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Riley groaned as he lifted yer another box onto the shelf. The hyena hated his job as a stocker in the local hospital, but it paid the bills so he had no real reason to complain. Sure, the hours sucked and the pay wasn’t the best, but it kept a roof over his head so the hyena just shut up and did as he was told. Right now, what he was being told to do was to stack boxes onto one of the shelves in a storage closet. Fortunately, most of the boxes had been light, and his supervisor had given him ample time to complete the task. This meant the hyena could take his time, even sing a little bit while he was working; so long as no one was around. Even though he looked rather boisterous, with his bright blue markings on his muzzle and ears, and the yellow spots which adorned his face, back, and arms, Riley was somewhat of a quiet hyena. This was the case around others primarily however, for if he got comfortable, he could be chatty… But he wasn’t comfortable at work, so he just kept his trap shut and worked.

Lifting box after box, the spotted canine just hummed a tune he had heard on the radio while driving in earlier that night. Something calm, light… The song had been stuck in his head since hearing it, and the hyena would more likely than not race home and get it once he got off his shift. Of course, that would mean finding it and spending what little of his money he had left until his next check, buuut… Good music was good music as far as the hyena was concerned. So on he hummed, lifting box after box off the pallet which they were stacked atop of and spacing them out to where orderlies and others could grab them. Boxes of gloves and needles, or something else hospital related; Riley never really knew.

“What’re you doing in here?” Riley yelped as he heard the voice behind him, jumping right up into the air as the fur on his back stood on end. He whirled around in surprise, his teeth bared thanks to instinct alone as his claws came out to bear. The hyena backed up a step too, ready to pounce even though he had no reason to. “Whoa, whoa… Easy,” the voice continued, its owner stepping into the light with a soft smile and both his paws calmly pointing down. Riley immediately relaxed, letting out a loud sigh and putting one paw on his chest as he tried to calm down from the fright he had gotten at the paws of the night watch. “Sorry about that.”

“You scared the shit outta me… Uhm…”

“Milo. Just got added to the night watch, was making my rounds. Sorry about scaring you…” Now fully lit, Riley could see his ‘attacker’ clearly in the storage room. A little shorter than he was, the white-and-black terrier was clad in the usual rent-a-cop uniform. Thin build, cute pointed ears curled down in embarrassment, his tail trying to wag even though the canine knew he had messed up… Riley had to smile now that he saw who had scared him so badly.

“Riley. Don’t mention it new guy, just try and take it easy with that huh? No need for me to shoot through the ceiling.” Milo chuckled, giving a bit of a nod of agreement to that as he extended a paw to Riley. The hyena took it and gave a hearty shake, also nodding to the canine. “Nice to meet ya.”

“Same to you… Though, you didn’t answer my question.”

“Oh, restocking in here. Same as I do everywhere else whenever I’m in this building.”

“Ah… Well, you know this is the banging closet right?” Riley arched an eyebrow as Milo said that, making the terrier continue. “I got told on my tour that this was the closet everyone went to ‘let off steam’, or something like that. I also heard about you an-“

“What about me?” Riley inquired, his tone more than a little incredulous. This made Milo shrink back, the smaller canine wilting simply under a little bit of ire from the hyena.

“Uhm… Just the tattoo… I…”

“So because I have that rainbow pawprint, you assumed I was in here for that? Really?” Riley was annoyed now, and he had no issue letting it show. His tone had gone from just incredulous to angry, and he had puffed up slightly as he spoke. Milo continued to wilt under the angry gaze of the hyena, who had moved a little closer as he spoke. The two canines’ eyes were locked now, Riley boring a hole into Milo who was all but melting as a result of it. Needless to say, things were tense in the room for a long moment before Milo piped up again, his voice barely a whisper.

“No… I… Uhm… I…”


“I was just curious what the other gay guy was doing!” Milo finally spilled, blurting the words out so fast that they hit Riley like a train. He barely understood and processed them before Milo had whirled around and was about to head out. The hyena knew something else was up though, so he reached out and grabbed at the terrier before he could go, getting a firm grip on the smaller canine’s wrist. He held too, in spite of some squirming and weak protests.

“Other gay guy?”

“Well… Yeah,” Milo replied, going limp in Riley’s paw as his ears flattened against his head again. “I was curious… And… A bit horny… And you were in here and I ju-”

“Top or bottom?”

“Uhm, I-“Riley held up a paw before Milo could stall, giving him another incredulous look before slowly repeating his question.

“Top, or bottom?”


“Good, cuz I like the uniform and you’re cute.” Riley said, his anger ebbing as a smirk formed on his muzzle. Milo didn’t really know what to make of it all, but he had little chance to try and decide before he felt the grip on his wrist tighten and Riley give him a tug. The hyena pulled in the terrier, bringing him close with a simple pull of his far-stronger arm. Once closer, Riley took a couple testing sniffs of Milo, much to the bashful embarrassment of the terrier. The smaller canine was beet red and melting into a puddle anew as this happened, his face towards the ground as Riley sniffed at and held him in place. “You smell nice too… Puppy.”

“I… I…”


“You do too…” Milo mumbled, his cheeks reddening to nearly tomatoes as he spoke. The hyena just smirked broader once his ears got that information, his own tail starting to swish in mischievous excitement. “You’re really sexy too…” It was Riley’s turn to blush, for but a moment, with that comment now. He had just expected a night of inventory and restocking, and yet there was a twinky terrier flirting quite blatantly with him now. It wasn’t like the hyena didn’t have time for anything either; he had all the time in the world in fact. Milo was the one on the time crunch, but…

“You still horny?”


“Wanna fix that?” Riley asked, pulling the terrier right against him before grinding into the smaller canine with his stiffening length. Even through pants, Milo could feel just what Riley was packing, and that made the terrier blush again. A light moan came out of the smaller canine as he felt that arousal against him, causing him to grab the hyena’s free paw and pull it against his own arousal in return. Riley could feel the smaller bits as that happened, but he could also feel just how horny Milo was in an instant; Riley was surprised those pants were even still on once he did in fact. That was a quick fix though, and one the hyena intended on taking care of in just a couple moments if he could. “Go lock the door.”

Milo complied silently, whisking away the second Riley released him and shutting the door. Once it was locked, and Milo was quite sure it was locked, the terrier returned back to Riley in the back of the room. The hyena had already unbuttoned his shirt and was undoing his pants, fumbling with the button for but a moment before they came undone. Milo didn’t do the same however, and instead just slipped right to his knees in front of Riley, unzipping the hyena’s pants and sliding them down to around his knees in a single, well-done motion. Once there, the terrier wrapped his paws gently around the waist of Riley’s yellow jock-strap, giving it a gentle tug or two before looking up at the hyena expectantly. The larger canine just nodded in response, and that was all Milo needed to pull those few strands of fabric down to rest with the pants around Riley’s knees. The small, soft paws of the terrier felt incredibly along the strong thighs of the hyena, and made a few rumbles of approval involuntarily spill out of Riley as a result. Milo just blushed as he heard the approval for his actions, making sure to take everything slowly now as he traced both paws back up Riley’s legs, and then got a face-full of his package.

Riley’s package held the same markings as his face, which a bright blue sheath and a set of yellow-furred balls hanging below. Milo didn’t stare at them for but a moment before he went right in, his tongue sliding into the hyena’s sheathe and teasing around the base of his cock. Riley moaned loudly as that happened, his frame flexing forward some as his muscles tensed in heightened arousal from the teasing. His cock head was already poking out of his sheathe, but it didn’t take much of the swirling tongue of Milo to make his shaft start to come out as well. Riley had to place a paw on the head of the terrier, while his other went to the nearest shelf in order to brace his frame lest he fall over onto the terrier in front of him. Milo didn’t seem to mind though, and was already sniffing and huffing between slurps into Riley’s crotch. The hot air did wonders to tease the hyena as well, who was already panting lightly as his brain went fully into lust and arousal at the terrier’s behest.

Small paws came up to cradle and fondle the balls of the hyena, which got him going even faster and resulted in a few light bucks of sexual bliss as a result. Milo didn’t gag from any of those either, taking all of Riley’s length into his muzzle expertly as he continued to lick and suck at it as the hyena became more aroused. Stiffening up and growing out of his sheathe, Riley could feel his length hardening with every passing moment that it was in Milo’s muzzle, and yet he barely gave it a care while he held onto the terrier’s head and just kept it down in his crotch. He even pushed it in a couple times, arching back what little his frame allowed so that he could rub Milo into the musky scent that was now coming off the hyena. Coating his face in groin and musk to mark the terrier as his own, it was just as arousing as the rest of the encounter to Riley, and yet there was still so much more to come.

A few more moments of teasing, and one of Milo’s paws left the hyena’s sac. He traced down between his legs, pressing into the larger canine’s taint with a light push of just one digit. From there, he slowly came back up to the balls, releasing the pressure all while his other paw continued on with fondling and stroking and gently squeezing at the sac in its possession. Riley moaned louder at that feeling, having to bite into his arm slightly to keep himself from howling out in ecstasy at the feeling of Milo’s expert work. Combined with the tonguing, which had resulted in a full hard-on from Riley in just a couple minutes, it was enough to make any anthro go feral with arousal. Riley had to stay in some control though, and he knew that as he arched forward again and pressed the terrier’s head harder into his groin. His claws were coming out somewhat thanks to how much lust was coursing through his veins, and Riley could see them against the short, white fur that he was holding below. Had the hyena had more sense left in him, he would have stopped or at least eased up, but something about it all was just too much for that part of his brain to work well. He could handle being quiet, but not that aspect of himself.

Milo didn’t seem to mind anything though, even as the claws brushed his soft flesh under his fur, and even as his snout was mashed against the soft groin of the hyena. He did have to push back to breathe every now and then, but beyond that Milo just did whatever he could to please Riley. This meant stopping the tongue work to slowly begin bobbing along the fully erect shaft of the hyena, as well as moving his stroking paw further and further back with every pass until it was stroking just beneath the tailhole of the hyena. Milo didn’t dare go further than that, but Riley could sense he wanted to as there was more than one stroke where he nearly slipped in. Of course, the hyena wouldn’t have cared about that, but Milo didn’t know and Riley had neither the intention nor will to tell him at that point. In fact, there were small rivulets of blood running down his arm at that point thanks to how hard he was having to bite it to not howl like the canine he was. He was moaning and panting hard, loud huffs coming from his muzzle as he bucked into the Milo with increasing frequency and force. The terrier still took it though, his head bouncing on his frame as the pointed ears atop it were mashed down by the hyena’s large, moving paw.

This motion continued for a minute or so, speeding up and slowing down as both willed it. Riley began to leak pre at some point, but neither noticed it as they were both too lost in the sheer ecstasy of the experience. Milo was being dominated fully, of his own will, by Riley. Riley was getting to have his way with a little twink named Milo. Both were fully into their fantasy world, and they knew it as the amount of lust and musk in the air practically had a flavor for them both. Both canines could smell the other through their own scents, and honed in on that as Riley came closer and closer to orgasm at the paws of Milo. The terrier was leaking in his own right too, his tight pants straining to keep his length inside them as he panted and moaned in utter lust. He was taking in everything Riley had to give, and giving back his muzzle, his paws, and his head in return. Riley could feel that, and he could smell it too in fact as he just pressed in over and over again to the smaller sub beneath him. Faster, harder, faster, harder, the two went at it at a quickening pace as that all set in for the both of them.

Riley then came, hard.

Spurts of ropey seed went shooting out of his length and into Milo, who swallowed hard to get it down as he had Riley fully in his muzzle when the hyena came. Backing off just enough to allow him to swallow, the terrier moved both his paws from the hyena’s groin and grabbed onto the muscled thighs surrounding them for some support in keeping himself upright and taking all that Riley had. Riley, on the other paw, pulled Milo in right and bore his claws, digging into the smaller canine’s neck enough to break the skin slightly as he grunted and moaned in pure, unadulterated bliss. Every fiber of his being could feel that moment, just the sheer amount of bliss and arousal that coursed through them both as he came right into the terrier below. His grip slackened after a moment though, his whole frame loosening up as his orgasm died down and his rational brain began to come back from being pushed down deep into him. Riley groaned and panted hard as he loosed his muzzle from his arm, taking a quick look at the punctures on it and just groaning again as the pain of it began to sink in. Riley then looked down at Milo, peering down at the small canine from his arched position above. The terrier was still on his cock, though his newly-pressed uniform now had a large spot on it from where he too had cum in his pants. The hyena almost chuckled at that, but instead he just released his grip on Milo entirely before placing his paw atop the smaller canine’s head and giving it a couple gentle pets.

The terrier backed off the cock in his muzzle after the petting, panting for a few moments before he slowly rose to his feet in front of Riley. A small bit of seed dripped out of his muzzle and down onto his uniform, which Riley quickly reached over and wiped up with his own paw. Once he did, he brought the cleaning digit up to his muzzle and took a taste, smirking somewhat as he did which drew another blush out of Milo. The terrier rubbed the back of his neck for a moment, feeling the tiny nicks which Riley had left in it and blushing deeper as he bashfully looked down again. Riley was still stiff as a board, but he was no longer horny thanks to Milo… For the moment, of course. Milo was the same, his tented and wet pants just accentuating what had happened in a perfect way. Both looked over one another, Riley in his work clothes with his pants around his ankles, and Milo in his uniform with sweat on his face and a cum stain on his pants. They both chuckled awkwardly for a moment at the sight of one another, then quietly just looked at each other again.

“Well… I think we’re gonna do that again.”

“I work Friday.”

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