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Farway couldn’t remember when the walls around him had come down. He remembered passing out after one particularly vigorous gorging session, feeling the walls just brush his stomach at long last as he had finally gained to a point where that was possible, and then waking up with no feelings of pressure at all. His rear had long ago smothered the wall behind him, but now it just bounced and sagged out freely, a feeling which was new for Far. The fuzzy drake was used to things; he’d awake, be stuffed senseless, and then fall back unconscious into dreams of food and fat. It was a life that he knew, so any changes like that made him both nervous, and yet at the same time enticed him as he knew that it was a sign of just how much larger he was getting. The dragon had to flush at that feeling though, for he knew he was getting even bigger than that; the walls had come down what felt like years ago.

Somewhere during those seemingly occurring years, cameras had been installed all around the mountainous, shapeless blob of a dragon and fed to a monitor which was placed in front of his head. He couldn’t see anything past his own cheeks, his chins and jowls raised his head and left his jaw permanently clamped around the hose which had been forcibly jammed in there eons ago, and even the heft of his own back had swallowed up his head to just barely leave his eyes poking out. This made moving any part of his body utterly impossible, and thusly seeing any part of him that wasn’t his cheeks. The monitor allowed that though, as all Far had to do was blink to change the view that he was getting of himself.

What a view it was too, with each and every bit of him looking fatter after every single gluttonous binge, in spite of the immensely colossal size the drake had attained. His belly could smother a vehicle utterly in its vastness, easily larger around than any tape measure could hope to reach. Made up of innumerable rolls and folds of blubber, all oozing sweat at all points in time, Farway could barely even comprehend that he had become such a thing. His limbs were all afterthoughts, looking like balloons of blubber attached haphazardly to a mound of pudding that had been left in the middle of the room. Spreading and rolling out far beyond the reach of the useless appendages, it was just amazing to Farway to wonder how much of himself was now blubber, and how much was food when he was stuffed to the absolute brim. Rarely did he ever let himself get below that point either; he ate till he passed out every single time. And every time he would watch as the slack in his furred surface, a plush and matted thing that had marks where the countless beasts that came to molest him had lay, cum, or massaged him, grew less and less until it was finally taut. Sometimes, if Farway was feeling particularly greedy, he would even make out the faintest hints of flesh beneath all of his fur, just peeks into the under his blue and white exterior that were riddled with angry red stretchmarks and deep pink, overburdened skin.

The furred dragon was currently rousing himself from his latest binge, one that had left him too full to even belch or fart, which was a rare occurrence given that such slobbish behavior was now commonplace for the beached whale of a drake. He would often have one of his many feeders just going to town on him, sending waving ripples of flesh all along the yards upon yards of skin which undulated readily at any and all motion that Farway received. This motion would stir up the foods and gasses inside of the prodigious table muscle which the drake permanently resided on, and ultimately lead to a blast of noxious fumes from one or both ends of the food disposal dragon. Inevitably that would lead to more teasing, which made the drake eat more just to down out how much he was being put down, which led to more and more cajoling, and more eating, and… It was a vicious cycle. Farway knew it, somewhere deep down in his food-addled brain, but he was far too far-gone down the path of greed and gluttony to even comprehend it. He could barely form thoughts anymore for that matter, just vague glimpses into his past and few real notions of anything aside from food and sex. It was a simple existence, but Farway would have it no other way, and as he mechanically sucked on the hose which was forever mounted in his mouth, some part of him knew that it was going to be the only existence he knew until he finally ate himself into oblivion.

“What a lardass!”  Came a cry, which Farway could just barely hear over the beginning gurgles and groans of his stomach. No food had come from the hose when he sucked on it, and that made his stomach start to complain from the lack of food being forced down into it. “I bet you are just starving… Wasting away into nothing over there.” A whimper responded to the taunt, which got a loud laugh and a hearty smack to the side of the drake. Looking at the monitor through one squinting eye, unable to open both of them as even that was more effort than the dragon was willing to expend, Farway could see the outline of a familiar figure standing beside him. Another furred dragon like him, though this one was red and yellow, and simply chubby; he was utterly dwarfed by what Farway had eaten himself into. A certain part of the drake took pride in that, but that part was hardly willing to do anything at the moment; Farway needed food.

“You eat more in a day than most do in a week, you know that? Just feeding you takes hours at a time, and sometimes even then your own body makes you sleep from exhaustion rather than the fullness of your gut? You’re just that lazy now, fatass. You get tired fucking eating! You work up a sweat and get a boner simply smelling food… You fucking live for the stuff now, hog. More pig than drake in you now… And it’s always going to be that w-“

“How’s the prized hog?”

“Oh, just giving him his morning peptalk.” Farway was now sucking needily on the hose, looking at the monitor frantically to see if either of the two voices now beside him would start to feed him. Another furred drake, this one green and nearly a head taller than the red one, had sauntered into the room with a remote in his paw. Farway whined louder, his gut joining him in the chorus of complaining and whining for more to stuff itself with. “Not that he needs it now… Listen to him whine.”

“What a glutton… A cum dumpster and a food disposal all in one.”

“A slutty hog, that’s for sure. He even smells like one eh?”

“Damn right… Whaddya say we get to stuffing him?” The remote got pressed as those words meandered into Farway’s ears and somewhere got processed into a thing that the drake could barely comprehend, but that was gone nigh instantly as the influx of the chocolate and peanut butter sludge that always started his meals. The drake didn’t even swallow, he simply let the goo flow through his bloated cheeks, over his numb tongue, and down his stretched throat into a stomach that could serve as a cave. Groaning with bliss and beginning to sweat as the feeling of arousal grabbed hold of him from eating, the response got laughs from now three voices beside Farway. Not bothering to check the monitor, as instead his eyes had rolled shut and just stayed that way as the food began to fill him, and the worries about the outside world were washed up in the torrent of hundreds of thousands of calories being crammed into him.

Paws on his torso were the next thing that Farway felt, now four sets of them. The usual crew, he had to guess, but he didn’t care. They would molest him and take turns spurting cum into his folds, but all that he cared about was that their entire bodies felt now like large hands massaging and kneading at the utterly insane amount of flab that coated his torso many times over. The furred dragon had to moan softly, getting more of a deep gurgle than anything against the flood of liquid being forced down his throat, as he felt one being on him move towards his ass. Tail automatically rolling to the side, barely able to move anymore as it too had become a sausage of fat and little else, Farway made the process known. The being going to the back obliged, spreading the lumpy, cellulite-filled cheeks of gravid, rank ass apart to get to the abused and stretched hole of the drake. Farway shivered slightly as the air hit parts of him that he only felt when he was being used, though he was quick to shudder for a different reason as he felt whomever was back there slide unceremoniously between the car-crushing cheeks of his ass. An entire torso was back there, as well as most of the legs and arms of the beast. In fact, the only thing that Farway couldn’t feel was the head of whomever was about to fill him with their seed, and that was all.

Another shiver went down the spine of the drake as he thought about the fact that he could literally swallow an entire fur with his ass, and nothing else. It put his size in what little perspective he could grasp, and moreover made him feel as though he was truly what he was; fat. In fact, he was beyond fat. Obese was a paltry comparison to him, as was even immobile. Blob was closer, and colossal… Just didn’t do him justice. Farway was something else entirely now, and as food flowed down one end of him and a cock began to rhythmically pump in and out of the other, the drake could truly feel that. He felt waves of blubber wash along his surface, lubed up by the sweat which was pouring out of him and pooling on the floor beneath his acreage. He could feel his lungs straining to breathe as he wheezed and panted in arousal from being so used. His cheeks flushed brightly as he struggled to even contain the thick erection which he had, firmly buried in a fat pad so large that it took an entire arm to even touch the tip of his cock, which nearly never happened. It was all because of his size, and that was something that he reveled in as he felt his body begin to undulate and quake from the motion going on behind him.

At the same time as this, two forms were humping into his love handles as though they were their own asses, which they were in their own right. Being feral meant that Farway was comprised of more rolls than most anthros his size, and that meant he had more folds and crevices of adipose to hump. He was used to the sensation, and it only made his arousal pulse with want that much more. Each side of him was slowly being teased, with tiny paws gripping at the handholds of his frame, and feet struggling to not sink in past their knees to the still-soft flab along the sides of the drake. Farway could feel a pair of lengths pressing into him, his far conforming around them and being pressed aside as the sweat and grease of his unwashed and unkempt fur acted like lube for them. Cheeks staying flushed by just how far he was being abused and used, the drake just sucked harder at his hose and whined lightly as he felt his length practically pulse with lustful need.

The last form on him, the red one, was up by Farway’s head. He was the only one who was allowed there, and the only one that Farway could recognize by feel alone. He had been with the drake since the beginning, or so he thought as he just couldn’t remember anything else but the red one and the burning, constant desire to stuff himself until he was in pain.

“Just keep eating pig…” The red one spoke, and Farway kept eating. He snorted slightly, a wheeze coming out a bit harder as he felt a rather strong press from the one in his rear. “Even sounding like a pig now huh? Good, you remember your place. A toy for us to feed and fuck as you just keep glutting…” Farway couldn’t help but be flushed as brightly as possible as he heard all that, though he was unsure why. His mind was so gone that those words just triggered something in him, though the drake couldn’t tell what and instead just ate even faster, now sucking actively on the hose, to force any thought from his mind. Food, food, food, food, food… It was all that he needed, wanted, desired, and lived for. “You gluttonous waste… All you’re good for is eating and sex. Damn lucky you’re good at both of them, huh slut?”

Farway shuddered slightly as he felt the drake finally get into position; right over the hose. He never humped at Farway, instead he would just straddle the hose until it was time for it to be removed, and then somehow conjure up food to cram down the pigdrake’s throat until he passed out. The drake loved each big of solid food he got too, as the slurry he ate to get himself simply to full was hardly satisfying, nor was it as good as being fed every bite. Something about it excited the furred mound, but for now he had to wait as the usual ritual of the red one was about to happen.

On the hose was a sort of inlet; Farway had never paid it any mind. The red one always put his cock in there, stiff as a board, and then let the suction of Farway’s greedy gluttony get him off. Only once he had cum was the dragon allowed to be force-fed, so that meant sucking long and hard to get the red one off. The drake knew the plan at this point, having done it so many times to so many others aside from the red one, but he still went about it with the same blush and submissive whimper as he felt the light kick to his chins; the red one was in. “You know what to do slut, now show me what a greedy oinker you’ve let yourself become.”

Farway sucked.

“Mmmm… Nnngh… That’s right. Suck on this like it’s your very life.”

Another deep, hard pull of air from his muzzle. And another. And another.

“Nnnnngh… You must really be… huff… A hungry pig.”

Those overburdened lungs inside the massive, immobilized, slobbish blob of something barely resembling a drake struggled to fill with more air, even his stomach getting some of that as he sucked in as hard as he possibly could muster.

Then again, and again, and again.

“Mmmnnnff… Fuck…”

Farway’s heart was pounding just from the effort he was putting into sucking, his head was light and spinning, and he could barely even see. Still he sucked though; the reward was worth it every single time.


Salty, sticky seed spurted into the hose, but it was instantly lost in the flood of cold, chocolatey goo which came racing up behind it. Farway’s eyes screwed shut and his cheeks bulged to capacity in an instant, a spluttering gurgle coming from the drake as he was forcefully given his meal. His head was in the clouds from the lack of air, his chest on fire as his heart and lungs had to work so hard beneath the weight of another dragon, and possibly several others just from the amount of fat above them, and his limbs had gone numb again as they always did once he was awake and being teased. His mouth had food in it though, and shortly thereafter his stomach did though, so the drake couldn’t have been more pleased. Instead, he just let the torrent of seed and chocolate, though mostly chocolate, wash down into his overeager gullet. He didn’t even need to swallow it in fact, it just flowed right down into him as he had trained his throat long ago to accept such food without even a second thought; just down and in were all that needed to happen.

Time passed, and the drake grew. The room warmed up, the red one got down and came in folds somewhere a few more times, as did the other beasts of his kind all over the room-filling spread of his body. Farway didn’t care at all though, as he just let the food fill him like always. The feeling was familiar and comfortable, even slightly cold beneath the full feet of blubber which encased him from all directions, as he became made up of more and more chocolate shake mix with each passing gallon which went through his lips. The pace was consistent, and the pressure never more than what he could handle. It was enough for him to nearly nod off to in fact, but he never did; he was always just barely lucid enough through it all to make sure that he didn’t choke, and that he gave an odd wiggle or groan every now and then to tease himself or revel in the pleasure of being such an utter pig.

More food, more growth, and a twinge of fullness. It was coming. The stomachache which meant that he was starting to just begin to be full. The drake knew it well, as he could feel the tautness of his stomach slowly starting to spread from inside his immensely bloated gut, to the outside. His hide, covered in fur and quite stretched, was beginning to lose some of its slack and a few of the rolls which adorned it. Less and less give were visible on him as the gut beneath all of that blubber started to push aside other organs, and even the fat itself which was all around it, to make even more room for the food-crammed, impossibly stretched vessel to continue its growth. The aches of such a bloated stomach were almost arousing to Farway, but the pains of it being truly full… Now that was a high that he craved, and he knew full well was coming. Light huffs of air came out of the drake as he had less and less room for his air-starved lungs to expand inside him. His cheeks flushed as his arousal became full-blown and began to rub against the fat-pad which enveloped it so completely that even at its full attention, his pride couldn’t even poke free. His paws balled into fists, involuntarily, as that full feeling spread and got to be more pervasive. Full and tight, and packed, and crammed… Stuffed to the gills. That was Farway now, and yet…

“Pig…  Hey pig. More?”

Farway nodded, and the red one held up what looked to be a bucket of mac and cheese as the hose slowly trickled to a halt. The blue and white ball of adipose and chocolate, stretched and bloated out to sizes normally reserved for whales, barely able to see over his cheeks, panting because he couldn’t breathe from the fullness of his gut, and almost feeling ill from just how much he had eaten… To a normal fur, it was a disgusting sight. To the red one, the others, and Farway though… It was time for the real meal to begin.


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