Thousand-Three-Hundred-Eighty-Six Pounds… Jesus you’re fat.”

“You know it!” Shard replied, panting a bit after he did so as he was getting more and more tired just standing there. The croc could tell too, sighing and shaking his head as he jotted a few notes down on a chart before tapping the scale’s dial with a smirk.

“One day you’re gonna break this thing…” The croc stated, looking down at his clipboard before he continued. “If you can still move by then. Maybe take it easy on the growing for a bit to get some more strength huh? I mean, you’re up thirty pounds from last month, and nearly ninety for the year. No one is going to catch you, so mayb-“

“I know, I know… Thanks Doc,” Shard sighed, his voice dripping with scarcasm as he replied. The feline, having turned himself towards the door again, moved to step off the platform and grunted as his feet hit the solid ground again. The whole apparatus sprung back to its position with a rather loud clang, making Shard and the reptile both look at it with no small amount of concern. “I was going to work on my legs some more with Rowdy over the weekend. Don’t worry, I won’t be losing any more mobility if I can help it anytime soon.” The croc smiled and looked up from his clipboard, looking to reply but getting cut off by Shard. “But! I won’t be slowing down on my eating. Gotta keep this thing happy after all,” The feline chuckled as he finished, giving his stomach a hearty smack that sent rippling waves of blubber along it. The furred surface quivered and jiggled for several moments before coming to rest, a thing the croc watched in its entirety with a certain enraptured stare.

“Fine, fine… You’re cleared, good luck out there.”

“Thanks Doc,” And with that, Shard began his slow, ponderous trudge towards the door. He pressed it open with his gut, same as always, and then began to waddle down the hallway towards the curtain at the end. He knew what was coming, and he was prepared for it. That curtain was something that he loved seeing almost as much as a two-for-one special at a buffet. It was his one place that he belonged, and the one time that he felt as though all the weight he had gained served more than just the purpose of making him comfortable and content. Granted, that was more than enough of a purpose, but to keep gaining intentionally and get something out of it… Every single morning that Shard woke up, he couldn’t believe that he was a sumo. One of the best for that matter; certainly the best in his country by leaps and bounds. There were rumblings of some wolfdragon from another part of the world making waves, and nearly as large as the feline, but that was another thing for another time.

His bout was about to happen, and it was just on the other side of that curtain.

Shard stepped through the curtain, brushing it aside with his stomach until his paw could reach it, and tossing it aside once that happened. He took a few more steps through the opening, letting the curtain fall from his paw and close behind him. Flashes went off, cameras zoomed in on him, and Shard had to give a wave; his sponsors would be rather cross if he didn’t after all. His arm quaking, and thusly making his chest slosh about with its supremely corpulent moobs, the feline gave a few waves to the enthralled crowd as he slowly meandered his way up to the ring. The Cheshire always took his time making it to the ring, knowing to save his energy for the bout. The cameras and eyes in the room all followed him for that time too, drinking in every fold and curve of the fabled, massive feline. It was almost as if Shard was a model, and he craved every bit of that attention.

Slowly ascending the few steps to the ring, the feline grunted as he got to the top one and let loose a ragged sigh. His eyes then looked to his opponent, and a smile curled onto his lips. A bear, looking nearly seven hundred pounds, stood with his mouth agape before Shard. The feline just smirked and moved into position, not even pausing to catch his breath. He knew the fight would be over before it began, just as the bear did upon seeing the veritable living mountain he was forced to fight. Both still had to take part though, and as Shard made his way over to the small bowl of powder to spread on the ground, as well as his paws, he had to chuckle inwardly at the opponent he was facing. Most would pale in comparison, but he, a cat, made that bruin look like a skinny weakling.

Lining up at the starting position after doing a little bit of ceremony, as was custom for a sumo match, Shard looked the bruin right in the eye and smiled. A noticeable bulge formed on the bear’s throat, and with a hard swallow the feline could see just how nervous he was. The Cheshire smiled as only one of his species could, and then moved up to the first line. Taking the position, his stomach rested heavily on the ground as he crouched down. His legs ached in that position, and suddenly all the feline wanted to do was end the match fast so that he could ice his legs; he had done too much walking already that day.

For now though, there was but one thing that the sumo could do.


And then win.

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