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The ad had read like it was specifically made for Marc. It was one for a new kind of bath suds, made to make sure that the entire bath got extra bubbly and filled with nothing but. The totodile had ordered a whole box of them without even finishing reading it, calling up the number with glee once he managed to find it. A few exchanged words, his credit card number, and a package was on its way. That package was the one that was currently sitting on his front stoop, and the little ‘dile couldn’t wait to get it inside and see just what he had ordered. Of course he knew, but he wanted to see just how many bubbles the small box could make! The ad had said the box contained enough of the small packets in it in order to make ten full baths, and that made Marc even more excited as he brought the box into his kitchen and cut it open. His dull claws acted perfectly as knives to cut open the tape, and as he ripped the cardboard apart and tossed it aside, he saw a piece of paper as well as ten small, pink capsules in a bag.

The totodile tossed the box and paper aside, far too excited about the capsules to care what they said. Opening the bag with a quick swipe of his claw, the totodile pulled the capsules out and stuffed them all into his paw; he planned on going through them all today! He had already drawn up a bath the moment he knew his package was on its way, and the water was still pleasantly warm for him. The short totodile moved as fast as his stubby, turquoise legs could propel him to the bathroom, his blue-spiked tail swaying about with glee behind him as he went. The anticipation was killing him, and it showed as he came trundling into the large room in the center of his house. His large tub, more like a Jacuzzi than a tub frankly, had just finished filling. The water still rippled slightly as drops from the faucet fell into it, and it began to ripple anew with the excited footfalls of the approaching pokemon. In fact, that totodile was so excited that he missed the edge of his rug and was sent tumbling down to the floor. The capsules went flying out of his paw upon that happening, up through the air, and right down into the tub!

Marc was flabbergasted as he scrambled back to his feet. He wasn’t wanting to use all of them at once! The totodile had wanted to enjoy his bubbles for a long time, not a bunch all at once, but it looked like he was going to have that happen. Moving quickly, and with a bit more care than before, the totodile went over to the side of his tub and peered into it. Looking down, he could see all of the capsules slowly floating down to the bottom of the tub, with suds already appearing around them. None had even opened yet, and still there were bubbles filling the surface of the water in the short time that they had been opened. Marc gulped slightly, his entire frame shuddering a bit as he thought about just what he had done… But, he was getting his bubbles, so it couldn’t have been all bad, right?

The water in the Jacuzzi tub rippled again, this time from nothing Marc had done, and then one of the capsules burst. Out from it spilled the pink powder within, and just like that more bubbles began to form. A few more ripples, then a couple more, and before Marc knew it all ten of the little bath pills had burst. The water they were in had changed to pink, but Marc could just barely see that thanks to how many bubbles were pouring out from his tub. Flowing out like they were being forced up through some sort of hose, the influx of suds into the room was almost immediate. They spilled over the edge of the tub, running down onto the floor and then around Marc’s feet. The totodile backed away slowly from the bath as this happened, his muzzle slowly falling open in shock as his eyes got wider and wider. His tail drooped in shock, and as he just looked on in both wide-eyed shock and excitement, the bath seemed to gain a life of its own. The suds rose up in a wave, moving up the wall as fast as they were leaving the tub across the floor. There were just so many!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, they were everywhere. It took mere seconds before Marc was up to his waist in the suds, and he had already backed feet away from the bath. He was still backing up too, but his progress was slowing as his curiosity and excitement was taking hold of him. He wanted to play with them, and though there was no water, the aqua pokemon still felt at home in all the suds; they were close enough to water after all. He had left the door to the bath open when he went in, knowing not only that he was home alone, but that he had no guests coming by to see him bathing anytime soon. This in mind, the small ‘dile turned around to look at the doorway behind him, and was shocked with what he saw. The wave of suds was already spilling out into the hall, running across his floors at a steady, rather quick pace as they spread throughout his home. The bath showed no signs of slowing either, as the level of bubbles in the bathroom continued to rise. The bubbles themselves were starting to become pink too as they got thicker all around Marc. He scooped up a pawful of them curiously, lifting them to his still-agape muzzle and just looking at them. He then closed his mouth enough so that he could blow at the bubbles, and they acted just as he thought; spreading throughout the room in the air.

Repeating his little scooping and blowing play a couple times, Marc barely paid any mind to the fact that he was up to his chest in the suds now. He was glad that he had stripped down for his bath, leaving his bandana and black jacket in his bedrooms they wouldn’t get wet or ruined. They sure would have been soapy now, as the dile waded through the sea of suds all around him with increasing glee. He could feel it all closing around him, but instead of any sort of fear about it, the totodile felt nothing but elation thanks to it all. This wasn’t what he had planned, but now that he was getting an entire house of bubbles, he couldn’t complain. He couldn’t swim under and around the bubbles, sure, but that was a small drawback for just so many of the things! He kept playing in them too, using both his arms to make waves of bubbles as he brushed them aside joyfully. He had kept backing out of the bathroom too the entire time, as inside was nearly filled from floor to ceiling with the suds.

Fully in the hallway, and now up to his neck in the bubbles, the totodile was having the time of his life now. He ran and then skidded along the hall, watching waves of bubbles part all around him while his paws slid on the slick wood of his floors. Freed of bubbles down to his waist again now that he had gotten away from the bathroom, the totodile moved to his living room and laid down on his floor. The bubbles were still down around knees there, meaning that he could lay and still have his snout above the level of them. Shutting his eyes so he didn’t get soap in them as he lay there, the totodile just sighed and relaxed as he felt the encroaching bubbles run over him. He splayed his arms and legs, his small tail sticking out between those legs and just swaying about with delight. That movement kicked up a good deal of the suds into the air, and as they dance around above the gleeful ‘dile, he just got comfortable on his floor and let it happen.

Marc wasn’t sure how long he lay there, feeling more bubbles form around him and then form larger bubbles. He knew more were still forming, as the sounds of pops and the light rumble of bubbles still forming in his tub still reached his ears. When the ‘dile did eventually move to sit up though, he chanced a quick peek out to see what was going on, and was shocked with what he saw. A single bubble had formed around him, large and covering him entirely in its size. Within his own personal shield, he could see that the suds had filled his entire house, as seeing any of his furniture or the walls or even the roof was impossible. Just how powerful those tabs were surprised the small dile, but he was too excited to do much about it. He looked around from his prone position on the floor, staring every which way as he was nearly overwhelmed with how full his house was. He didn’t dare move either, as he just was afraid that even breathing too hard would send the bubbles crashing back down on him… Not that the totodile would have minded that fate!

He lay there for a few moments longer, drinking in all that was around him, before he shifted slightly. This movement was enough to burst the bubble around him, and in an instant the bubbles came rushing in to fill the empty space. Marc yelped with shock and shut his eyes as fast as he could, the attack of suds startling him as he felt them all close right down in on him again. Knowing now that he had burst the one bubble around him though, Marc began to move and squirm around as he felt the suds rain down on him in droves. Every bubble he popped with his small movements was replaced with two more, and this kept happening as the totodile moved about. It was an interesting sensation for him, but as he lay on his living room floor, he didn’t mind it in the least… He just dreaded having to clean all of this up when it finally stopped!

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