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Getting Sasuke inside the double-doors took effort, but Lobo accomplished with no aid whatsoever from the overflowing mountain of barely-mobile wolfdragon. Sasuke just pushed as much as he could with his overburdened legs, barely pulling with his arms as they were too busy stuffing doughnuts into his bear-like snout. Knowing full well that it was making the problem worse, and yet helping the wolfdragon get those tasty treats by the dozen, Lobo had wasted no time in solving the problem with butter and a few hard tugs. It had worked, and now both he and the grey mound of gluttonous obesity were inside the rather quaint doughnut shop. The whole room felt much more crowded with Sasuke in it, his mountainous frame spilling and rolling out in every direction for multiple feet; the wolfdragon was unapologetically obese. It was one of the things Lobo absolutely loved about the greedy glutton though, so he simply relished sharing such a small space with such a large beast as best he could while he waited for Sasuke to work through his last batch of doughnuts.

“Oh man… You’re in for a treat there,” Sasuke rumbled out, a belch following those words which shook the windows in their panes. He then brushed a few crumbs from his bulging cheeks, missing several but very obviously not caring about appearances as he had far more crumbs on the sagging mounds of moobs which hung from his bloated chest. Another belch rolling out of his muzzle as he gave a smack to the side of his bulging stomach, the wolfdragon just smirked a bit as the noxious belch gave away his enjoyment of the ‘minor snack’. “Move aside a few tables so I can lay down, and then eat… Eat until you can’t find another bite in this place. Every bite of food I can find and eat is a pound I take from you once you’re done.”

“Yessir,” Lobo responded, rushing to move the chairs as best his chubby frame could manage. The light green lion, a minute fraction of the obesity that Sasuke was, could only do what Sasuke asked. It was a relationship that he nor the wolfdragon could define, nor wanted to for that matter. Both were content with it, and instead of trying to understand it, Lobo simply did as Sasuke asked. Sasuke asked for plenty too; being barely mobile on a good day meant that feeding himself, bathing himself, and taking care of ‘problems’ beneath the sagging bulge of his table muscle were things he simply couldn’t do. Lobo had always been more than happy to oblige though, so the feline did so without question yet again in the bakery. Small tables meant for little groups of two, and a couple larger tables were all moved aside at the command of Sasuke. Chairs by the plenty were also moved, their heavy wooden frames making the lion sweat slightly as he worked with a purpose. Having to lug around both his weight and the weight of the furniture was getting to him, but he knew that he was going to get a reward for his work; Sasuke always made sure for that. The draolf never asked for something and gave nothing in return… Another facet of the wolfdragon that Lobo adored.

“Mmmm… Good boy,” Sasuke rumbled out as he lowered himself to the ground. Not having to move far for that task, as the draolf was scant inches from the ground with his protruding rear and swell of a stomach already, it didn’t take much for him to be spreading across the room rather than just filling it. From there, he shifted his weight so that he was more or less laying down in as veritable sea of himself, the grey mass spreading out in all directions and furthering his looks of being little more than a mobile mass of grey fluff and adipose. Lobo just whimpered slightly at the sight and squirmed, clearly enjoying what he saw as he bounced from foot to foot. He didn’t dare say so though; Sasuke already knew and was taking his time getting comfortable because of that. Lobo was far too bashful to say anything either way as well, so the draolf just wasted almost a full minute slowly sprawling out onto the cleared space for his colossal frame. Spreading out far wider than he was tall, and letting the rolling, quaking expanse of flab that was his stomach rest full feet above the rest of him, the mountain of grey just relaxed in himself while Lobo looked on.

“Don’t wait on my account, get started shrimp.” Sasuke rumbled out, an ethereal hose appearing from seemingly nothing and snaking down to his muzzle. The draolf grabbed at that hose, stuffing it right inside his broad jaws and beginning to suck at it as though his life depended on it.

“Yessir,” Lobo replied, a light squeal of excitement coming from him as he turned around and rubbed his faintly green paws together. Both limbs then gave a smack to his stomach, which poked out haphazardly from the underside of a deep blue shirt; finding clothing that fit for more than a few days was a task that Lobo never truly accomplished. Finding clothing at all once he was done was going to be a different story too, and the feline knew it as he lumbered over to the counter of the bakery and drank in the sight which was laying on multiple shelves before him. Crawlers, doughnuts by the dozen, fritters, muffins, cupcakes… It was all there and then some, and the feline just had to beam at the thought of cramming it all into himself with the reckless abandon Sasuke showed so often with his greedy gluttony. Looking for a free spot on the counter, Lobo wasted little time setting both his glasses and his bag aside; he didn’t want to ruin either one.

Satisfied his possessions were safe, the lion attacked the pastries with a ferocity which was normally reserved for the more animalistic parts of his species. His chest sloshed back and forth with every press of a fatty bicep against it, said biceps also quivering with blubber as they helped move his paws up to his muzzle. Those chubby paws always held the crushed embodiment of a pastry, as slovenly eating wasn’t something that even remotely phased the feline. He just wanted to eat, plain and simple. Manners were for when he was out in public, or not in the company of Sasuke for that matter; the draolf knew very few manners when it came to eating after all. The reduced inhibitions just helped Lobo eat even faster though, as he quickly fell into a rhythm of bringing food to his muzzle with one paw while the other was hunting a shelf for more. His entire body sloshed to and fro from this, as the feline was crouched down to reach behind the counter and get at the shelves that held his countless treats. All fresh, still warm… Sasuke hadn’t been kidding when he had told Lobo on the way over that the crew would be leaving right as they arrived. It was a thing that the feline planned to take full advantage of, and as he felt his shirt tighten from a particularly large round of doughnuts, he knew it was just beginning.

One shelf gone, then two, and then three. Soon, Lobo was just seated beside the display case with the shelves on the floor in front of him, bent over the swell of his bulging stomach and shoveling food into himself with hog-like grunts. His mane was the color of syrup instead of its usual black, his snout looked as though he had been attacked by an angry baker, and his paws were slick with glaze and jelly. The feline didn’t even notice this though, and instead kept up his fastidious eating of everything that he could get his fattened paws on. Both he and Sasuke had agreed that crumbs wouldn’t be counted in the consumption of everything edible, but Lobo was still taking every shelf that he finished and upending it into his muzzle to get the last of the calories and fats and sugars that he could into himself. The feline was eating with purpose, so single-minded in his consumption that he hadn’t noticed Sasuke stop his eating just to watch the voracious act of gluttony unfolding in front of him. The draolf just licked his lips in silence and kept his eyes on the feline though, not wanting to say a word to stop the feeding; Lobo was coming along so nicely after all.

Moving along to the next section of display case, which involved Lobo just shuffling along the floor on all fours as fast as he could, the feline began his whole process of greedy gluttony anew. He pulled all the shelves out this time first though, as crouching was becoming hard for him with all of his newfound weight. He had eaten easily one hundred pounds of pastries, and was just going to be cramming more down into himself before even beginning to work on the back room. Two more sections of shelving remained in the front after all, and then there were cakes to deal with… Oh the cakes. Lobo was looking forward to those, but he would need to get there first. The lion didn’t think much of that though, as he took a break with one of his paws to rub at his newly-exposed stomach, which was now pushing his shirt well up its rounding equator and revealing more of the mint-green fur which lined the center of it. The large tuft, which went up from the waistband of his tightening pants up to nearly the center of his stomach, was now fully exposed and beginning to hide itself again as his gut rolled out further and further in front of him. That rubbing paw could barely even reach that far though, as his stomach was taking the brunt of the expansion and thusly moving itself out of the reach of the feline. Lobo didn’t much care though, as he just wanted to try and soothe the stretching ache that was beginning to be felt around his middle. It was a good ache though, and one the feline welcomed with each mouthful he crammed down into that stomach of his. He knew his table muscle could handle more than what he had put in there; a lot more in fact.

Sections three and four went about the same, though they weren’t uneventful. On the third second of the front displays, Lobo’s pants finally gave up the ghost and split right down the backside. He was just sitting and shoveling food down with the same breakneck pace that he had been eating since he started his ‘meal’, and in the middle of one bite his pants had simply burst. They clung on thanks to the belt that was painfully digging into the feline’s thighs, but they were quickly being reduced to rags as that release of pressure from his bulging rear had also caused a seam on his left thigh to give out. Less than a whole shelf later, the right leg gave out, and then from there it was just a few more bites before the belt snapped off entirely and the pants were deposited somewhere in the newly-made folds of flab around the expanding lion. His boxers were creaking and popping with every wobbling movement that the filling lion made, but Lobo was paying that no mind. The clothes paid mind to it though, and by the end of the fourth and final display case, Lobo was fully nude and covered in more crumbs than rags. His blue shirt was in tatters, brushed aside so as to not get eaten by mistake. His boxers were just a loincloth, doing nothing to cover the bloated pair of cheeks that the lion sat on every time he stopped to continue eating his own weight in pastries time and time again. His stomach kept him decent now though, a bloated mass of food and little else that was now sagging nearly to his knees. Lobo had started with that table muscle barely sagging down over his crotch, and it had more than doubled in size thanks to just how much he had been eating. A certain amount of pride was in the lion as he hefted that bulge of food up from the ground once more to carry it to his next destination.

Placing his stomach on a chair he had moved close to the cakes beforehand, the lion hefted up the first of over a dozen multi-tiered, feet-wide decorative cakes onto his stomach. A belch roared out of his muzzle from the sudden pressure on his over-packed stomach. It was a little more than he could bear too, that added weight on the front of him, but the feline pushed right on through. He just groaned and stopped his eating for a moment to steady himself, both of his food-slathered paws pressing into the sides of his taut stomach and just rubbing at it slowly to try and soothe the stretched skin beneath his fur. He could feel the shorter, whiter fur of the sides of his stomach thinning slightly from all of the food in his stomach, but there was no alarm in his expression as he ran his paws along that surface. Instead, it was elation on his face as his eyes shut and his tongue rolled out of his muzzle. It was little more evidence of his gaining, of his ascension towards the glorious mountain that was Sasuke, and his overarching gluttony. The feline couldn’t be happier, and that was enough for him to push back the discomfort of glutting himself into such a state, and knowing he had so, so, so much more to go. So much more… And Lobo was doing little more than looking forward to it.

The cake was demolished after that little belly pep talk. Then another, followed shortly by a third. The pace he was keeping was beginning to speed up again, chocolate coating his muzzle and just smearing around on his cheeks and chins. It was more of a mess, but he was also eating at even more speed than before. The sloppiness was something that he minded even less at the pace he was eating; he was just trying to get as much cake into himself, as fast as possible, and that was it. Nothing else mattered, nothing else was in his mind, just his stomach, the full feeling, and the cake. Lobo tried to think of anything else, but was failing as he just crammed food down into himself at fast as his aching, straining arms could manage. Barely an iota of a second passed between bites came, as Lobo simply huffed and panted through his nose while he ate. Stuffing and stuffing and panting and stuffing… Lobo’s life was little more than the cake in front of him, and the very beginnings of a stomachache that was starting because he kept slamming the cake down to eat it, not to mention how much he was putting away. The feline had yet to eat anything in even close to that quantity in his life, and yet he was still eating. Some of it had to be Sasuke, but he couldn’t say… He wouldn’t say in fact, he was simply eating and eating and eating and eating. And eating.

The cakes were gone eventually, and Lobo was groaning loudly as a result. Slowly grinding against his stomach at that point, he gently thrust up into himself to jostle the contents of his belly but the firmness and heft of his stomach pressing down that much more.  Packed so tight that every swallow felt like a struggle, the feline just groaned some more and rubbed what he could of his stomach. Further thinning of his fur had happened, and somewhere under the green-tinged tufts of fluff, he could feel stretchmarks forming on his flesh. The stomachache which had been forming earlier was now full-blown, and something that the feline could hardly ignore as he just leaned his stomach against the chair and tried to rest it. He had really overdone it, and still had so much more… Even with the feeling of having eaten far too much filling every ounce of his being, there was still a need to eat more in his mind. He wanted to impress Sasuke, and he wanted to become even fatter like the wolfdragon. Lobo had no fear of bursting; Sasuke would make sure something like that wouldn’t happen. He just didn’t know how much more his body could take, nor even if the wolfdragon lazing on the other side of the increasingly-cramped room would offer assistance. He was being eyed by said beast, sure, but it wasn’t in such a way that made Lobo think he would get any help. No, the feline was on his own for this… And that meant getting himself into the back room, and eating again.

With both paws as far under the bloated mass of a stomach hanging off the front of him, Lobo picked up what he could and heaved it into the air. The gravid sac of food just weighed heavily on him, the back of the lion straining to hold up all that weight. His ponderous gait was helped by heavy footfalls, which bounced and shook his stomach nearly out of his grip every time he took a precarious step. The feline felt as though he was falling both forwards and backwards every time he moved, leaned so far back to accommodate all the weight but pulled so far forward by what he could only assume were a few hundred pounds of food that he had yet to even begin digesting. It was something that made him almost unsure of even moving at all, and yet propelled him forward in a haphazard, comical fashion. The oversized beach-ball of crammed-in food that was his stomach just dragged him along for the ride, its swaying making movement that much harder as well as the weight which was now beginning to make his arms ache. Every single step was a war for the feline, every footfall a blessing as it meant he had moved that much closer to his goal.

Barely managing to squeeze through the door, as thankfully his frame had grown forward just as much as it had grown out to the sides, the feline was met with a sight that made him hungry anew. In spite of the paunch that threatened to pull him down at a moment’s notice onto its bloated swell of mass, that gut let out a beleaguered gurgle of hunger at what the lion was drinking in. Lobo was standing in a veritable factory of doughnuts; machines churned them out by the dozen per minute. It was a sight that any true glutton would nearly cream their pants for, and considering just how much of a greedy hog the feline was becoming, he just about did that onto his bare underbelly. Release would wait though, for Lobo had some eating to do as he looked over to where he could position himself on the line, and get to gorging.

More precarious falling forward later, and Lobo was snout to belt with the end of the production line. Doughnuts were lined up there, one by one, just sitting at the end of the line waiting for someone to hit the button and send them to their final destination. Normally, it would be boxes of twelve as they were plucked off the line by workers, with the bad or misshapen ones falling off the end into the trash. A quick shove of his stomach however, and the trash had been removed. A few grunts and some belabored fidgeting later, and Lobo was positioned beneath the end of the conveyor with his snout opened and the control button in his paw. He could just barely reach it around the mass of his stomach, and knew that once he pressed it, the flow of doughnuts would swell him too big to stop in just a matter of minutes. The feline was okay with that though, as he was so greedy, so gluttonous, and so ready to eat until he was fit to burst that he wanted nothing else than to be force-fed until he passed out in a gluttonous stupor. The machine would do that, cramming doughnut after delectable doughnut down into his muzzle until he could eat no more. If he stopped, the rings of dough would just amass on his face until he drowned in a sea of pastries. Lobo knew all of this, and yet still held the button as he caught his breath and lazily rubbed at the side of his stomach with his free paw.

“We can do this belly…” Lobo belched lewdly as he spoke, another groan coming from his sore jaw as he just felt a vague amount of the pressure on his innards wane. The lion could feel the grumbles and gurgles of digestion beginning, but knew that it wouldn’t be enough with the new torrent of food coming. Not even close to enough in fact… “We can do this.”

With that, he pressed the button.

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