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The flash of light faded the second the knock at the door reached Andrea’s ears. The fattened female just blushed as she heard it, adjusting her top over her breasts and just smiling to herself. What had been a downright fat fox just moments before was a busty, fat fem of a fox now thanks to a bit of magic. Andrew, the original fox, knew just how much his small friend Marc loved big girls. A bit of magic made that possible for the fox, and thus Andrea was brought into being. He had done this before, sure, but never alone with the totodile who was at his door. Knowing full well that there was no hiding someone as sizable as her, the vulpine just leaned against the base of her bed for a moment before hearing a second knock come from the door. Her top was far too tight, and the pants she was wearing did little to hide her curves; the accentuated them if anything. That was the plan though, and she was as ready as she was going to get as she just stood there.

“It’s unlocked, and I’m in the bedroom,” she called towards the door, hoping that the small pokemon on the other side would be able to hear her. Andrea had tried to use her most manly voice to call that out, hoping that it would be enough to convince Marc that nothing was amiss… Quite yet of course. Once the totodile saw the surprise he was in for though, all bets were off. Andrea just had to hope that Marc could like what was going to be coming to him, as it was something special for Andrew to be Andrea. A click from the door, a few small footfalls getting closer to the room, and then the sound of claws striking the handle of the door to the bedroom. Leaning back a bit more so that she looked even bustier, the femmy fox just waited for Marc to come through the door and see her in her heavyset glory.

The knob on the door twisted, and in strode Marc. “I hear-…” He started, stopping and then staring with his mouth agape at Andrea. His turquoise cheeks immediately flushed, his red eyes wide as they tried to drink in all that was in front of him. Clad in just an ill-fitting pink shirt and cut-off shorts that were a few sizes too small, Andrea was looming over him as he hung in the doorway. The totodile’s much-smaller stature made it hard for the vulpine to see him over her bust, but she managed to see the top of his head and his wide-eyed expression just fine. This got a small giggle out of her as she just stayed where she was, letting the pokemon stare for a moment. Unsure of what to say or do, Marc just waited as he kept blushing and looking on. Her large breasts, voluptuous thighs, apron of a stomach… It was all there for the totodile in each ounce of its glory. She was so beautiful to the totodile that he was unsure if he had even come to the right house! “I… Uhm… I…” He stammered, trying to think of words as his mind just blanked entirely on what to say to the gorgeous woman in front of him.

“Hi you,” Andrea interjected, leaning up from her spot against her bed and moving towards the totodile. “Figured a little bit of a surprise was in order for my favorite totodile. Hope you like it.” She continued on, moving across the room with grace as she let her thighs rub against one another and made her steps rather heavy to get her whole frame jiggling and bouncing against itself. The fat on her legs, arms, stomach, and breasts just wobbled and quaked with every movement, making her clothing struggle to contain it all while her limbs just shook with every motion. The large amount of exposed stomach hanging beneath her shirt was nearly level with Marc’s head, and it made him blush too as he didn’t know what to make of it. The breasts above though, hidden beneath the straining pink shirt that Andrea wore, was what his eyes kept returning to as he tried to look the femmy fox in the eye. The vulpine just giggled as she watched that struggle, bending down slightly once she was standing right in front of the pokemon. She didn’t pause there though, and instead got down on one knee with a light grunt of effort; moving all that weight was no small task.

Once there, she moved to put her paws under his arms. Marc was thankful in that instant for being as small as he was, and he didn’t move to resist as he felt Andrea’s plush paws slide against the soft scales on his underarms. The leather of his vest rubbed on her pawpads lightly, making it shuffle along his frame as she got in position with the totodile in her arms. Once comfortably around Marc, she hefted him up with little effort and brought him straight to her chest. Marc blushed anew from that, having gone from simply staring to getting to feel every single bit of Andrea against him. He was smothered against her chest and upper belly, his head just barely peeking out of her bust as she held him there. The vulpine all but smothered the small pokemon with her chest, cuddling him there with her soft arms and a warm, tender embrace. She shook back and forth a couple times too, just to get her frame moving and to let her own blubber do the work of teasing Marc while he just blushed and stammered from inside the cleavage all around him.

Holding the totodile there for several moments, Andrea just cuddled up her small friend in her arms very warmly while she stayed put. It was something of an aggressive cuddle too, as she kept using her soft chin to nuzzle Marc back down into her breasts, much to both the delight and flustered enjoyment of the totodile. He only came up for air after the first few times, letting Andrea have her way with him as he just reveled in the softness that was all around him. Her arms, her bust, her stomach which he all but sat on… Marc was in heaven! It was just too much for him, so he kept his arms in Andrea’s and let it happen. He tried to protest once or twice, just too confused and flustered to do much else than that, but it was smooshed each time by the female vulpine. She wanted the totodile to enjoy himself, so once Marc had given up and just let it happen to him with beet-red cheeks and a dopey smile on his muzzle, Andrea knew she could take things up a notch.

Hoisting herself up from her kneeled position on the floor, Andrea carried both herself and Marc over to the bed. Once there, the few steps making the pair bounce along the way thanks to Andrea’s plush frame, the vulpine wasted little time of moving to lay down in bed. The entire time she did this, she just held Marc to her bust with both arms, meaning that the process of laying down was somewhat rough on them both. This got the fat on the vulpine quaking profusely though, and Marc just blushed even harder still at that as he felt his entire plush ‘prison’ move around him in undulating waves of softness. It was an experience unlike any he had ever felt, to be smothered by the breasts of a gorgeous woman while she moved about, and it was one that he could hardly comprehend. He was wondering just what he had done to be so lucky to get something in that day. He had woken up that morning with no plans for the day aside from seeing his friend, and gotten this instead… He thanked his lucky stars for that, and just nuzzled up into Andrea again as he got at least slightly more comfortable.

Andrea wasn’t quite done yet though.

“Hey Marc,” the vulpine started after her hefty frame had mostly ceased its wobbling. “I was curious about something…”

“Uhm… I… What was it?” The totodile managed to squeak out, getting a giggle from Andrea.

“You like being puffed up, right? A big ball of totodile and air?” Marc blushed redder still from that, even the top of his head getting a bit red from that one. He mustered up a feeble nod at that though, and that made Andrea smile wide as she moved one arm away from embracing the totodile. So embarrassed and flustered now, Marc didn’t notice the change until he felt the paw beneath his own snout. It raised his gaze and maw up towards Andrea’s, where he got to see her smiling face again. He smiled weakly back, still as red as a tomato from his position in her cleavage. He wasn’t sure just what the fox was after though, but he found out almost right away though.

Andrea moved her muzzle to his and kissed him!

It was a soft kiss, her furred muzzle meeting his scaled one very gently in the kiss. Marc went as red as he had ever been there, blushing from the tip of his tail to the top of his head as his whole frame stiffened up in shock. He wasn’t expecting that in the least, and yet here he was getting a kiss from such an attractive vulpine. It was a surprise even further unexpected for Marc, but he couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to; his arms were trapped by Andrea and his squirms in her plush frame were met with just the feeling of fat moving all around him. Plush was an understatement for Andrea, and Marc was finding that out first-hand as he just lay still in her arms. He just took the kiss and whimpered, too embarrassed and stuck to do much else against his voluptuous friend.

Andrea’s lips parted after a moment of the kiss, making Marc’s part as well. He thought she was going in for a deeper kiss, and that would have been enough to send the small totodile into fits. However, nothing else came for a brief moment though, and as embarrassed as he was, the totodile was curious as to what was going to happen next. The air started to come in shortly after though, and in an instant Marc knew what was happening. He was going to be turned into a balloon! It was enough to make his light purple frame turn a darker shade of purple in bashful embarrassment, and he just whimpered louder thanks to suddenly being huffed into. Breathing in through her nose and then out through her mouth into Marc, Andrea just huffed in deep breaths into the totodile. Marc took every bit of it too, unable to move his head or arms or any bit of himself to resist. He didn’t much want to either though, but he was so flustered that it was the only response that he knew! Knowing full well he was at the mercy of Andrea though, the totodile just took it all into his mouth in slow, lazy huffs. Little change happened to him at first, of course, as he could feel his lungs, then stomach puff out with air. Once those parts of him were full though, he could feel himself begin to expand.

Unbeknownst to the pokemon, Andrea had used a little bit more of her magic to make sure that the totodile was a stretch as he could be, and thusly wouldn’t even come close to bursting for a long while. This meant she could puff him up with abandon, and that made the huffs of air come faster and harder after a few moments. What had once been a flat stomach on the totodile began to round out, and then swell out. Looking a bit bloated, and just getting moreso, Marc just kept blushing and whimpering while he felt himself start to stretch out. His cheeks were already swollen as big as they would go, and his stomach was starting to press against the heavy weight of Andrea’s chest. Her arm was moving along his back slowly, being forced to hold him looser by the expanding size of the pokemon. It moved against him in a slow, deliberate slide off his frame while he just lay there and got rounder. Already a small beast, it didn’t take much air into him to make his arms and legs begin to spread out thanks to the size of his middle. His struggling died down as this happened, as Marc was just getting lost in the bliss that was all around him thanks to Andrea. He didn’t know even how to begin to process it all, but he didn’t care; he was just too happy.

More and more air went into the totodile, and soon he was swelling out of Andrea’s breasts. He had moved from resting in them to on them, rounded out like a small balloon with his arms and legs poking out at funny angles. He could still move them of course, but they could reach nothing at all thanks to the bloat of his stomach. He struggled a bit in the air, feeling nothing under his paws as he kicked them weakly into nothingness. His tail was just as useless, shaking about behind his rounded out rear. His vest had burst off him rather quickly, and was sitting in tatters on his back as well as on Andrea’s chest. His bandana was undoing itself thanks to his neck rounding out too; his stomach needed more space than his frame had. He was coming along nicely as far as Andrea was concerned, but there was still so much more that he could grow… So very much more. Andrea knew that too, and the vulpine kept on huffing air into the pokemon while he turned more and more into a balloon. A purple, stretched, bloated balloon.

Marc whimpered again, still kissing Andrea as he blushed and expanded. He wasn’t even bothering to move now, partially thanks to his limbs almost being sucked into the expansion of his middle. He had swollen up nearly as round as Andrea at this point, and yet he felt light as a feather thanks to all the air in him. Resting atop her and just moving more and more to be pointed towards the ceiling thanks to his expanding self, the vulpine kept puffing into him in long, heavy breaths. Each pause while she went to take in more breath gave Marc a brief chance to feel how large he had grown, and each influx of air just swelled him that much bigger. Rounder, lighter, more swollen… It was a sensation that he was so very curious as to when it was going to stop. He didn’t want it to in the least though, and instead wanted the whole thing to keep going until he burst. He didn’t even feel that tightness of bursting coming for him though, instead feeling as though he could get blown into until he filled the room and was larger than he busty, obese vulpine that was doing this to him. Something about that excited the pokemon, and made him embarrassed anew as he realized that. Euphoria washed over him in waves as he could feel Andrea’s stomach, then thighs, and then her legs all brushing against what had once been a small middle. He was more air than totodile at this point, and he knew it.

On and on the puffing went, and it wasn’t long before the totodile could feel both Andrea and the ceiling touching him. Knowing full well he was far larger than his vulpine friend now, Marc just flushed red again and kept on taking it all in. The kiss hadn’t let up, and in fact Andrea had only made it deeper as she tilted her head to one size in order to keep her lips even more locked with Marc’s. They kept on kissing, and inflating the totodile in a way that made him unable to do anything in the least. His arms and legs were just holes in his surface now, the light-purple of his body now looking almost shiny thanks to being stretched as it was. He was only getting bigger too, shinier than ever before while he took up more and more space in the room. His frame bounced and jostled slightly with every shift of the prone female under him, her heft making him move about thanks to being so much pressure against him. The totodile had given up speculating, trying to make sense of anything that was going on, and even thinking on what was happening… Marc was just lost in pleasure now, and wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. As such, he just let it happen now with nary a sound.

As the walls began to rub on the sides of the totodile, that familiar tightness of being inflated too much was making itself known. He could feel around his stomach beginning to be stretched too much, but it didn’t hurt. No pain came from the tightness, and instead it just showed how large he had gotten. More air was coming too, Andrea being utterly relentless in her pursuit to expand the totodile. He was larger than the bed, the vulpine, the furniture… He was massive, and only getting moreso with every breath that was coming into his muzzle. His cheeks had bloated out most of his vision now, and it took a bit of effort on both of their parts to not be forced apart from one another in the kiss. Marc did what little he could to keep his neck pressed forward, and Andrea had wrapped both of her arms around Marc’s head. This meant that he was being pressed down into her breasts again, and as a result starting to blush anew. He was so shiny and stretched now though that the purple which had once made him look like a different pokemon altogether was fading into more of an afterthought on him. His stomach looked to be almost translucent it was so bloated, and had he been able to see it, he may have been worried. Instead though, he just reveled in what was happening to him and kept on sucking down the air to get larger and larger. The tightness kept spreading as a result, going from just his stomach to his chest, then his back, then his cheeks… It was all over him.

Pressed against the walls firmly now, each huff of air from Andrea did little to expand the totodile. Instead, they just contributed to the tight feeling that now came from every inch of his frame. It was something that he was unsure of how to handle, and yet he didn’t complain or whimper about as he just sucked the air down. Tighter, tighter, tighter… it was all over. Even his paws felt it now, and they hadn’t inflated! Something had to give, and Marc knew it was coming soon as he lay atop Andrea. He wasn’t quite sure how much more he could t-


Marc burst with an ear-ringing bang, his frame finally having enough of the air into it. Bits of totodile went all over the room in an instant, but within that instant they also came back together. A bit of his own magic, Marc could handle bursting just fine; he simply reformed in a few seconds as his normal self. Granted, he always reformed just where he had started his inflation, and this meant the parts of him that went all throughout the room came speeding back into Andrea’s cleavage. He took shape again in between those huge breasts of the vulpine, making him blush even before his burst stomach had finished coming back together. He could feel the new embrace trapping him there, and as he reopened his eyes to see what was in front of him, he could see Andrea staring down at him. Her smile was a devious one, and that made Marc blush and gulp in nervousness.


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