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Arms entwined, both Jonathan and Sandra approached the new bakery. Fresh in town, the place looked quaint to say the least, and that was something that had drawn Sandra in. Unbeknownst to Jonathan however, there was something else that had drawn the female there as well… Some rumors swirling around the place that Sandra had taken great care to keep from her tanned fox-human hybrid of a friend. The pair were just ‘going for a visit’ according to Sandra after all. There was nothing that could have seemed afoot to the tall, thin hybrid other than the trip had been slightly forced. His shorter, chubby hybrid of a friend had been rather insistent over it, and though Jonathan had been more than willing to comply, something had seemed off about it all. He wasn’t suspicious persay, but he was curious as to why he had needed to accompany Sandra to just a bakery.

Coming up on the entrance, they both stopped and just looked at the building for a moment. It was small, decorated to be an older-styled place with a porch and everything. It looked more like an old house than a store, but it was definitely the latter as the signage above the door gave away. Painted white with green trim, it was the essence of inviting and both of them knew it. Sandra just smiled and gave Jonathan’s arm a light tug, brushing her breasts against his arm slightly. “Ready?”

“For what? To go into a bakery? I think we can handle that Sandra…” Jonathan replied, arching an eyebrow curiously. He just got a giggle out of the female hybrid beside him, her tail flicking against his own as they ascended the couple steps up to the door. Ever the gentleman, Jonathan reached out and got the door for Sandra. He then stepped aside and allowed her through, which made her both bow her head, and get the first whiff of the scents that spilled out into the street from the open door. She gasped slightly at it all, stepping through the threshold and just looking around the room as she drank it all in. Jonathan followed behind, his eyes widening as well as he took in the sights and smells of the bakery. He had never been into a place that smelled so heavenly, and neither had Sandra for that matter, as they both just stood in the door and took it all in.

Counters lined both walls of the small front room, countless pastries of various shapes and sizes stuffing those shelves. Doughnuts, croissants, eclairs, cakes, pies, brownies… It was all there in spades, and just filling the room with more smells of baking than either had experienced. Both of their tails began to wag about as they looked on, scanning the room a few times as they stood still. It was a lot to take in for the both of them, and Sandra knew it would be even more for Jonathan to take in… But that would be soon, for now she was just astounded with the variety, and how appealing it all looked. Jonathan had to slurp up a little drool that ran out of the side of his mouth, blushing to himself slightly as he did but fully aware why it had happened; in spite of his frame, the male was a glutton for all things tasty. This looked to be mecca for him in that sense too, and he knew right away he wasn’t going to be leaving this place without a small stomachache from all he was about to eat.

“Wow,” Sandra finally spoke, turning to look at Jonathan. The fox-human was still staring, his bright eyes just planning out what all he could eat. Sandra smirked to herself at this, as it was going to be easier than she thought to cram him full of treats. “You look excited. Hungry?”

“I’m fa-“ Before Jonathan could finish replying, his stomach did it for him with a loud gurgle. This made him blush, and Sandra laugh as the pair finally moved from their spot in the doorway towards the counter. The cashier was a kindly-looking older woman, pleasantly plump in build and dressed in baker’s attire. She smiled at the pair as they approached, leaning forward on the top of one of the displays.

“Welcome to Kilo’s, how can I help you?”

“I don’t even know… It all looks so good to be honest. I know my friend here would probably eat it all if he could,” Sandra replied, getting a chuckle out of the older woman and a blush out of Jonathan. He went to retort that comment, but Sandra just kept talking before he could. “What would you recommend?”

“The eclairs are probably my favorite thing we make, and the brownies are good… Muffins too.”

“Well, I think we’ll take a dozen eclairs then, and three of both the brownies and the muffins.”

“Only a dozen? Are you sure?”

“Hmmm… Good point. Make it two.” Jonathan went to retort that order again, but before he could Sandra gave his hand a soft squeeze. She then turned to him and gave him a soft wink, that cute smile of hers making him just sigh and nod in defeat. He was going to eat them all anyways after all, so why not order enough to keep him sated?

“Sounds perfect. I’ll just get it ready for you… Do you want to eat here?”

“You can eat here? Hmmm… Want to do that Jonathan?” Sandra inquired, getting a nod from the taller hybrid. His ears were flattened back against his head slightly in embarrassment from the whole exchange, but he wasn’t about to turn down getting his hands on those snacks sooner than later. “Here sounds fine then… But, where can we do that?”

“See the hallway over there? If you just go down it you can find private booths and the like in what used to be bedrooms. Just a little touch we thought would make sharing a meal that much more intimate.” The woman smiled as she spoke, gesturing to the hallway she was referring to with her free hand as she kept pulling eclairs out of the case to put into a large, pink box. Each of the treats were nearly the size of her forearm too, looking even bigger than they had in the case and making Jonathan wonder just how much Sandra had ordered.

Exchanging money for boxes, Sandra and Jonathan both thanked the older woman and then went about finding a spot to eat. Down the hallway they went, peering into a few of the rooms before finding an empty one. Two had been occupied, by what just looked to be regulars to the place… Rotund, bloated swells of people that were cramming treats down as though they were going out of style. Jonathan secretly envied those who could eat with such abandon, hardly caring about what happened to their figure and instead giving into stuffing their faces. Sandra, on the other hand, wanted to be in both of those rooms helping the patrons stuff their faces silly… She also knew that they weren’t regulars.

Finding a seat in the room, both Sandra and Jonathan just plopped down into the plush benches which lined one side of the room. Placing the three boxes they had bought down onto the table, Sandra smiled over at Jonathan as she pushed one of the large boxes towards him. She held the smaller two closer to her, just guarding them in a sense as she looked to see just what her taller friend would do. He did nothing at first, just staring at the box and sighing to himself. He wasn’t about to turn down the food though, so after a moment of staring at the lid, he opened the container to be greeted with a dozen of the largest pastries he had ever seen. Brimming with filling to the point that the pastry bulged on all sides, and coated in a thick layer of chocolate frosting along the top, each éclair looked to be enough for normal breakfast for some. It wasn’t as though he was going to eat all of them… Would he? Sure, Jonathan was hungry, but he doubted he was hungry enough to eat them all. One or two, or maybe even eight, sure… But two dozen? Sandra had eyes bigger than Jonathan’s stomach, again, and he was going to have to stuff himself for her… Not that he minded.

Picking up one of the treats and bringing it to his mouth, Jonathan inadvertently squeezed the treat enough for some of the filling to spill down into his lap. He didn’t bother cleaning it though, as he knew that was going to happen many more times before the meal was over, and he had worn clothes out after all. Sandra chuckled at that sight, but just watched the éclair close in on Jonathan’s mouth. Slowly but surely, the unsteady hands of the fox-human hybrid brought it closer and closer in. Those tanned mitts were both having to hold it thanks to the size and weight of the pastry, and as they pushed it into his mouth, it looked like Jonathan was struggling just to open his mouth wide enough to fit it in. Crème and chocolate coated his lips, but as he bit down onto the pastry and took it into his mouth, none of that mattered to the male. No, nothing at all mattered but what had been crammed into his mouth.

It was an explosion of flavor unlike any that he had experienced, and this was saying something for the countless meals that both he and Sandra had eaten. The crème was luscious and rich, and seemed to just burst from the pastry in an unending torrent of flavorful glops. The crust was flaky and rich, but still just warm enough to show how fresh it was. The chocolate was pure and sweet, the perfect accompaniment to the sweetness of the crème, and yet had just enough of chocolate’s bitterness to offset it in a way to make sure that it didn’t get lost amongst the crème. It was a perfect dessert in every way, and as Jonathan let the pastry linger near his mouth, he didn’t even want to chew. He just wanted to savor what he had bitten into for as long as possible as it filled his bulging cheeks and half-open mouth. It was utter bliss, that first bite, and to think that he had so, so many more coming after it… His tail began to flutter back and forth in excited anticipation.

Perked up and with renewed vigor, the fox-human pulled the pastry back and began to chew slowly. His eyes slid shut and he let out a low groan of contentment, both of his hands still gently clutching the éclair as though it would get away if he let it go. Sandra had to chuckle to herself at that sight, watching Jonathan sink back into what he did best; eat. He chewed for a long few moments, savoring the flavors that mushed and mashed together in his mouth, before gulping down the treat in a hard swallow. Panting lightly for a second or so after, he just opened his eyes and grinned wide at Sandra. His face was splattered with crème and chocolate already, and his mouth was no better as it had bits of pastry between his teeth. The female hybrid had to laugh at that, giving Jonathan a light pat on the head as she did. Jonathan didn’t pay the laughing or pat mind like he usually did though, his eyes glazing over slightly and his vision turning towards the éclair. Something new was in his eyes, his grip around the treat tightening somewhat as the food reached his stomach and settled there; the éclair had him.

“I guess you like it huh?” No response came though, just the sound of another bite being taken as the hybrid dug into his treat. With this bite though, he didn’t take it and then break it off. Instead, he took the pastry and held it in his mouth, then pushing on the back of it and squeezing along its length. His throat and cheeks bulged with what he was doing, but a contented groan gave away that he was far more content with his choice than his body was making it look. Squeezing all the crème from the éclair as he went, he just gulped it down like a small hose was attached to his face. Swallow after swallow, it went from the pastry and down into him, however something seemed different about the éclair as Jonathan did that. Instead of just emptying itself and being done, the pastry looked to almost be refilling itself with crème as fast as it was being forced out. Jonathan was hardly aware enough to pay it any mind, as he was far too busy enjoying himself with the flow of fattening goo forcing its way into his middle. Sandra was keenly aware of what was going on though, and watched as the éclair just deformed around Jonathan’s hands, then took shape again, and then contracted anew thanks to a new squeeze from Jonathan. It looked to be endless, and with the male hybrid just being more than content to guzzle it down until he burst, Sandra knew coming to this particular bakery was no mistake.

All of the crème had to go somewhere on Jonathan, and down into his stomach was where. What had been a flat stomach began to bulge after just moments of the guzzling of the crème, and after a minute or so of it, the male fox-human looked to be inflating before Sandra’s eyes. With each swallow his stomach seemed to pulsate slightly, bulging just a little more out from the underside of his shirt, and out into his lap. It wasn’t fattening out just yet either, instead looking to inflate an ever-so-minute amount with every gulp. Bulging out further and further, it wasn’t long before a light pop reached Sandra’s ears, and she was forced to look down as Jonathan’s belly button had popped out from the pressure on his stomach. It was reddening and starting to get the beginnings of stretchmarks, looking less like the middle of her friend and more like a pregnant woman’s stomach. Still Jonathan ate though, the crème still coming in droves and his mouth still guzzling it down with abandon. A twinge of worry came to Sandra at that, and she reached out her hands to begin to rub along that bloated swell which Jonathan was now sporting. Exposed to the open air, it was growing larger and larger still thanks to its owner’s entranced gluttony. Sandra couldn’t help but stare at it as he hands moved to massage its reddened surface, their soft surface rubbing along the stretched one in gentle, slow arcs to try and soothe some of the pressure that was undoubtedly building in Jonathan.

Just Sandra’s touch was enough to startle Jonathan into stopping his glutting for a moment, making him bite down and chew up the second bite of his éclair. Just two bites down of the pastry now, and with many more to go from the looks of it; the male still needed two hands to hold it up. Sandra smiled a bit at Jonathan, who paid her no mind and instead just laid his head back against the bench’s top. In that position for a moment, Sandra took the opportunity to put a little pressure on that swollen stomach of his, which forced out a deafening belch from his mouth. Bits of crème and flakes of crust also came out, but neither Sandra nor Jonathan was very concerned with that, as they both were lost in their own little worlds. Jonathan sat back up to get back to work on his éclair, this time just taking a bite out of it and forcing it down after a few solid chomps. Another went down that way, then another, and it wasn’t but a minute before what would have taken Sandra nearly five minutes to eat was being licked from the hands of her bloated friend.

Sandra, on the other hand, had been massaging that swollen stomach the whole time. As soon as the influx of crème had ceased, it was as if his body finally figured out that digestion needed to happen. Within moments, the skin on the front of his stomach began to soften and lose its reddened hue. His belly button popped back in, and even as huge chunks of éclair were coming down, the firmness that had been the rock of his stomach was steadily being replaced with the pliable, doughy feeling of fat. Of course, that fat was also spreading out along Jonathan’s body, tightening his pants and sleeves over the course of the next two eclairs. Sandra didn’t stop her rubbing though, and instead let her hands wander over more than Jonathan’s stomach as he began to tear his clothing thanks to his gluttonous escapades. His body was working overtime to turn all of the thousands of calories that he was eating into fat, and thusly Sandra just got to watch as her friend fattened in real time right before her eyes. A flat chest sprouted small breasts, then full moobs which tore at the sides of his shirt in one loud rip. The sleeves burst at the same moment, the doughy wings which had formed along his arms being too much for the once form-fitting shirt. His pants were no better, his thighs swelling out to a far rounder shape. Tears and rips formed along his pants, the seat of them being the first to go thanks to all of the newfound mass making its way to his rump. His thighs made short work of the remaining fabric that was covering him, splitting along seams before just shredding altogether in one unceremonious bursting of fabric. Jonathan noticed none of this though, as he kept cramming pastries into his maw as though they were going to run away from him if he didn’t. This reckless gluttony was keeping him gaining, and it kept Sandra happy as she made her way along his frame with her hands. She picked out the fabric from between the newly-made folds of fat which covered him, removing shirt from under his moobs while pulling jean remnants out from under his thighs.

The crème spilling down his front she did nothing about, letting his revel in his mess as he would need to clean it up at some point. Now on his eighth éclair, Jonathan was fully lost to eating. His eyes were locked on the box and nothing else, glazed over and looking to be hypnotized. Sandra had heard the food here did this, but to see it in action… She would need to bring Jonathan here more often to say the least. Bringing her hands back for a moment to survey what she had done, that seemed to be some sort of trigger for Jonathan. He stopped his glutting for a moment, still chewing the last of the éclair he had started mere moments before. His face and chest were a smattering of crème and chocolate now, transforming him from cutely messy to an unabashed glutton with just a few splatters of food. Needless to say, Sandra had to smile to herself as she looked on at the massive change which had taken such a short time to happen. Gone was the lanky hybrid she had walked in with, and in its place was a male that looked to be easily four times the weight Jonathan had been when they entered.

Resuming his glutting, Jonathan picked up another éclair and began to suck on it as before. Sandra drew the connection instantly; rubbing would make him eat, leaving him be would make him guzzle the crème down. It was a strange sort of trigger, but what she could do with that… Sandra wondered just how wide the door had been they had entered, and what it would take to leave. Two dozen also seemed like it wouldn’t be enough for Jonathan suddenly too. The fox-hybrid was a growing, strong man after all… He needed his nourishment, and Sandra was going to make sure he got it. All of it.

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