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Spikes awoke with a snort, the covers tangled all around him and his limbs spread out wide. The wolfdragon opened one eye at a time, groaning slightly as the morning light hit his eyes and he began to adjust to being awake. Stretching out his limbs after kicking the blankets off of his legs, the wolfdragon groaned again before a long, punctuated yawn split his black muzzle wide open. Holding the position of spread eagle, stretching, and yawning for a long moment, the black draolf just sighed before he let himself slump back down into the bed. His heavily-muscled frame hardly looked like one of leisure, but Spikes had the day off from doing little more than relaxing that day. The draolf very seldom got time to just be a lazy mutt, and so he planned to take full advantage.

That being said, one of his paws wandered down to the large lump that was pressing on the sheets almost more than he was, and gave it a gentle pat. Just that touch sent a shiver down the draolf’s spine, and upon opening just one of his eyes, he could remind himself of why. Situated between his legs was a set of balls that could rival some smaller furs, with a sheathed cock above them that looked to be a pup’s sleeping bag. Just his package alone was nearly the size of his whole frame, condensed down into sac that hung low, and a cock that was beginning to stir as well as its owner shook the sleep from his body. Spikes took a great deal of pride in this package too, and as he caressed the sheath lovingly whilst lying in bed, he knew a lot of attention was going to be paid to himself today. The job the draolf had left him pent up anyways, so this would be a good excuse to get some of that energy out.

Laying still aside from both his paws slowly stroking at his sheathe for almost a full minute, the draolf eventually groaned and began to rouse himself from bed. Slowly shifting over onto his side, and then swinging his legs off the bed so as to not jostle his package too much. The one disadvantage of his groin came to bear every morning, and Spikes was seeing it in spades as he just slowly moved himself over to the edge of the mattress. Being so hyper meant that it was beyond unwieldy, and the draolf had more than once kneed himself rather uncomfortably. He had a system down now, and would take a bit of awkwardness to have such a tremendous bulge to show for it. Another fond pat down to his crotch cemented that, as he could feel the incredibly large nuts inside jostle ever so slightly from that. Blushing faintly, the draolf simply gave himself a light shove into sitting position, and then scooched forward on the bed so that he could stand.

Grunting faintly as his bulky, muscular frame rose to its feet, Spikes let out a groan as he felt his prominent bulge sag down between his legs. His balls pressed heavily down into his knees, jostling about with any movement of his legs and making sure he was nigh constantly aroused. His sheathed shaft lay haphazardly above them, protruding out in front of the hybrid a full yard. The black fur on that sheath was standing on end, and the pink member inside was just hinting at sticking out as the draolf’s morning wood was making itself known. Simply standing was enough to tease him to arousal sometimes, and it seemed like this was going to be one of those times. Coupled with the fact that he had nothing to do that day, Spikes figured it would be perfectly fine to go and ‘solve’ said problem. He would need space though… He didn’t want to ruin the sheets, or the walls.

Grunting and groaning with every single step as his unclothed self moved through his house, the draolf stopped to look into a mirror. His reflection stared back at him, a masculine-oozing, attractive, and build black wolfdragon, and thusly made Spikes smirk with pride at what he saw. Fourteen feet tall if he was an inch, the full length mirror was just barely big enough to fit him all even if it was custom-made, like so very many things in the draolf’s life. Piercing red eyes and a chiseled face were the first thing his eyes met, the muzzle on said face curling up into a smile as its owner just looked it over with unabashed lust. Spikes lifted a muscled arm up and gave a flex, the bodybuilder physique of his frame bulging out as a result of that. His arms were built impressively well, each rippling with muscle underneath a thick coating of black fur. His chest puffed out slightly from that flex, the muscles in his pecs getting a flex as well as Spikes just worked himself out for his own pleasure. The wolfdragon took a great deal of pride in his appearance, and as such he loved to just drink it in whenever he could get into a mirror. Another flex of his opposing arm gave that away, the posing now full-blown as Spikes adjusted his stance to get a better look at his cut and bulging torso. A quick flex of his abs showed that he had nary an ounce of fat on his body, their rippling glory showing right through his fur. Just below his abs though, his cock had stirred to attention and was now sticking well out of his sheath. The pink length draped itself over his balls, the black orbs now down to his ankles as he could feel them beginning to work on a load for him. They fully obscured his lower legs, just the muscular thighs above barely visible around the absurdly large sac, and Spikes had to adjust his stance a bit wider just so that he would be comfortable. The wolfdragon hardly cared though, for he was just getting off on seeing himself both flex in the mirror and watching his monstrous cock grow with warming, lustful need. The blur of his long canid, black tail behind the sculpted rear of the mutt sealed the deal, even further punctuating how much Spikes was enjoying just looking at himself, and how horny he was.

Peeling his gaze from the mirror, Spikes began to make his way down the hallway and towards the back door of his home. He always went outside to take care of his ‘problems’, as doing so inside could sometimes cause damage. He also just loved the sun beating down on him as he got off, for something about being so brazen to go outside just to jack off teased that exhibitionist part of his brain to no end. The draolf was hardly one for modesty, so this was a rather common practice of his, but it was one that he at least made sure the neighbors didn’t have to see… Sometimes. There had been a few occasions where he had been asked what the geyser was in his backyard, but Spikes had a perfect lie for that; a burst water main. He also would need to go make another ‘geyser’ after he told that lie, and was so grateful he had black fur to hide the furious blush that came as a result of that question. Today was going to be another one of those days too though, but thankfully the new fence he had installed was high enough that it would take a lot to get over it… A challenge the draolf was fully ready to accept.

Moving just to the back deck of his house and lazily sprawling out on the reclining deck chair there, the draolf groaned loudly as he lowered himself fully onto the chair and relaxed. He shut his eyes right away, drinking up the sun as it shown down on him and letting his paws get right to work. Each strong mitt wrapped around his cock, which was now starting to rise up from his sac as it was getting stiffer from arousal. The draolf huffed hotly at that, a few deep pants working their way from his muzzle as he just felt his paws along that overly-sensitive flesh. The draolf could barely contain himself, but he did as he just bit down on his upper lip and began to stroke very slowly, each paw working in opposing directions along what part of the length they could reach from his reclined position. Spikes was so large that he had never been able to reach the head of his cock while he was fully aroused, and today was doing to be no exception; he could already barely reach the tip. He gave it a light tease with his paws though, the rough paw pads on his hands just heightening his arousal as they lightly stroked along his pride. The draolf bit harder on his lip, barely able to contain his pleasure already as he could practically feel his length grow in his mitts.

Hazarding a peek through a lidded eye, the draolf saw that he was indeed feeling his length grow. His balls too were growing, and not in the normal way that they had before; this wasn’t his seed making him larger, but something else. This was something new that the draolf had never felt before… He was indeed just getting more and more endowed with every passing moment. It was as if someone had taken a growth ray to just his groan and decided to make it even more absurdly large. Already at his toes and beginning to roll over them, his sac was getting heavier and weighing him down far more with every passing moment. His cock was getting thicker and longer too, a sight and feeling that made Spikes groan loudly and re-shut his eyes as lust took over in full force. It seemed that he was becoming more sensitive too with the changes, his skin almost just teased by the faint breeze outside now as he tried his best to stroke the decreasing amount of cock that he could reach. The draolf had no idea where the sudden growth was coming from, but he could hazard a guess as he had been given a gift from a certain grey wolfdragon the night before. This was one heck of a gift though to Spikes, and he planned to take full advantage of it as his eyes just stayed shut and he lay prone on his back, the chair beginning to groan with protest from the heavier mutt that was expanding in just one very sexual way above it.

Before the chair could collapse, Spikes stood up with a loud grunt. His balls met the ground well before his feet, smothering it and actually lifting up his cock some with their increasing girth. The draolf was thankful that he had a new deck as he began to drag his sac along it, pressing into it with every step and just moaning loudly from the teasing to both his balls and the jostling those gave to his cock with every single movement of his legs. Fully erect but unable to even leak pre thanks to some sort of magic that was keeping him simply at peak arousal, each step was a small battle for the wolfdragon. He could barely even move he was so full of lust and pleasure, the ecstasy making his muscles feel nearly too weak to use. He managed though, pushing and dragging himself along the wooden structure and then down the small ramp at the end of it. He was just barely able to fit down the ramp too, so wide was his sac now, but the draolf managed it somehow and wound up just standing on the grass of his yard.

The rough plants pressing into the hyper-sensitive underside of his sac just turned up the ecstasy that Spikes was feeling to eleven. He couldn’t contain the moans and pants any more, instead letting them out in hot, raspy breaths as he leaned forward onto groin to put pressure on it, and further tease himself. Bucking his hips against his own bulge, which was now far larger than even his imposing frame, the draolf could just wheeze and pant as his mind sank down into little more than animalistic lust for what was happening to him. Something about it was reverting him to little more than a lustful mutt, and he was perfectly fine with that if it meant that he could get such pleasure from something so unexpected, and yet impossibly arousing. The draolf humped himself a bit more at that, his toes arching slightly as they began to struggle to stay on the ground. The growth was picking up speed, and with it was coming even more pleasure for the draolf. Instead of worry though, Spikes just wrapped his arms around what little of his cock he could still reach and began to stroke it in full, heavy motions. He even pressed his torso down into it, the whole length now dwarfing its owner entirely. Spikes did feel a bit taller, a bit stronger, but the growth of his frame was nothing compared to that of his crotch; he was going to be mostly cock by the time he was done with the expansion.

The growth of his crotch entered overdrive the second his feet left the ground, going from just the size of a car to the size of the mutt’s house in a matter of seconds. From there, the sky was quite literally the limit as the draolf could feel houses, then cities, and then mountains themselves being pushed aside by his sac. It was something new entirely for the draolf, for cities felt like little more than a small paw with dull claws pressing into him, and mountains felt as though they were large paws groping him roughly along the underside of his package. The mutt just panted and groaned at that, still hugging to a cock that had pierced the atmosphere within minutes, and then continued on to somewhere out in space that Spikes didn’t even dare guess. He had his eyes closed the entire time, just sucking down the teasing and expansion and lust and ecstasy like it was a drug. He could barely even breath, so aroused was he with the expansion and its sudden explosion of growth. Nothing came close that the draolf had ever experienced, and this was made evident by the fact that he had been fully hard the entire time. He had grown taller and stronger with the entire experience, his muscles now bulging so much that Spikes could flex and rub his cock with just the bulges of his arms before his paws got there, and his pecs were pressing out from his chest as though they were breasts. A quick flex of them too teased the knot at the base of his cock though, that swell now making itself known. That simple teasing made Spikes leak pre somewhere out into space, and that was enough for the draolf to know that the magical cock-ring which had been keeping him at bay was gone. A flex of his abs, a flex of his pecs, turning his muzzle down and just huffing his heated breath down onto the meaty bulge at the base of his cock…

And Spikes went off like a nuclear bomb.

He shot so hard into space that he could feel his whole frame get shifted down against the Earth itself, pressing into it far more as a howl of ecstasy left the mutt. Cracking, crumbling, and loud rumbling all reached the draolf’s ears, but it was all drowned out by the howl coming from his muzzle as the largest load of his life left his cock. The meaty appendage throbbed and pulsed with release as it shot ropey strand after strand out into the void of nothingness. Spikes could barely even fathom how much cum he was releasing, but he didn’t care as he was still lost on cloud nine from the pleasure of it all. Still howling and panting, he just let his body get out what it had to and then some. His back was arched, his tail fully raised, and his toes were curled up somewhere against the sac which covered the entire continent below him… Spikes was somewhere in pleasure that few had ever been, and he was reveling in it even as he exploded into space.

A minute or so later, Spikes collapsed against his still-hard cock, his muzzle pressing against the pink, throbbing flesh of his aroused length. He stroked it a few times, almost with affection now, as he basked in an afterglow that was better than some of the sex he had experienced in his life. The draolf finally opened his eyes, seeing the absurd tower of cock that lay before him and stretched out fell into space. Meaty, throbbing, and curved up towards… Just a cloud of cum. The moon had been there when Spikes had gone outside, he remembered that much as his mind was still somewhat addled with pleasure. It was gone now, just a floating mass of spunk in its place.

“Shit…” Spikes muttered, his muzzle lowering down against his cock as he realized just what he had done. He would need to get that back at some point… Once he could move again and the expansion wore off. He was still riding the high of cumming into space though, so that would be a while for him…

“Oh well… Worth it.”

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