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Al bent down to reach into the oven, his bare rump protruding right out into the kitchen as his large, black wolven tail slowly swayed over the twin mounds of plush flab that was his rear. Devoid of any sort of clothing, the wolf was getting both his and his partner’s dinner ready while the other waited. His mate, another wolf by the name of Sanguis, was seated in the living room on their double-wide sofa watching something or the other on the television. It wasn’t an uncommon sight for the wolf to be there either, what with his generous frame like Al’s looking right at home sprawled out on the sofa. Both wolves were well past simply ‘fat’, and even calling them obese would be a stretch. They loved it either way though, and were quite regularly trying to figure out ways to add even more excess to their frames. Such was the point of the dinner that Al was retrieving after all, as it was a recipe for baked chicken Alfredo he had found on the internet claiming to be one of the fattiest, richest foods one could make. He and Sanguis were going to be the judge of that though, as more than once such a claim had been made to the two superbly rotund gainers. Few times they were correct, but others… Well, that was when friends who knew spells or enchanted jewelry entered the mix.

Tail still swaying above his rear as the wolf gingerly lifted the hot dish out of the oven and placed it on top of the stove, Al began to hum to himself as he worked. He let his whole frame jostle and sway about thanks to the feeling of all his flab out in the air being so enticing. He would often wear as little as possible while home, a fact that Sanguis ate right up like the many other treats that were often forced down his throat. Their relationship was quite healthy in the bedroom, to put it mildly, and more often than not their second favorite pastime made it in there as well; eating. The fact that food and sex were synonymous in Al’s mind was quite frankly because of that, and as he leaned down to take a sniff of what he had cooked, he could feel his manhood stir underneath the apron of his stomach. The length poked into the fleshy overhang of flab that draped over his thighs like an apron, keeping him decent in spite of being fully nude. This was a good thing too, for the amount of times he would be aroused by the sight of Sanguis just sprawled out on the sofa was a few more than he would admit.

A paw on his rear made the black wolf yelp with surprise, his whole frame jiggling profusely as the super-obese canine tried to jump but simply succeeded in a rolling, sluggish wobble along his frame. The paw lingered on his bare rear, giving the doughy rump in it a hearty squeeze before the canine could feel a stomach pressing against his pack. Another paw got the other side of his rear, joining in on the groping as stomach and other flab pressed in between those paws to further the contact between the two canines. Just startled, Al knew instantly who was giving his expansive ass that affection and let his tail keep wagging lazily. Raising it slightly against the stomach pressing at its base, the canine instinctively leaned forward over the meal he had made a little more, biting at the lip on his muzzle slightly. Nothing but groping came though, as was common in their house, so the wolf simply stayed in his submissive position and waited for Sanguis to stop being the tease he was.

“Like what you see huh?”

“Always do fatass… Always do. So what did ya make today?” Sanguis asked, backing off from the groping and moving around to the side of the canine, a paw still lingering on that sagging rear of Al in spite of being less grabby. The wolf blushed brightly under his black fur, thankful for said black fur as it kept the blush from Sanguis. The pair looked down at the dish, having to lean forward slightly to see over their respective stomachs that were all but smothering their poor countertop. The ledge gave a warning creak from the amount of weight on it, but neither backed off and instead just stayed as they were. Much of their furniture made those noises after all with their sizable girths constantly testing weight limits and manufacturing strength. Their counter was no different, so pressing into it a bit more to get a good view, the pair of corpulent canines looked down at the meal Al had prepared and began to salivate slightly. “It smells amazing, whatever it is.”

“Sure does… Man, I wasn’t expecting it to smell that good. It’s that chicken alfredo recipe I told you about.” Sanguis ‘oh’d’ as he gave a light nod of acknowledgement, pressing his girth lightly against Al’s as the wolf finished his quick explanation. “Figured this and a movie would make for a good night in.”

“Like we can have nights out… We barely fit through the door anymore.”

“So? Means more nights in and more… Well, of this.” Al reached a paw over and gave one of the many rolls of flab on Sanguis’ back a light jostle. This got a surprised yelp from the wolf, who hadn’t been expecting such a thing to his light grey frame. Even his white stomach shook from that movement though thanks to just how incredibly fat he had let himself become. A light murr coming from his muzzle once the surprise had worn off, the canine blushed a bit under his white fur and gave a slight nod to Al, who was already giving a few more groping jiggles to the roll-covered surface of his lover’s frame. Watching that furred flesh move… Al was quite content to just stand there in the kitchen and tease Sanguis while getting the same from him. Sanguis seemed to be the same too, as his paw on the bare rear of Al moved up to gently stroke and pinch at the lowest and largest lovehandle on the side of his black wolf.

A deep gurgle from Sanguis’ stomach interrupted the mutual groping session while putting a whole new blush on the canine’s face. The lighter wolf went beet red, removing his paw from the back of Al and placing it on the side of his stomach in bashful recognition of the over-engorged table muscle. His other paw went there too, and they both began to rub the bloated swell of overindulgence in lazy, long arcs. His arms were also in on that, their bare surfaces rubbing like a separate set of paws along that doughy expanse of a torso. Even his moobs were rubbed, thanks to the sacs of blubber that were the canine’s upper arms. Those flabby appendages were capable of little else than bringing more food to his muzzle, and it showed as the rubbing lasted for a few moments before the wolf lowered them back down to his sides. Simply standing beside Al with a sheepish look on his face now, Sanguis was quite embarrassed to have ended their enjoyment of their hard work.

“Hungry huh?”

“It’s been like 3 hours since lunch…” Sanguis trailed off, getting a laugh from Al whose stomach also gurgled at the mention of lunch. It had been a glorious feast of more pizza than either could fathom eating in a normal setting; 5 a piece. Whole.

“Why don’t you go and pick a movie then huh?”

“Sure, got a preference?” Al shook his head in reply to the question, making Sanguis sigh heavily. “I can’t always pick you know.”

“I pick the food, you pick the entertainment.” Al responded cheerily, getting a grumble from Sanguis who just began the laborious waddle back to the living room. He didn’t depart without giving Al’s ass a teasing slap though, making the wolf yelp again and his whole frame slosh about in place. Blushing at being surprised so easily again, Al made a face at the lighter canine. All he got in reply though was a snicker and a half-hearted wave, mostly because moving an arm that large required more muscle in it than Sanguis had in his whole frame.

Shaking his head slightly, and making his multitude of chins jostle about as a result, Al got back to preparing their food. He leaned back down to the still-open oven and retrieved the second pan of chicken Alfredo, putting it beside the first. He grunted as he stood back up to do so, his back not quite used to having all of the heft it was asked to support.  The canine did fine though, and as he set the second buffet-sized platter of filling and fattening food down, he sighed inwardly. All of his heft was just settling onto him in spades, and it would be only a matter of time before both he and Sanguis were left as little more than hungry balls of food and fat. Immobility was enticing to both of them, as given away by the renewed erection Al was sporting under his stomach. It was a bit scary though, to think that they would need someone to feed them and all that… But that was a bridge to cross later. Now was time for food and romance and a movie and then probably some after-dinner ‘playtime’. The bedroom was going to get used a lot that night, Al was sure of it… Both had been pent up as of late.

Letting the dishes cool, Al set to getting their sodas brought out in a couple trips. Neither bothered with glasses anymore, instead choosing whole two-liters to drink out of as it was easier nor left less dishes for them to do when they got to it. Efficient gaining was achieved through laziness, or so Al had read somewhere online, and it was a philosophy that both he and Sanguis were trying to stick to throughout their daily lives. It was working so far, and as Al brought the last of four two-liters out to Sanguis, he knew it was going to stay that way. The light-grey wolf was already sprawled out on his half of the sofa, legs akimbo to let his stomach flow down between the anthro-sized thighs below. Rolling forward and then right off the couch, that stomach flowed down like dough from a bowl, crested with lovehandles that could swallow a forearm. The white fur on the front of that belly was a little thinner than the rest thanks to the rapid gaining which it had seen in the time he and Al had been together, but then again so was Al’s black fur on his own stomach. Neither minded though, as it let their paws feel the many stretchmarks both had; a testament to their gaining. Legs propped up on the low table which they both used a little more than a footrest while their stomachs serves at the tables, Sanguis had a remote in one pudgy paw and was already reaching for his first two-liter with the other. His eyes had wandered over to drink in Al’s quaking, slowly waddling frame every now and then, but they were more focused on the food commercial on the television, which gave away just how much he was invested in food. Al was quite the same way, but he was so proud Sanguis had given in to the same mindset.

Waddling back into the kitchen with a big, dopey grin plastered on his face, Al slowly hoisted the first tray with both paws after putting a serving fork and spoon into the slop of food. Normal-sized utensils had long outlived their usefulness to the pair of gluttons, and so they had moved on to ones that were more suited for their bear-like snouts and outrageously large appetites. Al chuckled as he thought of the first time they had both eaten from such things, getting looks from their friends and then getting a few other gainer friends onto the same trend. It made for less work after all, something every gainer strived for as it meant less burned calories wasted shoving more useless ones into their ballooning frame. He was still chuckling about that as he passed the tray off to Sanguis though, which got an odd look from the lighter wolf. Barely caring about that though, Al shrugged in response and went to retrieve his own feast.

Lumbering with heavy footfalls back into the room, Al was panting now as he plopped unceremoniously down onto the couch. The place the pair shared was hardly large, but the few treks between couch and kitchen were enough to leave the out-of-shape wolf gasping for breath. He would need Sanguis to either start helping him soon, or the butler both of them planned on hiring would need to be brought in sooner than they thought. Either reality was a thing that made Al happy though; less work and all that. Sanguis looked over at his panting partner, watching that moob-encased chest rise and fall in deep, labored breaths as Al struggled to catch his breath. He reached a paw over and gently stroked on the back of his partner in an attempt to soothe Al’s wheezing. It didn’t help in the least, but Al still appreciated the concern and gave a rather tired smile to Sanguis in exchange for that.

“You’re helping from now on,” Al said between deep pants as he slowly returned to normal.

“I know, I know… I should have this time. Sorry, I couldn’t decide on a movie.”

“Well how about…”


The movie hadn’t lasted twenty minutes before the pair were on top of one another. Food had been shoveled down as though it was going to flee at a moment’s notice, and right after that the two had gone from simply brushing against one another to fully pressed into one another. From there, kisses had graduated to gropes, then to gentle teasing, and now Sanguis had a paw underneath the shelf of flab that was Al’s stomach. He was gently stroking the fupa surrounding Al’s length, a thing which all but buries the still-large cock of the wolf in fat. Al was simply that fat though, and he relished it as he groped at his own lovehandles in heightened arousal as that was about all he could reach in his current position. Sprawled out awkwardly to the side, one leg on the couch and one just resting above the floor, Al was somewhat laid down but still sitting in a sense. It was all he could do though, as more would mean kicking Sanguis off the couch entirely, and that was something he didn’t want thanks to the teasing he was getting from the other wolf. Those paws underneath his stomach continued to grope and tease lightly, one every now and then reaching down the hole in Al’s fupa and teasing at the head of that leaking cock just barely poking out.

Al stiffened more and more from that, taking just a few scant minutes to go from being aroused to a horny mess of fat, wolf, and food. Panting again as he bucked what little he could up into the air and thusly against Sanguis’ paws just further showed how much he was getting off to being as large as he was. Sanguis was rumbling and murring in return, drinking down the sight as though it was a fine wine while his paws kept it going. He had both of them around the nearly half of Al’s cock that was protruding from his fat pad now, pressing down into it some to get all of that but just moving them around slowly to test how much Al had to give. The canine was so very close to orgasm, leaking pre consistently now as his eyes were screwed shut and he drew in sharp, shallow breaths. Bucking all the more, the whole couch creaked and groaned in dismay from the shifting ton or more it was being asked to hold thanks to its two horny occupants. Still on Sanguis teased though, ignoring the groaning wood and instead attending to Al’s with paws that swirled and moved as much as his fatty arms would allow. He couldn’t see what he was doing thanks to the shelf of fat on the front of his lover, but he could feel it, and that was enough to get Sanguis going down the right path.

Until the couch snapped that is.

Crashing down to the floor in a very loud crack, the whole wooden frame of the piece of furniture gave and went to splinters under the two. They both fell almost a food onto the floor, loud thuds coming from both of them hitting the ground and then bouncing off the smothered and broken furniture. Al rolled off and into the table, knocking it over with a crash as it sent the remnants of their meal clattering to the ground. Sanguis simply toppled over onto his back, the arm he had been leaning against on the couch giving way fully and creating a minor cushion for his fall. Both canines were largely unharmed from the fall, their fatty frames saving them from any real injury. It had startled them both though, yelps coming from them as it happened and a few rather rough gropes leaving light marks on them as they had tried to cling together for stability. It hadn’t worked though, and as the dust settled from the sudden collapsed, both groaned loudly and tried to move, only getting a couple jiggles from their engorged frames however.


“Yeah… Uhm… That was hot.”

“We just… Hufff… Broke the couch.” Al stated, getting a chuckle from Sanguis as he grunted and struggled to get to his feet. Al did the same, rolling onto his stomach and then straining to get standing. He had to use the debris of the couch and the table’s side to get there, but he managed eventually. Sanguis did the same, his whole frame fighting him rather valiantly, but the wolf prevailing over both gravity and his own gluttony after a minute or so of fighting. Both were panting in celebration of their triumph, their fur slick with sweat and the smell of musk now filling the room as they both knew how arousing it had been to do what they had just done. Breaking a couch with their own weight… How on earth could that not be arousing for a gainer?

“Should we go break the bed next?”

Al didn’t respond, he simply led the way.

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