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Malary was floating. Her whole frame felt as though it was being suspended on air itself, just levitating above a ground that she could not see. Her arms and legs just dangled uselessly at her sides, their fattened flesh jiggling and quaking about thanks to her small movements as she rested in the very air that was keeping her suspended. The dragoness always slept in the nude, and thusly the avatar of her slumbering self was also nude in the floating, blank space that she occupied. Her breasts had a life of their own in this space, their gravid mass bouncing around as though they were filled with water instead of the copious amounts of fat which they were. Her deep brown hair fluttered behind her head, waving lazily in the air as it was moved about by her own motions and little else. Her wings, tucked in behind her, spread out slightly as she slept in the space of her dream, arching upwards and back at the same time to give her an even wider appearance; as if her hips weren’t already accomplishing that admirably. Her yellow-scaled bulk was constantly aslosh as it floated, and yet Malary paid it little mind. Instead, she just lay there and moaned softly to herself at the feeling of her whole frame feeling weightless. It was a new sensation to the moving mound of flesh and fat, as she was far more accustomed to feeling just plain old heavy with her bulk. Floating though… She could get used to it.


A pair of eyes looked on at the sleeping dragoness, who was filling a custom-made king-sized bed quite handily on her own. There was room on the mattress, sure, but not nearly what one would expect for a sole occupant in the bed. Spread out with her stomach and breasts jutting into the air, Malary lay asleep on her bed with her heavy, deep breaths coming out in a slow, rolling fashion. Looking on, the observer noted that the herm even slept fatly, which made him smirk slightly. He had plans for this dragoness… And he was about to put them in motion. He had made sure that her nightly meal had enough sleep aids in it to put even the strongest and fattest furs under for hours, and that would be far more time than he needed. He had also seen to making that meal as large as possible too; food coma and sleep aids would keep Malary unconscious for far longer than was needed. It gave him time to experiment, to fine-tune what he was going to do to the dragoness… Even though she had asked him rather recently to do just this. He had declined then, but… Something about the request made him rethink it, and instead formulate the plan to make it a surprise.

Rubbing his paws together, the shadowed mass that loomed in the corner of the room broke into a toothy grin. Deep hues of grey came from that corner, along with something that looked to be burnt orange. Whomever was there also filled that corner and then some, looking to be far larger than Malary in terms of weight, if not height. How he had managed to sneak in as silently as he had was a mystery for another time, but for now his red eyes just looked on intently at the sleeping dragoness as he pondered just how he was going to begin. Her black stomach, her yellow frame, her overly-sized wings… Where to begin what had been asked of him? It was a question that he pondered for but a moment, before he decided to simply work his way on up the frame of the unconscious herm.

Her feet changed slowly, shrinking in size until they became miniscule suggestions on the base of her legs. Looking almost comically small, the toes on the ends of her feet began to sprout long, black claws. Those claws grew and grew, extending out from the small feet until they almost dwarfed the size of it individually. Those toes sagged and bent, but as they did, they began to fuse into another part of the feet of the dragoness. The claws began to fuse together as well, the black lengths of nail becoming one solid piece after a few more moments of growth. From there, what had once been Malary’s feet began to grow as well, both in size and in its weight, as they went from just supporting the massive hooves which had been made to spilling over them. More and more fat piled on, the ankle which had been just barely there replaced with a roll of pure adipose. It spilled over her hooves to the point that it ran nearly half-way down it, the yellow scales of her frame smothering them even as she lay.

Feet changed, the fat growth along her legs continued up her calves. They bloated and expanded as though a tap of fat had been turned on, swelling out and down against the bed. Rolls formed along where her shins had once been, and the sleeping herm was forced to spread her legs apart even more as she rested in dreamland. Malary was utterly unaware of it all, and the figure in the corner wanted it that way as the influx of fat continued up her legs. Her knees, or what had once been her knees, formed rolls of their own as creases of fat spilled down atop the joint, as well as over the sides of it. So fattened as to look bow-legged now, the weight gain continued on up through her hips. Her thighs expanded to an incredibly wide circumference, the weight gain of them making Malary nearly have to spread her legs to doubly as wide as she had been before. The spreading was slow though, as it was the pressure of the new-found weight growing between her legs that forced her to move. There was an abundance of pressure on the protruding cock between her legs as well, as it looked to almost shrink down into the rolls and folds of scaly blubber which had formed in place of her legs. Undoubtedly her sac was also being smothered by all of that new blubber, and that weight atop her nethers was enough to illicit a moan out of the sleeping dragoness.


The floating was over, and Malary was feeling heavier than ever now. Something had changed in her dream, as she was now just standing in place while she felt like her whole body was being pulled down. She couldn’t look down to see it though, as an inexplicable hose had appeared in her mouth the moment she had tried. It was high-gage hose too, strapped around her head and muzzle with an apparatus that appeared to be designed to keep her from tampering at it. Malary was stunned at first as to where it had come from, but she wasn’t given time to really think about it. The hose started to pump a rich mixture of chocolate and crème into the dragoness, making her paws which were moving to remove it stop and return to her sides. Even standing was tiring the dragoness out, but she didn’t much care thanks to the fact that she was getting fed food which tasted like the nectar of the gods themselves. Forced or not, the gluttonous dragoness gulped at the hose as though her life depended on it, swallowing hard with each and every chance she got. Her cheeks bulged between large gulps, and she could feel the liquid settling heavily in her stomach. It had to have been filled with more calories than Malary could imagine too, for the second she felt the heavy mass of the mixture hit her stomach, she felt a change in her frame. It was subtle, but it was there… She was gaining just from drinking it down. Whatever dream this was, the dragoness just shut her eyes and let herself be taken in by it. Heated breaths left her nose and her paws moved to rub at her breasts in arousal, their flabby mass rubbing all along the sides of her massive mammaries as she gave in to the feeding. She could also feel the quite hyper length between her legs stiffen as well, rising up slowly as it grew in both size and thickness right between thighs which could smother a sofa and then some.

This was bliss, and if she was weightless doing this… Oh, Malary couldn’t even imagine it.


The figure in the corner could see the arousal coming to Malary, as he watched the dragoness’ hyper length sprung to arousal. It stiffened up and began to leave the fat of her thighs where it had lie. Rising above her like a rod towards the heavens, the figure had to smirk to himself as he knew what he was doing was making its way into her dreams in some form or another. He thought little of that, but it was amusing nonetheless thanks to just how much his subject was enjoying the little experiment. He hadn’t even reached her impressively rotund posterior yet either, and here she was just aroused as could be. He had to wonder if she would make it through the entire transformation without coating the bed and ceiling with her seed, but that was something he was hardly concerned about. Instead, he wanted to keep going with the changes to Malary, and that was what he did.

Her rear, which was already immense, began to bloat out beneath her. So much new fat was being formed that the mattress creaked and groaned rather loudly at the sudden weight it was being asked to uphold. Straining springs and a frame which was already reinforced were being asked to do more than they had been designed, and there was still so much more fat to be added if the figure had his way. Her rear and hips were going to take a lot of that fat too, as they bulged and swelled up to be the width of her bed. Her rear then began to spill over the sides of her bed at that, the quivering, quaking mass of gravid flab just exploding with more and more adipose. It was as if she had a fat bomb go off in each of her cheeks, and now they were getting the after effects. So much was the gain, that Malary’s immense tail was nearly completely smothered. It too had gained an impressive amount of weight, but nothing could compare it to the mass that was now making her completely and utterly pear-shaped. Her hips were the size of a full-width sofa, and would spill over it with ease quite frankly if the titanic dragoness decided to sit down. She wouldn’t need to do much sitting though, as her rear would undoubtedly dangle just inches off the ground, if not touch it entirely thanks to how much fat had been added to both it and her hips.

Moving on from there once he was satisfied with her width, the mysterious stranger began to focus his red gaze on the black scaled of stomach which Malary possessed. With all of the new fat on the dragoness, this part of her looked to be almost out of place on her frame. It was far smaller by proportion compared to the rest of her, and the stranger figured it was time to fix that. Of course, there were more fixed in mind as well for him as he looked at the scales with almost disdain in his eyes. The black sheen of the scales began to fade as he did that, and it was becoming almost a duller color. The scales began to retreat into the sides of her stomach, exposing the pink flesh beneath them. Said flesh was riddled with stretchmarks, but those were only visible for a moment as what followed in the wake of those receding scales covered it right up. Fur. It was sprouting right in behind the scales in a thick, long coat that covered every inch of where had once been black scales. Spreading across her stomach in a slow but steady wave, the dull black of the fur began to increase in vibrancy as more and more of it grew in. It was long, unkempt, and matted somewhat, but it was there and it gave the dragoness a wholly new feature that she hadn’t even had before. From her groin to her neck, covering her breasts and sides to under her arms, and then running down in a line to the top of her hips before curving down to the underside of her belly… All of it was fur now.

Malary looked to try to scratch at it, one of her outrageously obese arms moving to brush against her breast. Her erection hadn’t faltered either, and it had in fact grown throughout the whole transformation. Rock-hard now and sticking right up, her cock was just begging for attention. The stranger wasn’t here for that though, and instead he began to do what he had done to her thighs. Fat pooled around her navel at first, but then it began to spread… And spread. It went to the sides of her belly, to the impossibly soft underbelly which rested against her cock, and even to the sides of her stomach, which made her look more proportional with every point that was added to her torso. Of course, more of it was being added to the front of her stomach than the sides, giving her still and incredibly pear-shaped build. It wasn’t one to scoff at either; she was massive in every sense of the word. Her stomach rose over a foot higher over her than when she had gone to sleep, and it was still growing. It was pressing against her cock so much too with its weight that her arousal began to falter, leaning forward ever-so slightly as weight came to bear down on it. More was coming…


Malary was flying now. She still felt the weight, but at the same time she felt weightless. She was speeding over an endless ocean, her wings spread wide behind her and her stomach drooping down low beneath her. How she was flying was beyond her, as even her large wings had no hope of holding up her weight after the assault of the hose in her previous dream. They were clearly struggling though, and that was something that the dragoness took into account as she flew lower and lower to the water. Something else was weighing her down too… And as she tried to look down, she felt as though her body itself rejected her. Trying again, it was indeed her body that was rejecting her; she had too much fat around her neck to allow her to look down. It was a new revelation for Malary, but it meant that she was still gaining… Still growing.

Nary an instant after she realized this, Malary went crashing down into the ocean. She didn’t struggle though, and instead just floated motionless as she felt the water swallow her up. She went under, and yet stopped sinking a few feet beneath the surface. The water supported her at that height, keeping her weightless just beneath the surface where she rested. It was that feeling of being able to feel all her weight, and yet none of it at once as she moved her limbs through the water with sluggish results. They didn’t so much kick as they slowly meandered to where the bloated ball of orange and black wanted them to go. They jiggled and wobbled under the water, quaking with their mass as they struggled to move about. Granted this was underwater, and Malary was no fish… Malary wasn’t worried though, as for some reason or another, she could breathe in the water as though it was pure air. This meant that she was hardly trapped, or needing to struggle, and instead could focus on all of the fat in her breasts, her stomach, her thighs… Oh her thighs, if only they were bi-

Malary felt her hips widen.

Curiously, she moved her hands down to them, and then thought about making them bigger. The result was her paws being pushed back somewhat by an influx of poundage from seemingly nowhere. Her breasts responded in the same way, as did her rear and her stomach. All Malary needed to do was focus on a part of her body, tell it to gain, and she could do that. Elation poured from her as she focused on her whole body, and felt it all fatten at once. Going from just being barely-mobile and obese to a whale in a matter of an instant, the dragoness moaned in her sleep. She could feel the bubbles leave her mouth as she did that, the sensation of them ticking and rippling the fat of her cheeks being another new feeling for her. So much of an assault on her senses… The new weight, the new powers, the new feeling of floating, the beauty of the ocean that she could see over the swell of her cheeks into her vision… It was too much.


The figure has just finished augmenting her breasts when Malary erupted with cum. Making her breasts far larger and heavier, going from simply hyper to on the same level of size as her cock, Malary was a pear-shaped beast with boobs that could hide an entire anthro with no issue. They sagged off to her sides as the lay on her back, pressing down her arms and keeping her pinned somewhat beneath her new weight. Those arms were getting some work on them even as Malary came, her breath coming in hot pants as the feeling of all that was happening to her made her just unable to keep in her excitement any longer. Splattering the ceiling, herself, the wall in front of her bed, and various other parts of the room with her milky seed, the herm dragoness moaned loudly again and again. Her arms tried to move, but were just unable to thanks to their lack of muscle and the fact that there was over a hundred pounds of breast on them, atop their own new size which made bending them at all a task.

Knowing he needed to finish up now, as a release that big could wake someone from a coma, the stranger cracked his knuckles and put the finishing touches on his creation. Spines formed along Malary’s tail, up her back, and all the way to her head in a flash. Short, stumpy, rounded-over, and creating folds of fat all around them all thanks to being somewhat sunken into the fat of the now-former dragoness, each was black and spread out about eight inches from one another as they went up her. Her tail also gained a black tuft of fur at the end, much like a cow’s, that fluffed out of the yellow scales with such force that it sent rippling waves of adipose all throughout her backside. It wasn’t there, and then it was, and the stranger wasn’t quite done yet with it Malary either.

Ears popped out of her head, bovine in shape and size, though covered in the same scales that adorned her entire body. Her wings shrunk dramatically, their size more than halved as they receded into her back. The mass didn’t just vanish though, and formed yet another roll of flab along her back as they receded into her. Her muzzle sprouted a bovine nose, and at the same time receded back into her face. The mass though, much like her wings, spread out to the adjacent flesh. This was her cheeks and chins, which were already fatty as could be thanks to her abundance of fat to begin with. Her cheeks rolled off her face, a fold of fat forming on the side of them thanks to being so packed with adipose. Her chins and neck merged together, forming a tire around her head that kept it stationary as she still slept. Her eyes fluttered as that happened though, and the stranger knew he needed to finish his work. He was nearly done too… Adding black claws to her hands, making her nipples larger and longer, adding a few more pockets and folds of fat around her frame to even it all out.

Malary was finished, and he was gone.

Stirring mere moments after the figure had left her room, the cow-dragoness fluttered her eyes open and moaned softly as she stirred. She was hardly awake, and would go back to sleep after a few moments, but she still had awoken.

“That was some d-….. Oh…”

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