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Dolby had always known that he was going to be king. This was no secret to him, nor to those that had known the pink fox for longer than a few moments. That fact alone was obvious about the vulpine, and yet it was something that had come as a shock to most of the ruling class when he had been named as the successor. Most had suspected it would be a blood relative, or that it would be one of them. The answer was Dolby though, through and through. A people’s king if there ever was one, the pink fox was perfectly suited for the kingship, and was certain to be one of the finest kings to ever rule over the land. This was for a single, solitary reason; the one which had gotten Dolby his appointment to the position in the first place.

The fox was fat.

Fat almost did the pink vulpine a disservice though, as the word itself truly failed to encompass the true enormity of his frame. Gargantuan, mountainous, expansive… Those words were closer, but when put up against Dolby, they almost seemed paltry by comparison. This had nigh always been true about the fox too, as he had been one of the biggest cubs in his village when he was young, and only expanded his waistline from there. Not a restaurant within a day’s ride didn’t know of the expansive pink mound, whose purple paws had eaten more in his short life than some had in their entire lives. A certain fear was brought to most eateries just upon mention of his name, though that feat was simply for their bottom line; the fox was anything but scary. A jovial beast with a stomach that seemed to be insatiable; that was Dobly. That stomach was what had gotten him appointed as king, and that stomach was what would make sure he was going to be one of the best kings to ever grace the kingdom; the success of a king was measured by his waistline after all. His attitude was an added bonus to that, simply put; it made telling him of his new leadership that much simpler, as well as smoothing the ruffled feathers of the higher class that much easier.

Those feathers had taken very little time though, as Dobly had seen when he first made his way into the castle. He had yet to be truly made king, as his coronation was to take place a few days after his arrival at the castle, but already he was tasked with getting to know the others he would be dealing with. A few were arrogant, and took the fox’s appointment as king to be a slight against their own work to gain approval with the former king. Upon seeing the pink vulpine though, with his curves and folds of blubber cascading all around a frame that looked to be on the verge of immobility, their tune changed. Save for a very select few, the sight of the moving mountain that Dolby had eaten himself into was enough to convince them that the elders had made the right choice. The few who had needed convincing only took Dolby’s first meal to be on the fox’s side. A feat to end all feasts, so grandiose and lengthy that a couple had just stayed and watched as the fox doggedly brought his overworked, sore paws to his muzzle over and over again. A few servants had offered help, but the fox refused; he wasn’t king yet, so there was no reason for him to be treated as one. Consuming more in a meal than a few jealous of his position consumed in a day was enough; Dolby was going to be king even if there were a few bruised ego’s on his way to the throne. Any naysayers were quieted that night, and the morning after, well…

“Is there any more of that chicken from last night?” Dolby inquired, having just been roused from his deep slumber. The bulbous fox had slept like a log, snoring loudly as he lay in the spare chambers which would be his until he was crowned king over the land. “It was absolutely fantastic.” His stomach gurgled in agreement, apparently hungry even though its owner had only been awake mere moments. Such greed was often known in the castle, but to such a degree was usually only seen after a king had been serving his people for years. To have it off the bat had the entire staff excited, and the kitchen working overtime just to be prepared for what they knew was going to be a bountiful demand on their part.

“I’m afraid not m’lord, you ate every ounce of it last night,” replied the sole servant in the room. A merely chubby vulpine, he was clad in plain brown clothes and just stood by the door as he watched Dolby try and fail to make any movements in bed. The servant’s eyes wandered over the form before him, taking in the rolls which made up the pink fox’s legs, the flabby wings he called arms, and the belly which had made mincemeat of the feast the previous night. It was a sight to behold for sure, and should he be so lucky as to touch it, and help the new king with his duties… Dolby couldn’t see it, but he could feel the pride emanating off the other fox.

“Might need some help getting up…” Dolby stated after a few more moments of wobbling in place. He had normally slept on a bench, eating until he passed out. Somehow that was undignified though, so he had been brought to bed by a pair of brawny guards. The fox had to imagine that those same guards would be helping him again, as few in the castle looked to be strong enough to even move the vulpine. Fewer still looked to be big enough; long arms were needed to reach past the width of the fox, as well as deep into his folds just to find something solid. It was a small price for the life that Dolby led though, and one he gladly paid as he just settled down into himself and waited for help to arrive. His stomach took longer to settle than he did, still aslosh from his motions prior for several moments before coming to a wobbly halt above him. The whole thing seemed to have a mind of its own, and Dobly loved to play at that. His paws would often press into his heft and just move it about, sloshing and jiggling the table muscle which he adored while he lay still; his own bed of jelly attached to his frame.

There was no time for that on this particular morning though, as help arrived in short order and the first day of royalty began for the fox. Dolby was nigh constantly nude, having found clothes to be too much effort to maintain, and finding that his own weight kept him decent enough. The castle had different rules though, so at the very least a pair of pants which looked to be orders of magnitude wider than they were long were fashioned the previous night for the fox. He was dressed quickly with the help of the vulpine and the guards, and then made his way towards the main feasting hall. That would be where he stayed for the duration of the day as well, eating and eating at a consistent pace while he had various other earls and stewards paraded in front of him for proper introductions. Each brought some offering of food or another, each ranged from portly to downright obese, and each gave Dolby the same wide-eyed stare at the sheer size of the fox. Dolby ate every offering given to him, and snacked in between those offerings, basically feeding himself in a constant stream as the day went on. He did slow a few times, but he never stopped for even a moment of bringing a paw to his face, or looking longingly at a new platter of food beside him. Such a show of gluttony won him even more respect in the eyes of the court, though Dolby was far less concerned about such matters. In fact, the fox was fairly certain that he wouldn’t remember the names of most who had come to see him that day. He instead would remember their foods, as that was all that the gluttonous vulpine had been paying attention to as the day had dragged on. A few names had stuck in his head, but as the last of the court had been introduced and summarily retired from the court, Dolby struggled to think of anything other than the beginnings of a stomachache that had been plaguing him for the previous hour.

The vulpine had no idea how he was going to be moved, having eaten himself into a stupor and added a fair amount to his already prodigious weight in a single day. He knew some would digest and be gone, but a lot of it would wind up adding to his rolling expanse of a frame. There was a lot more concern though for how he would be moved now, as Dolby was sure that walking on his own was out of the question; he was just too full. His arms were sore and tired yet again, so much so that he could offer no help to the guards that tried to lift him. They tried to put paws around his torso and arms, but found that his stomach was so bloated and packed with food that finding purchase on the acreage of Dolby’s stomach was an impossible task. Unable to move under his own power and unable to be moved by even three of the strongest guards in the palace, it was quickly decided that Dolby would stay where he was for the night. Apologies abound from that decision, but Dolby was barely coherent enough to understand them as the throes of a food coma came and snatched up his conscious mind. He was hardly able to register what had happened even during the discussion of letting him sleep on the bench which he had rooted himself on the entire day, so any words after fell on sleeping ears.

The fox wished he had heard those words the next morning, for he awoke with a start as he felt the cold metal of a tape measure press against his arm. A yelp and a sluggish, lazy wobble followed that rude awakening, which in turn was followed by a shriek and a quick pattering of feet. The royal tailor, having been measuring the new king while he slept, had been nearly scared to death by Dolby. A few apologies from both parties quickly smoothed that over, and once those were said and done, the second day of Dolby in the castle began. He was paw-fed for the duration of the day, though not nearly as much as the previous day thanks to the insistence of the tailor that he would need to be at least close to the same size for the royal garb of his coronation to fit. Dolby didn’t much care about such matters, but he knew they were important so he begrudgingly held back for just that day. Moderation was not the real reason for the feeding though, as it was instead so that an artist could capture Dolby on the day before his crowning as king. Movement would disturb the painting process the artist claimed, and so he simply made sure that Dolby was fed while he worked on the painting. Between the fitting, a few more introductions, and the painting, that took up another entire day for the newly-appointed royal. Being a king was rather demanding for the fox, and as his second day in the palace came to a close, a small tinge of regret filled him. Sure, he would be waited on paw and foot for the rest of his days, and his only real task was to eat and gain as much as he could to ensure bounty across the land… But so far, it had been a whirlwind of talking and being restricted on his eating and various other things. He didn’t voice these concerns, but they were certainly there for the fox as he made his way to the spare bedchamber, where one more night of rest would take place before he would be allowed into the royal chambers. Just a single night remained for the fox before his life of royalty began, or rather, until he was tasked with eating for the rest of his days.

Dolby again slept like the dead, not being awoken even as he was cleaned from head to toe, brushed, undressed, and even given a light massage to help allow him to relax. He snored through it all, and it was little surprise that when he awoke at long last the next morning, he was somewhat shocked by all that had transpired as he had been lost in dreamland. Lying flat on his back was a rare experience for Dolby, but it did give him new perspective on his size that standing or sitting rarely afforded him. He had his own horizon while prone, his cheeks blocked a fair chunk of his vision, and he got to truly feel just how impossibly heavy he already was. Just dreaming about how much more weight there was to come made Dolby beam as he took in the sight of his shiny, cleaned fur. He was so used to being a little sweaty, coated in a small layer of crumbs, or both that this was a new sight for him. His paws rubbed gingerly along the vast, rolling surface of his sides and felt the plushness of his fur anew. It was a revelatory experience for the vulpine, and one that made his doubts of the previous night melt away as he gave his stomach a few prods and wobbles to jostle himself awake. Dolby was pretty sure he was doing the right thing again, and that confidence was building in him as he just lay there and let his body slosh about.

Dolby’s own servant, the one whose name had again escaped the fox, came over and gave a soft smile to his new prone ruler. “Are you ready to begin your day, m’lord?” Dolby looked up at the other fox, having to strain his neck slightly in order to get a good angle over the fat of his neck and cheeks from where he lay.

“So long as the rumors about the coronation feast are true, I think I am.”

“Oh, I assure you my king… Even you will be too full to continue eating.”

“Well then I guess I’m ready,” Dolby replied, and thus began a cacophony of activity. A parade of servants flooded the room, each with some task or garment for Dolby. His new robes had been made, looking more like an army tent than clothes as they were draped out in front of the fox. Dolby had to rise in order to get them on, meaning his two guard friends needed to come and help him out of bed. A sweaty session of grunting and heaving later, and Dolby was shakily on his feet beside the bed, a fresh sheen on his fur from the simple exertion of getting out of bed. Another quick back and brushing was needed thanks to that, and that hold up put many of the servants into a panic. There was a schedule that needed to be followed, and it wasn’t in any way going to be stuck to if there were hold-ups like the second bath. Dolby was confused and had to chuckle at it all, just doing as he was told as he stood beside the bed on aching, shaking legs. The constant struggle of his muscles sent small ripples throughout his body, making the job of his bathers that much harder as they had to try and get him cleaned. The group managed though, and the moment they were done a new group descended on Dolby to get him clothed.

Getting dressed took less time, and after a few more finishing touches of a crown, scepter, and a few bits of jewelry, it was deemed that Dolby was ready. A select few from the court were brought in to prepare Dolby on what he needed to know about the coronation, but their words fell on deaf ears; Dolby was starving by that point. He needed food, and waved off the speeches before they began to make his demands known. A trio of platters were brought in and subsequently devoured by the fox, who was forced to try and listen while he ate like a vulpine possessed. He barely heard any of it though; food was in front of him and he was hungry. He was still hungry too when the food ran out, but Dolby was told there would be more at the coronation. That promise was hardly enough to stem the tide of his appetite, but it had to be… The regrets were coming back strong as the members of his court droned on.

After what felt like an age, Dolby was led out of his room and through the castle. From there, he was marched out to the front grounds where a sizable crowd was waiting for him. A throne sat a stone’s throw from the doors which Dolby had emerged from, and that was all the fox needed for motivation to get himself moving; he needed to sit down desperately after being on his feet for nearly two hours. His paws ached, his legs were shaking, and he just wanted to sit. Forgetting all that he had been told, he just hustled right to the throne and plopped his massive rear into it, barely managing to fit into the chair already thanks to his prodigious rump. This prompted many-a-laugh from the crowd, as well as a few scoffs from the royals around him. Dolby could care less though; he was tired, hungry, and just wanted to be out of the clothes that were already beginning to make him sweat from the heat they were keeping on his body. It was a miserable time for the fox, and he could only pray the meal would make up for it.

The meal had to wait, for the next hour was speeches and proclamations and a whole mess of procedure that the fox had no interest in. He did his best to not look bored and keep his stomach at bay, but more than once a speech was interrupted by a deep, guttural rumble from his demanding table muscle. No dirty looks came from this though, just knowing glances and a few congratulatory pats to what was being now referred to as ‘The Royal Barrel’. This bit was one of the few that Dolby remembered from his prior lecture, as he had at least tried to retain some information in spite of his dire need to feed. The reason his stomach was referred to as such was that the king was supposed to be a storage barrel for the bounty of the kingdom. As long as he managed to store as much of the produce and success of the kingdom in himself, the kingdom would flourish. He kept it safe for the people, and in turn was given the chance to become the biggest of the land. That was why when a new king was selected, he was always the second-biggest in the land, or at least that the elders could find. Dolby had been found thanks to rumors of his unending appetite, and was currently wishing he hadn’t been. So many speeches, so much posturing… The fox could only pray for its end as he sat and panted on his throne, now sweating heavily into his garb while his stomach groaned and moaned for anything to sate it. Mercifully, it seemed as though the pomp around him was dying down, and the feasting was about to start. Dolby could only hope, and pray, and beg to whatever god was listening that there would be enough to eat.

As Dolby made those prayers, he looked out to the small sea of anthros which were before him. Mostly foxes like himself of varying sizes and shapes, they all looked to be holding some offering of food or another. They were beginning to line up as one of the elders seemed to be wrapping up his droning speech. Had Dolby been able to turn his head, the fox might have seen that the other elders were already beside him, and that the line of those coming to feed him was not starting in the crowd, but in fact beside him from the many royals and elders that had been seated all around him. Dolby was only made aware of this by a gentle pat to his stomach, which prompted him to twist his head as much as he could. Just barely able to make out an offer to him, the fox doggedly gestured for those beside him to come in front of him where they could be seen. They all complied in unison, lining up again right in front of the mammoth vulpine, each with a sack or platter or tray of some sort, all piled high with food and ripe for the eating. Some were larger than others, and some looked to be more exotic than others. Food was food though, and it looked as though the prayers of the starving fox were about to be answered in spades.

“Feed me,” was all it took from Dolby.

The line lasted for hours after that single command, with each offering winding up inside the fox in its entirety. Not a scrap was wasted, and not a single morsel of food for the fox was left unconsumed. It all went into him, though it took no small effort on the part of the fox. He was sated by the first third of the fold, the second third left him stuffed, and by the time he got to the last twenty or so he was sweating just from eating. He had one of his guards press onto the taut surface of his stomach a few times just to force out a roaring belch or a rumbling fart just to make room he was so stuffed. Such slovenly behaviors was hardly frowned upon either, as it gave away how much the king was truly enjoying his gifts; it was welcomed in fact. Dolby ate on after those outbursts, determined to finish it all for the sake of his people. He managed to as well, barely, as he was forced to take in shallow breaths and was dancing on the edge of consciousness as the last offering was forced down into his stomach by a hard swallow. His stomach was packed beyond full, or stuffed even. He could feel his skin stretching and his stomach roaring in discontent as it struggled to make sense of what had just happened to its confines. So much food was crammed in there that the vulpine could barely even think straight, and yet he was as content as could be. The wait had been worth it in any sense of the word for him, and it was that feeling and those thoughts that he passed out with, a paw still holding the last thigh bone from his last offering.

The next three weeks were very nearly the same events over and over again, save for one major difference. Dolby wasn’t moved from his throne the entire time. He was washed, somewhat, but he was left to sit in his throne under a large tent (Thankfully it was late summer so the nights were warm and the days were only slightly warmer) for the entire time that he was being introduced to his subjects. One fiefdom at a time, they came from far and wide to meet their new king and stuff him senseless. Each time Dolby ate all that he was given, even if he needed to have the food forced into him and even as he more than once let out some exceedingly undignified explosions of gas. The gluttonous vulpine just ate and ate, not caring about a thing in the world aside from getting more food into his face by the third day of such grand feasting. The different foods from the different provinces all around the kingdom were a welcomed and new change for the fox, as he had never been to some parts of the kingdom. This experience was something that he had looked forward too, and it turned out to be with good reason for he was getting to see just what the kingdom was capable of in terms of culinary prowess. He also got to stuff himself senseless, not once falling asleep in any other way than passing out into a deep food coma. On a few of the days, he had actually needed to be awoken by a steward just so that he could begin his feasting; so much had been eaten the day before. Dolby couldn’t think of a more decadent experience in his life, and he knew it was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to truly ruling over the kingdom.

Once his three-week feast from the provinces was over, Dolby was finally allowed to stand. His throne had splintered and burst on the fourth day, and so a new one was commissioned and completed for the following day. This one too was not looking to be faring well, so another was made for when the feasting finished. This turned out to be a good thing, as the chair Dolby was on again broke on his final day of feasting. To break two chairs in such a short time wasn’t unheard of for the fox, but to do it just from the fact that he was gaining so much so fast made the fox flush even pinker in embarrassment. He knew the king was supposed to be fat, but he was taking that to a whole new level. His slovenly gluttony knew no bounds, and that was being shown just in his coronation. To imagine what his life would be like now that the entire round of feasting was over, and his day-to-day feeding was going to commence made Dolby even pinker, and had he still be able to hoist his arms without getting winded, he would have put his purple paws over his face to hide it. Instead though, he just wobbled those arms sluggishly and tried to move them, only to succeed in rubbing his moobs in lazy, slow arcs. The muscles beneath all his weight had served Dolby well, but three weeks of not moving a single one on top of just eating enough to feed a village every day had pushed him from the cusp of immobility and firmly into its arms. He couldn’t stand without aid, his arms were only just able to reach his head with a true effort, and much else the fox was useless for. He knew it, the court knew it, and as he was carted back inside and placed onto the low-slung stone bench that was going to take the place of his throne, Dolby knew he wasn’t going to be moving much more for the rest of his days.

The servants seemed to know that too, for it wasn’t long before the main court was converted into both a courtroom and a bedroom. A wardrobe was brought in, some of the seating was removed, the furniture was rearranged, and more comfortable cushions and pillows were made so that Dolby could rest on those instead of his stone seat. The fox was grateful for that, and quickly became accustomed to just sitting there and being fed meal after gloriously overdone meal. He often had guests that came with offerings, and those offerings were often fed to him by said guests. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for the pink ruler to have multiple stuffing sessions in one day before he ultimately succumb to the influx of calories and passed out in a snoring blob of blubber. He was cleaned nightly, though not as thoroughly as he should have been thanks to a cavalcade of folds and crevices which adorned his frame. He was no stranger to smelling his own musky stench, and neither was the court soon after Dolby really began to get into being king. He never once asked for anything, rarely was asked for anything, and instead just ate and ate and ate… As simple a life as any gluttonous mound could hope for. Long gone were the regrets about his decision to be king, and instead they were replaced with thoughts about just how much larger he had gotten to be in his reign, and how much larger he was going to be.

The painting of when he was first brought to the palace hung over where Dolby sat, and it was hardly a stretch to say that the pink fox had multiplied in size since it was made. Dolby had seen it when he was first brought in, and knew that he had already outgrown that size just in the few weeks he had lived in the courtyard during his coronation ceremony. The painting showed a fox, just barely able to get around on his own, in a throne that looked to barely hold him. Lovehandles brushed both sides of the chair, his purple-furred paws were resting above those as they were buoyed up with fat. His purple feet were poking out from underneath the veritable shelf of a stomach above them, which drooped past the seated vulpine’s knees and hung nearly to his shins even whilst sitting. His chest looked to put any female’s to shame, drooping and sagging like a pair of over-filled water bags. His stomach looked the same way in fact, though it was more of a bloated balloon of water than a simple bag. The face of that fox in the painting was even fat, cheeks that looked to hold whole servings of food which ate up the muzzle between them and forced the eyes above into a slight squint. All in all, the fox in that image was a certified fat-ass, and yet Dolby knew that he had grown to be so much more.

To put it simply, since he had sunken into the lifestyle of a ruler, he just felt fatter. This was to say nothing of the fact that there was much more of a horizon for him to see, nor that he couldn’t move under his own power anymore, nor that he had been eating more food than he ever had in his life, every day, for what felt to be months. His stomach blocked more of his vision now, and gurgled with need from the moment he awoke till he was too stuffed to think. His arms were beginning to rise to horizontal thanks to the amount of fat both on and under them pressing against one another. His sides were beyond his reach now, rolling and sloshing with the slightest motion that the fox attempted. Gone were the simply loud and noxious farts he had once made, and instead were deep, rolling blasts that shook his bloated rump so violently it felt as though his tail was wagging every time it happened. His legs were just gone, splayed somewhere beneath the sea of fat that was his stomach and sides; only his hips were visible now thanks to just how wide and plush they had become, and even that was only something Dolby knew from asking a servant why his feet always felt warm. His moobs looked more like bellies in their own right now, sagging so much off to his side that they dangled just above his lovehandles and constantly shook even as Dolby chewed through his latest over-the-top meal. His belches could split ears, and even his voice had become fatter. No more with simple words, barely grunts and wheezes left the fox now as he simply made weak demands for more food. He couldn’t begin to even do kingly duties at this point, and that was what the court had been for. Dolby did wish he had paid more attention, but it was far too late now… And dinner was coming.

Nearly a year into his rule, another painting of the fox was commissioned by the court. Each king was given three portraits; one upon coronation, one for their first year of rule, and one once they pass on. At one year, Dolby was nearly the largest subject which the painter had ever been tasked with, and he had just painted the late king’s final portrait little more than a year before. Dolby needed a larger canvas, and there was no way that the fox would not be fed throughout the entire process of him being painted. A whole affair was made of this, with the fox getting the best bath he had received in months, as well as a new set of clothing being made for him. No measurements were taken for this, and instead it was just lengths of rope that were used to approximate his size before the royal tailor set to work on the nearly week-long task of creating this garb for his king. Fabrics from around the kingdom were needed, or so Dolby was told when the final product was presented to him. A simple robe, but so wide and so ornate that it looked to be kingly, if only just. Adding in the crown that looked to be a positive afterthought on the blob that was Dolby, as well as a scepter that was just propped up beside the expansive mountain of blubber and pink fur, and Dolby was as ready as he was going to be made for the portrait. It took nearly three whole days, but he was transferred to canvas once again and then hung on the wall for all to see.

Dolby did get a look at the portrait, and was almost stunned by the weight gain he had achieved in that time. He knew he had gotten bigger, but to see what a year had done in such a way was really a shock to even the glutton. Granted, he hadn’t even stopped eating for a moment to begin to think about just what he was doing, but he was staring at just a blob that looked to have limbs as an afterthought and a head that was little more than a dollop of crème on top of the sundae that was his body. The fox was so, so very wide, and even rounder than Dolby thought possible. To imagine just what had happened to him in a short year was astounding, and the fact that Dolby was still gaining strong and eating as though his life depended on it excited the fox. He got to see what was to come just in the year of his progress, going from being a simple morbidly-obese fox to one that needed geological terms to truly describe his enormity. There was only going to be more growth on the part of the fox too, and Dolby knew that. He wanted it more than anything, and so when the next helping of food came to greet him, he dug into it with a newfound gusto that was unlike most things in his life. There was going to be more of the great King Dolby, the one responsible for the most prosperous crop ever, and the one who was going to make sure he outgrew the very palace itself instead of simply some robes and a throne.

It took three years for the first walls inside the palace to succumb to the fox’s mass.

Dolby ruled for far after that.

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