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Basil groaned loudly to himself, his cheeks pushing into his vision and his limbs all spread akimbo as he balanced precariously on the vastly overblown sphere his stomach had become. He could practically feel every single square inch of the yards-wide ball his torso had morphed into, sending tingles down his spine and heated breaths from his muzzle. He couldn’t even bend his fingers, as they too were inflated with far more air than the raccoon’s latexy body could handle. His tail, sticking straight up and just as inflated as the rest of him, brushed against the roof of the ramshackle garage with a lazy flick thanks to bobbing around on above the bare, bloated peaks of rump on the back of the ringtail. The coon just blushed lightly, as even the lightest flick against the rafters sent pleasure coursing through his being like a lightning bolt; he was that sensitive now that he was so stretched out. The hissing within him, the sound that had started him on this journey to sizes untold, wasn’t showing any signs of waning. It was just getting louder, and his frame was feeling tighter and even more sensitive. The coon’s eyes, already squinted from the pressure of his bloating cheeks and even his forehead beginning to inflate, shut and deep pants of guttural, unadulterated pleasure spilled out of him. Basil hadn’t ever known such pleasure in his life, and it was just getting better, and better, and better…


Basil stumbled into his neighbor’s garage, looking for the older badger to try and borrow his lawnmower again. The elderly mustelid was usually inside the decrepit building, tinkering on something or another, however he wasn’t in there that day. Instead, it was just dust, books, tools, and an assortment of various machines that greeted the raccoon. His grey ears swiveled ever so slightly, trying to hear for any signs of Gregory, but nothing aside from a few old creaks of wheels swinging on hooks on the ceiling reached him. Fairly certain that he was alone in the garage, the raccoon pressed on into it a few more steps, his eyes fluttering a few times as they began to adjust to the dark. His small, bare paws kicked up little dust as he moved slowly through the dank, but large room. Gregory was never one for being tidy, but being in the workshop of sorts all alone took it from being simply messy to somewhat eerie in nearly an instant. Basil still needed that mower though, and so he took a few more steps into the dimly-lit garage and began to search for his prize.

Spotting the rusty machine across the room, he began to move towards it, only to bump into a stack of books and go toppling over. Groaning slightly and rubbing a paw on his leg once he had hit the floor, Basil looked to what he had knocked down and sighed. A stack nearly up to his knees was now scattered across the floor, a few pages folded haphazardly and a new cloud of dust now kicked up into the air. Thankful for his grey fur, as it would keep dust from showing up nearly as much, as well as the fact that he was simply wearing shorts due to the summer heat and being outside, Basil simply sat up and began to restack his newly-made mess. It wasn’t going to be much of a task, but he hoped that he had not disturbed some order of things that Gregory had; the old mustelid could be very finicky about things when he wanted to be. That thought in his mind, Basil began to pick up the books and replace them, folding back pages that had been bent from being toppled over and opening.

One book caught his eye, just so happening to be the last book that he picked up. It was older than the others, and very worn. The cover was in tatters, and it looked to be all in some sort of handwriting that the raccoon had a very hard time reading. However, everything in the book was either shaped like balloons, or had some sort of inflated look to it. Nothing that Basil could make out would explain why either, and yet his fascination with all things inflated drove him on to keep looking into the book. He flipped through a few pages, looking them over and trying to decipher the utterly illegible handwriting within. The images that accompanied every bit of handwriting were utterly enticing, and it was that alone that kept the raccoon enthralled in the book as he flipped from the back to the front, and then back again. On the way back through the book, he spotted a few words he could somewhat make out, and stared at them to try and make sense of it.

“Verri… Verri… Puffingus… Nos ballo..?” Basil sounded out, tilting his head as he finished the odd words. “What in th-“He could barely finish questioning it though, for a sudden jolt went through his frame. It was as though someone had taken groin and suddenly reverted it back to that of a teenage raccoon; he was inexplicably horny. The jolt didn’t stop there, but it kept intensifying there as he felt it in a few other spots around his body. Just below his tail, up his back, along his arms… But always right in his nethers, as though a thousand paws had decided to suddenly assail him with tugs and gropes meant simply for pleasure. It was something that the raccoon had been woefully underprepared for, and he collapsed back down onto his paws and knees as a result while his eyes screwed shut and his jaw clamped shut. Hot, low breaths came out of his muzzle as he felt the fur on his body recede, and the flesh beneath it begin to soften and become more malleable. He couldn’t explain that feeling, but he could say that it just made the feelings around his crotch that much stronger; he practically came when his tail changed. The coon could barely even see straight his mind was being flooded with so much pleasure, and it was all that he had to not reach both his paws down to his length and give himself release.

All of this happened within seconds, and left Basil in a crumpled mess on the floor of the garage. He wasn’t entirely sure even where he was for a moment, his mind had been so addled by the sudden arousal which had filled him to the very core. He came somewhat back to his senses just as quick as he had left them though, although the arousal stayed in spades. He was able to at least lean back up slightly off the floor though, the panting subsiding into low, and aroused groans. One of his paws went right down to his groin, stroking along the much-more-substantial bulge his shorts now housed. He could feel the waistband pulling from his body, the cold and musty air of the garage serving to tease him that much more as he just rubbed the fabric against himself and drew in hot breaths of ecstasy. The raccoon couldn’t even begin to make sense of what had just happened, but he didn’t want to; he was too darn horny now.

Opening his eyes for the first time since the change happened, the raccoon felt the change start, and he was greeted with shiny, bare flesh. It was another jolt to his mind, and had he not been so horny, he may have been more startled than he was. The raccoon simply groaned and shut his eyes again, thinking that he must have hit his head or something along those lines when he had fallen. As he did that though, the arm which wasn’t attending to the length currently stretching his shorts nearly to their limit fell to his side, and squeaked along his torso when it did. That alone gave away that this was no dream, and yet somehow Basil wasn’t alarmed. He knew that something bad couldn’t feel this good… There was no way that he could feel this aroused and good if there was something wrong, right? The ringtail didn’t do much questioning past that either, and instead brought his other paw down to his crotch to tend to his swollen ‘problem’.

Opening his eyes up a moment later, as both of his paws were stroking his shaft in slow, deliberate motions, the raccoon looked down at the book that started this all and saw that it had fallen onto a page with more somewhat-legible letters on it. The picture though… That was what truly enticed Basil. On the opposite page, looking back up at him and practically begging him to read the words on the opposing piece of paper, were four vaguely-anthro figures. One looked like him, normal. The second, was simply a circle with crudely drawn limbs sticking out of it at absurd angles. The third was that circle looking to burst, of sorts, a thing which would have made the rational mind of Basil wary about anything those words might do to him. It was that fourth image though that got him to read, and ultimately sealed his fate there in the dark, dank garage of his neighbor. It was another image just like him, with an arrow pointing back to the top of the cycle. Another squeak of his paws on his length as his grip around that protruding shaft tightened, and Basil knew what he needed to do. He knew what he was now, what the book had done to him, and just what he would need to help him solve the ‘problem’ between his inflated thighs.

“R…Rammi Poofin… Infinitum Le Infinitum Rol.”


Then the hissing started.

Immediately, Basil felt pressure building inside his torso. He shut his eyes instantly and just groaned aloud, that sudden pressure enough to make him leak a rather healthy amount of pre-cum onto his paws. He felt those paws being forced away from his cock too, but instead of opening his eyes to see just what was doing on, he just moved his paws away on his own and moved himself to laying down on his stomach. The latexy body he had been so generously granted by the book still had a good amount of give to it, and that meant he was pressing his arousal into the ground as well as his snout. The pressure of the inflation happening inside him was enough to slowly take that give out though, and even as Basil supported himself at first with both his hands and his feet, he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to just rely on his stomach alone to support him and keep him off the floor. That subtle growth, unceasing and constant… It was just enough to keep the raccoon painfully aroused in spite of being nearly instantly unable to reach around his stomach to get at his stomach with his short arms.

Speaking of his arms, they were becoming a little bit harder to bend and move as time went by. The same was true of his legs, and even his tail as he lay on himself and felt his frame ever-so-slowly begin to be lifted from the floor. This was not to say that he was wondering what was doing on; he was inflating, and he knew it. The pace of it though, and the feeling of his body expanding more and more was something so enticing that it blocked out every single iota of concern or doubt that could possibly happen with it. The frame he had too seemed to be impervious to any sort of pain as well, for the pressure on his stomach was even beginning to thin the latex already since there was enough weight on it to stretch the balloon-like surface of his frame rather thin. Basil had faith that would go away though as he became more air and less raccoon, so he thought little of it and instead ran his nimble, small digits over the surface time and time again. His tiny fingers and rounded, dull claws that he could only guess were made of plastic or something now teased him like nothing he had ever felt before. Basil kept his eyes shut now, his teeth gritted hard and his nose flaring with every hot pant that left it. The ringtail could barely even form a single thought as he just teased himself more and more, struggling every second just a bit more to reach himself, and to move his limbs at all.

Minutes crept by, for to Basil time felt as though it has stopped entirely. He was just inflating, and time had no meaning as he felt his frame stretch and push out further, further, and further. Easily four times the raccoon he had been when he entered the building, he was already having to pick between balancing on his feet, or his hands; both couldn’t reach the ground anymore. His limbs were nigh impossible to move at that point too, making the raccoon just stuck spread-eagle and panting with more arousal than he had ever felt in his entire life as his frame blew up at breakneck speed. Every corner of a shelf he hit, every book he touched and then knocked over as the pressure of his stomach conquered their weight, every sharp object he touched and then felt vanish by some magic he had undoubtedly put into place with his two spells… It was all just too much for Basil. He had to open his muzzle to yell out in bliss, shouting loudly as he felt more pre leak from the length somewhere between thighs that could be better served as fully inflatable pool animals. He was hardly done inflating though, and some part of the raccoon knew that as he felt his frame expand more, and more, and more. The room had been spacious when he had first walked in, and now it felt as though there was going to be so little room left by the time he was done with his expansion.

A few minutes later, though it felt like hours to the expanding anthro, and Basil couldn’t touch the ground with anything but his stomach. His frame had somehow righted itself so that Basil was balanced perfectly on his stomach, and the horniness he felt in his groin had subsided just enough for the raccoon to open his eyes, albeit just a little as he could barely see over his cheeks now. They were the balloons of his face, and what little he could see gave away that every other part of him was now a balloon of some fashion as well. He could feel his arms, a collection of circles that started with biceps bigger around than even the fattest furs that Basil knew. His forearms were not much better, full feet in diameter. His paws were just bloated suggestions on the end of those, even his fingers like dimpled sausages sticking off the end of those bloated swells. His face felt little better, with even the raccoon’s ears inflated, and his muzzle just an afterthought. He was pressing down on the balloon that his neck had become, a full car tire of grey latex that kept his face, just barely, from sinking down into the car-sized swell his torso had turned into. His nose was beginning to inflate, giving him a truly comical look but also showing how little room was left in his frame.

Basil could hardly comprehend the size of his torso, though he could feel inklings of it brushing both sides of the two-car garage, and that made him groan slightly. Granted, there were a lot of things on either side of the messy workshop, so there was less space than expected, but to be so large… Basil didn’t even know how he had gotten to be that big and not burst. His legs tried to kick against his length to tease it, but they made his arms looks positively puny. Each one was the size and shape of baby hippo, with a rear that could smother any piece of furniture that it dared to sit on. Thighs that could smother a beast whole, calves that were more akin to truck tires than limbs, and paws that looked quite similar to the inflated gloves of his hands. The raccoon was uselessly large at that point, and only going to get bigger… That fact was enough to keep the raccoon panting and huffing as he did his best to grind against himself, which was simply a lesson in futility now that every iota of him was at the mercy of the expanding forces that were bloating him up to ludicrous sizes.

Basil began to feel his eyes swell shut, the pressure from his cheeks turning too much as they began to become ever-so-slightly translucent. The feelings of anything and everything touching his frame at that point were more than Basil thought were possible, and they were coming from everywhere. The cold cement on the floor, the slightly-rotted and rough surface of the rafters, even the dust in the air being kicked up by various objects being forced aside from the expanding raccoolloon… It was enough to make Basil cum with every thing he touched. The coon wasn’t ready to go though, as he struggled to keep his release for what he knew was coming. He was creaking and groaning now too; the finale was coming in short order, and the ringtail could hardly wait. Basil knew it was silly, that it was dangerous, that there was a chance the magic wouldn’t work… But every ounce of the pleasure that he was feeling made even the slight chance that he would never recover worth it. Basil needed this, and he needed it more than he even needed the air flooding into him. Something in his mind had broken when the spell had been put on him, and the raccoon suspected it was the spell itself… But he couldn’t form the thoughts to find why that was wrong, or why he should care. Instead, he focused just on the feeling of bike gears pressing somewhere into his left calf, and the stack of books that was making his chest momentarily indent from their weight. All of that was all that Basil could think of, all that he wanted, all that he craved…

Until it happened.

The force of his explosion was so much that it set off the alarm of the car parked across the street. Windows of the garage shattered and went flying out, boxes were broken and even some of the flimsier metal in the room bent. Bits of grey latex were strewn everywhere, flying onto the rafters and out of a few holes that were punched in the roof by flying debris. Basil felt no pain though, instead a pleasure that made everything else he had felt before, in fact in his entire life, feel like pain by comparison. It was then that he came the hardest he had ever in his life, even as his body was torn asunder and split into pieces like shrapnel. His face had a grin on it a mile wide as he was blown to bits, and his nethers were torn apart with cum flowing out them as though it were from a fire hose. Basil’s last conscious thought, before he passed out in bliss, was what a ride that had been… And how badly he wanted to do it again.

And when he awoke an hour later, curled up on the floor of that same garage, he would have his wish.

Time, and time again.


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