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Snow never had felt as small as he did right at that moment. This was not to say that he was someone small in the least, it was more that he was just so far undersized by the reptile opposite him that he had no idea just how to feel. There was nothing about this which was odd for him though, as he had a great many friends which made him feel like that. This was instead a statement on just how incredibly large the friend which was opposite him was. The dragon, a beast which was already known for its size, was just a towering example of his species. He utterly towered over the much-more-diminutive canine, big for even his Ilk, which made sure that he had an imposing and utterly intimidating feature to himself. Snow didn’t much mind this persay, but he did feel as though he was nothing more than a chewtoy, or any sort of toy for that matter, to the dragon. It was a feeling which he had grown used to, but not one which he was really comfortable with nor would he ever be. Being a rather large husky in his own right, the white-and-blue dog was hardly comfortable being as large as he was.

The two were currently out in the cold, standing outside Snow’s home in his namesake; snow. The dragon, Kio, had thankfully burned down some of the snow and made sure that there as very little around where the pair was. Snow was just standing there for the time being, lightly shivering in spite of his ample poundage and the thick coat which covered his entire frame. He kept looking over at Kio, or rather up at Kio, debating just why the dragon had called him out into the snow. He had no idea frankly, as he knew that reptiles were not exactly known for their love of the cold. Instead, he was curious as to just what was going on with the dragon, as Kio looked to be even larger than the last time which Snow had seen him. It boggled the canine’s mind, to think that the dragon could have gotten even larger, but it seemed to have happened, and Snow wanted to know just why it had happened. More to the point though, the dragon seemed to have the gleam in his eye which meant that there was something more to that.

“So… Why am I here Kio? What is all this?”

“Just wait Snow… Just wait,” the reptile replied slowly, the words rolling out of his muzzle at a pace which seemed to almost give away something more nefarious. It was that tone which sent a shiver down the spine of the canine, but also which made him want to know that much more what was going on. “I’ll show you what it is here soon enough.”

“Soon enou-…. Whoa,” Snow muttered, his muzzle slowly drooping opened as his ears pulled back and his tails curled between his legs. Something primal in him wasn’t liking what his eyes were seeing, and yet something else in him was seeing that was hopelessly aroused. In an instant, Snow knew just why he was outside with Kio, why they were outside in the first place, and what was going to happen next.

Kio was growing.

The dragon was growing taller, broader, and longer, all at once. Every single ounce of the well-endowed, thickly-built, and already-imposing dragon was expanding, albeit slowly. It was enough to be noticeable though, and Snow immediately caught onto it. He stared with his jaw slowly falling slack, his eyes widening out as he watched his friend increase in height and girth by the moment. Something in Snow sprang to life the second that happened, but it would take at least a few more moments for the canine to realize what that was, and to act on it. His eyes just went up and down the increasingly large black dragon in the meantime though, trying to drink in all of that size only to have to keep retrying to take in more and more of it. There was just so much to see with all of that, and it was enough to make Snow begin to drool after less than a minute.

In that minute, Kio had gone from being just a large and tall dragon to one which was far more suited for things which basketball players would be. His height had grown a full foot, his broad shoulders were now much more akin to those of a body builder, his torso was the quintessential build of one with a muscle gut, and yet all of it paled in comparison to what hung just below. Kio’s bulge was something else entirely though, hanging lower and lower with every passing moment, as it looked that for every inch he grew in height, his pride grew the same amount. That was all that Snow could focus on too, his jaw sinking lower towards the floor and his eyes beginning to widen at the sheer sight of such a tool.

Kio smirked to himself, flexing for but a moment to get his clothing to burst off him. Snow had barely noticed how tight the pants and shirt had grown with the expansion, but with once tensing of all the hardened muscles in the drake, they were all gone. His shirt had been torn asunder from the top down, the back splitting apart like it was a tortured piece of paper, and the arms ripping right along the shoulder with such force that tatters of clothing hit Snow a full few yards away. Kio’s pants were much more spectacular though, as they burst off from his groin first, and then down his legs. His calves didn’t fully rip apart, and still had remnants of clothes on them, but the poor waist of his pants and overburdened underwear was obliterated, snapping off and flinging itself into the ether of the backyard which both beasts were in. The explosion of clothing caught Snow off guard, making him jump back slightly to dodge the denim which was flung in his direction courtesy of the rags that had formerly been pants. The violence of the whole release made both Snow and Kio wince with the sound of it all, but the subsequent flop of both flesh and dragon endowment was worth it.

Exposed to the air now, the full breadth of Kio’s expansion was now out for the whole world to see. It was just astounding to Snow, and he had to stare more even as he brushed a piece of shirt off of his shoulder. Nearly reaching the ground from over four feet up, Kio’s length lay exposed and just begging to be teased. Snow didn’t dare, but every ounce of him wanted to. His own cock shot to attention with that sight, barely a fraction of a second in his mind between piqued interest and all-out lust. So much was just staring him right in the face, slowly swaying to and fro beneath what was fast becoming a beachball of a musclegut on the dragon. The orbs beneath it looked to be swelling up too, growing fuller and hanging lower with every second that the canine’s eyes were glued to them. The scaled bits all but begged for Snow to touch them, and Kio could sense that as he stood in the cold and shivered slightly.

“You want them, don’t you?” Snow feebly nodded his response to Kio’s query, his tail tucking between his legs bashfully. “Well?”

“Yes,” Snow whimpered out, his eyes having to wrench themselves off the low-hanging fruit they were locked on to look up at the now-towering drake. A full ten feet tall and growing even quicker now, Kio loomed over the far-smaller husky now with a sly grin. A sole paw reached down to lift up one side of his swelling stomach, hefting the heavy, firm mass to one side before letting it sluggishly roll back into place. The resulting sloshing and motion made his pride sway far more, and got a moan from the dragon; it was all Snow had to not look back down at that cock. “Ca-“

“Make me cum,” came the order, and that was all Snow needed.

The canine lunged at dragon’s groin like a husky possessed, but stopped scant inches short of his prize. Wanting to be delicate at first, he didn’t touch the cock in front of him with his paws, and instead just reached his muzzle forward and planted it on the warm, soft surface for a moment. Inhaling the musky scent of the dragon deeply, the canine just held his breath and drank up the smell of arousal, his nose doing its job admirably and taking in every single nuance of the reptile’s essence. It was utterly intoxicating for the husky, and another thing which sent a rather forceful jolt of arousal down to his painfully-erect length. He whined, taking another whiff of the dragon’s musk before giving the cock in front of him a subtle lick. Just one lick was enough to grant Snow with a deep, guttural moan from the dragon, which gave away how sensitive that cock had to be. With just so much of it, and that it was growing larger by the moment, Snow didn’t want to waste his time with subtle teasing; he wanted the whole thing.

Wrapping both of his arms around the cock, which was more comparable to his chubby torso, Snow pulled the length down towards him and began to rub his plush fur and soft pudge against its throbbing surface. Panting softly, his hot breath rushing over the head of that length and making the draconic owner that much more aroused. His muzzle sniffed and huffed lightly against the very tip of that aroused length, tongue snaking into the slit at the end a couple times just to further tease the owner of it. Snow and Kio both were fast getting to their peaks, courtesy of Snow’s hard work and teasing to the dragon above him. The reptile just panted and groaned, but he had other plans for Snow to keep their experience going for that much longer.

A pair of paws wrapped around the canine’s arms, causing a faint yelp of surprise to come out of the husky. He was then lifted up, and brought forward towards the burgeoning stomach of the dragon. A bulge of a gut was starting to sprout on the once muscular drake, further enticing Snow and making him pant that much harder as his pride twitched slightly beneath the overhang of his stomach. Pressing his paws into the burgeoning muscle-gut, Snow growled with a deep-seated and powerful sense of lust as Kio just rumbled his own feelings in return. The dragon then slid snow down slightly, resting the canine on his shaft and spreading Snow’s cheeks wide with the amount of dragon meat beneath them. Not even attempting to penetrate the husky, and instead just letting him rub his pucker and plush, wobbling ass against all that cock, Kio could hardly even hold Snow up as a shiver went down his spine. Something about being so large that he could have torn the husky in half was even further arousing for him, and as he felt the canine’s cock prod into his own, the comparatively tiny length rubbing both itself and the precum seeping from its tip thanks to the belly pressing it down, Kio knew Snow shared his feelings.

Both beasts panted and growled from their positions as they pressed and rubbed against one another for a few more breathless moments. Kio then began to pant harder and slowly lowered himself to the ground, his bulging, powerful arms holding Snow up and then placing him down off to the side. Snow whined loudly, his eyes looking over Kio as the beast laid down prone in the snow, and immediately was blocked from view by a large cloud of steam. Loud hisses joined the symphony of pants and groans the two had started as Kio began to melt all of the snow around him. Snow blindly groped about in the cloud for a moment before he found the solid, meaty thigh of the drake, which was nearly hot to the touch. Kio had a habit of heating up as he got to be uncontrollably aroused, a side effect of his species, and more than once Snow had nearly gotten burned by it. The feeling was almost always worth it though, so just wincing slightly from the heat and climbing up onto the thigh, the canine went in search of his price once more that lay somewhere beyond that thigh in the cloudy yard.

Snow found that length with ease, though he carefully avoided the swollen, engorged sac beneath it with a deft swing of his heavy leg. He moved himself around slightly once he was in contact with the length, his muzzle diving straight in and giving it a few licks while his legs and arms got him into position atop the still-expanding midsection of the dragon. Now nearly a full-blown stomach instead of a small ball of a belly, it yielded only just beneath the weight of the pudgy canine and gave him a far plusher seat to plant his heft in as he pressed more into the cock before him and began his molesting anew. It was hot under him, which made Snow blush heatedly as well as he could feel that warmth reaching his pucker and balls, if only just. It was a teasing that made him shudder slightly against the cock which he was now embracing again, sending a light ripple through his plush frame which in turn made the drake shudder beneath him from a new sensation to the single point of focus for his mind.

Both now in position, Snow began to grind and press himself into that cock, his legs sliding around what parts of that length they could while his arms locked around it and stroked as though they were two small fingers on a normal-sized length. Alternating up and down, with his muzzle going back and forth as his tongue snaked out every few nuzzles to get the salty, heavy sweat off of that cock, Kio could only shut his eyes as tightly as he could and pant out smoke as he reached new heights of arousal. It was a sensation which he had never before experienced, and yet something that he knew would never be compared to or topped; the drake had found heaven. Snow was in a similar situation as well, panting hard against that cock and pressing as much of himself against it as he could even as it expanded still in front of him. His arms could barely get around it once he had been seated on the drake, and as he began to feel the pants come harder and heavier from Kio, his arms now were nearly a full foot apart.

That realization, coupled with the fact that Snow had already been leaking precum, caused the canine to spew his load before the drake onto both his and Kio’s stomachs. The warm seed almost felt cool against the drake’s heated surface, making Snow squirm and blush beet red. Kio groaned loudly from that sudden introduction of more ‘cold’ liquid, the husky’s load being rewarded with a spurt of precum that ran down the length of Kio’s cock. Kio was clearly just as close as Snow, but the canine barely noticed as he was still riding the high of his own release. His muzzle getting coated in the pre was barely even noticed, and instinctively he just licked it up and continued his teasing, which had more turned into slow, deliberate humping against the pillar of cock before him. The scent of that seed on him just made him blush more too; he wasn’t going to get that much cum out of his fur with even a few showers, and that was no problem at all for Snow.

Snow nor Kio knew how long it took for the dragon to cum after the husky, both of them lost in their own heads and just linked in a single mound of ecstasy and seed and sweat and steam and muscles and fat… It was far more than just a wondrous experience for both of them, it was just bliss, pure and unadulterated. Neither could see what the other was doing, or what they were doing for the most part. Somewhere in it all Kio had started bucking, his now fully rotund and wobbly paunch bouncing heavily against and around Snow, who was doing his best to not be smothered between an ever-advancing layer of dragon fat and cock. Snow had never softened a single iota, still just as painfully hard as he had been to start, though he was now significantly more wet as he had all but taken a bath from head to toe in precum from Kio. The reptile did what he could to hold up his stomach while he bucked, a softening arm lifting up the lowest roll of heft that he could reach as it pressed heavier and heavier against Snow. The canine didn’t mind it in the least though, and instead just huffed and panted as he bucked in time against the cock which was now dwarfing him in height and girth. Both drew in shallow breaths, pants and huffs the only noises aside from flesh slapping against faintly jiggling, constantly moving flesh. It was a perpetual motion between the two, one that didn’t seem to slow or stop, but only increased in speed and violence in its actions, until…

Kio drew in a sharp breath amongst all that, and all at once the flood gates opened.

Cum shot into the sky several feet above the pair, and in an amount which could be simply described as droves. The dragon was already known for large loads, but now that he was more akin to an oversized eighteen wheeler than a dragon, his seed was beyond all reasonable amounts. It shot out, and just as fast as it went up, it came down atop the both of them. Snow was drenched in it all instantly, as was Kio, who let loose a roar which cracked a few windows and set off car alarms as far as a block away. His back was arched as much as his heft would allow, his build now nearly identical to Snow’s in terms of fat, but with an equal amount of muscle beneath it all that still gave him the look of an out-of-shape lineman, rather than an office worker like the canine. This power made itself evident as the dragon tensed up while he came, nearly smothering Snow completely in both cock and fat at first, and then as he arched, he set the canine free completely. The husky groaned loudly, arching his own back against the flab behind him and opening his muzzle, his eyes still shut, as seed rained down onto, and into him. He drank down the load with gusto, greed, and just some sense of duty; he had created this in a sense after all, so he wanted some amount of reward for it all.

This lasted for several orgasmic moments, the drake being spent just as fast as a normal beast, but in a far grander fashion. He slumped down once he was sated, a final spurt of seed coming from his length and running down to cover Snow in that much more. The canine didn’t care though, instead just sliding himself up that cock and stomach wall  and out into the real world, his own cock throbbing and leaking precum even though it had been mere minutes since his last release. The husky emerged with a light pop back above the surface of Kio’s flabby front and phallic tower, rolling over onto his back atop the quaking sea of drake beneath him with a deep, guttural groan. Kio responded with a light grunt, and then the same groan as he echoed the sentiment of the husky. Panting lightly, the pair just lay there for a moment, the afterglow of such an experience taking hold of both of them utterly. Snow didn’t move, and neither did Kio… They would move once they could breathe again, and probably go for another round… Or two.


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