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Zev flexed slightly, his muscles just barely bulging on his herculean frame. This little bulge though was enough for the small feline watching him, some tiger that he didn’t even know the name of. This tiger was practically drooling over the sight of Zev, the vulpine built more like a God than a fox, and had made no bones about coming right over and striking up an almost painfully flirty conversation. Zev was hardly one to turn down showing off, as he had worked quite hard to get his body to the point that it was at. As such, whenever he was approached to show off his musculature, whether it be at the gym, in the store, or even in his own home, he didn’t shy away from the chance. This particular one was at a gym he frequented, with a regular of the place. Zev had known the tiger had been watching for quite some time, and made sure to take a little longer on his sets as well as to use slightly higher weights than which he was accustomed with in order to truly show off what he was capable of. The added attention got him working harder, as well as brought even more pride into what years of hitting the gym had wrought for the vulpine.

Another light flex, and the tiger was already beginning to strip down. Shirt cast aside onto the small bench between the rows of lockers, his paws were moving down towards his pants rather slowly. Zev was fully nude, his deep orange fur exposed to the cool air of the locker room which only he and the feline inhabited. The white fur of his belly remained exposed as well, not an ounce of fat there as the section of muscles flexed as well thanks to a little bit of effort from the vulpine. His black paws formed fists to further accentuate the muscles on his forearms, which bulged in turn thanks to being used. Zev just gave a light purr of approval at that feeling too, as the very flesh above his taut muscles seemed to be begging the vulpine to ease up on the flexing; there was just so much strength beneath it. That tightness was nearly all over Zev at points during his workouts, and he knew that he had stretchmarks beneath the plush layer of fur which coated his frame. He never paid it any mind though, and instead took those marks as a testament to how much he had grown over the time he had been working out.

The tiger, now just in a jockstrap that he used to work out, came slightly closer to Zev as the vulpine began to get more into flexing. Zev was already lost in the usual trance of working out that he got into. His mind was just wandering about now, poses and everything else cleared from it. His length, already impressive for a fox, was just beginning to stir to attention at the sheer arousal of being so lost in what was ultimately something Zev got far more than simple enjoyment out of. He lifted one arm, bringing his paw close to his face while flexing as much as he could in order to show off the melon-sized bicep which occupied his upper arm. It bulged right out of his arm, looking almost fake it was so swollen, and yet it was both real and rock-hard to the touch. The tiger seemed to know that too, as though he was nowhere near as built as Zev, he touched that muscle and caressed it with calloused paws which had been into many-a-gym. Both knew the other was an expert at working out, and thusly the mutual respect was already there. Zev had the upper hand by far though, just in sheer amount of muscle that crowded his frame. He lacked a neck of sorts, his pecs made finding a shirt a real challenge, his thighs were barely able to squeeze into some pants, and he was always the one asked to open a jar. It was the life he had created for himself and dived headfirst straight into. The feline had as well, and both were just about to get to the fruits of their labor.

The coarse tongue of the tiger licking along that swell of a bicep made Zev give an inkling of attention to reality, even if most of his mind was still lost in the bliss of both showing off and letting his body truly stretch itself out with the flexing he was doing. The tiger had moved his head just to the bicep of the vulpine, licking at it while his paws worked their way along the harsh angles and chiseled slope Zev’s torso. The nameless feline was all but worshipping Zev, and that brought a new surge of arousal to the fox as he pressed on, flexing his arm again with renewed vigor. It was a real feat that he could get his muscle even larger than it had been, but he made it with a heavy grunt and a pull of his other arm into a curl down towards his torso, instead of up towards his head. Now with both of his arms bulging at the seams with muscle, and his feline compatriot adjusting position so that he could get better access to the absolute wall of vulpine which was in front of him, Zev knew that he could get comfortable. He worked on just that too, his efforts to show off redoubling now that he knew just what he was about to be in for. Stiffening in more than just muscles, the vulpine began to pant slightly already as he felt himself rising up to be more aroused.

His heart beating faster now, Zev could feel something change in his frame. He was unable to explain it, but he could almost feel his entire frame getting stronger in some sense of the word. Muscles getting bigger, his skin getting just a wee bit tighter, his chest swelling out while the pack of abs on his stomach became even more defined. Flexed, his arms began to feel almost heavy against the weight of all the muscle on them, but even that wasn’t enough to phase Zev. He didn’t really know what was going on, but something about it was heightening his enjoyment of all that was happening to him, so he thought little of it and just let it happen. He let it take him over, letting that feeling of ever-so-slowly increasing strength course through him like the very blood which was allowing him to show off so much hard work.

The tiger, already enamored with Zev’s physique, also picked up on those changes as his paws clamped down onto what they could of his biceps. He gave them a gentle squeeze, and then paused for a moment. Giving them another squeeze, Zev could almost sense something change about the feline as his paws began to wander in a more deliberate, rougher fashion. It wasn’t aggressive, but it was… Forceful exploration. The vulpine matched it all, flexing his abs and then his pecs, then back again as he could feel tracing along his frame every which way. Paws pushed aside the fur to feel the muscles below, claws running along that fleshy surface and stopping at each and every light tear which had come from growing just too much, too fast. There was no such thing as that for Zev though, and the feline knew that as he let those pauses come along with light gropes and prods to an area that was riddled with them. The vulpine couldn’t help himself but to moan, knowing full well the feline was getting just as much out of this as he was.

How Zev knew this was the loud snap that came a few moments after the tiger had moved his paws down onto the fox’s legs. Zev felt the snap of elastic hit his legs, and then flutter down to the floor as something new sprang up to hit him right in the thigh. The tiger’s own arousal had made quite the unceremonious introduction into the session of worship for the tiger, and yet it wasn’t one that Zev thought was completely unwelcome. He too was erect as well, one of his flexing paws almost moving down to begin to take care of that problem as the sign of how much the tiger was enjoying himself made itself known. A paw stopped him with almost gentle respect, clasping on his wrist and bringing that arm back to his size. The tiger then let one of his own paws go to work on Zev’s length, stroking it in slow, deliberate tugs while his other paw ran down the back of the vulpine. Just a valley in the middle where his spine resided was the only spot on the fox that had little muscle, as even his back was stronger than most fur’s entire bodies. It was a sight to see too, just a perfectly carved V of muscle from the backside over an impossibly tight ass and a tail which, while fluffy and patterned quite like one of his kind, looked almost out of place. His braided hair also resided on his back, stuck down on the crevice of musculature running down his back and staying there for the time being as Zev wasn’t moving his gaze much in any way; his eyes were shut in revelry and arousal after all.

Working on feel alone, the fox brought his arms down to his sides and then hunched over slightly to flex nearly every muscle on his torso. His arms, his abs, his pecs, his delts… Every strand of muscle that could stretch to taut along him went right to it as Zev grunted rather loudly. Even his legs, which were spread apart slightly to accommodate the filling, swollen sac between them, flexed as well to bring the muscles in them to match the bulging swell of the rest of the vulpine. It was a sight to behold for the tiger in front of him, as he had to wipe a little of the drool from his muzzle while he kept slowly but surely tugging Zev off. His other paw though, that ran down the steel-strong abs of the vulpine one at a time. The tiger even pressed his own frame against Zev, letting his far-smaller muscles brush against the Hercules that was Zev. The light grinding also included his cock, which was stiff as a board and even leaked some pre onto Zev’s inner thigh. The fox shuddered slightly at that, but didn’t let it phase him as he held the flexed pose for quite some time while he just let the tiger explore and relish every single crevice, bump, and swell of muscle that the vulpine had to offer.

Not wanting to hold just one pose for long though, Zev switched things up after several moments. Lifting his arms above his head, he stretched out much like the feline below him before bringing his torso into almost a vertical crunch; this resulting in the mere washboard of abs he had created earlier becoming rock-solid stairs that went up to his pecs. His arms stayed up above his head, folding crossed behind his head after a moment to just give off the illusion that Zev was quite comfortable in this position. That wasn’t quite the case, but it was so arousing to feel the light pain that came with pushing oneself to the limit for Zev that he almost was more turned on by this pose than any before it. The tiger had to agree too, as he leaned in and just lapped his way tenderly down the descending abs of the vulpine. His tongue rounded every bulge of muscle, starting right at Zev’s ribcage and then working its way down along the steps of abs which had been formed. His paw was now tugging faster at the cock of the vulpine too, while his other had just wrapped around to the back of the fox and was using it as leverage as well as a place to feel around for both the divots of musculature back there, as well as the sculpted ass that both he and Zev knew was just below.

The tiger did ultimately find that ass, and in the moment that he did, Zev again changed positions to turn that ass from ever-so-slightly-pliable to being made of titanium. His thighs and lower back even flexed in this motion, Zev standing up a little straighter as a result as his arms just curved down to his sides in a faint flex. The tightness of that ass in his paw made the tiger moan aloud, pressing his snout right into Zev’s abs where heavy, heated pants stirred the fur all around it. The white mess of fur was becoming slightly matted down with all of the licking, grinding, rubbing, and various other attention that the tiger was offering it, but that was something that Zev didn’t even seem to pay any mind to. Instead, he just pressed his abs out slightly against the head of the tiger while a paw moved over to cup that muzzle.  The paw didn’t take him at first though, instead it lingered still beside his head on the small shelf of ab which it could find while the vulpine unclenched and clenched his rump for the tiger a couple times, simply as a tease and to give the feline something else to get worked up about. Pre was clearly leaking at this point too, so it was working just as well as Zev could ask for; he just needed to seal the deal.

Taking the muzzle of the feline in his right paw, Zev pointed it slowly up towards his head while keeping the tiger as pressed against his muscular frame as he could. This was a little task, but Zev was no stranger to this position. “Look at me,” Came the deep, gruff voice of the vulpine. It suited his build perfectly, for if a slab of grade-a beef had a sound, it would be what just came out of Zev’s muzzle. The feline complied without hesitation, his eyes shooting open and rising up to meet Zev’s brown ones. The fox looked back, meeting the gaze of the yellow-eyed, white tiger with a faint smirk on his muzzle. An arm was raised, and with it Zev flexed hard enough for him to need to shut his left eye slightly. The vulpine kept his smirk going though, looking smugly down at the tiger who was all but drooling and giving him a look as though he was being shown sexual desire for the first time in his entire life. The tugging ceased as that sight was made for the tiger, and that made Zev grunt slightly as he just felt a strong paw now gripping his cock, instead of taking care of it. “Finish what you started, and you’ll get even more of a show.”

Not one to ask twice, Zev was pleasantly surprised that he barely had to wait an instead before that paw left his length, and was replaced with a muzzle. The feline was quite clearly good at that too, for no teeth met his length, instead just lips and tongue. That made Zev pant slightly harder as it was hard to focus when so much lust suddenly hit one’s mind, but he indeed kept up his part of the bargain and moved into a new position. One paw came to rest on the back of the feline’s head, and then the other, but there they stayed without pushing him down at all. Zev knew he was extremely well endowed, and at full mast it was more than any muzzle would take willingly; he knew that. The feline was in no danger of choking, but he wasn’t going anywhere until he finished his task. The prize he got though was quite worth it, as Zev was flexing his abs anew in this position. His pecs danced slightly as the sides of his torso quivered with the light need of their musculature in order to pull off this feat. The tiger was only looking up in passing spurts, mostly focused on the jaw-stretching length which was filling his muzzle and then some. His paws were doing nothing of the sort though as the groped, prodded, massaged, kneaded, pressed into… Whatever motion paws could make, the feline’s made them against the abs which loomed over his head, his prize, and his very being. It was as though they were getting even more attention than Zev’s cock, and yet the vulpine went from fully aroused to unstoppably horny in just moments thanks to how well the feline was doing with him.

Thinking maybe this cat was worth getting a name out of, Zev pressed slightly on the back of his head just to test the waters. No splutter, and in fact the push was met with even more force on the tiger’s part as well. More flexing, this time of thighs and ass by Zev, and the paws of the tiger moved right down to meet those bulging muscles. They couldn’t even come close to making it around one of the watermelons which Zev possessed as thighs, which had grown to be even larger thanks to that strange feeling which had enveloped him earlier. The closer he came to orgasm, the more that feeling came into the forefront of his mind, and Zev knew it was something to do with magic or arousal or something like that. It was a new one for him, and yet he was just getting into it. It was still hard to focus on that though, as Zev was lost in his own little muscly world, and getting sucked off while he was there. Instead, he just paid attention to what he could, and that was the fact that he was mere moments from orgasm…

Then his arm bulged so broadly that he brushed the side of his torso without even trying to.

And those moments turned into a sole moment of pure ecstasy.

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