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Milo groaned as he walked over towards the ‘banging closet’. He had told Riley to meet him there again after their last romp, a thing that was becoming a more frequent occurrence while the pair worked the same shift. Work still got done though, and neither of their bosses were the wiser, so both just took advantage of the situation and got paid to screw around. Riley hadn’t tried to take it any further, and neither had Milo… Though somewhere inside him, the terrier wanted to. Not to date, but to maybe go to either of their apartments to have sex, instead of just in a dusty closet. He wasn’t sure though, as the feeling was fleeting at best, and more of a whim at worst. Something about it all though… Milo needed to think about it, and he didn’t want to. Thankfully, not much thinking would be needed as he opened the door to the broom closet.

Riley never gave him time to think.

Inside, the hyena’s shirt was already undone and his pants were around his ankles. Sure, he couldn’t be seen from the door, but one sniff from Milo gave away the lack of clothing on the hyena; that musk was unmistakable. Riley smelled Milo too as the white and black terrier came through the door, sensing him immediately and letting out a light bark from the back of the room. The smaller canine chuckled at this, his ears pinning back in submission upon being summoned by his fling. Slowly, the canine strode to the back of the room, undoing the buttons on his shirt one at a time as he went. His uniform had been worn out already by their rambunctious antics, and was in dire need of a few repairs thanks to claw marks and other stains which thankfully had gone unnoticed, or at least not been commented on. The security garb was still there though, and often Riley had Milo leave it on while they would fool around for some reason or another. Milo never asked, and Riley never told; it was just one of their little things.

Coming around the bend to the back of the room, Milo had his shirt undone and his pants unsnapped. Riley just stood in place, looking the svelte terrier up and down with clear lust in his eyes. He grinned, sliding his usual jockstrap down to reveal his package yet again. The same blue-and-yellow markings Milo had become intimately familiar with came into view, and it was nigh an instant before the terrier’s paws were on them. Gently cupping the yellow sac in one paw while his other stroked at the blue sheathe above, the small terrier pressed his lithe frame against the thin one of Riley in lustful want. The pair ground against another for a brief time, all while Milo fondled and teased Riley to arousal. This never took much to do, but Milo relished having all of that junk in his paws for any amount of time. His short, white fur pressed against Riley’s longer brown, the spots on their frames meshing together, the warmth of their bodies heating up the room, the smell of musk permeating the very air around them as they both became more aroused… Milo and Riley both were driven wild by this every single time, and neither saw it stopping anytime soon.

Riley slid his paws down to the top of Milo’s underwear, the tight briefs leaving nothing to the imagination on the terrier. A quick tug, and they were deposited around the smaller canine’s ankles along with his pants, leaving both beasts clad in little more than unbuttoned shirts. Milo’s tail raised and his ears went back again in submission as this happened, making Riley perk up and his own tail sway mischievously behind him. Both could smell one another’s wants so strongly it was as if they could read the other’s mind, and Milo knew what was coming. He turned around obediently, his tail raising a little higher as Riley’s paws trailed along his frame. Light tickles from the claws of the hyena sent a shiver down the terrier’s spine, causing his fur to stand on end as he let loose a soft whimper from the gentle touch to his frame. Riley smirked at this, saying nothing though as instead he just got Milo turned away from him and pressed his groin to the terrier’s exposed rear.

Once there, both were silent for a moment as they pressed into one another, Milo back into Riley and Riley forwards into Milo. The terrier worked his ass around in slow, meandering circles to tease Riley, while the hyena gave a couple gentle humps to the shapely, small rump of the canine. Both were already panting softly at this, and Riley could feel his cock peeking out of his sheathe just from the simple teasing already. It wouldn’t be long before he could take Milo, and the pair both could smell that as they drank in the musky air around them just to further fuel their lusty desires. The pink tip of his cock already exposed, Riley slid it between the tight, shapely cheeks of Milo’s rear and began to grind anew, his motions slow and deliberate as his arms slid around the waist of the terrier. Milo just latched both of his paws onto the shelving in front of him for support, panting harder now as he pressed and arched back against Riley in time with the grinding motions against his ass. His back moving like slow waves, the lithe terrier just groaned inwardly in utter bliss at the feeling of Riley against his frame. His muzzle opened and his tongue rolled out, fully panting now like the canine he was as he just pressed and ground as he waited for Riley to make his move.

This didn’t take long, as Riley pressed into Milo with a soft grunt. The terrier whined as well, having to tilt his head and bite into his arm in pain. Riley had been as gentle as he could, but the terrier was still unused to having such an amount of hyena inside his tight rear. The hyena knew that, as he slowly pushed on in. He still wasn’t stiff as a board, but he could get his shaft inside Milo and begin to hump the small canine regardless; he wanted to after all. Riley panted a bit as he felt the pucker of the terrier grasp around his cock, pulsating rapidly and teasing him to near orgasm in moments. Riley held out though, and instead tightened his grip around Milo’s waist as he began to slowly hump at the smaller canine. Back and forth, back and forth, his hips worked in time with Milo’s as the two of them began to shift around against the shelves which Milo clung to for dear life. His whole body jostled every time the larger hyena rammed against it, his arms shaking and his teeth clenched as he was rammed repeatedly. As easy as Riley could take it, he still pressed into Milo’s lithe frame at the bottom of every thrust, and his own body shook slightly at that. He was already shaky in the knees as all the blood rushing to his groin, and it was only getting worse as he kept going into Milo. The terrier was little better, support his own weight and some of Riley’s as the hyena pushed in and out of his ass over and over again.

The hyena began to pick up the pace after a time, his thrusts getting more rapid and deliberate as he got more comfortable, and more aroused. Milo was panting hard at that point, unable to bite his shoulder and instead just whining and whimpering submissively as he was taken by Riley. The hyena was doing little better, grunting and panting along with Milo as he worked up a sweat just pushing in and out of the terrier. His grip was as tight as he could get it at the bottom of his thrusts, pumping hard in and out rhythmically of the terrier as both their frames shook in time. A few items on the shelf Milo was clinging to had toppled over from the force of their romp, but neither cared as they both had their eyes shut and were far too lost in the moment to care. Bliss filled them both to the brim, and as Riley kept increasing his pace, he was just lost to it. Not a care in the world filled his mind as he thrust into Milo, pushing at the terrier harder and faster with every passing moment. His heated breath ran down the back of the terrier, who was trying to arch into some of the pushes, but mostly just hanging on for dear life as his own cock stood at full attention. He was already leaking pre in fact, a few drops of seed dripping down again onto his pants. Those pants were so stained with seed by that time though that more meant nothing; it was almost a badge of honor at this point in fact if Milo thought about it.

Faster, rougher, harder… Riley was into this animalisticly now, as was Milo. Both were groaning and panting hard from the work of keeping themselves standing, as well as the rough thrusts from Riley. Fully erect and near orgasm now, the hyena was just riding the terrier for all he was worth. Milo came right around this point too, a light howl coming from his muzzle that he tried to stifle, but was too lost in ecstasy to think otherwise about. He spurted seed all over one of the boxes on the shelf, his clothes, and even himself as he was pushed into the load of cum by one of Riley’s roughest humps yet. The hyena wasn’t far behind either, as both could feel the warmth of pre entering Milo’s rear at that point. Light growls of domination were now coming from the hyena as he neared climax, his claws digging slightly into the soft, taut flesh of the terrier as he clung on. Milo barely noticed it though, as he just panted hard and groaned once he finished cumming. Riley was nearly there, and it wouldn’t take much more to set him off, so Milo decided to do the final push back against Riley as he got into timing himself with the hyena’s thrusts. The pushing was so brutal Milo knew he would be bruised later, and his ass was already sore from the thin layer of flesh on it ramming time and time again into Riley’s groin. It was a good pain though, and as he went to make it worse, it only took a few times to get Riley to spew his own load.

Riley came hard right into Milo, pulling the terrier right against him and letting out a small howl of his own that he was unable to stifle. Spurt after spurt of seed went into the terrier, who got a few finishing thrusts from Riley as the hyena emptied himself into the smaller canine. Milo just panted and groaned as he felt his innards being filled up with Riley, an increasingly common feeling that had never once been remotely unwelcomed. Both were spent however, as was evidenced by their panting and groaning as Riley came into Milo over several seconds. Pushing and grinding against one another for a few more moments after they finished, the two just stayed still after a time with Riley still in Milo, and the terrier still bent over with his tail raised in front of the hyena. Neither could think of words, but instead just let the afterglow of sex take them for a small ride. Ecstasy still filled their veins to the brim, and they both knew it as they rested against one another, catching their breaths and just staying still.

After nearly a minute, Riley slowly pulled out of Milo and groaned again. He grabbed for a towel, using it to wipe some of the sweat from his head before using it to clean off his length. He then passed the towel wordlessly to Milo, who took it and began to clean himself too. Quick wipe to his rear to get the cum from Riley off, then to his stomach and crotch to clean his own seed… Milo was a mess after these romps every single time, and he loved it. The smell of his own musk mixed with Riley’s was enough to drive the terrier wild, and he knew it. Riley was equally in love with the smell though, usually keeping the towel around to remind himself of the pair’s latest romp; something he would never admit to Milo. The terrier just blushed a bit at the thought of their scents and their sex though, looking down at the ground bashfully as he finished wiping himself off and passed the towel back to Riley. The hyena was already finishing getting himself dressed again, his pants back on and buckled and his shirt nearly fully buttoned. Milo was about to do the same, silently, but then he stopped and sighed a bit.


“Hmmm? Everything okay?” Riley responded, turning to look at Milo. The hyena was already cleaned back up enough to continue working, and had done so in fact by fixing the things Milo and he had toppled over in their latest bout of sex.

“Uhm… Can we do this outside of work?”

“Heh… Give me your phone.” Riley asked, holding out a paw expectantly at Milo. The terrier complied in an instant, fishing the device out of his pocket. He then got back to getting dressed as Riley messed with the device, tapping the screen a few times before passing it back to Milo. Now clothed, the terrier took back his phone in one paw as the other continued to mess with the buttons on his shirt. He looked down at the phone while doing this and stopped, his eyes going wide as his expression went to one of shock. Riley’s number was now on the screen, plainly, along with the hyena’s address. “I, uh…”

“Anytime you want another round… Just let me know.”


Riley lay prone on his sofa, paws resting on his flat stomach. Saturday mornings were always boring for him, as his gym picked that morning to always be closed, and everyone he knew was either too hung over or out working. This left the hyena often home alone with little to do, and so often he just napped on the couch or watched television. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t mind the rest, but it wasn’t the best thing in the world for him. Hyenas were not exactly the best at sitting still, and Riley knew that as he fidgeted from his prone position to laying on his side, staring blankly at the large TV in front of him. His own reflection stared back, practically begging him to find something to do. Anything to do in fact, and that was all that it wanted. The hyena wanted that too as a matter of fact, and yet even as he wracked his brain, he couldn’t think of a single thing worth doing on that particular Saturday. Of course, he could go for a walk or something… It was raining though, and walking in the rain wasn’t the hyena’s first choice by any stretch. Going out t-


Riley sat bolt upright as his doorbell went off, ears pointed straight up and all his fur on end. He was a very jumpy anthro after all, and the sudden ring had scared him through and through. Getting over his shock as quickly as it came though, the hyena just groaned and got to his feet, feeling a little light-headed from the rush of blood to his brain. Lazily, he plodded over to the door of his modest apartment, giving himself a quick once-over to make sure that he was dressed appropriately to answer the door. Sweatpants and a wife-beater… Not the best, but at least he was decent. At this hour too, and on a Saturday, it had to be the post-man or something along those lines. Riley was at a loss for what he had ordered though, so he wasn’t entirely sure just why anyone was at his door at all.

Grabbing the handle and pulling the door open, no one Riley was expecting greeted him. Instead, it was Milo, dressed in a new security uniform and nervously playing with his paws as he stood in the doorway. Riley had to chuckle softly to himself as he saw that, but instead of commenting on any of it he just stepped aside and gestured for Milo to come inside. The terrier complied, looking at the floor with his cheeks beet red the entire time, getting a smirk out of Riley in the process. “Uhm… HI…”

“Wasn’t expecting to see you here. What’s up?”

“I was in the neighborhood…” Milo mumbled, not having looked up from the floor once since entering the room. Riley chuckled again at this, moving a little closer to the terrier and placing a paw on his shoulder. “And… I wanted to see you.”

“Well… Did you want to see me, or see me?” Riley asked, getting a bit of a squirm under his paw a result. Milo finally looked up at the hyena, his white-furred cheeks looking pink thanks to how much he was blushing, and spoke.

“Both.” Riley was somewhat taken aback by that answer, but his smirk quickly turned into a smile as a result. The hyena hadn’t expected much more than an office fling, but this was a little more… And he was fine with a little more. He welcomed a little more in fact, as his paw gave a gentle squeeze to Milo’s shoulder. The terrier just blushed harder, his gaze going right back to the ground as he just stammered and stuttered a few incoherent words out before going silent. Riley had to keep smiling at that, but only had one question once he realized that Milo was going to be sticking around for a while.

“Okay, I’m fine with both. When do you want to ruin that new uniform?”

“Where’s the bedroom?”

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