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The box wasn’t anything special, if not for being big. Koebi didn’t remember anything about any sort of order, but the brown-and-white wolf was fairly forgetful, so he chalked it up to just ordering something and forgetting about it. No return address, no real anything on the box aside from his address. No company name, nothing… It was fairly odd to the canine, but he brought it inside his house regardless. Who knew what it was, and that little bit of mystery was enough to intrigue Koebi into opening the package with nary a second thought. He dragged the package inside, grabbed scissors from his counter, and began to cut at the tape along the outside of the box. It opened with relative ease, though Koebi was fairly careful about cutting the box open as he wasn’t quite sure what was inside.

Purple fur spilling out was the first thing that the canine saw, making him arch an eyebrow and keep on cutting. The box was practically stuffed with it, and as such it made Koebi be even more careful removing the rest of the packaging. He managed though, and once the box was open he stood over it with a curious expression on his face. Just why a box with purple fluff had been delivered to him was beyond the canine, but he was about to find out what it was for. Lifting up a small roll of that fur, he tugged and began to remove it from the box. It came out with ease, revealing a couple of white mitten-looking things, as well as a face of sorts made into the fluff. A suit? What was it doing in a box like this, and more importantly why was it being shipped to Koebi? The canine had more questions now that he could see the box was far more than just tufts of fur, but first he needed to get it all out.

Pulling and tugging for a few moments longer, the canine finally got all of his new purple suit out of the box and laid it down on the floor in front of him. It was very well made, looking fairly toony and yet perfectly portioned for what it was. The suit had clearly been padded out a great deal, giving it a fat and roly-poly look to it while maintaining its shape even while unoccupied and laying on the floor. Both the hands and feet were just balls of fluff, meant to do little else than just hug. The face was quite the same, a plush ball of eyes, a stubby muzzle, and rounded ears atop it to make the furry animal look as cute and innocent as possible. The thick, round tail at the back as well as the ears gave away that it was meant to be an otter, but Koebi didn’t really care what it was. Why was it here, of all places? He had no idea as to why, but he was fairly certain it was either a mix up or something else to that effect. Cute as it was, and as much as the wolf wanted to keep it, Koebi turned around after making sure the suit was carefully laid out to show itself all off in order to check the box to see if there was anything else in it.

Peering down into the box, it looked as though there was nothing else in it. No paperwork, no packing list, nothing. All that was there was simply an empty box, nothing more or less. Koebi did look for a bit more, and it was while he was looking that something touched his back. It was soft, plush, and yet gave him a rather rough shove into the box. Koebi yelped loudly as he tumbled forward, his entire face and front falling right on into the box as the rest of it crumpled around him. The paw kept him pushed there for a moment, pressing down on the wolf with a good bit of force and yet being as soft as could be at the same time; it was far too confusing for Koebi. The wolf didn’t know what to make of it, but he was a little panicked by it all and thusly rolled over with the box still on him. He tossed it aside as soon as he could too, the ripped package skittering off the floor as Koebi turned to face his attacker.

The plush was standing right before Koebi, its innocent face looking right at him, as its paw was still hovering off the ground. The wolf yelped again and tried to flee, but his legs felt as though they had been cemented in place. Every bit of him froze, and the plush used that to its advantage as it swiftly came right over to Koebi. Pressing into the chubby white stomach of Koebi, the purple one of the plush bulged and contorted around the canine before pressing him back finally with enough pressure. Into the wall both went, Koebi trapped underneath the far-fatter plush he had just taken out of the box. It still looked and felt unoccupied, so Koebi had no idea how this was happening, but his eyes were wide with fear as he looked up into the empty, happy ones staring right back at him.

A paw descended from the otter, ramming right into Koebi’s head with all the force a plushie could muster and then staying there, seemingly rubbing it into Koebi. The other one came from the opposite side of Koebi’s head, and they both all but smothered the wolf for several moments. Coughing and spluttering against the onslaught of fur and stuffing, Koebi squirmed and whined as he tried to get away. He couldn’t even budge from his spot though, the pressure of the plush purple otter against him, as well as the fact his legs were still glued in place keeping him from making anything more than feeble squirms and barely audible whines. It was a predicament for the wolf, as just the mop of grey hair atop his head as well as his black-and-white, pointed ears were all that was visible of him. Even his legs were hidden, as the plush otter’s were far fatter, and its plush, smooshed stomach nearly went down to the floor.

Stuck as he was for several moments, the pressure from the otter’s torso suddenly grew in strength. It was then that Koebi felt a zipper on the front of the otter. Something was there to allow someone inside, and Koebi was relieved that there may at least be someone pranking him than a possessed plush. However, just a split-second after that thought crossed his mind, the zipper began to undo itself. Slowly it descended, running along the white tummy fur of Koebi and ticking him slightly as it went. Koebi was too busy trying not to be smothered to pay it much mind, his head going back and forth as the forepaws of the otter rubbed and smooshed his face and muzzle as though they were trying to merge their plushness with his frame. The zipper went down and down too, just sliding more and more open as the inner material began to press against Koebi. Latex, of some sort, was starting to make itself known to the wolf. He wasn’t entirely sure what to make of that, but he did know that it was something new for him as he could feel more pressure coming now that the gap on the front of the otter’s stomach was opening.

As soon as the assault had started, the otter backed up and let its paws fall to its sides. His stomach was now fully open though, and as he loomed over Koebi, the canine could only gulp in nervousness. The otter wasn’t moving now, his hefty, plush form just standing stock still barely in front of Koebi. The black latex of his innards was fully exposed now thanks to that zipper, its light sheen reflecting back at Koebi as his eyes moved from it, to the otter’s face, and back again. His nerves were frayed at this point, and the wolf wasn’t even sure of what to think of his current situation. Surely, it was all some sort of joke or something like that… Nothing like this was possible.

The otter begged to differ though, as it pressed forward anew, although this time its paw slipped behind Koebi and pulled at the wolf. It was unceremonious and forceful, but where Koebi was standing one moment, the next there was just the purple headband of the wolf and nothing else. The wolf had been shoved rather successfully into the otter, by the otter. It was as if he never existed the moment that happened too, for there was no noise coming out of the otter, and the belly zipper flew right up the moment Koebi was inside. The wolf was of course struggling, but the latex insides made sure that the struggling was barely anything but a few light squirms and wiggles. No, Koebi was being spun around in that stomach of latex by the latex itself, which from the outside looked as though the otter had vored a rather wiggly prey. It took a few moments of absolute darkness for Koebi, as he tried to move about, but was trapped in place inside the otter. The wolf had no idea what had happened, just that he could feel his arms, legs, and torso being moved around by some force which he couldn’t place. It was soft, and yet had that squeak of latex all around him… From head to toe, his fur was rubbing against something that was controlling his every move.

Light suddenly appeared for the canine, and yet it was broken up with a sort of mesh. Koebi knew immediately that he was looking through the eyes of the plush, and yet he didn’t feel like he was wearing it. Trapped inside, he was quite comfortable with his position… Holes for his large ears had formed in the head, his tail managed to snake down into the tail of the otter, his arms and legs had been moved to the limbs of the otter, and even his muzzle had enough room for him to breathe, if not barely, out of the mouth of the otter. It was unlike anything else he had been in, and in spite of it being absolutely terrifying on some level, Koebi couldn’t help but get a little excited from it all as it felt like being surrounded by a million plush pool toys all at once. He wanted to try and rub his excitement too, but was forced to do as the otter wanted, which was not moving for the time being and just standing there with his legs spread out somewhat and his arms jutting out from his sides. Koebi didn’t know why the otter was in that position, but it didn’t take long for him to figure it out.

The pressure around him started to increase, ever so slowly, as it felt like more polyfill was being forced in between the latex underneath and the fur on the outside of the suit. It was an odd sensation to say the least, and it made Koebi squirm that much more as he felt the latex pressing more and more into him. With this added pressure came heat, and a lot of it. The fur along his entire frame began to warm up, and being as thickly coated in said fur as he was, it wasn’t long before Koebi began to pant and sweat. He was dripping down into the suit, and yet he could feel none of it pooling anywhere around him. In fact, the hotter and sweatier he got, the more he could feel the suit pressing into him and keeping him trapped in place. It was as though he was making the polyfill come into being simply by sweating, which was an entirely new idea to even the wolf. He was dumbfounded, but also extremely hot in the suit. He wanted to get out, to get a few breaths and just cool off, but the suit wasn’t about to let that happen as it kept expanding and tightening up all around the overheated wolf.

More and more pressure took over Koebi, making it hard to move his legs at all, then his arms, then even his head and fingers. He could hardly move a muscle as it was, but now he couldn’t make a single iota of a movement if he tried, and he was indeed trying. His fur was drenched, and the canine was panting hard out the muzzle. His eyes were blinking a good deal thanks to the sweat running from his messy crop of hair down into them, and he could feel his fur matting down all over his frame. The brown fluff on his back felt soaked through, as though he had just been in a pool, and yet it was still pressing more and more into him. In fact, if the pressure got to be much more, he wouldn’t even be able to pant well thanks to so much pressure on his chest. The wolf felt like the whole entire plush army which had once been surrounding him was now closing in, and going to smother him completely and utterly.

The pressure stopped building though, and for a moment all was still for Koebi. The only sounds that he could hear were his own panting, and the squeaking of latex as it coped with all of the pressure which had built up behind it. The suit looked to have gained at least two hundred pounds on the outside, and Koebi could see a small portion of that as the purple stomach of the otter had risen into view. With that rise in stomach, the muzzle Koebi had been using to breathe out of was forced shut, and so Koebi was just breathing air that smelled of his own musk and sweat with each and every panting, forced huff of air. He didn’t really mind the smells though, and in fact somewhat reveled in them as he just gave in to his fate of being trapped in the otter. Something about it had been enticing before, but now that he was completely and utterly powerless, trapped in the plush with no way out and unable to even do so much as move a finger… He could feel himself becoming aroused.

The otter seemed to notice this, as it sat down with a soft whoomph and then laid back. Koebi felt all these motions, as well as was forced to do them thanks to being the otter’s skeleton of sorts. From there, the otter just lay still on its back as both the ground and the pressure of the plushness inside the suit made Koebi feel as though he was being smothered even more. The rise of stomach was far higher from laying down too, and it was making sure that muzzle was even being forced up somewhat from the pressure of the stuffing against it. Koebi was arched somewhat as a result of this, but he didn’t stay that way for long as he felt his arms move. They slowly but surely roamed down the sides of the otter, rubbing at its belly in large and lazy arcs thanks to being so plush and useless. Koebi could somewhat feel those rubs along his own chubby paunch as well, and that made him blush beneath the fur, his panting coming a bit faster and harder thanks to feeling that much more aroused from the rubbing. It was getting even hotter in there for him, and the canine wasn’t sure how much more heat he could handle. He was drenched, the suit was undoubtedly just as wet as he was, and yet he had no idea when or even if he would get out.

The paws adjusted their path from the belly though, and suddenly Koebi didn’t care when he got out. Far too round and plush to have a real crotch of sorts, the paws just started pressing and kneading down on the stomach above at nearly where Koebi’s crotch was. They got better after a few moments too, lining themselves right up and then using all the plush force they could muster to tease and rub along Koebi’s groin with their stumpy paws. That was enough to make the wolf moan out between his gritted teeth, his own muzzle barely able to open now thanks to the pressure of all the stuffing which had been forced up from the paws pressing that stomach down. It was almost too much to bear, hot huffs coming quick out of his nose while he tried in vain to struggle anew against the suit just to get off. It wasn’t happening at all though, and instead it was just like he was stroking himself from feet away, and yet having a fairly large amount of success with it. The canine could barely even think straight now, so much craziness had happened and he was now being teased by the very suit which had trapped him indefinitely. It was ecstasy to Koebi, who had shut his eyes and just let it happen; he had no choice in the matter, he was going to get off whether he wanted to or not.

The paws continued, coaxing Koebi to full arousal in mere minutes, and then to orgasm shortly after. It was a big one for the canine too, who tried to howl but just got out a loud whine as he came into the suit too. It was now a suit of drool, sweat, cum, and Koebi… And the wolf was somewhat okay with it all thanks to having no other options than to be. He could feel the hot liquid rubbing against his stomach and balls thanks to the paws still working at him, and though he could see nothing, he knew he was going to be a mess if he ever got out. The paws were relentless though, still stroking the mess of a wolf who was somewhere in there, teasing and kneading with a purpose that seemed to just be to tease Koebi to no end. This meant that any sort of relief wasn’t going to happen for the canine, and thusly he wasn’t going to be able to get any sort of thoughts of escape as long as the paws kept rubbing at his groin and stomach in the way that they were.

While those paws were rubbing though, a light knock came to one of the eyes. Koebi opened his for a moment, and saw what looked to be a padlock. It was obviously a toy, but Koebi got the idea behind it even as his lust-addled mind was forced to try and comprehend the implications. The lock clicked shut once it had Koebi’s attention, and the little plush key on it was removed. From there, the key simply poofed out of existence. Koebi’s eyes went wide when that happened, and even wider when he felt the click of a lock somewhere on the plush suit. Aroused or not, he knew what that meant, and he wasn’t prepared for it at all as he huffed and panted. Trying to make sense of it while being as horny as he was couldn’t have been more impossible, but the basic gist of what had happened began to sink in as Koebi could feel a second orgasm coming up on him. His eyes shut again, and he just whined as he came again into the suit which was overheating him and smothering him in both his own sweat and musk. His reality was going to be through a screen from then on, hot and sweaty and sticky until something came along and either got him out, or his otter captor got bored. Koebi had to just hope his friends would miss him at some point and check on him, because with this otter teasing him, and controlling him, and reducing him to a puddle of hot and sticky wolf…

He wasn’t going anywhere.

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