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Jonathan couldn’t remember when the cage had snapped. It had been sometime in the past, sometime while he had been eating and eating and eating, but somehow during that time he had gone from being inside confinement to out of it. The hybrid had no idea how this had happened, but he didn’t very much care about it. The snapping of his cage meant that he was free to expand as much as he was able, and that was a lot. The blob of a fox-human hybrid was just a rolling mass of rolls, folds, and nothing else at this point. His limbs were either hidden by flab, or resting on it in a useless, splayed manner that made him look even that much more rotund. The male didn’t care much about that though, as he was having all of the food and stimulation that he could get and then some. He would often wake up to being teased by the bare breasts of his captor, following a hose being stuffed into his mouth, and then just lying there in his own obesity while he was rubbed, teased, and then ultimately passed out into yet another food coma. That was the only way the mountain of man could sleep nowadays anyways, as he had grown so accustomed to being stuffed to nearly the point of bursting that if his breath wasn’t short, he wasn’t relishing the full stomachache of being crammed full of more food than was logically possible, and he couldn’t feel Sandra’s small pair of hands somewhere on the acreage of his tanned skin, he wouldn’t sleep. It was a cycle that had rendered him far beyond immobile, and yet one that he knew he would be trapped in until… Well, he had no idea.

The day started out just as any other for the hybrid, as he stirred from his rest with the feeling of a breast brushing his nose. His eyes fluttered open, or at least as much as they could thanks to how much fat his cheeks had accumulated. Looking through the slits of eyes that he now had, the fox-human just stared at the voluptuous form in front of him and tried to lick his lips. Unable to do that though, his mouth too used to being open and stuffed for him to do much with it aside from drool slightly and suck on air while he waited for his usual meal, he just stared and groaned softly. He was already aroused deep below the car-sized stomach which he now sported, and yet he had been unable to do anything about it for a great deal of time. Some days his captor would take care of that, but most of the time he was forced to endure a painfully hard length probing the softness which had enveloped his crotch, legs, and underbelly with no way to release himself. It was the one part of his existence that he didn’t enjoy, but it did make the few times that his witch-like benefactor would take care of that aspect that much better. The trade-off was a little much for the beached male, but being in no place to complain, he just accepted it and waited for his sloppy feeding.

Those feedings had gotten messier and messier as he had grown to be so impossibly large. Each day he would get forced to eat either from a hose, or from a makeshift trough forced between the moobs which adorned his chest, or from the very hands of his captor. The female hybrid didn’t often do the hand-feeding now though thanks to just how much work it was to feed Jonathan. The man could eat for hours, unceasingly, before he would even begin to slow down from being stuffed. This meant more cooking than some restaurants would do in an entire day just for one meal, and there was only so much that one witch could handle. Instead, Sandra would either feed him slop from a trough, or stuff him with a hose until the pump at the other end deemed there to be enough in the hybrid for it to shut off. Those hose days were always very taxing on poor Jonathan, but the hybrid took it all in stride and just enjoyed himself as he could feel his stomach quite literally expanding from how much food was being forced into it. He took a certain amount of slovenly joy in being able to feel himself grow, and the messes that came with being such an unrepentant glutton.

Those messes were caked all along his chest and chins, a testament to the many meals gone past. At first, long before, Sandra had tried to keep him clean. When there was simply so much of him to clean though, and the witch was forced to be using her magic nigh constantly to either keep him fed or to make sure that he wouldn’t burst from the latest round of stuffing him to the gills, cleanliness took a back seat. Instead, the pair would sometimes make a game out of just how messy they could get Jonathan to be. This particular morning looked to be one of those, for as Sandra’s chest finally got out of his vision, Jonathan could see a hose in one of her hands. It spurted out his calorie-dense meal onto his chest, leaking the slop down the many folds and crevices of pure adipose along the male’s mammoth body to somewhere else in the room. Jonathan didn’t dare guess just how much of a mess he was surrounded in now, but being that he couldn’t see past the rise of his own tits, nor turn his head to muster up a look around, guessing was all that he could do. Still, there was no point in it; he was a glutton if there ever was one, made to revel in his mess and filth while he ate himself into new levels of obesity.

“Awake at last my pig, huh? Finally back to the land of the conscious to eat even more?” A hoggish grunt was all that Jonathan could muster in response, wheezing and panting as he forced that out even. As he had grown, even his speech had gotten fatter, reduced to demands for more food, then to weak pleas, and now simply grunts and groans. This response made Sandra smirk, as her nude form bent down again to look at Jonathan while her chest resting against his chins. That bosom pressed against the softness of his own frame made the massive male groan loudly, and had he been able, he would have just bucked his hips in arousal. Instead, all that happened was a sluggish wobble of fat and flesh beneath Sandra. “All of you is awake too I guess. Shame you’re so darn fat that you can’t take care of it by yourself, hmmm?”

A whimper came from Jonathan in response, his cheeks reddening in bashful embarrassment.

“More fat than fox, or human, or even anything now… Have been for so long, and yet you just want to keep eating, don’t you?”

Another whimper, more cheek reddening.

“Just going to eat until you burst, and even then you probably wouldn’t stop. Do you know it takes enough food to feed thirty people now just to fill you up?”

No whimper, just a deep blush.

“You’re a useless pig now… Nothing but comfort for me and a bit of byproduct for me to revel in. So completely and utterly broken that I can do anything I want to you.”

A light groan came from Jonathan, his head attempting to nod but just more wobbling came from that attempted action.

“Anything I want… Absolutely anything. Before, you would have worried about that, but now you just seem to be okay with it. How much of a hog can one man be, I wonder?” She paused, her gaze leaving Jonathan’s as she stood back up straight. From that position, Sandra’s legs were sunken in nearly to her knees on the pliable flab of the front of the blob. They were planted there though, shaking with the motion of that chest as it rose and fell with each labored breath that Jonathan forced in and out. “We will see on that, huh?”

With that, the hose finally moved towards Jonathan’s face. He had only been partially paying attention to Sandra as she had berated and teased him, instead focusing his attention on his prize. He was hungry, as he always was, and that meant the hose was all that the blob of a hybrid could think about. He was also starting to wake up even more hungry than before, meaning that he wasn’t getting fed as much as before in his sleep. He had always been fed in his sleep by the witch, but lately it had been less and less so that the meals while he was at least somewhat conscious were even larger. This meant more time with Sandra, more time being teased and coaxed to eat more and more, and thusly his stomach stretching out even more. It was to the point that Jonathan could feel his stomach and nothing else when he was fully stuffed, so packed with food that he could barely even take a deep breath without feeling the pressure of his lungs against his stomach. He could feel his own heartbeat on his stomach too, all over with the light throb of how stretched and stuffed he was. It was an odd sensation, but it was something that Jonathan took pride in; he had gotten so large and stuffed so much that he existed at the very whim of both his stomach and Sandra. His own mind didn’t matter anymore; his gut and the witch were it.

The hose snaking towards his mouth, the hybrid just stared at it and opened his mouth what little he could. The flow had never ceased, even though Sandra’s speech of sorts, so there was a new layer of cream and chocolate and calories that ran along Jonathan’s oceanic surface. It coated him anew in the gluttony which he embodied, adding a new smell to the cacophony of scents which came off of him every waking moment. Musk, sweat, stale food… All of it was there, and this latest spraying of his meal would just add to it. Another badge of honor in Jonathan’s mind, he paid it little heed as he just sucked at the air while the hose got closer. Little splatters of liquid made it into his mouth, and of course he sucked those right down as though his life depended on it. He was starving now, having been awake for more than a minute without food, and his stomach echoed this with a growl that could put most feral beasts to shame. The fox hybrid wanted the hose, now, and he would do whatever he had to in order to get it.

Not one to make him do anything but eat, Sandra slid that hose right in and then gave it an extra push to make sure it wouldn’t come out. Teethmarks on the line showed where Jonathan bit down on it to keep it in place, but Sandra wasn’t about to trust her gluttonous captive just yet with keeping things secure on his own. The blob couldn’t even lift a finger without breaking a sweat now, so how would be trusted to keep a high pressure hose in place with simply his teeth? In a jaw that couldn’t even open fully thanks to the amount of fat which encased it no less? No, Sandra was careful to make sure that Jonathan was going to get as fat as possible, and as messy as possible, just so that she would have her plaything for even longer.

Satisfied that the hose was in, Sandra slid herself in between the huge moobs which had formed on Jonathan. She had some time before the male would be coaxed to full arousal, and seeing as today was a day that he would be getting off, she wanted to make sure that he was properly teased before she went through the work of getting beneath him. The food would make that experience that much better too, meaning that the mess she had created also had more than one purpose. Things always did though, as Sandra was far more calculating than her looks gave away. Jonathan knew this, as he had more than watched her use the food she was feeding him at this very moment be a tool to get Jonathan to do other things while he was still minutely mobile. Her power over him was absolute now, and Jonathan was absolutely useless. He was an item of comfort and sexual release for Sandra now, and as far as he knew, nothing else.

Sandra, on the other hand, did have a use for the insatiable blob that she had cultivated so meticulously. Her kind fed off the seed of man, and Jonathan was more of a plant at this point than a simple seed. His releases were so strong and potent that she only needed to ‘milk’ him once a week, and that was enough to keep her magically powerful for the entire time between sessions. She fed him now purely out of comfort and because she enjoyed it, nothing more. He needed no more size; he was beyond any size which she had previously achieved with her other captives. Had Jonathan been paying attention while he could still see more than himself, the male may have noticed pictures of similar blobs dotting the walls of her home. Instead, he had been so focused on her… Men were just like that after all, as far as Sandra was concerned at least. This made her job far easier though, as the hybrid had offered up no resistance of any kind for months now. Once he had accepted his fate, he had embraced it with a vigor that Sandra had never seen, and thusly it made him perfect for her to keep him around ad infimum. That in mind, she had made sure that he was at least sated and comfortable at all times… Even if that meant stuffing him until he should explode on a fairly regular basis. The blob seemed to love that, and the more often she did it, the more potent the release he would give her.

He was also extremely comfortable as a result of these stuffings, slowly going from the unfathomably soft frame that he had at that moment to the firmer mattress of overstuffed gluttony that he was going to be once the feeding was done. Sandra did like her beds firm, and thusly slept on Jonathan as of late more than she did her own bed. The snoring of the blob was a little obnoxious at first, as well as his gaseous outburst while he was unconscious, but they were a small price to pay for the biggest and most comfortable perch to sleep that Sandra had ever experienced. Even the sloppy mess which adorned much of his frame was something comfortable, though it was more for the male’s sake than hers thanks to its cooling layer and the fact that it prevented sweat from coming out in some spots. Regardless of it though, Sandra was content with her creation, and knew that the male was just as content as his eyes shut with bliss and he really got into his feeding.

The witch, on the other hand, just flicked her ears a little as she rolled to one side. Her foxlike tail swished behind her, brushing the mess down in the valley of moobs where she lay. This was her favorite spot to watch as Jonathan ate himself into a stupor, though today it was going to be a spot where she napped. She had been up most of the night prior at some witch meeting or other, just having to listen to others ramble on about their failures and the like while she silently sat and listened with disdain. These functions were always so boring, and happened in the middle of the night; time when she could be sleeping. It was no matter though, for she could catch up on sleep on Jonathan… A thing she planned to do as her ears flattened back and her eyes drifted shut. The last sight she saw before that happened was the look of bliss on her immobilized captor, his own ears too fat to stand on their own and his eyes almost smiling in their compressed sockets as he just glutted on countless calories.

Some time later, Sandra awoke with a light yawn. She had indeed dozed off instantly, her eyes shutting being just mere moments before dreamland took her. In her sleep, she had dreamed of a Jonathan that had outgrown her house, a feat which was within the realm of possibility thanks to just how insatiable he had become. In the dream, these was a moat of food and sweat surrounding the two, Sandra resting on one of the cheeks of the blob of a hybrid while Jonathan did the only thing he could; eat. Eat and eat and eat… That was all he had done in her dream, and that was all that she wanted him to do. Partially unsure if it was a dream or a taste of the future, the nude witch stretched herself out slightly and let her eyes open. She peered down at Jonathan, who was still guzzling down his meal as though his life depended on it. His stomach was noticeably firmer at that point too, an experimental press of her palm into the fat between his moobs giving away that she only sank in partway to her elbow, and not past it. Her captor was nearly ready for a milking, and that meant it was time for Sandra to move.

Groaning softly as she stretched again, the chubby female stood up on the quaking, wobbling surface of Jonathan. This got a groan out of the hybrid, but he didn’t even open his eyes as he just kept on sucking down the food he was being given like his life depended on it. Unable to find a truly steady footing on the surface of her blob, Sandra just trudged forward with shaking, wary steps through the sea of flab beneath her. She was careful with her steps, and surprisingly light on her feet as she moved across Jonathan. Not wanting to disturb the glutton, she made it to one side with nary an incident thanks to some careful footwork. A few gropes may have been thrown in there for good measure, but Jonathan seemed to love it as he just moaned and squirmed what minute amounts that he could in bashful enjoyment of the touches to his frame. He could feel all that was going on, but some part of him hadn’t cared.

“Keep eating, hog… Keep eating like your life depends on it. I think you know where I’m going, so keep it up and I’ll make sure that it’s a good one for you.” Sandra cooed, getting a light squeal out of the pig hybrid as he gulped hard on the hose. He was now actively sucking at it, making Sandra smirk to herself as she worked her way down the stairway of rolls and folds that was the side of Jonathan. His legs, hips, and even thighs were just gone beneath the sea of lard that was his stomach. The male had gained in a very top-heavy way, and as a result it was just his rear and stomach that were visible anymore past his arms and head. Sandra didn’t mind, as she turned around to look at her handiwork. The blob… Only getting bigger, messier, and greedier with every passing day. It had taken far longer than the others, but there was so much more of him than anyone before him. “If I entered you in a county fair… I swear, I’d win every blue ribbon imaginable you pig. Just keep on growing for me.”

A grunt was all that came in response.

“I’ll take that as a yes… So now, to give you your reward.”

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