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Hunger was a feeling that Sasuke had grown to both loathe and love throughout the years. It was something that nigh constantly plagued both his stomach and his mind. He adored the constant nagging of his stomach, its need for more, as well as the drive of his brain to keep pushing him to force down just one more bite to abate that feeling. Conversely, he hated that sating the monster that had become his gut was no longer a task that was easily achieved without some divine intervention. Save for eating another sizable fur whole, it would take hours of eating just to make him feel remotely sated, and even more time to get to that stomach-stretching fullness which he craved. This amount of eating was hardly possible with his limbs, as caked in adipose and atrophied as the muscles were. No, hoses or a feeder were required parts of the hybrid’s diet at this point, and that often made his meals even harder to come by. Sure, a hose was an easy enough task for the deity to conjure up, and making a feeder from thin air took hardly an iota of effort, but Sasuke didn’t exactly relish using what gifts he had. The wolfdragon preferred to do things on his own, and enjoyed the powerless feeling that came with being as large as he had grown into. Was he truly powerless? Not in the slightest, but something about being unable to do anything aside from consume at the size he was comfortably resting at the moment… That was something that he didn’t want to change unless needed.

Spreading out in his immobile frame, the wolfdragon just rumbled to himself as he could feel the weight and heft of his frame aslosh thanks to its doughy consistency. All that Sasuke could see was grey, be it the grey of his stomach or of his cheeks. It was just a sea of himself to be trapped in, with layers upon layers of blubber keeping the blob of a hybrid rooted in one place. His legs were off the ground thanks to the fat of both his rump and his stomach, dangling uselessly somewhere in the veritable sea of fat which encompassed his body. His arms were stuck out straight to his sides, buoyed up by folds and rolls of lard that were thicker than most fatfurs. His stomach… What little of it Sasuke could see and feel gave it a sense of enormity that no other beasts could hope to experience. All in all, Sasuke was just a ball of blubber, a mound of adipose, a mountain of pure, utter fat; and he wouldn’t have imagined it otherwise. The wolfdragon could only imagine his weight, as he knew full well that getting himself up and moving to a scale, be it with a crane or magic, wasn’t something that was going to happen. Instead, he just could revel in the fact that he was spreading out far and wide enough to have his own horizon. He could eat enough to feed families for weeks all by himself for a sole meal, and that was enough for the wolfdragon to know definitively. It wasn’t as if he was needing to see himself or anything so vain; the wolfdragon just liked what he felt, and that was that.

His stomach broke the small revelry of his size, making its demands known once again with a rather loud gurgle. The noise was deep enough that it sent a few faint ripples along the oceanic surface of Sasuke, the small tide of fat which was ever-changing getting a fresh wave of adipose. The wolfdragon had only been awake for a few minutes, having recovered from the previous food coma he had passed out in the night before. His overblown table muscle was already demanding more though, and that meant that it was time to feast. How to feast was a bit of a concern for Sasuke though, as he wasn’t quite in the mood for hoses, and had no friends on paw. Conjuring up a couple chubby feeders did seem appealing, but just what to make them… The wolfdragon had a few ideas, but he elected to instead just go with the standard that he used in times like these; hogs. They tasted great going down, he could stuff them with a myriad of foods to make them taste even better, and who didn’t like pork?

A small twinkle in the draolf’s eye later, and a pair of porcine hogs had materialized on either one of the beached beast’s moobs. Each looked to be in the mid-hundreds for weight, but all soft and pliable fat; Sasuke liked to save stuffing them for last. Each one was armed with two baskets, both being bottomless and containing favorites that the wolfdragon had grown to adore from the years and years of eating that he had done. Old habits broke hard, and acquired tastes were even harder to break as the draolf had discovered. Sasuke had gained a fond love of chocolate, and trying to come up with other desserts had been a struggle to say the least as that chocolate addiction had grown stronger. As a result, just one of those baskets was chocolate and nothing else; more likely than not the basket that the wolfdragon would be sucking down to get him to that point of fullness where he could feel his skin stretching and the needless, empty calories which he guzzled down like air coalescing into pounds on his frame. It was a feeling unlike any other, unlike anything that the wolfdragon could put into words. He was completely and utterly addicted to it, absolutely taken by the need to feed and to grow and to just expand.

The hogs descended on Sasuke shortly after forming, their forms wading through the veritable sea of adipose that surrounded them. Neither said a word, but instead just moved towards the oversized roll of blubber that encircled where the draolf’s head lie. There they kneeled down in unison before reaching into their baskets. One produced steak which needed both paws to hold, while the other gave a light tug to pull out a platter of sorts; Sasuke wasn’t able to turn his head to look. Instead, he just lay there as he always did, powerless to do anything else other than consume, and waited. Patience was something that the wolfdragon needed as he was fed; there were many-a-moment that his maw was going to be empty instead of full when it came to eating as much as he was about to. The prolonged moments between bites were worth it though, as he relished every morsel of food that much more when it was deposited into his muzzle. He could barely even open his maw anymore though, trapped in himself so completely that the combined weight of his chins and his cheeks were not enough to counteract the buoy of fat that had become the roll of adipose on the back of his head. That barely mattered though, for a third beast had been conjured up to do just such a task for him.

Paws grabbed onto the base of his jaw, pulling it down so as to allow the cavernous muzzle which had eaten more food than some smaller countries to open. A muscle-bound bear this time, Sasuke rarely cared about the species of that which helped him chew. This beast would also be the final part of his meal, having to feed the hogs while Sasuke watched and then force them down once the baskets were finished off. Getting to witness others being brought to his level of stuffed was another delight for the draolf, and one that he rarely got to see aside from his conjured beings. He did get it from time to time, corrupting those that worshipped his fat as though it were a deity to have them bring their friends and neighbors up to be meals. The stuffing of those beside himself was a rare treat though, so it was one he relished the rare times he got to witness it. Of course, this was going to be one of those rare times… Sasuke had made sure of it.

Jaws open, hogs ready, everything moved in closer to the draolf. He couldn’t see a single bit of it thanks to his vision being blocked by beachball-sized cheeks, but he could feel it all as paws rubbed against the wobbling expanse of himself. Flesh on flesh, smooth hog skin against the furred acreage of his own… The first bite was on its way.

The first of many, many more that day of course.

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