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“Are you sure you really want to challenge me, the God of Gluttony, to anything even passively related with eating? I mean, I know you’re pre-“

“No powers for either of us, and first one to stop eating loses. I’d say that’s fair.”

“No eating the other furs then, too… Don’t want to cause more of a scene than we have to here.”

“Two massive taurs, gorging their way through a fair… Uh huh, sure, you don’t want to cause a scene Sasuke. I’ll really buy that,”

“Oh shoosh Kaji, I’m just being considerate,” came a retort from the wider of the pair of wolfdragon taurs, Sasuke. The grey, blubber-bound taur stood ten feet tall if an inch, and was oh so round. His first stomach, the one between his taur legs, dangled just scant inches from the ground and forced his legs to spread out somewhat akimbo just to try and move around its sagging, gravid mass. His front stomach was no better, further impeding his front legs as it sagged down over his thighs with its own impressive obesity. Lighter grey lined that stomach, and being that if Sasuke looked down it was all that he could see, the draolf was quite okay with that. His ponderous and slow gait was quite easy to keep up with, but at the crowded fairgrounds which both he and Kaji were attending, it made for more than a few irked passersby who had to somehow get around the wall of draolf. The narrow aisles and small booths were either completely blocked or brushed against on both sides by the massive obesity of the draolf, and though he was quite proud of his build, even the gluttonous god had to admit it was mildly inconvenient to start as large as he was.

Kaji was certainly smaller than Sasuke, but not by as much as one would expect. Fat was hardly apt to describe the level of adipose that clung to the black draolf’s frame, and obese seemed almost too small as well. He was still thinner than Sasuke, his stomach a good foot off the ground, but it still bulged out from his sides multiple feet and gave him the same sluggish pace as Sasuke. His front stomach didn’t sag nearly as much over his front legs either, but the black fur was nigh constantly in motion thanks to the legs below jostling it about with every step forward through the grounds. It was the fatter following the fattest, and the traffic jams that the two were causing as they slowly made their way through the grounds were getting on many furs nerves. Neither seemed to care though, the grey draolf and the black draolf just meandering about at a lazy pace. Their path seemed aimless, but both of the beasts were already scheming on how to get the leg up on the other, and eat as much as they could. Eyeing every booth they saw with hungry and planning eyes, they were somewhat quiet as they continued on through the grounds.

After a great while of waddling, jiggling, and holding up a small crowd behind them, the pair made it at last to the main stage of the fairground. A loudspeaker blared out something about an eating contest, asking any interested to come to some place in the grounds. Neither Sasuke nor Kaji could fully understand what was being said thanks to the old microphone, but they got the intent. The pair said no words, as the amount of noise in the main part of the grounds was hardly worth shouting over. Instead, they just gave one another a nod and began to proceed towards the main stage. Kaji took the lead this time, his slightly nimbler gait giving him a mild advantage in the speed department. Sasuke trundled along behind, smirking slightly as he saw the usually-svelte draolf’s ass quake and bounce about with every heavy footfall. Sasuke made no bones about quite enjoying that view, especially being that it was a bare view thanks to taurs needing no clothing… There was hardly clothing in either of their sizes regardless though. Maybe a tent or two from the fair could be fashioned into something though.

Making it to the stage, both Kaji and Sasuke took a moment to catch their breath before looking up at the paunchy badger shouting into the microphone and getting his attention. “Where do w-“

“Eating contest sign-ups are around the back, fatasses.” The badger hissed out while covering his microphone, clearly knowing both what they wanted and being rather unamused by it. Sasuke snarled slightly in response while Kaji just glared at the mustelid. Neither appreciated that treatment, and in that moment they both knew the agreement to not eat patrons of the fair was off. They had gotten more than enough catcalls on the way over, and this little bout of rudeness was enough to be the icing on the proverbial cake of treatment. “Now go on so people can see around you two.”

Moving on, Kaji and Sasuke made their way back around towards the back of the stage. Along the way, they silently nodded to one another that their agreement about vore was off, and that the badger was going to be the first to go. They waddled on towards where the line should have been to sign up, but were instead met with just a few large furs and a couple thin, rather drunk-looking ones. Each and every one of those beasts wilted upon seeing Sasuke and Kaji however, and a few just threw up their hands and walked away. Some of the more hardened fatfurs there though just stood their ground, looking almost combative at both the wolfdragons. Neither Sasuke nor Kaji paid it any mind though, and instead just moved towards the table in order to put their names into the running. Of course, by that, they meant tell the kindly organizer who they were, as reaching that table over their paunchy frames was all but impossible.


In the time before the contest, Sasuke had found some form of a harness to put beneath him stomach in order to keep it off the ground after eating what he knew was going to be a massive amount of food. Kaji opted for no such contraption, feeling as though he would be fine without it. They met up again at the main stage after spending some time touring the grounds separately, and were now seated out in front of the grandiose attraction; they weren’t allowed on it for fear of the whole area collapsing. The badger from before was droning on into the microphone, but neither draolf was paying it any mind as they were totally focused on eating. This looked to just be an overall eating contest, all vendors from the fairground contributing something to the challenge. Eat until you couldn’t, that was the challenge. Both draolves knew it would take more than that to satiate them, but they could hope it would be as simple as sitting where they were and having dish after dish brought to them until they were both too bloated to continue. That looked unlikely though, as the first few portions were brought out to them; meals for your average fur, but just barely registering as snacks for the pair of greedy mutts.

“Now that I’ve said my part… Contestants, are you ready?” A few lazy cries, along with one ear-rattling belch. The burp drew some laughs, and got a somewhat disgusted look from the badger on stage. “Well, I’ll take that as a yes. Audience, are you ready?” The near-capacity crowd all cheered and jeered, some here simply to poke fun at the gluttons and their unabashed consumption; those ones were going to be meals if Kaji and Sasuke had any say in the matter. “Well, I’d say why don’t we get this show on the road then! Begin, contestants!”

Neither Kaji nor Sasuke bothered with utensils. They both just lifted the small platters of food, starting with doughnuts and hotdogs respectively, and tilted them into their muzzles. Both beasts’ dragon halves were quite apt at handling that, as their jaws opened wide and the food vanished down into those jaws with barely a hesitation. Chomping down a few times to make sure that it was a manageable amount to swallow, they both worked through a whole plate in the time it took a few contestants to get less than a  quarter of the way through. The other two trays were downed in a similar fashion, gone so fast that both the organizers and the contributors were simply dumbfounded when they heard the empty clatter of a third tray come from both Sasuke and Kaji at nearly the same instant. The runners zipped over with more trays, a full pizza and more doughy confectionaries, but neither made it even to the table. Sasuke and Kaji both grabbed them straight from the runners and both tipped the pastries into their muzzles. Chomping and chewing down those doughy treats, Kaji at least had the sense to wipe the syrup and sugar from his muzzle and chins somewhat with the back of his paw. Sasuke saw no such need though, and instead moved right on to the greasy pizza he was holding in his other paw. He rolled it right up, forming a burrito of sorts, and then wolfed that down in three solid bites.

More empty trays, more runners being flustered as to what to do, and an organizer that was just as stunned as the audience. The draolves were hardly putting on a show, they were absolutely putting on a clinic on just what gluttony was. Sasuke was ahead, if by just a tray, but as his fourth round of platters came to an end, he looked over at the runners for more and they all shrugged at him. Some were staring in awe, others disgust, but there wasn’t an eye in the house that was not on the grey draolf as he lazily placed a greasy paw on his stomach and forced out another belch that could deafen those close enough to him. Kaji’s last tray came crashing down as the grey mutt did that, and the black draolf was forced to do the same belch. They both had eaten more than the rest of the contestants combined, each. Neither seemed to care about that though, as they both looked from the runners, to the organizer, and then back again. “W-Well… Uhm, give it up for our two winners then folks! I guess don’t ever get between a wolfdragon and their food huh?” A few laughs came from the quip, but they were drowned out by and large from the cheers of the crowd thanks to the spectacle they had just watched.

Kaji and Sasuke just sighed a bit, both mildly disappointed at the ‘eating contest’ and its results. They weren’t even close to done, but before they could get down to the real challenge of their little wager, they had to meet with the other organizers of the event. Free day passes were given to them to return another day, and both had hands shaken and pictures taken for posterity. A few vendors came over to congratulate the wolfdragons, giving them both free passes galore as well as inviting them personally to come sample their wares fresh. The other contestants even came over to all show adoration and admiration to the draolves, asking just how they could get so large and greedy themselves. “Eat,” Sasuke responded, with Kaji just nodding as he let the true Gluttony God respond to that one. “Just eat like you will never be able to again, and do it often. Your body will figure it out if you keep at that.”

Posterity, meet and greet, and the gathering of free things over, both Sasuke and Kaji slowly got to their feet. They then looked at one another with sly grins on their muzzles, and started to waddle off from their posts at the eating contest. “Hope you enjoyed, you tubs of lard,” came the badger from behind them. That was the last straw for Sasuke, who was known for a bit more of a temper than Kaji. With speed that looked physically impossible for the wolfdragon, he whipped his entire, enormous frame around and had the badger clamped down in his muzzle. The entire head and shoulders of the beast were in his jaws, and it was quick work for the draolf to push down a little more in order to get some of the arms of the badger into him. From there, Sasuke just leaned his front torso back up and gulped hard, gravity doing the rest and depositing the portly badger right down into his stomach.

“I thought we agreed no powers, fatass.”

“Oh shut up… He was being rude, and you get an advantage now because I had to eat him.”

“Touché, touché… Alright, shall we begin?” Kaji inquired, getting a nod from Sasuke along with a rather toothy grin. Kaji had to chuckle at that grin, as those teeth having a few scraps of the cheap suit the badger had been wearing on them. “Just having to do honor system, but tell me when you’re full, and I’ll do the same, okay?”

“Of course,” Sasuke’s eyes locked with Kaji’s as he spoke, the red eyes of the grey draolf meeting the other’s green ones. Kaji just smirked at that look, unphased to say the least by Sasuke. The grey mutt was hardly either, but he did want to look his opponent of sorts in the eye; respect and all that. “Well, have fun making a scene chubs.”

“You too, whale.” Sasuke just chortled at that reply, turning to head off to one side of the fair while Kaji headed to the other. They had scouted out the fairgrounds as carefully as they had earlier in order to make sure there was ample food on both sides, and seeing that there was, they had both somewhat ‘claimed’ a side for their own. The side with more fried food and chocolate went to the grey draolf, as he was a chocoholic if there ever was one. Kaji got the side with more of the doughy and gooey treats thanks to an unyielding affinity to all things soft and chewy. Both went off to their respective sides, immediately scowering the grounds in front of them for their first booth to raid and eat out of the fair.

The vendors never saw it coming.

Sasuke ran into a chocolatier first, thankfully one who had seen him eat. The kindly, older bruin had already left out a sizable portion of chocolate rabbits, skunks, bears, and various other animals right on the side of his booth for Sasuke. The draolf gave a slight knock to the side of the booth, to which the bear gave a wave and pointed to the side of the booth. Neither spoke, as the bear was also apparently a mute. Knowing that, and that he was getting more than a sizable amount of the weekend’s profits for the bear just to freely gorge himself on, Sasuke made sure to drop more than enough to cover it all into the tip jar upon beginning his gorging. Hoping the bruin hadn’t quite noticed the amount of the contribution, Sasuke moved his attention to the chocolate, and was immediately impressed by it. None had been in the competition, and thusly Sasuke wasn’t prepared for some of the best chocolate he had ever eaten in his life to meet his tongue. Sweet, smooth, just rich enough on the bitterness to be noticeable but hardly enough to make it taste bitter. The bear had even been kind enough to make the entire lot without wrappers, and it was all Sasuke had to not vacuum up every last one of them in an instant. He wanted more of them though, in fact he needed more… That bruin was going to make a killing this weekend if the draolf had anything to say about it.

Kaji had started with a doughboy truck, another free truck he had been granted access to. The owner was a corgi that looked to barely even fit in the truck in both terms of height and weight. The ball of a canine was more than happy to serve Kaji though, shutting down one of the lines entirely and just making sweet treat after treat fresh for the mutt. They were each hot, fluffy, and coated with enough sugar to cause diabetes from just looking at them. Kaji paid it little mind though, and just shoveled them down as fast as the corgi ball could make them. The little canid was clearly not used to having to work as such a pace, but he kept up admirably with Kaji for a while as the draolf ate through what was nearly entire weekend’s stock alone, plopped right down on his prodigious, bare rump right in front of the stand. He too tipped more than enough to cover every single thing he ate, also trying to take care that the owner didn’t see the generosity; he was supposed to be eating for free after all.

“Afraid that’s all I got for ya tubs,” came the words Kaji was dreading at long last. Kaji burped slightly, stifling it with one sugar-coated paw, before reaching for a good few napkins in order clean himself up. “You eat like you’re possessed, you know that? Reminds me of me… And I like it.” Kaji had to blush beneath his napkins, getting a bit of a chuckle from the corgi. “You and your friend both have fun now, y’hear? A fair is the best place to glut after all.”


Neither draolf could admit defeat, but both were beached atop their stomachs. Sasuke had made it through three more chocolatiers, a place that deep-fried an entire hog for him, two ice-cream stalls that he had eaten the entire stock of, and a myriad of smaller vendors that just had snacking food. Kaji had been to nearly every single doughy food stall, seven in total. Various snacks had been along the way for the black draolf as well, so neither could say who had eaten more. They had left a trail of drag-marks and closed stalls behind them though, thanks in no small part to their appetites and bloated, engorged frames. Sasuke’s contraption had stopped helping after the first ice-cream stall, his stomach spilling around and over the wheels and making the entire thing useless. He had pressed on though until neither set of his legs could reach the ground, and he was just beached where he was. Kaji was in the same predicament on the opposing side of the fair, having met his match in a rather impressive mini-doughnut stand that made them all fresh right in front of the patron.

“I can’t move, Kaji…”

“Me neither, but I’m still a little hungry…”

“Me too, should we u-“

“Yeah, yeah… Use ‘em.” Sasuke just grinned broadly at the response, letting out a roar so loud of approval that even Kaji heard him over the hustle and bustle of a fair trying to go on around him. With that roar, all of the surrounding furs around both Kaji and Sasuke dropped what they were doing and began to go to various vendors, gathering up whatever food they could carry and moving to line up in front of the draolves.

The real contest had begun.


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