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Snow just couldn’t believe how lucky he was that morning. First, he had managed to catch the bus with just moments to spare, giving him actual time to do his workout before work. Second, the gym had messed up something with his membership, and thusly were giving him multiple months for free. And lastly, Knuckles was working at the gym. The Knuckles, the red echidna that Snow had seen many times before and had in no uncertain terms a crush on. The blue husky’s tail had been wagging a mile per minute as he made his way into the locker room, unable to believe his luck that day. The canine just knew it was going to be his day, and that made him that much more excited to work out. He changed rapidly into his gym attire, not wanting to miss a moment of getting to watch and maybe even speak to the red echidna. Today was the husky’s chance, and Snow planned to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Once he was clad in a pair of loose shorts and wife-beater, the blue-and-white husky made his way back out to the main gym. Knuckles was still there, along with a select few other early risers. Snow just grinned to himself as his tail resumed swaying behind him with glee. Not one to call attention to himself, Snow wasn’t quite sure what to do in order to get to speak to Knuckles. He did want to work out too though, so that meant at least getting some stretching and time in on the equipment. That was easy enough to manage, as Snow made his way over to the small free area of the room and began to stretch. Pulling this way and that, he kept his eyes locked on the mirror as he went through the motions, trying to catch a glimpse of Knuckles at every chance he could. The echidna did look his way a couple times, but the glances were fleeting at best; better than nothing as far as Snow was concerned, but not what he wanted. Thusly, the husky spent a little extra time stretching out his back and legs, fully bent over with his tail in the air not quite unintentionally. A couple more looks did come his way as that happened, and these… Well, they were up to interpretation, but Snow thought he was getting a little more attention now.

Moving on, the husky decided to get some cardio done before he lifted weights. Snow made his way over to the stationary bikes, finding one close enough to the settings he wanted and hopping on. The canine fiddled with the seat to get it perfect once he was up, squirming around a little to get comfortable. He then adjusted a couple settings on the bike to make it more of a challenge, as Snow hated cardio. He wanted it done quick, so he went really hard at it instead of taking his time like he knew he should. The husky was already toned and svelte though, so he needed little of that amount of exercise… At least that was his rational every time he spent just a few minutes on a bike in order to work up a sweat. Snow was paying little attention to Knuckles as he was doing this too, hoping to have made a little impression that he could foster once he started lifting weights. The husky was more concerned regardless with getting his pedaling done for the time being too, so he set off to bike the few miles he did every time he was on the bike. The canine was quick about it, treating it almost as a race instead of the workout it was meant to be so that he could get it over with. Stood on the pedals, legs pumping in a blur, his tail bouncing in time with his sculpted rear, and his ears pinned back like he really was speeding along on the bike, Snow looked to be in his element one hundred percent.

Biking done, the husky slowed down to a steady pace and pedaled for a few more minutes to cool himself off. He was sweating already, his tongue flopped out of his muzzle as he panted hard from the pace he had just kept. His legs were a little sore, as they always were from such an effort, but that pain would wear off after a few minutes of walking around. Snow was no stranger to the pains of working out, and he almost had grown to adore that feeling of pushing his body to its limits. His next workout was a part of that joy as well; the bench press. He needed to cool off a little more though first, meaning that once he finished his cool-down pedaling, the husky slid off the bike and walked around it a few times. His paws on his hips, the canine was still panting fairly hard but slowly catching his breath. He had pushed hard that time, and beaten his old record by just a few seconds. Triumph after triumph that day; Snow was certain today was going to be his day. In fact, the husky thought about it as he began to walk over towards the bench press, he looked forward to going to work. With how well his day had been going thus far, nothing but good things were bound to happen at work that day. The canine even thought about buying a lottery ticket that night; Snow was feeling that lucky.

Reaching the older machine in the back corner of the room, Snow sighed softly. The bench press in his gym was probably the oldest piece of equipment in there, and yet three was no reason to replace it. A bar of metal, a horizontal bench held together with duct tape and a few screws, and the supporting steel beams. Snow had never much liked it, but he didn’t bother complaining to the owner about it since this was apparently the first piece of equipment he had bought to open the place. The only real drawback of such old equipment was that there were no safety bars on it, meaning that Snow would need a spot if he was really going to use it. He would often just go for lighter weights and forgo using a spotter just to get his workout done. He wanted to push today though, to keep his streak of breaking personal records that he had started with his bike.

“Need a spot?” The gruff voice came from behind Snow, and immediately he melted inside. He would know that voice anywhere, absolutely anywhere.

“I do, thanks,” Snow responded as he turned around to be face to face with Knuckles. The red echidna was simply wearing gym shorts, opting instead to show off a build that Snow could only dream of having. Rippling muscle adorned every inch of exposed fur that was on the echidna, from broad shoulders to arms that bulged even when they weren’t flexed, abs that could cut glass, a chest that was bulging with pecs that could dance on command… It was a sight to behold for the husky, and he had to stop himself from drooling, blushing, or taking orbit from his tail wagging a mile-a-minute.

“How much are you gonna do then?”

“Uhm… Start at 250 I guess, work up from there?”

“You can do 250 huh? Impressive there dog,” Knuckles replied, a small smirk on his face as he moved to the far side of the bench. Snow just looked down and blushed profusely for a moment once Knuckles wasn’t looking. The blue canine could feel his cheeks turn pink beneath their white fur, a simple compliment enough to make him melt into a puddle of his former self. He needed to remain cool though, so he just let the moment of being flustered pass before bending down to start hoisting up weights himself. A few weights added to the bar to match Knuckles, Snow put the clamp onto the end of the bar to keep the weight from sliding off. Knuckles had already finished his side, the echidna just watching with that same smirk on his face as he idly played with a 50 pound weight like it was a toy. Snow nearly drooled at the sight, having to consciously not stare at the red anthro while he finished his task and then lowered himself onto the bench.


“Whenever you are dog,” Knuckles replied, positioning himself above Snow as his smirk broadened. Snow had to struggle not to just look straight up at Knuckles, his eyes betraying him as he kept on sneaking glances at the bugles and curves of muscle that lined the echidna’s torso. Knuckles was looking back too, his own eyes betraying him as well as the looked down the flat, toned lines of the husky. Both just silently eyed one another up and down as Snow reached for the bar, placing both paws on it and getting his grip right. He spun his paws a couple times over the bar, getting ready for the weight before he hoisted with a loud grunt. Bringing it over the lip, he slowly brought the weighty bar down towards his chest before hoisting it back up again. Knuckles did his job, keeping a paw on the bar the entire time while leaning down in close to Snow. During this, the echidna’s package got considerably closer to the husky, so much that the scent of musk from his crush was all that Snow could inhale. He felt weak in the knees at that scent, but he didn’t let it distract him too much from 250 pounds of weight that he was holding up. He lifted the bar back up, brought it down, and repeated a few times more. Each time, Knuckles brought his package in closer, and on the final time he even let it brush against Snow’s nose. This gave away that the teasing had been utterly intentional, though Snow had little reason as to why. Was it teasing, or was the echidna flirting with him. Either way… Snow got brave and took a deep, long inhale right as the green-clad junk touched his nose.

A few more reps later, and the bar was back on the bench. The loud clang of metal on metal signaled just how done Snow was, as he lay there for a moment panting. Knuckles grinned mischievously at that sight, leaning forward so that his bulge was resting just shy of Snow’s muzzle. The husky was unable to hide his blush this time, and Knuckles knew that as he let it stay there. Neither spoke, nor even looked at each other’s eyes, but instead just let the moment linger as Snow took in a few more whiffs of musk from Knuckles. Snow also thanked the stars for his canid lineage, as he could smell the arousal that was coming off Knuckles from that position; he was being flirted with by his crush. Snow didn’t know to what end, but he didn’t want to ask, so he simply lay there and pant for a few more moments before reaching up for the bar again.

“You’re going again?”

“Yeah, another set or so… Why?”

“Well, maybe a different set is in order?” Snow moved to look up at Knuckles as the echidna just gave him a wink and a sly smile. With that, the red anthro moved around the bench, leaving Snow laying where he was confused. He had to sit up a little to follow Knuckles with his eyes, as the echidna went to the other side of the bench and stood now by Snow’s legs. There, the echidna didn’t hesitate for a moment before lowering his shorts to expose a taut, small jockstrap. The thing looked to be struggling to contain the aroused echidna, and both Knuckles and Snow seemed to recognize that as the garment was dropped to the floor right along with his shorts. A large, thick length and a set of balls that looked to be as big as some entire bulges were now out for the gym to see, though Snow couldn’t hear a single other patron in the place now; he had to guess that both he and Knuckles were alone. “So?”

Snow clambered to lower his own shorts and underwear, pulling them down to around his ankles in a quick motion. He had to hop off the bench a couple times to get them off, but he managed expertly as he was quite eager to be just as exposed as Knuckles was. His own length was standing at attention, extended from his sheathe and already mostly hard thanks to his crush just fully nude in front of him. Knuckles just smirked at that as he came forward towards Snow, barely hesitating again as he moved in closer and pressed his frame against the legs of the canine. Snow moaned softly at that, laying back down prone against the bench as lustful ecstasy filled him to the brim. He had to pant again in aroused want, just the touch making his cock twitch. Knuckles didn’t stop there though, moving both of his heavy paws to the canine’s legs and lifting them up. Snow could feel muscle rubbing against his thighs, making him moan deeper as he involuntarily bucked towards the ceiling. Closer and closer Knuckles came, lifting the husky up more until he was pressing against the canine’s groin with his own, their lengths rubbing along one another’s. There, Knuckles proceeded to grind a couple times letting out moans of his own, while Snow just lay flat and panted. He could already feel pre leaking out of his cock, lubing it up nicely as Knuckles continued to press his own against it.

This lasted for a few moments, both just relishing the other’s company and body implicitly. Knuckles was the one who stopped this though, lifting the husky up more into the air as his length ground against the canine’s taint. From there, Snow knew what was going to happen, and he grit his teeth as well as clung to the steel supports on either side of him in anticipation. This was needed too, as Knuckles’ length was bigger than anything the husky had taken before. Feeling it move along his taint, then to his ass, where it rested between his sculpted cheeks for a moment before moving to find his pucker… Snow was just unable to comprehend why this was happening to him. He had been lucky today, but this… He just moaned noisily as he pressed himself against Knuckles with need. The echidna obliged this too, pressing his own stiff member right against the canine’s tailhole without so much as a warning. Grunting slightly, Knuckles forced himself into Snow, and the canine let out a howl of blissful pain. He was being torn in half it felt like, but at the same time Knuckles had lined up perfectly with the husky’s prostate; pain and pleasure had never been so much as one in his mind.

Once in, Knuckles used Snow’s legs to pull himself in and out, slowly thrusting into the canine rhythmically. Both groaned and panted hard, the various moans and whimpers of sex echoing throughout the empty gym as they went at it like animals. Snow could feel his tai brushing against the thick, built thighs of Knuckles, and the echidna seemed like he wanted this more as every time it happened, a light huff of arousal came from his muzzle. Snow just lay there though, grip on the steel beams keeping him in place tight enough to make his paws hurt. Knuckles grip on his legs was tightening too as the echidna thrust in and out of him, trying to keep the legs of the canine in place while he was being pounded. The thrusts were each powerful and dominant, making Snow whimper in submission between the pounding to his small rear. His ears were pinned back and his eyes were screwed shut, and had anyone seen what was going on, they might have been concerned. Snow was in heaven though, bliss filling his veins as he just got taken by Knuckles forcefully. The echidna was just as lost in his own bliss, his pace of steady and slow already beginning to deteriorate as he got more into taking the husky beneath him.

Snow didn’t last long with this, as he let out a light howl while he came hard all over himself. His length was pointed at his face, and thusly he got a bath of his own seed thanks to Knuckles. The canine just bucked and panted as this happened, his entire body tightening as he orgasmed. This meant that his hole grabbed onto Knuckles cock tightly, making the thrusts of the echidna temporarily slow again thanks to it. Knuckles moaned loudly at that as he felt his length get constricted by the orgasming husky, who shot ropes of seed all over himself and the floor around him. The husky was beet red at this, having hoped that he would last longer… But this was just too good for him, far too good. His whole body fell slack after a several seconds of orgasm, giving Knuckles back the hole to plow and making them both moan in ecstasy. The pair kept at it, Snow doing his best to keep his legs raised while Knuckles clung to them and pounded away with hard, increasingly fast thrusts.

Snow was definitely buying a lottery ticket that night.

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