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A hoggish grunt was barely audible from the room that Malary occupied, but upon rounding the corner and peering into that room for the first time, it became incredibly obvious as to why that sound was made. Sprawled out in a veritable sea of herself, sucking greedily at a hose which hung from the ceiling above her lard-encased head, sat one of the fattest creatures to ever fill your vision. Spreading out far wider than she was tall, the fully nude hybrid was a sight to behold, and yet something that she barely even seemed to notice as she drank down the slurry of fattening goop which kept her at such a ridiculously obese size. How she managed to move was beyond any sort of logic, but it happened; those footfalls of hers were what had drawn you to the room in the first place… That, and the inexplicably loud gulping sounds which were still continuing on in spite of your presence.

First and foremost of the outrageously obese wolfdragon hybrid was her exposed and sagging grey stomach. Clad in scales and drooping heavily down onto the floor like a beanbag chair filled with warm dough, it spread out well over a yard in front of her and smothered the cool floor beneath where Malary somewhat stood. Standing was a hard thing to see, as she was so colossally corpulent, so far from just being described as fat, that she looked to be standing even when she was sitting. Both her rear and her stomach touched the ground and smothered it quite handily, but it was her stomach that your attention was drawn to first. There was simply so much of it, all of its yielding blubber sagging and rolling upon itself that it looked to be a dollop of heavily whipped cream atop a cake. The white fur along the sides of her stomach did help with that illusion too, though that fur was slightly thinned thanks to simply how much weight was being forced into the sofa-smothering frame of the wolfdragon. More weight was coming too, as that stomach seemed to be growing ever-so-slowly out towards where you stood even while you drank in the sight of it all.

Still gaping at how obese the herm hybrid in the middle of the room was, you trekked along to her side in order to try and get at least some of her profile. Shelves of rolls larger around than some obese furs lined the sides of her stomach, stacked upon one another like impromptu stairs. They all looked to be made of warm clouds of lard, just like the rest of Malary’s frame; the white fur making her look even softer as it was so dense along her sides thanks to being under less pressure than her stomach that she looked to be made of air itself. A lot of heavy air had to make up the wolfdragon herm though, as she still looked to be standing as you rounded the side of her frame. She was indeed sitting, as her feet were just barely off the ground, supported by the roll of fat which was her ankle. It sagged down to the ground below her foot like the drooping collar of blubber that it was, the heavy roll of her calf further accentuating this preposterous look. The draolf didn’t notice though, as her toes were curled in utter bliss of being able to eat her fill… At least, as much as sausage-like toes could curl against the pressure of their own blubber. Still though, they were visible and looked to be able to propel the herm around, if only just. The lifted feet did also give a peek underneath the stomach of the herm, and there were just a hint of the massive package underneath that stomach; balls which looked to be larger than basketballs, and a length that… Well, if the hint of it that was visible was any indication, it was fitting for a beast as massively obese as the herm before you.

Malary’s white-furred rear was even larger than her stomach, resting firmly on the floor thanks to its sheer girth, and looking to be so wide that it could crush a car with one cheek alone. It was massive, and currently kept the herm propped up nicely as she glutted with reckless abandon. Not thinking about anything but what she could shove into her muzzle next, the obese ball of draolf blubber shuddered slightly as you got a good look at her rear. This minute movement sent rippling waves along her surface, colliding with one another to form new movements all over. Her rear was not exempt from this, as it sloshed to and fro with an almost hypnotic motion. The twin mounds of grade-a fat moved in tandem, each looking like a large sumo’s stomach and fighting just as hard as said sumos for dominance over the back of the hybrid. Her tail was also in on this fight, draping over the center of this ass and rising over her head with just how rotund it was. A sole row of spikes were sunken down into its corpulence, just the tips poking out of the packed sausage that was attached to her rear. They made that appendage look even fatter too, as the holes which those spikes were in created new rolls, and thusly made even more folds and creases of fat to run along the length of that white tail for Malary. That tail could barely twitch too, so fat was its confines, but instead of doing any movement of its own, it just moved to and fro thanks to the fat which was below it. Malary never seemed to stop moving in that sense, all of her fat always in motion from just how much she ate and moved about while she ate, even if it was just shudders and shivers of bliss… Her frame amplified that, and the gravid mass of her ass showed that off in spades, her tail just being the icing on that furniture-breaking cake.

Moving back around to the front of the beast, your eyes lingered on her hips for a moment… Or where her hips would have been if her lovehandles weren’t smothering them completely. Just her legs barely above the knees were visible beneath that impressive roll of fat, one of the lowest hanging ones on her frame. It was made to look small though by the breasts which hung just above it, each hanging off of Malary’s chest like they were trash bags filled with water. Large, perky black nipples adorned each of the huge mammaries, sticking out that much more from the white fur of her chest as well. They looked to be hanging off to her sides somewhat too, so much was their mass that they couldn’t hope to fight with the stomach that was before her without losing simply thanks to size. Malary’s face was just barely visible above those, but that wasn’t quite where your eyes were yet… There were breasts nearly the size of you hanging off either side of her after all, and your paw had to physically be held to stop from reaching out to grope at least one of them. Seeing Malary’s paws move slightly to stop you as well gave away that she was quite capable of doing that herself. Moving an arm which was barely able to be seen thanks to blending in with the copious amount of white fur covering most all of her frame, she reached a sole paw up with a loud groan and gave one of her breasts a feeble squeeze that sent new ripples along her lardaceous frame. The arm, which was just as roll-covered and lard-laden as the rest of her, was simply a collection of circles. Her upper arm was a ball of dough that draped down onto her lower arm, which was an oval of sorts that draped over her paw, which looked to be a ball of dough with five useless sausages attached to it. Undoubtedly Malary was too big to feed herself, as just her forearms moving to her breasts from the nearly-fifty-degree angle that they were at left her huffing, but still somehow she could manage to move her legs… The dragon in her simply didn’t want to sit still quite yet. It was so close though, as your eyes gave one parting look at her feet while you still could before circling a bit more around to her front to get a look at her face… Right after you were finished with her breasts, of course.

Prying your vision away from the mammaries which dominated the chest of the hybrid, your eyes went finally to her face. Greeted by a pair of glasses in front of shut eyes, a muzzle that was struggling to peak out of bloated cheeks, and a ring of both chin and neck-fat that rivaled tires was Malary’s face. It was just barely visible over her hyper-endowed chest, and yet it was able to be seen enough that you could see the bliss on her face from her unrepentant gluttony. Her head almost looked like an afterthought though on the spread-out expanse of blubber that was the rest of her frame. Her head seemed to be arched back simply from the pressure of the bottom of her muzzle on the tire of next-fat adorning her frame, and yet she couldn’t have looked happier from what you could see. Her black hair was swept back in a somewhat-neat pony tail, though at her size it looked to be a bit disheveled for good reason; how on earth could she take care of it? Regardless, Malary was quite content where she was as her eyes stayed shut and she kept gulping down her pre-lunch snack. Her cheeks bulged and sank with every rhythmic swallow, her arms rubbed in small, lazy circles over what minute amounts of her frame she could reach, and her tail twitched with bliss over every single square inch that she expanded out towards you. A glutton if there ever was one…

That was Malary.

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