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“Just try it out, pleeease? It won’t hurt or do anything bad to you. In fact, it might help you out in the long run!”

“But Glitch, I do-“

“Come oooonnn,” Glitch interrupted, getting a furrowed eyebrow from Tobias in response. The paunchy, taller German Shepherd looked down at his mildly chubby hyena of a roommate with a light scowl, causing him to just pout in response. “You told me you’d help me try things…” He continued, his voice dropping off and his whole frame seeming to wilt as he spoke. This was nothing new between the pair, as this was usually how their exchanges went.  Glitch would request something out of Tobias, and then they would have a little bit of an argument, but Glitch would always win. This looked to be the case yet again, as Tobias simply sighed and gave the black-spotted hyena a look. “You did though!”

“I know, I know… Can you at least tell me what it is?”

“You know I can’t; it could corrupt the data!” Glitch retorted, frowning and placing his paws on his hips. His green eyes were now boring a hole into Tobias, and the canine knew he had little time to worm his way out of the situation. His pointed ears flattened back against his head in light defeat, and he now seemed to wilt as well. Glitch perked up upon seeing that, adjusting his lab coat on his shoulders as he held out a pair of vials for Tobias. “I knew you would do it. Just drink them up, they’re not topical like last time.”

“I thought we weren’t talking about last time ever a-“

“I knooow… But it looks like your fur grew back nicely,” Glitch responded, giving a poke to Tobias’s arm. The German Shepherd just blushed as he pulled back from the poke, rubbing the spot on his arm rather tenderly; it was still a little sore. “Down the hatch, let’s get the experiment started.”

“Fine…” Tobias caved, both his tail and ears down in resounding defeat as he took the two vials from his shorter roommate. The hyena squealed with glee as he reached for his notepad, producing a pencil from one of his pockets and getting ready to take down anything and everything that was about to happen. Only he knew what was going to happen too, as usual, and that made Tobias as nervous as always as he moved to drink the first of the two potions. It was a red liquid, and it didn’t so much slosh around in the small tube as it just jiggled. It was an odd consistency, and it smelled just as odd; cranberries and ketchup. Hoping that wasn’t the taste, the canine tilted his head back and down the half-shot-sized portion in a single swallow. It vanished between his lips, tasting of medicine and making him cough slightly as a result. The potion seemed to coat his throat and mouth too, making the taste linger for several moments as he made a few faces of disgust at the flavor. Glitch giggled to himself as he watched this happen, notes being scribbled down in a flurry of pencil strokes onto his pad.

After the taste waned, Tobias sighed to himself as he looked to the test-tube in his other paw. Still feeling slightly strange from the previous vial however, he experimentally poked himself in the tan stomach, only to find it had far more give than before. He felt no larger, and indeed wasn’t, but something about his skin felt different. Arching an eyebrow, he poked himself again, and felt an almost elastic feeling upon doing that. He then tugged at the skin on his arm, pulling it slightly harder than he would have normally to see what was going on. It stretched out a fair amount before resisting, and even then the resistance was just barely noticeable to the canine. Feeling more like a balloon and less like a fur now, he turned his gaze to Glitch with a fair deal of concern. His goggle-covered eyes were ignoring him entirely though, as they were intently focused on his pad while he scribbled down far more notes. Sighing to himself, Tobias knew he was now little more than a subject to his roommate, and that he would need to down the second vial whether he wanted to or not. Glitch was not the easiest to deal with when he got like this, and the g-shep knew that.

Sniffing at the second vial, this one light blue in color, he got the scent of cherries again, but this time with blue Kool-Aid? He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was a little less odd than the last one. He down that one too, head tilted back and a forced swallow making it go down without much taste for him to deal with. The taste was strongly blueberry this time, as if an entire crop of them had been forced into his mouth at once. The sensation was enough to make him gag, but Tobias didn’t think it was the worst he had been forced to consume; that honor was still for the one that tasted of curdled milk. Placing the test tube aside, Tobias began to play with his furred skin again. He was still very soft to the touch, as his soft pawpads gave away. The deep brown fur beneath his paw felt actually plusher than he was used to, a little thicker and richer to his touch as he ran his paw down one of his arms. Shirtless, as that was one of the requirements of experimenting with Glitch, he tested the same feeling on his stomach, which gave away that the tan fur on his belly had also softened up considerably. The flesh there almost felt loose too, making him a touch concerned as he tugged at it a couple times to get a sense of what was wrong.

Any concern of his skin being loose evaporated a moment later though, as a new sensation struck Tobias. He was hungry, starving, famished… Whatever word could go into describing when one needed to eat, that feeling came and hit the canine like a speeding train. Not waiting for any input from Glitch, the hybrid moved with a speed reserved for cars towards the kitchen. Glitch trundled along behind, but he didn’t make it to the room before Tobias had torn one of the cabinet doors straight off its hinges in order to get to the contents within. Holding the cabinet door in one paw with a light look of shock on his face, the canine took but a moment’s pause before tossing it aside. He then reached both arms into the cupboard, pulling out two full bags of chips. He tore them both open, spilling a good deal of their contents to the floor, before upending them into his mouth. His long, canid snout clamped around the hole he had made in the first bag with ease, and from there it was simply just pouring chips into himself. He chewed them, of course, but it was just a few loud crunches before a forceful gulp sent the contents of his packed maw down towards his stomach. The bag was devoured in seconds, and the second suffered a very similar fate. Tobias was eating as if possessed, and Glitch was just standing off to the side of the kitchen where he could take note of it all.

Packages of snack cakes were torn through like they were bite-sized, smearing cream on Tobias’s paws and muzzle as he mowed right through them. The three loaves of bread that resided on the counter beneath the cupboard were taken, balled up to make them smaller, and then munched on by the German Shepherd like treats. He tore through them with such ferocity that the observing hyena actually backed up slightly in trepidation. Hardly worried he would be on the menu, as he watch the wide-eyes and speedy movements of Tobias as he worked through food like it was oxygen; he was far more worried about what would happen if he got in Tobias’ way. Cookies, more snack cakes, a bunch of bananas… They all went straight down into the canine, and he had only scratched the surface of what was possible to eat. Glitch had done the shopping earlier that day, buying all the food the pair would need for at least the next two weeks. Tobias was also a big eater, so this meant that the amount of food in the house was substantial at that point, and yet Tobias felt like he could eat it all and still need even more to sate the black hole that had become his stomach. He was so hungry he was nearly in pain, but thankfully there were many more stocked cupboards… He just had to hope that he could get to it all.

As he ate, Tobias was far more concerned with what was going into his mouth than what was going on around him. As such, he paid no mind to the fact that his frame was starting to swell with heft. It was subtle at first, as his stomach bulged out rather handsomely with the influx of food. It bloated and stretched out, the first potion doing its job in making sure that flesh didn’t even put up a fight as his stomach swelled to new sizes. Digestion kicked in at some point though, and that meant turning the countless wasted calories that the g-shep had already downed into fat. Working overtime, his body began to soften all over at first as the fat settled onto him. His face softened, his cheeks swelling out to look full even when they were devoid of his fourth round of brownies. His chin sagged and formed a more-pronounced double chin, running the full length of his long snout and merging with the extra padding that had become his neck. His shoulders broadened and sagged down into bloated biceps that jiggled with every movement to bring more of the watermelon he was devouring to his muzzle. His chest, formerly just padded with a pair of small moobs, swelled into a pair of downright fat mantits that quaked and wobbled with every chew of the bagels he found in his next cupboard. His belly softened and rounded out to where it spilled out over the entire crotch of his stretched shorts. Lovehandles did the same on the canine, hiding the clothing’s top from view and then some as they continued to bulge out with every new handful of crackers that Tobias shoved down his gullet. His hips and thighs bulged out even moreso though, going from being chubby to bloated to all-out fat at such a pace that the sides of his shorts began to protest before he had even worked his way through his third cupboard. Seams ripping and tearing all along them, his thighs would have been the thing to shred his shorts if his rump hadn’t outpaced even their tremendous gains. Each cheek of his arse was nearly the size of Glitch’s stomach, sagging low down the back of his legs and yet still jutting out behind the gorging German Shepherd to give him an extreme example of a bubble butt. The seat of his shorts tore as he was downing a cold can of chili, making the gluttonous canine blush even as his pace of eating showed no signs of faltering. Tearing open another can, this one a large one of soup, he didn’t even slow as he felt those shorts burst off his frame and flutter to the floor in an unceremonious series of rips.

Now clad in just a jockstrap that looked to be further accentuating the rotundity of his rear, leaving absolutely nothing of the curves of his increasingly bottom-heavy build to the imagination, Tobias’ eating was almost speeding up. Freed from the tension his clothing was putting on him, the gluttonous canine moved on to the fridge. He had cleaned out all the cupboards at this point, and his face and paws showed it. Coated in crumbs and sauces and frosting, he certainly looked the part as he shuffled over to the fridge. His legs were forced far apart thanks to the pressure his thighs were putting on one another from all the fat that encased them. This made the g-shep waddle rather ponderously, and his movement had definitely slowed thanks to being unused to his newfound bulk. It did little to impede his eating though, as he just stood in front of the fridge and tore the door open. Knowing full well he could do nothing with the frozen food, he left that door shut and just began to dig through all that he could eat. The vegetable drawer was devoured as though salads were the favorite of the canine, though little poundage was added from that. The fruits in the fridge did put on more weight to the canid, enough to shred his jockstrap at long last and leave him standing there in the nude. Too focused on eating now to even consider what had happened though, Tobias just moved on to the leftovers that lined the shelves of the cold unit, tearing open Tupperware and stuffing his face into it. This got his snout messy all over again, but little else on his frame; wasted food wasn’t something that the canine could afford at that moment thanks to his seemingly unending hunger.

Glitch was still staring on, watching the gluttonous escapade unfold in front of his while jotting down fewer and fewer notes. He was all but mesmerized by Tobias at this point, trying to take down notes becoming more of a task for the hyena. He wanted to film what was going on too, but his camera was back in his room… He could get it once the serum had worn off, making his interview process that much easier once Tobias had calmed down. He couldn’t help but look at his bare brown rear and jiggling, rolling slope of folds and creases of fat along his back though as the deep brown fur on his hide just stretched and stretched. What had once been a small paw on his chest was stretched into ovals and a larger shape of some sort, not to say anything of his fur pattern being as distorted as it was at that point. His tail was being devoured by his rear, especially now that he had found the leftover pastries from the party a couple days over. Those countless useless calories were going right to his lower half, his arms and chest barely receiving any more fat as his hips, thighs, and rear just bloated out into sizes making him have an almost effeminate build. Glitch made note of this too, wondering how such a distribution of blubber had happened, but wanting to take notes of it going forward. Something was off about it, and he didn’t quite know what while he just watched and kept making his observations.

Chugging through his second two-liter of soda, the hunger Tobias had felt vanished as fast as it had arrived. His gulps slowed, turning just to light swallows, before the canine just dropped the soda entirely and groaned aloud. The groan was followed up immediately by an ear-ringing belch, making him blush profusely as a result of it. The hunger now replaced with the feeling of being stuffed absolutely to the brim, Tobias just groaned again as he stood before the fridge. He looked to almost be coming down off a high as he shut his eyes and placed his hands on his stomach… At least, where he thought his stomach should have been. His arms stopped far further forward than they should have, and this made the canine open his eyes in shock. He tried to look down to see what had become of him, but was instead stopped by the chins that had formed beneath his snout. He could see the rise of his stomach though even in spite of that, and what’s more he could see the sprawling mass of his hips out of the corners of his eyes. He could also see that those hips were bare, the stretched browns and tans of his frame out for the whole world to see. Becoming a little more aware of what had just happened, the g-shep tried to turn his head, only to meet the resistance of his newly-fattened neck once again. Forced to turn his whole frame, Tobias found out just how fat he had gotten; he could just barely lift his feet. Forced to shuffle in a splayed stance, the once-chubby beast was reduced to barely being able to move as he turned sluggishly thanks to being more fat than canine now. His tectonic gait revealed the mess he had made slowly, forcing him to drink in every agonizing detail of his gluttony at that pace. Wrappers, torn boxes, a ruined cupboard, broken cans… He had made a mess of things, and as he brought a flabby arm up to look at it, he had also made a mess of himself.

“Glitch… What…”

“An appetite stimulant and a stretching one. Made you hungry and stretchy. What?” Glitch asked, looking at the canine curiously as he slowly turned to see his. His tan front had stains of food on it, though mostly from his multi-colored paws rubbing against his fur; in spite of his gluttony, the hybrid had been a fairly neat eater. The tan fur of his stomach covered his manhood and then some, sagging down well past his knees only to be dwarfed by the fat of his thighs. Rolls upon rolls sagged over his legs, turning the anthro German Shepherd into more of a bow-legged blob. It was a wonder to Glitch how Tobias could still move at all, but he took note of that too as he watched him turn towards his with shock on his face. “Wait right there, camera… I need it. Don’t move too much, fatso.”

“Hey, what th-“

“Oh shoosh. You agreed to help,” Glitch retorted, and with that the lab coat-clad hyena rushed off to his room. Tobias was left whining in the kitchen, sluggishly trundling along towards the one door that led out of the room. He didn’t need to get there to know he couldn’t fit through though… And that made him whine that much more. His face now defeated as he just wilted in place again, he could feel his stomach still working on his feast. Hoping that the hunger wouldn’t return, the canine just sighed and hung his head in defeat. As he did that though, he spotted Glitch’s tea. The hyena was out of the room… And Tobias could still move, if only just. Those vials were still somewhere in the room too…

The g-shep couldn’t help himself.

Revenge was in order.

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