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Marc was sinking. It was slow, deliberate almost, and yet he was sinking down into the goo steadily. The muddy sinkhole in which the small totodile was standing in was all but devouring him with a very sluggish pace, and yet Marc couldn’t have been happier. His friends had shown him the hole after all, and introduced him to the feeling of the warm mud rising up all around him. It was a new thing for him, but the short pokemon had fallen in love with it nigh instantly. The bubbling muck, swallowing him as though it were a blubbery belly made of goo was just incredible for Marc, and he would often sneak off just to go stand in the pit and feel his ankles, and then legs, get swallowed up by the muck. Today was just like that, as he had gone off on his own to let himself sink in. He was already up to his ankles in the goo, standing as still as he could so that he would stay right there and not recede down into the ground any more.

A shiver down his spine, which in turn made his legs shake ever so lightly, brought a minute amount more of the muck up around the totodile’s legs. Marc blushed from that, wiggling slightly at the pleasurable feeling of the warm goo along his calves, and that in turn brought more mud to him. It was almost a cycle, as the quicksand would take more of him in, and the pokemon would in turn shudder and shake about with blissful pleasure as he went more and more down into its warm depths. He wasn’t sure just how deep the pit of quicksand was, but today seemed as good a day as any to test it. His friends knew where he was, he could escape thanks to a tree right above the pool of muck, and Marc just wasn’t worried about the goo; it wouldn’t hurt him. So on he ‘struggled’, rocking his hips back and forth with lazy wags of his stubby tail while he felt his frame sink ever-so-slowly down into the goo that much more.

More and more down in he went, his knees almost into the goo now, the underside of his short, cute tail getting into the goo too at that point. His stubby legs were all but in gone now, covered in muck and barely able to move in spite of the totodile’s ‘struggling’. Marc just gave a light murr of contented pleasure from it, his tail splashing some of the mud around as it swayed around with glee behind him. His bright blue tail spike got covered in the mud as a result, just like most of his turquoise tail and the underside of his tummy too. The mud was very warm though, having been out in the sun all day after all and bubbling up thanks to a small hot spring nearby. This made it that much more enjoyable for Marc, and he knew he could clean himself right away afterwards… Though sometimes the totodile would just let himself be all muddy and gooey for a little while to enjoy it all that much more. He blushed again and wiggled a bit at the thought of how muddy he was going to be this time too, knowing all of his turquoise, tiny self was going to be covered in the brown mud before he got out.

More and more Marc sunk in, his tail beginning to get hard and harder to wiggle as it vanished down into the goo. The blue spine at the top was just barely visible at that point, and his wide ‘dile hips were starting to vanish as well. He was nearly half-gone, and as he wiggled with glee at that, the suction all around him pulling him down began to speed up. It was pulling him faster now that so much was under, and the totodile was squirming more with glee as a result of that. It was cyclical, and picking up speed. Marc couldn’t have been happier with that though, and he let out a small burst of water from his maw as a result; the mud got just muckier from that after all. His whole torso was swaying now, the totodile’s arms up at his cheeks and covering his eyes and muzzle as he blushed very brightly from it. Marc as enjoying himself immensely, and he still had so much more to go too!

Further down the totodile went, now his white chest plate starting to sink into the muck. The underside of his arms getting the goo on them too now. He was sinking rapidly now, and yet every bit of the pokemon was simply gleeful, and not at all worried. He wanted to sink in even more than he had too! Up to his head, over his head… That as what the totodile wanted now, and he moved about as much as he could to try and accomplish that. As a result, the large set of spines on his back was nearly submerged already, and his tiny frame was vanishing into the goo. If one looked at the puddle of goo from afar, they wouldn’t have even seen the small ‘dile, as he was so deep in the goo now that the tall grass around it made him vanish. Marc was fine with that though, and instead just enjoyed the bliss of all the goo around him taking him down lower and lower into it.

When his chin hit the goo, Marc murred again and felt his cheeks redden. He had brought his arms down to his sides as best he can, which turned him into nearly a bullet to sink down that much more into the goo. He was barely able to struggle now, that warm goo all around him limiting his movements so much that he felt as though he was swimming in molasses. It was warm molasses though, coating him from chin to toes and making him feel as though he was being embraced by two very large bellies. It was a dream come true for the small ‘dile, and he wanted even more of his. His chin was heavily covered in the muck now though, and it as starting to cover up his mouth. Just breathing through his nose now, Marc was ready for his whole head to go under, and shut his eyes in preparation for it. He could feel his muzzle sinking, his blushing cheeks burning so red that they nearly warmed up the muck around his face. His muzzle couldn’t open now unless the ‘dile tilted his head back, and that was too hard because the goo around his neck as making that nigh impossible. Indeed, Marc was well and truly stuck, and yet he couldn’t have been more content with the whole situation. He was just glad he had taken off all of his clothes, bandana, and headphones before he had gone into the goo! It could have been ruined… Not that Marc would have minded, but he didn’t want to have to replace it all. With it off too, he was able to get that much more muck on him too, so he was glad for that; more goo was always a good thing to the tiny pokemon!

Marc felt the top of his head sink in, the muck devouring him entirely shortly after and leaving little more than a few bubbles rising up to show that there had ever been an occupant in the pool of goo. The brown muck continued to bubble, and the totodile simply reveled in the warmth all around him. The top of his head to the bottom of his feet were entirely enveloped in the warm goo, and it was just bliss for Marc. He felt like he was inside a belly, embraced from all angles by the fattest, warmest blubber that he could imagine. It was like getting a bunch of hugs at once, and the totodile loved every ounce of it! He wanted more, and he could hold his breath for a good long time… So why not just stay and enjoy what he was already so very glad to be in. Fewer bubbles came up as he did that, the goo just looking like it was steadying out above where there had once been a totodile. Less bubbles, less bubbles… To a passerby, it might have seemed like Marc was drowning!

Not at all though!

Marc used Water Gun once he was done in the muck, a few short minutes after he had vanished underneath its gooey surface, and came shooting out of the pool of goo like a rocket. He went straight into the air almost a full yard above the pool of goo, landed right in it with a loud squelch, and then posed as though he had just pulled off an incredible gymnastic move. A scream came as he did that too, one of the ‘dile’s friends having come look for him right after he had vanished into the goo. This startled Marc, who turned around fast and opened his eyes to see another anthro just staring at him with a surprised expression. Marc could understand why, as he looked like a goo-gator with bright red eyes. He was simply a friendly ‘dile though, so he waved at his friend and grinned as best he could, still covered head to toe in goo.

“Come on in, the mud’s great!”

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