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Kole was nothing if not professional. He had been for years, and yet it was a jarring lack of professionalism that had gotten him caught. One mistake, just one little slip-up, and years of killing had come to an end. He was no serial killer, no crazed lunatic who was mad a society, but a contract killer… And yet one fucking mistake had taken him from one of the most feared names in the underworld to a death row inmate. It was all just so trivial too, and the badger knew it. He hadn’t planned on it, but he knew one day that he would be caught. Whether it be flaunting too much money, a witness, or even something more trivial than that, he knew that his life was all running on borrowed time. Thusly, the thing getting him into jail and onto death row being something even less than trivial was just aggravating to the cold-blooded hitman. A shell casing, left behind and with his prints on it thanks to being too tired to remember to wear gloves and too careless to remember to grab it, was his undoing. Just one casing of a bullet, one scrap of evidence, and it alone was enough for warrants, an investigation and ultimately an arrest which was the highlight of some nobody cop’s career. It sickened him to the core, and yet he had taken it all in stride; it was his mistake after all, and Kole prided himself on his professionalism.

Now clad in standard prison garb, the mustelid was being led down towards death row by a pair of brutish bears who more than likely made less in a year than he had made in a single night. What the badger wouldn’t give for a knife and a few minutes alone… That was the past though. His life was over now. Reduced to little more than an inmate, Kole followed the leader as the shuffling of chains and the light huffing and puffing of his two guards were all the sounds he heard. No others lined the walls, no clanging of cups or catcalls came out… No, prison was nothing at all like it was portrayed in the movies. This was cold, sterile, and calculated; Kole was quite pleased with it all in fact. Something about this building reminded the mustelid of himself, and that gave him some peace as he was marched down towards the last few walls he would see for the rest of his life.

“Prisoner transfer,” one of the bears rumbled into his shoulder microphone, giving a faint wave to another bear behind a mesh fence. Seated in the office, this far rounder bear simply waved back before pressing the button to unlock the one door Kole could see, leaning on that button slightly while one the badger’s escorts opened it. The mustelid stepped right through, followed closely by one ursine as the other stayed to shut the door. “Stop,” came a command, and Kole complied without hesitation; the price for not listening in this prison had been shown to him quite clearly in a rather dramatic display of power earlier in his trek. “Luke, where the hell are they?”

“Oh you know how long they take… Just give- Oh, they’re here.” The ground shook slightly for Kole, his bare paws feeling the vibrations in the cold cement well before he saw the two new guards he would be accompanying come around the corner. Another door was opened, this one at least twice as wide as the one he had stepped though, and filling it was far and away one of the fattest dragons he had seen in his entire life. His uniform looked to be painted on, each button begging for mercy on a stomach that could fit Kole and then some in it. Sagging, bunched up rolls were perfectly outlined in that grey shirt, which was untucked and showed off more than  a small amount of blue scales along the side and grey ones in front. Thighs which brushed both sides of the doorway came with the drake, making pants that looked to have fit a great many meals ago look that much tighter as the fabric strained and tugged at the rolling adipose that had been poured into them. Huffing slightly, the beast of leisure just kept walking into the room, and was in there for but a moment before Kole could actually feel the temperature of the entire place rise. The badger didn’t dare look at the face of this overindulgent leviathan, but instead just focused on the stomach that took a full double-take just to get it all into view. He couldn’t look away after all; there was just so much of it. It was almost mesmerizing to watch it sway back and forth with every step the beast took, those thighs having to fight the acreage of belly for space with every movement their owner made.

“About time Zero… Eesh, getting slow there huh?”

“Sh… Shut your mouth Carter,” The dragon puffed out, clearly out of breath as he approached Kole and placed a paw on the badger’s shoulder. To Kole, even the dragon’s paws felt rather fat as they smooshed and pressed down on him. “Prisoner transfer complete. Escorting to new cell.”

“Copy that tubby,” came a call from the bear in the office, and with that both doors were buzzed open again. Kole didn’t even see the other guard he was supposed to be with come into the room, but after looking at the drake and having felt two sets of footfalls equally as floor-quivering… He was sure that there wasn’t room for both of them in the small transfer room. Just why a guard was so incredibly large was beyond him, but it was something that he could quite easily get used to; he may have been sentenced to die by the court, but this drake was eating himself to death even faster than any needle or chair could kill the badger.

“Move it, prisoner,” the booming voice of the dragon came out as thick and heavy as the drake looked to be, a light grunt following those words as the mammoth reptile moved aside for Kole. The badger, sighing slightly to himself in defeat, tried to move but was held up by his chains. Having to remember that he was bound up in them, he took a moment to shuffle himself from being tangled up in the apparatus he was being forced to wear. This gave the drake time to move further aside, time which was needed as the leviathan almost filled the room. His partner, which hadn’t entered the room, loomed on the edge of Kole’s vision… A massive wall of another uniform, more than likely even bigger than the dragon which was spilling out of his clothes in spades. How both of them had a job was beyond Kole, but he asked no questions; professionalism above all for him after all. It was just a shock to his system in any way it was taken though, so he didn’t say words and instead kept his eyes to the floor as he slowly, ponderously moved past the light land mass that was the dragon keeping an eye on him.

“Through the door,” another voice called, this one sounding like dark chocolate personified. It had to have been the other, and it was a voice that demanded compliance. Kole obeyed, and the dragon behind him followed. “Come on, hurry it up.”

Kole couldn’t wait to begin coming up with escape plans.


Four small concrete walls, a makeshift shower, a metal toilet, a steel door, a small metal sink, and a rickety metal bed with a mattress that was even thinner than Kole. That was all that Kole knew. He may have been let out for ‘exercise’ once a day, but it was a fleeting time in a yard smaller than his first apartment. The walls were something he saw for the rest of the day though, a constant in a life that was nothing but routine and boredom for all of it. The food was nice, if not excessive… Meals that could stuff him three times over seemed to be the norm in this prison, and it explained almost immediately why the guards were such behemoths. Very seldom were they seen not snacking on some form of food or another by Kole, though he rarely saw those guards at all. In fact, he hadn’t seen the larger one since being transferred into death row. He saw the drake a couple times, but more often than not it was simply a large hyena who was delivering his meals or getting him out of his cell. The other two were content to sit on their haunches in the ‘box’ as they ate and laughed at the stories they shared.

Kole had been watching this from the start, and knew full well their routine after a couple weeks of observation. He wasn’t quite comfortable making any moves just yet, but he was fairly sure that neither could stop him if they tried. Moving fast didn’t seem to be either blobs’ forte, and Kole planned to take full advantage of that as he thought up his escape plan. The hyena, whose name Kole had never once caught, was just as woefully out of shape as the other two. He was far less rotund, but still had the slow waddle and general glacial pace of his two co-workers. All it would take was one mistake on their part; the badger knew the layout of his block after a couple of weeks in it, and he knew their schedules like the back of his paw. Breakfast, lock-up, lunch, a brief respite outside, lock-up, dinner, sleep… That was Kole’s schedule. He was allowed some time in a library to keep himself occupied every other day, but there was no way that he would be able to escape from that room; it was a veritable Fort Knox. No, the only time he had was when he was being escorted from one room to another, and that was it. He would need to break free, grab a keycard, and then get over the fence of his tiny outdoor area; that was his only real way out. The guard towers had blind-spots that he had already seen, and from what he could see of those towers, they looked to be unmanned at times throughout the day.

So focused on getting out was the badger that he had been neglecting any other thoughts in his mind, and that had led to some changes with his frame. The guards were quite insistent that Kole finish his meals, which had been a chore at first but was starting to come easier as his stomach got used to being fed. As a result of the influx of calories, a general softness had started to spread along him. It was not enough to bestow the title of even chubby on the mustelid, but certainly enough to make him look less chiseled than when he was brought into the prison. He did keep his close-combat skills sharp, and was still as fast as ever, but he just looked to be better nourished now. Gone were the sharp angles of his face, and the bony look to his limbs. Muscle and fat had formed on his body, and it gave him an appearance of a more stocky, healthy beast. This was not an unwelcome change, but it was one that Kole knew a few weeks of dieting and rigorous exercise would handle once he got outside. He did like the new, stronger Kole though… Maybe it would stay. The lightly-curved stomach would need to go, but the muscle could be kept; it made him almost feel more intimidating. That was for when he got out though, and the mustelid would need to do that first.

First, Kole needed to see what he could get away with. He had yet to try any sort of small rebellion or resistance, but he did need to test his bounds so that he could see how hard an escape attempt would be. He planned to try and resist the hyena; just to see if his biggest ‘threat’ could even cope with that. Shackled up as always, the mustelid just stood in his cell and waited for his escort to arrive. He had to put the shackles on himself, but they were always checked on by the hyena before leaving the cell. The canine was thorough too, and that meant getting away would need to happen before this check. Thusly, his bindings were extremely loose this time around to give the appearance of compliance. All that was needed now was the cell door to open, and his hyena ‘friend’ to come on in. It wouldn’t be long now, and when it happened… Kole was ready.

The cell door clicked, a loud buzzer going off somewhere across the hall. The hyena, almost spilling out of his usual uniform and looking to be very, very stuffed with something, waddled on into the room and pointed to the bed. Kole, on the far wall of the cell facing towards it, moved to comply as he shuffled towards the cot which had been his only bed for weeks, but then changed course in an instant. Within a moment, he had tossed the chains to the floor and was beside the hyena. Before the canine could even comprehend what was happening, Kole had gone completely around him and was in the doorway with a wicked grin on his face. Getting around the hyena had almost been too easy, and it proved then and there that escape was going to be a cakewalk. New plans were forming even as the mustelid turned to begin running down the hall, wanting to make this test look to be an actual escape attempt.

He never got that far though.

Before Kole could even fully turn to run, a meaty paw came and clamped down on his shoulder. This paw was soft, but its grip was like a vice to the mustelid, who immediately cried out in agony at the sudden squeeze. The grip didn’t loosen though, and instead it yanked the badger back into a wall of something warm and pliable; Kole could only guess that it was one of the other two who occupied his cell block. A baton was raised to his neck as contact with the stomach continued, arching the badger’s back and putting some of his weight onto the stomach instead of his feet. From the position he was in, Kole could only see the hyena in his cell through squinted eyes, a hyena who looked to be seething with rage at that moment as he slowly moved towards the captured beast. No words were said by the canine though, as he just came closer while Kole was held tightly by both baton and paw courtesy of his unknown assailant. Just how one of those two mounds of excess had moved that fast and gotten the drop on him was astounding, and changed things a lot for Kole; he would need to rethink a few things.

“Apologize to Officer Heron, now,” ordered the chocolatey voice that Kole had heard before. “Right now.”

“I-“Kole muttered, barely able to get that syllable out before the paw on his shoulder tightened its grip. He cried out again in pain, though this time far moreso as he could feel his shoulder separate from that grip. The badger had been injured before, but his shoulder… No amount of training could make that not hurt. “I’m sorry!”

“Try that again and you’ll spend your last days in solitary prisoner.” With that, Kole felt the paw and baton recede from him, and then a hard shove from the stomach he was against. As if pushed by a wall, the injured badger was sent flinging forward into his cell, right past the hyena who was still occupying it. Kole crumpled into a heap several feet inside, sliding into the wall with a hard thud. He just groaned once in there, his paw immediately snapping to his arm as it tried in vain to fix the damage that had been done by the mountain of a guard. His injury was hardly minor, and it would take at least a week to heal once put back into place. The badger knew that, and his guard seemed to as well as he just loomed in the small doorway with a smirk on his face. His normal guard, the hyena, smirked as well down at the badger before stepping out into the hallway with what looked to be his boss.

“No more free time for him Heron, period. He’s in his cell, and that’s it… Let him think about what he’s done for a while. Oh, and step up his meals too; we can’t have him starving on us now.”


Save for a couple meetings with his lawyer, Kole only saw the four walls of his cell for a long while. He tried to work out, to read, to do anything and everything that he could to keep himself occupied. This did little though for the badger, as he was far more accustomed to at least having some sort of change of scenery at every turn. He would have gone stir crazy even with being able to go out to the yard and to the library, but his punishment for an attempted escape just exacerbated the situation. Kole was going mad just having the four walls around him, and with a new level of security surrounding him at all times, he knew that he would have no chance to escape it. His appeal was hardly going well either, as the facts in his case were just that; facts. No wiggle room, no mishandled evidence… He was gotten dead to rights, and that made any sort of attempt at getting off the hook a distant dream. His lawyer had been hoping for leniency, but Kole knew a losing battle when he saw one. The badger was dreading just having to fact what his reality was going to be, but he knew it was going to be coming.

More pressing was his current reality, or specifically what it was doing to him. Having little to do aside from pace in his cell and eat the nigh constant flow of food that was coming into it had left him growing. The badger knew his waistline would expand more thanks to being confined to his cell, and had done all he could to stave it off at first. Working out while he had time, refusing meals when he could, and even going so far as to attempt bulimia for the first week or so of his confinement. None of that worked though, and even less of it was allowed. He was disciplined for not eating and even worse for vomiting up what he was given. The prison staff seemingly wanted Kole to wind up heavy, and after over a week in his cell, something had broken in the mustelid to allow that to happen. His resistance waned, the workouts decreased, and it wasn’t long before he was just eating what he was given out of sheer boredom. There was nothing else for him to do, and he knew it as he just sat in his cell and waited for the next tray to be shoved in through the slot in his door. The badger wasn’t broken in his will, but a part of him had given up the fight against his captors. Somewhere deep down, Kole knew it was another losing battle that he had no hope of winning, and was just going to have to accept his newfound frame.

That newfound frame grew quickly on the badger once all of these things happened. Chiseled looks, already softened by some overindulgence, quickly went from just ill-defined to rounded out, and then exploded from there. Gone was his flat stomach, and even the lightly chubby one he had gained after a few weeks of being incarcerated. In its place sat a lump of adipose, one that Kole would often massage and knead like the doughy mass it was. His woefully-inadequate prison garb left no ounce of his to guesswork, and his stomach was an exemplary display of this as it spilled haphazardly out in front of him. Rolling well over the waistband of pants that had fit many a meal ago, there was nearly a foot of stomach on display for anyone willing to look at the badger. Kole wanted little more than a new set of attire to hide his shameful growth, but he knew nothing new was coming thanks to a request he had made earlier. ‘You’re growing too fast for anything new’. It had been a stark reminder of just what the badger was doing to himself, and yet something that he almost secretly took pride in. After all, there was little else for the trained killer to do with himself now that he was locked away and awaiting a seemingly unavoidable death. Kole needed something, and the stomach that his paws were currently resting atop was giving him just that. It wasn’t quite what the badger had kept in his mind when he was first locked away, but his newfound size passed the time while keeping his mind busy. To Kole, it seemed better to be fat and accepting than big and bitter. Granted, the mustelid had no choice in his current predicament, but weeks and weeks of nothing but an influx of food and no way to burn off the needless calories he was shoveling down needed to have some reason to them.

That reason sat in his paws, spreading over his thighs, and pooling in what was an ever-shrinking lap on the mustelid. Kole could feel that happening slowly but surely, and knew that his body would only keep bloating up with more and more blubber unless some sort of change happened. He could feel his legs rub together whenever he walked, leaving his fur matted and chafed. His arms jiggled and wobbled with any amount of use, often so much so that they would jostle about the two mounds of fat that had formed where pecs once sat. Those heavy breasts the badger had sprouted were sensitive to the touch, often so much so that a few prods would get him weak in the knees. The ass he was sat on at the moment had ballooned to rip his pants asunder weeks before, and although new undergarments were given on a nearly weekly basis, it was all that Kole had to keep his pants from completely separating thanks to his bulky posterior. He could hear the springs of his bed creak under the weight he had accrued as he shifted around. The badger could feel himself slosh and quake around even at the slightest movement now. Lifting his arms to his mouth was more of a task than it had ever been before, and the badger knew it was only going to get harder. What had once been time for the mustelid to do push-ups and sit-ups, he now spent sat in his bed with his paws massaging the ever-present roll of fat on the front of him. Kole wasn’t too fat to do a push-up yet, but a simple test the week before showed that when he went all the way down, he could feel his stomach pressing against the floor below. It was undeniable now, that the badger was fat, and he was only going to get fatter unless something changed.

That change was wrapping on his cell door at that moment, snapping the badger out of his revelry and bringing him back to his heavier reality. The banging meant it was either meal time or he was being inspected, but in either case was expected to go to the far end of his cell and face the wall. Kole doggedly rose to his feet, a light grunt leaving the once-fit badger’s muzzle as he heaved his newfound bulk upright. Once on his feet, he shuffled to the wall and faced it, paws against the smooth stone of his cell as he just stood and waited for the clang of his cell door. It came too, loud and deliberate, as the door was opened hastily. Kole stood stock still at that point as he heard the sounds of a guard going through his room. Heron always did the inspections, which was little surprise to Kole as he was the only one small enough to fit in the cell. The wolfdragon, Sasuke it turned out his name was, and the dragon named Zero… They were far too large for the door of the cell, so instead they just stood outside and dared Kole to try and break the rules again. The badger wasn’t that dumb, but he was at least a slight amount hopeful that either would eat themselves out of a job at some point. Heron looked to be following suit too; his uniform was markedly tighter than the last time Kole had seen the hyena, which hadn’t been too terribly long. Nonetheless, the hyena looked to have put on a great deal of weight in that short time, as he was bulging out of his clothing wherever there was the space to. It was a little bit of a sight for Kole, who chanced a peek or two over his shoulder as he stood against the wall and waited for inspection to finish. Just how all that weight got onto the hyena was a mystery, but it was still amusing to the badger as he lowered his head and just stared at the floor.

Soon enough, inspection was done and the clang of the metal door going back into place was heard. Another, solitary wrap to the door came as the hyena finished his job, and Kole finally was given the chance to turn around. Upon doing so, the badger saw something new on his bed; clothes. This was the first time he had seen fresh clothes in his cell in what felt like an eternity, and to the badger it was a godsend. Sure, he was given a change of clothes daily after his morning shower, but nothing was ever sized-up enough. More often than not too, the clothing was just a hasty patchwork of his older clothing, that had been torn asunder many nights prior. To have that single shred of dignity back… Kole could have nearly cried, and yet he held himself together and remembered just who and what he was. The very notion of that much emotion overriding him, even for the briefest of moments, made the badger frown. He was a stone-cold killer, an assassin of the highest caliber. Here he was though, going from being a shining example of health to a star example of a diet plan. Kole was being broken, and it wasn’t until that very moment that he realized just how much of him was already giving in to the prison. The badger would win this though, he would find a way and be able to get out. It would be either his freedom or his sanity; one would go first, and the mustelid knew that.

“Huh…” Kole muttered as he looked at the new clothing for the first time, a little confused by it. It was the usual prison garb, and yet… This looked too big for him. Far too big in fact. It also looked to be somewhat worn out, with a few patches of the fabric having marks on them as though they had been rubbed together. The badger didn’t question the new clothing much though, and instead laid it out on his bed curiously. Pants that looked to be more akin to a tent, a shirt that could hold his entire being in it, socks that looked as wide around as they were long, and underwear that had more X’s on the label than Kole had ever seen. The badger knew he wasn’t going to fit into those clothes, and had to wonder just what they were doing in his cell. Were the two big guards messing with him? Sure, Kole had put on weight, but even that seemed to be a little bit too blunt of a play at him. Something else was up, but before the badger could really begin to think on it, he spotted another item of clothing. Spandex, and a lot of it, had been resting beneath the tent of underwear that was still being clutched by one of the chubby paws of the mustelid.

Placing the huge spread of fabric down with the rest of the comically oversized garb, Kole reached out for the spandex and pulled it from the bed. It was orange, just like the rest of the prison’s clothing, and had a long zipper down the front. The whole thing was just one piece though, made to slide up from the feet and cover the whole body of the badger. The outfit even had a slot for his tail, and looked to be big enough to cover him comfortably. Why it had been paired with the tents on his bed he had no idea, but considering that new clothing was something rare for the mustelid, he took advantage. Old shirt off, old pants down and kicked aside, and all that was left was a badger in underwear that was clinging on for dear life. Kole slumped for a moment as he saw himself in that state, looking down at his stomach and the small inkling of his toes that he could see beyond it. He placed a free paw against that mass, giving it a light shove and watching as it bounced to and fro from the motion. He could feel the defeat welling up in him again, but the badger wasn’t about to let it win. It was just clothes and weight; things he could change and control. He would start dieting tomorrow, make those clothes fit, and only have to wear this spandex uniform for a little while. It would just be a little while… No way those tents would ever wind up on him.


“So, you think Kole is gonna give in soon?”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Like… Is he gonna give up and finally just accept the meals and whatnot? You know, stop his weekly bout of working out for a couple hours then spending the next few days being miserable. When d’ya thing that’s gonna happen?”

“Oh, I dunno… I hope soon. You know how much the guys upstairs like to limit our time.” Sasuke leaned forward in his chair as Zero responded, giving a light nod in reply. The pair were watching Kole on the monitors, sitting on their wide rears and just gossiping as they always did. “I mean, you remember that last one? I’d barely even call them truly fat.”

“Eh, Heron didn’t seem to mind though.”

“Heron doesn’t have our appetite.” Zero responded, giving his gut a heavy slap with a knowing grin. Sasuke’s stomach responded with a loud rumble before the wolfdragon could form his own response, bringing a loud laugh out of the pair. They both quaked and wobbled in their seats as they laughed at the outburst of the draolf’s overeager stomach, their frames like moving mountains of pure blubber from such jovial actions. “Specifically your appetite.”

“Oh shuddup.”


Kole shifted uncomfortably on his bed, hearing it creak beneath his weight as the mustelid moved. The metal springs beneath him groaned in discontent thanks to the weight above them, but the badger just ignored those noises and instead tried to find some spot where he would be comfortable. Sleeping had become an issue for him throughout the course of his imprisonment, as getting himself into a spot where he could sleep was harder and harder to do on a bed more than likely older than he was. Something as simple a mattress was not something that the mustelid believed he would miss when he was incarcerated, but the foam bed he had left behind was calling out to him every time he laid down. It hugged his small frame then, and would have done wonders supporting the swollen one he now inhabited. Instead, all he was left with was a thin pad and a creaky frame that kept him up at night, though the creaking had only really started once Kole had put on weight. It was just the bed getting use though; that was what the badger told himself as he shifted his spot again with a grunt to continue his vain search of a comfortable spot.

Clad in just his underwear, and with a thin blanket covering him as he lay in the relative darkness of his cell, Kole had time to think. He always had time to think, but lately his mind had been focusing on a single thought. One that had been nagging at him, and keeping him up every night as he tried to sleep. Fleeting as it was, sleep was still something the badger did want, but his mind and his lack of comfort combined had been making that nigh impossible. To imagine that one thought could disrupt so much for the badger, and yet here he was. The months alone were getting to him, or at least Kole thought so, as he just lay still finally and let his mind wander back to where it always wound up. The one thing that had been eating him just as much as he had the prison food.

Why were they feeding him so much?

Was it an overzealous cook? The prison pitied him and wanted him to spend his last months in comfort? Did the guards just like to punish him? The badger had no idea what it was, but all of the food that he had been eating was really driving him up a wall. There was hardly ever a time where food wasn’t within paw’s reach, and that was something Kole was starting to take advantage of. He had tried to diet, tried to do the push-ups and the jogging in place and all of it. The badger really had. Nothing worked however, as all of his effort was in vain against the sheer onslaught of calories that were being nearly force-fed into him on a daily basis. Why it was happening to him boggled the mustelid’s mind though, as he had no idea just what to make of the fact that he was being stuffed senseless again and again. He had tried to resist eating, but that just got him punished. He had tried to diet and exercise, but being in prison left him little to do but sit and eat regardless. Kole had even tried to vomit back up what he ate a few times, but decided bulimia wasn’t for him almost immediately; it was too undignified and made his cell reek. All this amounted to the badger eating, and eating, and eating… And with no idea to what end. If it kept up, he was going to be a blob of badger before he was executed, and something told him that was part of the plan.

His mind reeled at the thought, but not enough for Kole to consider another diet. No, the badger was through with those. He was content to just be fat now, as that was fast becoming his reality. Chubby was waning, and fat was about to great its newest member with open arms as the badger just let the realities of his slowly-growing gluttony settle onto his body. Kole wanted for this to not be true, to have his old body and his freedom back, but he was not outside anymore. In fact, he had just seen outside for the first time in months a week or two prior. His punishments had all ended, his small rebellions ceased, and the mustelid was allowed to leave his cell for more than meetings again. Of course, that meant little more than time in the yard and in the library, but it was better than his four walls. Kole had to think that these walls were his too, as they had been all the mustelid had seen for a great deal of time, and all that he would see for an even longer time. Until the day he died, in fact.

Kole wasn’t ready to die just yet, but he knew it was coming. No date had been set yet, and apparently his lawyer was going to another judge on a different grounds of appeal. This would take months, maybe even years to even get heard and processed, and yet Kole knew how it would end. His lawyer was grasping at straws, and both he and Kole knew it. Anything to prolong the life of the badger was being tossed onto the table at this point, and yet Kole still accepted it all and played along. He wasn’t just ready to leave yet; to get a few needles into his arm and pass on. This wasn’t to say that he was afraid of dying; he just wasn’t ready for it all yet. To think that he would be going out in such a state, and after years of just living in a room the size of his old living room… It sickened the badger, and at the same time it did something else. Something that the mustelid was afraid would happen, and yet had been happening for well over a month. A feeling that rocked him to the very core, and made him think right away of things other than his impending death.

It made him hungry.

Had the constant influx of food really shifted his thinking that much? Kole wanted to believe that he still had willpower left. That he could still say no to his captors at any point and try to resist. That he was the badger he had been when he was brought into the prison. The fact that he was now hungry instead of angry or upset though shook him deeply though, enough for the exhausted captive to open his eyes and stare at the wall of his cell in shock. What in him had broken that this thought was acceptable, and even normal for him now? The mustelid may have accepted his fate, sure, but he had done so begrudgingly and after months of protests and attempts to resist. Now it felt like he was going along with it, and he couldn’t even try to place a finger as to why. Food had never once been a coping mechanism in his life; runs, meditation, and even killing had been his outlet the entire time he was free. Now that he was locked away though, and his will was being tested… Food had taken the place of all those things at some point, and the badger was afraid it would be a matter of time before he was enjoying all that he was eating. Not the worst thing in the world, but something that just gave away how broken down he had been. How the system had won against him, Kole Black, one of the most notorious assassins in his day… Now on his way to eating himself to death.

Kole shut his eyes again, silently cursing himself over and over again. Sleep was taking him whether he wanted it or not, his mind slowing down to a crawl as it just tried and failed to come up with some reason, any reason for this steady paradigm shift in his thinking. Kole wanted to believe that he was going to get through this, that he would lose the weight at some point and be able to at least go out with some dignity. He wanted to think that he could still go back to being who he was, and looking the way he did. However, deep down, somewhere in the annals of his exhausted mind, he knew that wasn’t the case. The badger just knew that this was it, and that he had passed the tipping point without even realizing it. He existed to eat, to gain, and to grow at the paws of his guards. Sure, he had accepted being heavy and that it was going to be a thing, but that he was accepting the eating and the weight more fundamentally than simply just acknowledging that it was going to be a part of him… Kole was shattered. Broken. Stunned. He couldn’t think what to do next, and he didn’t want to face the realities of his new situation. He could think on it more in the morning; God only knew he had the time to think while in here.

When the next morning came however, Kole noticed a few things different about his cell. Firstly, he could smell the food waiting for him straight away; eggs and bacon. Second, his cell seemed brighter than it had been the previous day, though Kole had no idea why as he had awoken facing the wall rather than the rest of his cell. Lastly, he had been woken up by the door to his cell opening, which never happened without a banging on the door first. Something was up, and Kole knew it as he lay still for a moment while the door opened fully. The loud squeak of the ungreased metal hinges made him wince; it always did thanks to his sensitive hearing, giving away that he was indeed awake to whomever was coming into the room.

“On your feet prisoner,” Heron’s voice commanded, causing Kole to groan slightly in discontent. The badger rolled over with a light grunt before pushing himself up into a sitting position, an act that had needed more and more effort as of late. He could feel his stomach jiggle slightly from that, a blush forming on his cheeks in embarrassment that was thankfully obscured by the black fur on them. From there, it was a simple shove to his feet as Kole yawned quite loudly thanks to having just woken up. His eyes didn’t survey the room, so he had no idea what other changes had happened, but instead they just locked onto Heron to see what the early-morning fuss was about. The guard had apparently gotten a new uniform to hold his increasing bulk, as the strain which had become commonplace on his clothing was nowhere to be seen, but his newfound weight was there in spades. Kole just looked up and down the hyena quickly, his eyes taking in the rolling expanse of hyena that was charged with keeping him in line.

“Towards me, prisoner,” came another voice, this one Zero’s. The drake was beyond the door, as he had always been too wide to get into Kole’s cell. The badger turned towards the drake in the door, only able to see some of him through the opening. That some was still immensely obese though, with a stomach that looked more akin to a small vehicle and clothes that were woefully inadequate to hold back the surging tide of blubber that adorned his frame. In fact, Kole was nearly unable to see the dragon’s legs at that point there was so much stomach, as it hung nearly to the dragon’s ankles he was so fat. “Come closer, now.”

“Nice and easy too, Kole,” Heron chimed in, drawing his Taser and pointing it at the mustelid. Kole heard the light hum of the gun being armed, and did as he was told without question. He may have never been tased in the prison, but he had before just to know what the gun did to him; it hurt. A lot. It was a pain that he didn’t want to experience again, and thusly Kole complied with steady, slow steps.

“Good, now… Today is going to be a work day for you. You’re on clean-up duty,” Zero spoke, his deep, guttural voice almost intimidating by itself as it came from the land-whale of a dragon. “You’re going to be disposing of all the leftovers from general pop’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Or at least as much as you can. Call it… A capacity test if you will.” With that, the dragon sloshed aside and revealed multiple carts of food. More food than Kole had ever seen in one place outside of a kitchen in fact. It was all there, lined up outside his cell door, and he had to do something with it, something which the badger had a sneaking suspicion involved his stomach. “I hope you woke up hungry, because you won’t be for long.”

“You want me to eat it all?” Kole said, his eyes widening as he saw more and more food coming in behind it all.

“No, not at all… You’d burst. You’re going to eat until you can’t fit another bite, then eat until Heron can’t force another bite in. You’ll probably pass out after that, then you’ll wake up and repeat this until the end of the day. Like I said, it’s a capacity test… Eat enough, and you’ll even get television privileges for a few days.” Zero’s response was cold and flat, though it had a nearly imperceptible amount of curiosity in it. Kole was floored by the new demand though, as he had no idea just what the end foal of this test was. He was certain that he was being fattened up intentionally now though, but that just raised new questions about the point of his prison, and to what end the fattening was for. He didn’t have a say in the matter though, so Kole just sighed heavily and gave a defeated nod of agreement. “Good, now Heron will be here all day with that gun. Disobey and he shoots you. Stop eating for any other reason than you’re stuffed to the brim, he shoots you. Piss him off, he shoots you. Got it?” Kole again nodded vaguely, his head hanging and his gaze meeting the ground. “Okay then, sit on the bed and stuff your face. Bon appetit,” Zero rumbled out before tectonically excusing himself from the doorway, leaving Heron and Kole in the cell alone.

No sooner had Zero left than Heron moved closer to Kole, raising his weapon and gesturing to the bed. Kole looked over at the hyena with a defeated frown, then did as requested and moved towards his bed. Once seated down on the hard surface, what Kole presumed to be one of the kitchen staff pushed in the first card that was out in the hall. It was laden with multiple plates of eggs, bacon, and sausage… All looking to be meals for prisoners by themselves, but with smaller portions than Kole had seen since his arrival at the prison. In fact, the portions were so small that Kole wagered he could eat the whole cart if he wanted to, but then again he didn’t want to. The internal war in his mind over his newfound eating habits was still being waged, and even though his willpower was losing by a large margin, the mustelid still had some left. It wasn’t much, but as he was handed a spork to eat with, Kole knew he had to resist. Given the previous night’s mental battle, and today’s task… The badger knew this was it. He knew that the real tipping point was this day, and whether or not he gave in and stuffed his face until he felt sick, or if he just ate enough to appease his captors. Whether Kole decided once and for all that stuffing his feelings down beneath thousands of empty calories was his new coping mechanism, and whether he had ultimately lost to a pair of whales and their bloating lackey. It was even more fundamental than that too… It was whether Kole was still the Kole he had been, or this newfound round badger that he had become.

“Well… Come on then,” Heron ordered, breaking Kole’s train of thought. The badger silently nodded, grabbing for the first tray and bringing it into his lap. Spork in one paw with the other holding the tray, the badger sighed and moved to eat his first bite of the eggs. Scooping up a healthy portion of them, he held the scrambled, lightly jiggling mass in front of his face for a moment, just staring at it. He wanted to will it gone, to just force it away from him so that he could think and try to stay himself. In spite of that though, Kole could only watch as his short arm did the work for him, and moved the bite towards his muzzle. Without thinking, he opened right up and took the bite almost mechanically. Then another, and another, followed by yet another. His brain was reeling from the eating, and yet Kole kept on pushing down bite after bite of the tray that occupied his lap. Sausages were gone rapidly after the eggs, and the bacon was forced down two at a time. Kole could feel his very spirit being broken by the food being forced into his unwilling muzzle by his willing arms. His own body was betraying him, and Kole could feel it happening slowly but surely. His stomach was even growling and gurgling for more, in spite of the fact that Kole was nearly finished with enough food to sate his former self. He needed to stop, to gain control, to do anything… And yet, he just couldn’t.

A second tray found its way into his lap, then a third, followed by a fourth. Each was eaten with gusto and speed that only true gluttons could attain, and yet Kole was vehemently fighting against being one. He tried every single time to force himself to stop, to cease bringing the spork up to his muzzle. He could feel tears welling in his eyes as he worked right through the fourth tray like an animal, having to bring it up from his lap just to shove the food in faster; the short travel time of his stubby arms was too much for him apparently. He scoffed the food down like it was going to run away, barely even chewing the eggs up as he pushed them down. He could taste the copious amounts of butter that had been used to cook them, along with the heavy cream that was in there too. He could smell the fattening grease on the sausage and bacon as they went through his teeth and down into his still-demanding stomach. He could feel his midsection tightening up as more and more food was crammed into it. Kole had never felt so degraded, so just forced to do something against his will, and yet here he was doing it to himself. Stuffing his face like a pig, in just his underwear no less, in a prison cell after being caught for making a mistake. How could this happen, just how… The badger lamented his own predicament as a fifth tray made its way into his paws and its contents were summarily devoured by his greedy snout.

The seventh tray was when Kole finally realized that his tipping point had passed. He was committed to a life of gluttony for the rest of his short-lived days, and he had to accept it. His pace of eating had slowed down considerably by that tray, but still he kept on pushing the spork into his face over and over again. He had eaten enough to sate himself several times over, and yet he still was forcing more in to cram down the feelings of self-loathing and regret that had been welling up since his first bite. Kole knew that, he always had in fact, and yet he had wanted to believe otherwise. He wanted to think that he could go back, that he could undo his changes, or that he could even come out on top. That ship had long sailed though, and the badger was just now coming to terms with it as he kept on eating himself into a stupor. A tight feeling was spreading across his stomach, and yet still on he ate. The badger’s arm was getting sore from lifting the fork to his face over and over again, and yet still on he ate. He could feel tears leaking from his eyes, and yet still on he ate. His underwear was getting a bit tighter around his waist, and yet still on he ate. Kole was determined now to just eat, and eat, and eat until he couldn’t feel anything but the pain of a stomachache. Food was his coping mechanism now, and that was his reality. It had been, and it was going to be until the day he was executed. All that was left was for the badger to accept that fact, and move on with his life.

Kole ate eleven trays of food before he could hold no more. He had gotten the hiccups from eating so much, and had a well and true stomachache as he leaned back against the wall in his cell. The spork and unfinished twelfth plate of food rested in his lap, barely able to fit there now thanks to just how bloated out his stomach had become during his mindless binge. Heron had silently watched the whole time, not moving from his post aside from leaning against a wall for support. The hyena finally did move as he saw Kole slump back, a movement that barely registered with the utterly broken badger. Kole didn’t even see his captor move until he was right in front of him in fact, the hyena’s girth looming over his own. Heron didn’t say a word once he was there, instead raising a paw from his side and resting it on the swell of the mustelid’s midsection. He pushed down ever so slightly, forcing an ear-ringing belch and a loud groan out of the overfed badger. Kole felt like that little bit of weight against him was the very weight of the world, and it was enough to make him feel ill. Heron didn’t seem to care about that though, as he pressed in similarly a few more times before he moved back and raised the twelfth tray up to Kole. The badger was unsure of what to do with it, but he had to admit that the few belches that had been forcefully pushed from his middle had given him a bit more room. He didn’t want to eat more, but as Heron passed off the tray and then raised his Taser again menacingly, the badger knew he had little choice.

Kole just about made it to thirteen before he gave up, groaning loudly and panting as he let the platter slide off the bloated dome of a stomach in front of him. His gray fur was stained with food, the black of his paws and muzzle looking little better. The badger hadn’t intentionally been a messy eater, but the lack of cleanliness in his consumption had come from simply being too full and subdued to care. All that Kole had focused on was cramming enough food down his throat to suppress the feelings of regret and remorse that he was feeling for just stuffing himself senseless. The feelings were new for the badger, as he was still reeling from coming to terms with the fact that this was going to be the remainder of his life. He wanted those feelings gone more than anything, to just crush them down and get his usual confidence and self-assurance back. It wasn’t coming though, and as that spork had made the trek from plate to face over and over, the badger knew it wasn’t going to happen. Those parts of him were broken, and there was no getting them back. The hyena in front of him, looking on with a smug smirk while holding a plastic gun, was in charge now. Kole wasn’t anymore, and that was all that he could focus on even as he felt his stomach groan and gurgle with discontent with how much had been forced into it. His stomachache and how much he had eaten was even taken from him; Kole had no control left.

Subdued and defeated, the badger slumped back a little more to get comfortable. His stomach was taut as a drum and bulged out over the waistband of his underwear like a small dome. Kole didn’t dare touch it, lest he vomit from how full he was. Instead, he just let his paws slump down to his tight sides and rest there, the tray clattering down to the floor as Kole just groaned aloud. Heron chuckled audibly at this, moving slightly closer as Kole felt his eyes slide shut. He was exhausted, and yet all he had done was eat. Sure, he had eaten more than ever before, and had been humiliated worse than any time in his entire life, and had been woken up just to stuff his face… But, he was tired from eating, and that wasn’t sitting well with the badger. He couldn’t keep his eyes open though, and his brain was shutting down as his stomach tried to make sense of what to do with the sheer amount of food in it. Kole could feel his guard move in closer as sleep was taking him, the hyena’s distinct smell drawing nearer as the mustelid felt the embrace of sleep wrapping his painfully full body up in its arms. Kole didn’t dare speak, instead just trying to stifle a belch that rolled out of his muzzle to relieve an iota of the pressure in his stomach.

“New record there prisoner, or should I say pig?” Heron muttered as Kole drifted off, those being the last words that the badger heard before he fell into a fitful, dreamless sleep. He could feel paws cleaning him faintly as he passed out into a food coma, but that was all. His stomach was the main attention of his senses, and it stayed that way until he was out cold. Kole could only imagine what happened while he slept, being borderline unconscious from just how much he had stuffed himself. It was as if his entire body had shut down, and the badger was unaccustomed to this in all manners of speaking. He had been shot before, taken drugs, been knocked out… His food coma was different from all of these things. Food had incapacitated a former hitman, and the badger had no idea how that had happened.

“Wake up,” were the next words Kole heard, a snort coming from the badger as he woke up. Still slumped back on his bed with his stomach protruding out into the air, the mustelid groaned groggily as he tried to sit up. His stomach was still full, but the pain of being overstuffed had waned into just sated fullness. The badger felt heavier from all that he had eaten too, his whole frame just feeling sluggish and fatter in spite of a single binge, though something told Kole that this was the start of a trend for him. He didn’t have time to think on that though, as the squeaks wheels of another cart being rolled into his cell brought him from groggy to fully awake immediately. His eyes went wide as he saw another cart, this one loaded with lunches from what his nose could tell. “You know what you have to do.”

“But, I ca-“

“You will do what we tell you to do prisoner. So eat up, and make sure to do the same for dinner… I hear it’s gonna be something extra special tonight.” Kole could only groan as he heard those words from Heron. The hyena leaned back against the wall once he knew his speech got across, smirk plastering itself on his muzzle as the smug hyena resumed holding his stun gun rather lazily. Kole saw no utensils this time around, but upon seeing the food he knew why; it could all be handled with his paws. Sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Nothing too fancy, but it was a lunch that he could get behind, at least if he wasn’t being forced to cram as much of it as he could into himself. “Eat up now, come on.”

Kole ate up, and again for dinner. He was allowed his ‘naps’ in between meals, but not much else in terms of leeway as he was forced to stuff himself to near-bursting at both meals again by his hyena captor. The badger was barely able to breath after each binge, falling into a restless and pained sleep each time he was finally given respite from stuffing himself. His only solace was that this was one day; at least that was what he hoped for. The blob of dragon hadn’t said anything to the contrary, and what little Heron said as he watched Kole stuff himself senseless seemed to indicate that to be true. Kole was just too lost to think about it though, as he ate and ate and ate. Every waking moment of the day for him was food, from the moment his eyes opened to when he passed out again. Just a single day of it had worn him out completely, and by the time he finally was able to put down the fork on dinner, he was utterly done and broken. Any vestiges of who he once was were suffocating beneath thousands upon thousands of calories that rested heavily in his agonizingly stuffed stomach, drowning in the meat and potatoes that rested on them. Kole didn’t even dare move he was so stuffed, and as he felt sleep come to take him yet again, he struggled to fight it this time.

“A whole day… I think you’ve earned that TV time there prisoner. Ya know that Zero said he was impressed with you? I’ve been here a while, and that is something that he almost never says. Going from what you were to this… Eesh, how the mighty have fallen… Or eaten, in your case.” Heron scoffed, moving close in to Kole before leaning over the beached badger, resting his considerable bulk against the taut stomach which was begging to just burst or be rubbed. Kole groaned aloud from the weight on his overstuffed gut, wincing as he felt newfound pressure weighing him down. “Full? Good… Get used to it prisoner.”

Kole had no idea how much he would.


That day changed Kole in countless ways, but the biggest was his appetite. No longer resistant to feeding himself, the badger now completely and utterly found solace in his meals. Where he had once put up a vague fight to not eat all he was given, he would often clean the plate and be waiting for more to show up. Fattening foods found their way in droves into his muzzle, empty and useless calories fueling nothing but his lethargy. The mustelid rarely left his cell after that day, shame having taken root in him completely as he ate. The badger was doing all he could to bury that shame beneath food, and all that seemed to be being buried was his physique. Not leaving his cell meant even less exercise than the paltry amount he had been getting prior, and even in his cell Kole did next to nothing. His TV privileges were indefinite, and that meant mindless entertainment kept him just occupied enough to remain stationary without boredom. Increasingly often, his only movement in an entire day would be his paws to his mouth, and the slow shuffle to his cell door to retrieve even more food. Kole didn’t pay the jarring change in behavior any mind though, instead just taking it in stride as he had everything else, and eating more to compensate for any feelings of regret.

The badger had avoided looking at himself as he went from being simply lazy, to an out-and-out sloth. He could feel his body changes, becoming heavier and heavier as time went on. His thighs now rubbed together when he walked, and had for some time. His arms sloshed and jiggled when he moved at all, let alone quickly. His rear padded him better now than his own bed did when he was sitting. His stomach… Oh, that grandiose table muscle attached to the front of him; it was nearly a monument to his achievements in gluttony all by itself, and with a mind of its own to boot. His sides were now burgeoning with rolling hills of blubber that Kole could stick a paw into nearly half-way. His cheeks bounced slightly when he chewed, and should the badger try to look down, he could feel a heavy ring of a second chin bunch up beneath his snout. There was no denying that Kole had put on a rather absurd amount of weight, and that it was going to keep on coming unless something changed. Nothing was going to change though, so the pounds kept finding their way onto Kole as time passed, and the badger accepted it as part of stuffing any thoughts and feelings down into his stomach. Food kept them there, it kept him at least moderately content, and that was all that mattered.

Kole was not the only one undergoing changes, as his guards had changed as well. Gone were the condescending and overbearing attitudes, and in their place were ones that were nearly kind. Heron would often bring Kole his meals personally, and in doing so would often talk to the mustelid for a moment or two before returning to his duties. Kole hardly ever saw Sasuke or Zero, but on the rare occasions he did see the twin mountains of blubber, both were cordial and polite. It was an odd shift, but one that Kole welcomed quite readily as he was tired of being treated as a feral. The badger returned the newfound kindness with his own, gone with attempts at snark or thoughts of escape. He knew it wasn’t Stockholm syndrome, but at the same time he did question his motives for being more polite to his captors; he was an inmate on death row after all. Maybe they were finally feeling sorry for him, knowing he would die? Kole had no real theories, but he did at least enjoy their fleeting company from time to time, and the food they brought with each interaction.

Sunken into his routine, Kole awoke one morning to find a couple things different with his cell. First and foremost, he saw that there was a scale on the floor. It was bolted down to the floor, but there nonetheless. The apparatus looked to be industrial in size, having two wide plates to stand on rather than the usual one which Kole was accustomed to seeing when he had been free all those months ago. He didn’t have to guess what it was for, but he loathed whomever had put it in there with him. The mustelid had been avoiding acknowledging the details of his gaining, and this was about to put them front-and-center. He still remembered what he weighed on intake, and that number was going to be dramatically different from the one Kole saw when he stepped onto the scale. However, that was not the change that scared him the most, and brought him back to reality the hardest. There was something else different about his cell, and that made Kole shudder at the very prospect of being in his cell. He hadn’t wanted out in a long while, but as soon as he laid eyes on the other new addition to his small room, the badger’s brain filled with thoughts of escape yet again.

A mirror rested on the far wall from his bed. Its glassy sheen begged the badger to come and look into it, the light from his small window hitting it just right. On the wall beside the toilet in the corner of his cell, it’s reflective surface was calling out to Kole as few things did. Morbid curiosity for just how much the badger had changed filled him, and yet that was overshadowed by fear. Ignorance had been bliss for the mustelid, and here his ignorance was about to be shattered. He hadn’t even begun to comprehend just what he would look like, how much he had changed… And his guards had been helping keep that illusion up. What had once been a constant stream of clothes that had been too tight were replaced with ones that were almost loose, and had been ever since the day Kole had stuffed his face to the point of pain. No more of those tests had happened since, but Kole had been able to keep the television; it rested across from his bed on a card. That, coupled with his clothes and a change of his bed to something more sturdy at some point had kept Kole ignorant, and yet here he was. The mirror. The badger couldn’t avoid it, and yet he wanted to like nothing else.

Grunting slightly as the badger rocked a couple times in bed to get himself rolled onto his side, the mustelid groaned as he lay still in the bed. Once on his side, he swung a meaty thigh towards the front of his bed, hanging his leg off for a moment before pushing with the arm underneath his heavy frame. The arm strained and Kole grunted again, his weakened muscles having to fight to push up all the weight that covered them. Kole managed though, barely, and was shortly sitting up with one leg dangling off the bed. He contorted himself for a moment to unfold his other leg out from underneath his frame and off the bed, which left the badger panting lightly and seated on his bed. Clad in just his underwear, Kole sighed to himself as he sat there, just staring down at his stomach and then his legs below. This was one of the first times Kole had really looked at himself in ages, and upon doing so he saw just how much he had changed even without the mirror. His lap was nearly gone, as his stomach spread and sagged down over his heavy thighs nearly to his knees. The grey furred mass of blubber and food sat heavily over his legs, jostling with its own wants as it just rested there along with its owner. Kole groaned at that sight, shutting his eyes for a moment to try and ignore what he was seeing. All that weight wasn’t going anywhere though, so Kole just forced himself to his feet with a deep grunt in order to face his newest, and worst adversary.

Upon standing and opening his eyes, Kole was greeted with a sight that made his jaw drop. The mirror showed off every curve, every fold, every roll that the badger had accumulated over months of gluttony. Kole was utterly unrecognizable from who he once was, looking as though he had eaten his former self and then gone to a buffet for a real meal. His belly, his hips, his thighs, his chest… All of it was covered in fat, from the tips of his small, rounded ears to his feet. Kole saw it all, just drinking it in as he stared wide-eyed at a reflection that he would swear wasn’t his own. Kole was so wide as he faced the mirror that he almost didn’t fit in it, and looking straight on, the badger looked nude thanks to the rolling heft of his stomach and lovehandles obscuring his underwear from view. The mustelid was just stunned, and he looked on in silent revelry as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing.

Starting at his black feet, the badger began to examine himself. He didn’t dare move as he studied what he had become, instead letting his eyes do the work as he looked down at what had once been small feet on the ends of stumpy legs. Badgers were never known for being tall or having long limbs, and Kole fit this model to a T. His feet had swollen up with heft, their flat, arched tops doming out with fat as they had swollen up. His toes looked even fatter, looking like marshmallows attached to a bun of weight that was his foot. The claws on the end had sunken in slightly, fat bunching up around the base of them and forming miniature folds in his furred flesh. The badger hadn’t seen his feet in a long while, and seeing what they had become made him shudder at the thought of how fat he had gotten. Moving up, his calves and ankles were just a bulge on his legs. Kole no longer even had ankles, instead having a fold of fat that rolled over the top of his foot slightly along with an oval of blubber that sat below where his knees had once been. Those knees looked to have sunken into his heft, forming almost bow-legs for the badger that made him stare for a moment to even find those knees. Fat pooled and bunched up around that joint, making both his legs to appear melting upon first glance. From there, his thighs were just swollen masses of fat and fat alone, even standing had them jiggling slightly. Kole was forced to stand with his legs somewhat splayed because of how much fat had found its way onto his thighs, pressing them together tightly when he was standing. This made the badger waddle, though he had chalked that up to his short legs a long while before. Seeing just what had happened to his thighs however, how they had swelled into watermelons that bounced and quaked even when he stood still made that little lie hold no merit. Kole couldn’t even see all his thighs thanks to his stomach, but just what he could see was enough to stun him with how much fat had built up. Both looked to have matted fur, the meeting of the said grey fur of his midsection and his black leg fur obscured by a fold of fat.  Bulging rolls forming on what had been taut surfaces, and pockets of pure fat that Kole was sure were simply lard and nothing more completed the scene, and made Kole shiver slightly at what he saw.

Kole couldn’t look at himself without staring at his stomach, and that swollen mass of a gut was certainly a centerpiece. The bulging ball of blubber was attached to the front of the bloated mustelid as though it had been placed there to hold all the fat of the world, sagging down over his groin and halfway down his thighs without a care in the world. The grey fur on his stomach looked to have thinned some thanks to how rapidly Kole had gained, his thick and lush coat looking patchy and matted on the lowest roll of his stomach. The sagging mass of fat had formed a small ‘W’ on the front of Kole, a pair of rolls that comprised lovehandles thicker than his legs when being admitted into the prison meeting well under his groin. The sagging, heaving blubber that protected his table muscle jiggled faintly with every breath that Kole took, the rolls lining its sides pressing against one another. Kole could see his hips resting under his lovehandles, a shelf of fat on either side of himself that pressed up against his stomach and fought for space on his lard-caked frame. Their size brushed both edges of the mirror as Kole stood in it, his widest part only just as his stomach was making an effort in that fight as well. The grey fur of his thighs was just like that of his stomach, patchy and matted down from being both unkempt and stretched far more than it was readily able to handle. Kole was sure that stretchmarks were beneath that fur, having felt his flesh rip a few times thanks to binges throughout his recent eating. In spite of being as impressive as his stomach though in terms of size, Kole was still hypnotized by what had become of his midsection, watching it move and undulate with every breath he took. He moved at long last, placing a paw on the side of his stomach and giving it a light push. The fat took a moment to respond to the motion, his meaty paw sinking into his gut before the blubber encased inside begrudgingly decided to move. The massive appendage then sloshed about sluggishly, the weight of it alone making Kole move some along too as he was dragged along for the ride with the stupendously overblown gut his gluttony alone had created. Stumbling slightly, Kole was forced to contend with his own mass and gravity, taking his eyes off the mirror momentarily to steady himself as he felt his whole frame go aslosh from a simple shove to his stomach. A small push, and that was all it took…

“Against the wall, prisoner,” came a voice, shocking the badger back to reality and out of his own head. Kole complied in silence, turning to face the wall to his left and pressing his paws against it. His stomach also pressed into the wall, sticking out nearly as far as his stubby arms did in front of him. Kole hadn’t realized that either, but now that he was seeing just what had become of him… The badger was stunned. He couldn’t even comprehend how he had let himself go so far out of control when it came to eating. The food helped, sure, but to see just what he had done to himself as well as what he knew would keep happening was another thing. Once the guard left, he would have to come up with some sort of a diet plan, or something along those lines. Seeing himself was a wakeup call, and it was what Kole had needed to slip him out of the vicious cycle of eating himself into oblivion. All that was needed was another push, and he would make it. He would get back to being his old self… Maybe not entirely, but Kole wasn’t going out the way he was now.

“You’re moving cells Kole. You’ve gotten a bit… Weighty for this one, so we’re putting you in a cell that can fit you better. Your meal plan is getting upgraded too, food 24/7 now for you to eat until you burst. Can’t have you wasting away on us now. Oh, and you’re getting a better bed, and even less free time to move around so we can keep a closer eye on you. Just need to make sure you’re well taken care of after all.” Heron stated sarcastically from behind him, moving closer to the badger as he spoke until he was right behind Kole. “Turn around and face me.”

“I… I…” Kole stuttered as he turned around, his mind reeling from hearing that news. He was going to be getting more? Just how fat was he needed to be? He already wasn’t fighting back, and had been complacent in everything… And he was going to be getting even more food in a bigger cell?

“Arms forward, nice and slow.” Kole again complied, too stunned for words. Even as he was shackled up, he couldn’t bring himself to speak. He just hung his head and did as he was told, the fleeting hope he had felt for the brief moment in his cell gone as soon as he crossed the threshold of the room. Gone were any chances of losing weight, but they had been gone long before. Kole knew deep down that hope was just a lie he was telling himself to try and keep his chin, or rather chins now, up after being greeted with what he had eaten himself into. There was going to be more food now, more temptation, and even less physical activity. If the pounds had been finding him this easy before, Kole had no idea what was going to happen when he was basically left to his own devices in a cell to just stuff his face with abandon.

“Stop,” came Heron’s voice, causing Kole to halt on command and stay stock still, even if his rolling frame had other ideas. His chest sloshed slightly and his gut just jiggled about from the sudden halt, swaying to and fro as it tried to keep the waddling motion going which Kole had just stopped. Still in his underwear, the mustelid didn’t have clothing on to restrict some of his body’s more jiggly tendencies, and that meant he was just set aslosh from waddling and moving about. Heron seemed to notice this, a light scoff coming from the hyena as he moved around in front of Kole and unlocked the exceedingly wide cell door, stepping aside and allowing Kole to enter first. “Go on in, welcome to your new cell.”

Kole did, and was greeted with a far larger concrete room than his previous cell. Inside was a television already mounted to the wall, a shower that looked to fit someone far larger than he, a full queen-sized bed, wide toilet, big sink… The whole cell seemed to be set up for someone who weighed in at over double what Kole weighed at that moment. The badger could only guess that he was meant to grow into the cell, and as he looked around the room he saw just how he was going to do that. Hidden on the wall beside the door was a sort of contraption that looked to be a hose with a mouthpiece, a few tubes running along that hose to a piece that was meant to cover an entire muzzle. The badger had no idea what the contraption was, but as he stared at it, he felt a light bump of a belly against his back and moved more into the cell. Heron had pushed him in more, making Kole grunt a bit from the contact as his frame jiggled about profusely from the shift in his momentum. The mustelid was about to turn around and say something when he was stopped by a paw on his shoulder, heavy and firm; definitely not Heron’s.

“This is your last stop before execution Kole. Your lawyer is still trying for an appeal, but we both know that there is no chance for it at all. We’re just waiting for a date here, and then that will be it. Until then though, this is where you live. You eat here, you bathe here, you stay entertained here… Understood?”

“Yes sir…” Kole muttered, the paw on his shoulder forcibly spinning him around as that happened. That spin put him face-to-face with Sasuke, the wolfdragon looming over him both in weight and height as he just stood beside the badger. The wolfdragon was incredibly fat now, his own gut just scant inches from the floor and every inch of him looking swollen with more blubber than an entire whale. Kole had no idea how the hybrid was even able to move at such a size, but that didn’t matter as he could feel the hot breath of the wolfdragon washing over his face. Sasuke moved in closer, snorting right in the badger’s face as he just locked eyes with the mustelid. There he stayed for a moment, every bit of his intimidating size and posture coming to bear on Kole as the badger wilted in the presence of the super-sized mountain of flesh and fur.

“Behave here, and we’ll get along fine. Don’t… And well, that day won’t come fast enough for you.”


Kole behaved. One slip-up had shown him what the muzzle and tube was for, and the badger planned on never experiencing it again. The tube and muzzle were meant for forced-feeding, and it was truly forced. Kole was strapped to the bed the one time he had misbehaved, taunting Heron after the guard had made a mistake. Arms and legs bound down to the bed, the hyena had put the muzzle onto him forcibly. From there, a tube was forced into his muzzle while the smaller hoses around it went to a piece that covered his nose. Strapped in and prepped, the tube churning to life with a thick, creamy liquid. It had run down the pipe and straight into Kole, the badger barely getting a chance to take a breath as mouthful after mouthful of the goop was pushed into him. He swallowed hard as fast as he could, the thick goo filling his stomach up in a scant few minutes and then just forcing more and more of itself down into his gut. The crème came at a pace that was just barely manageable, and more than once Kole spluttered and sent bits of his ‘meal’ all over his cheeks and chest. This had gone on for minutes after fullness had hit, pushing Kole to a sickly level of full before the hose itself turned off. The pressure from Kole pushing back against the hose had been enough to trigger an automatic shutoff for the time being, and that had been his only saving grace. The badger had quickly passed out as soon as this happened, the pain in his stomach driving him unconscious shortly after the feeding stopped. He was awoken with more food, then again… The hose had stayed on him for almost a half a day before Heron returned and removed it. Kole was left spluttered and groaning, a whimpering mess for days after. He couldn’t move for almost a full day afterwards either, just too stuffed to manage rolling himself off his back. Too full… A state that was becoming common for Kole as time wore on.

The badger tried to not think of this though, instead just forcing even more food into himself as he pushed down more feelings. The new cell didn’t have a mirror in it, meaning that Kole could go back to being ignorant about his growth. There were signs there for him though, and they were becoming more apparent the more the badger binged. His arms were becoming harder to lift, and filling his stomach to that fullness that made him not care was becoming more of a task. Getting out of bed was harder too, his stomach a dome that had risen up to give Kole his own horizon of sorts when he lay flat. His cheeks were starting to impede on his vision, shortening his muzzle and making him almost constantly have a pouting expression on his face as a result. His legs were almost always akimbo now to make room for his stomach and thighs. His chest felt like a small anthro sitting on his lungs, making his breaths come out in short, heavy pants now instead of the silent breathing he had once had. Kole was definitely changing into something more than just fat, or even obese, but as he shoveled down his fourth lunch of the day, the badger just pushed that thought out of his mind with even more empty calories.

Guard visits had become uncommon for Kole as he had adjusted to just being little more than a food dump. The badger spent most of his days in his bed, the kitchen staff in and out of his room throughout the day and night to bring in his countless meals. The badger essentially was living to eat at this point, either laying or propped up in his bed with food being crammed into his face while the television in his cell droned on about something or another. Kole rarely paid it any mind, letting the box just be on for noise and to keep his increasingly dulled mind occupied as he just ate. He hadn’t been restrained since being force-fed, the need for restraints on the badger becoming laughable as he could barely stand without aid after just two months in his new cell. He let himself just sink into eating, and eating, and eating. Broken to the core, Kole was just there now, stuffing himself to feel at all.

At some point, his lawyer had come by and told the badger of a date, as well as showing unbridled disgust for what had happened to Kole. The mustelid barely cared though, just nodding while working his way through a sandwich which messily leaked onto the plate below and his paws. A date had been set, appeals had fallen through, and Kole was going to be executed. All things that Kole had known, but now that he had a date for it… The badger was gone. Anything left that had been Kole was stuffed under calories and fat so thick and heavy that there was no recovering it. What remained was a glutton through and through, who ate from the moment he woke up until he passed out into a food coma from stuffing himself sick. All he thought about was food, all he wanted was food, and all he did was eat. That was now Kole, and that was all he was going to be. His lawyer had barely even been able to stomach the sight of such a drastic change, handling his business and leaving as fast as he could to leave the mustelid to stuff his face. Kole liked it better that way… He could eat in peace.

More time passed after that meeting, Kole eating away the days and nights at such a pace that the passage of time was lost on the mustelid. He had ballooned out even fatter, barely able to feed himself anymore. He had more than once used the hose to feed himself by that point, set on a setting that left him panting and groaning in fullness. He was permanently sat up by this point, propped up in his bed by pillows and given a sponge bath instead of a shower thanks to having eaten himself immobile. His arms could still move, somewhat, but they were too heavy to move for long and had swollen with so much fat that the badger was unable to push them past the swell of his chest to meet his face without considerable effort. Instead, he was just fed by whatever intern happened to draw the short straw that day, and then with the hose if no interns were around that day. It was his life, and the badger saw nothing wrong with that even as he ate himself into oblivion. His stubby limbs felt like lead, his brain was just as sluggish as the rest of him thanks to a stream of regrets and television turning him into a numb blob of fat and fur, and the badger just barely cared about anything but his next meal. Food was life, and it was his one remaining good thing. He had come to cherish his feedings, always a highlight of his day. He woke to eat, slept full, and that was that.

A morning some months into his new self-imprisonment, Kole snorted awake and was greeted not with food, but with Zero. The drake was standing before him, though Kole could only see the dragon’s head and chest thanks to his cheeks having swollen well into his vision by that point. The mustelid moved to speak, trying to form words between panting wheezes that were now his breathing. Zero simply rose a flab-filled arm to silence the badger, who didn’t need to be told to be quiet as he just sat there and panted. Looking on, Kole just stared over his own horizon at the uniform-clad dragon for a long moment in silence. Neither spoke, and the only sounds that could be heard were both of their breathing.

“Next week is your execution Kole… And I want to make sure you’re ready for it. I’m retiring after you’re executed, and I want this to go perfectly… So you’re going to be stuffed until you’re ready to burst every day for the next week. Those last few pounds on you are going to come from me as one last send-off. Alright?” Zero said, a twinge of pity in his voice. The dragon hadn’t once showed this, or even let his guard down as the badger had been incarcerated. Something about this felt wrong, and Kole could sense it even through his hungry brain. His stomach was already demanding more food, and it was becoming harder and harder to focus on anything aside from the need to eat. He managed though, forcing his breathing to slow long enough for form one word… One alone that had been bothering him since the day he had gotten to the prison and seen his first overly decadent meal.


“Why? You still haven’t figured this out, have you? Well…” Zero moved in closer, waddling slowly to stand beside the badger. Kole struggled to turn his head to watch the drake move, his eyes following the horned head of the drake in spite of the collar of fat that kept him looking straight. Straining, Kole just managed, and was able to lock eyes with the dragon beside him as he leaned in to speak. The badger felt warm fat against the heat of his own, pressing into his side and making him shudder slightly. “Your sentence was death. You never looked into how though… Because I can assure you, lethal injection wasn’t the method. No, you’re getting death by predation.” The badger’s eyes went wide, and his breathing quickened. The dragon’s muzzle curled into a smile as he saw this, his face moving in even closer to Kole’s for a moment before his muzzle moved up towards one of the small, round eats atop the badger’s hear.

“And I’m the one eating you.”

Kole shut down when he heard that, his mind going blank and his whole frame going limp. He couldn’t comprehend any of what he just heard, and even if he could he was powerless to stop it. He had been fattened like a hog for slaughter, and now was going to be just that. Even as the hose was strapped onto him by his dragon guard, Kole put up no fight. What could he do? He had one week left to live, had stuffed himself into this gargantuan blob of badger, and now was going to be stuffed into a drake that was even bigger than he… Maybe. How that could work, what was going to happen… The mustelid just drew blanks on it all. He was too stunned to even resist the flow of food, instinctively swallowing as he felt the steady stream of calories begin to flow into his muzzle. Somewhere in his mind he took solace in eating again, letting that calm his nerves. Kole tried to let that sweep away the fact that he was doomed to be eaten soon, that the predator had fattened himself up into perfect prey, but it was a fleeting hope. His brain was just broken by the concept, and it was going to stay that way even if he ate it away.

The week of eating was a blur for Kole, his body just being stuffed with food constantly. While he was sleeping, while he was awake… The hose never left his muzzle, and it made sure that his stomach was always filled just to capacity. The badger could feel his frame stretch and groan from this constant amount of food, his whole body struggling to cope with being crammed full of so much food so consistently. He already had been having trouble sleeping from how incredibly fat he had gotten, but with being woken up every few hours from being forced to eat even more, Kole was just at a loss for what day it was, when it was, or anything even remotely around time or place as he just glutted quite literally every waking moment of his last week. He made no moves to resist though, instead just letting it happen to him as he accepted his fate. The thoughts of what was happening to him had faded by the third ‘day’ of his final week, being lost in the flood of other thoughts about how he was growing at such a pace that he could practically feel the skin on his stomach and thighs stretching out with every passing stuffing. Each swallow was enough to make him groan, and through the deep huffs he managed to get out through his nose, Kole was always at a loss for breath. The badger was just a wreck the entire week, making him as pliable as his fat was by the time Zero came in at the end of the week to remove his hose.

The dragon entered the room a week to the hour later, waking Kole up with a bang to his bed. The badger jolted awake, the straps holding the contraption on his muzzle creaking slightly as the badger made a face at his captor. Kole was still angry with Zero, but he could do nothing about that as he felt the hose bulge and begin to fill him again; there was apparently an iota of room in the painfully distended stomach that had swollen out to cover even Kole’s feet in its girth. Looking like the largest medicine ball in existence attached to a collection of rolls, Kole could only feel just how round and full his stomach was, but he dared to guess that it was comically oversized compared to the rest of him, even if he was the prime example of what excess did to an anthro. Zero didn’t seem to care about that though, the dragon looking on with a sly grin as he stared at the waking badger. Kole had to look back through slits of eyes, just staring back at his captor.

“Now, we normally have you moved to the execution room… But in your case, they made an exception. Cameras are going to catch the whole thing, and the witnesses are waiting just in the doorway.” Indeed, Kole could see a few anthros in the doorway, looking in on the pair of mounds of fat with visible disdain. “No one wants this to drag out either… So, shall we? Prisoner?” Kole wanted to reply. He wanted to scream and yell and just struggle. The last vestiges of himself came back in spades, clawing their way through months of being forced down to fight for what was left of Kole. The hose kept them sated, and just looking at the dragon before him as he came closer… Kole knew this was it. The badger couldn’t accept it laying down, but he had ensured that his choices were quite limited. Thusly, all Kole could do was lay still and watch as Zero slowly began to remove his shirt, paws tugging at the snaps to pull the large tent of a garment apart. Tossing it aside, the drake was now just clad in a wife beater, sneering slightly as he looked over at Kole. The badger was afraid, terrified even, but could do nothing about that… He couldn’t even scream, as he had no way to talk with the hose in his mouth. Instead, he just had to lay there as the approaching drake finally reached him, placing a paw on one of his foot paws and giving it a tender stroke. “Camera?”

That word put an image on the television behind Zero that stunned Kole. On it, he could see both himself and Zero, or rather some grey and black blob along with a blue one. Just what Kole had done to himself was never more apparent than that moment, and the badger couldn’t help but stare at it. He was shocked by how fat he had become, as this was the first time he had seen himself in months. He was so wide, a mass of folds and rolls of fat that looked to be more stomach than fur. His fur was thinning all over, exposing bits of pink flesh below that was riddled with stretchmarks. This was most apparent on his stomach, that looked to be an oversized beachball attached to a group of rolling hills that was the rest of his frame. It rested heavily in front of his seated frame, rising up to just under his muzzle and pushing everything else around it out of the way. Kole was mesmerized by the overblown swell of his stomach, staring wide-eyed at it as he extended a paw what little he could to try and reach for it. The badger on the television did the same, a paw pressing into the taut surface of the surging tide of gut that was sprawling out before him. Rubbing in tentative circles, the badger tried to make sense of what he was seeing, watching the ripples of fat run along the side of himself on the television as the overblown appendage that had once been an arm jostled and quaked against a moob that was bigger than his stomach had ever been before being put into prison. A single roll of fat on his side had turned into several, almost looking like stairs lining the sides of his frame that led up to his underarms. Kole couldn’t see his hips or legs, but he could feel them beneath his gut thanks to just how much of it was weighing down on those limps. His feet were nigh constantly asleep, and he had to struggle to get feeling in them when he was particularly stuffed. This was one of those times, but as the drake touched them, he could feel that just fine; claws poked at the fleshy, soft bottoms of his feet in turn to make the badger squirm and whimper in spite of more food flowing into him.

Kole looked on as Zero vanished beneath the horizon of his stomach, staring at the television for a fleeting moment before he felt a strong tug on his legs. Kole slid forward enough to remove the television from his sight, and with another tug he was lying flat on his back. The badger just whined in that spot, the weight of his stomach feeling like multiple anthros sitting on him all at once. He struggled to breath in that position, Panting and groaning even though the hose was still down his muzzle. Thankfully, the flow of food had ceased, meaning that he could at least huff hard into the hose. Suffocating slightly under his own weight, Kole felt the terror in him begin to rise as he felt those paws leave his feet. His ears perked up, trying to hear anything coming from below his immensity, when he caught something that sparked an instinct in him which he hadn’t felt in ages.

The loud crack of a jaw dislocating.

Kole immediately tried to flail, to escape, to do anything. All he could muster was becoming winded and getting his body to jostle about like the bowl of pudding that it had become. Sloshing and jiggling like jello in a car crash, Kole was unable to move from his beached position, even as panic set in once he felt a tongue along his feet. He yelled into the hose, the stifled noise barely audible to those close-by as he tried to get anyone to notice him. A muzzle closing in around his feet, along with teeth… Kole tried to move his hardest, getting a few small jiggles out of his legs that barely even moved Zero’s muzzle. The drake just grunted at that, sliding his muzzle further up the badger’s struggling legs with ease as Kole felt it begin to constrict him into place. He could feel the suction of the dragon’s throat on his toes already, his stubby legs splaying out somewhat in an attempt to make himself bigger and harder to swallow for the dragon.

This didn’t work, and instead it made Zero work faster as Kole felt a pair of paws grab onto his lovehandles. Strong pulls to his doughy frame came next, bringing him towards the drake in sluggish, rolling motions. Kole panted and whined, struggling less and less as he felt the pain of his body trying to move muscles that were too atrophied to even attempt such a task filling him. He could feel his legs being constricted more now too, the fat in them dimpling heavily as it was forced into the dragon’s muzzle deeper and deeper. The sides of that jaw were pressing on his incredibly wide thighs, shoving the fat in tight as though he was sliding on a spandex outfit several sizes too small. The drake kept at it though, tugging and pulling further up the badger’s torso. His jaw was stretching more too now, starting to work over the swell of Kole’s stomach now that it could no longer be ignored. Having been rolled up by the force of being pulled into such a small space, that gut was pressing heavily on Kole’s face now and keeping the badger from even breathing. He struggled, turning his head to the side and gasping hard around the hose as he tried to maintain his breath. As fleeting as it was, Kole felt his crushed lungs fill with air again and again as the tight feeling which was slowly ascending his stomach got closer and closer to his waist. Over his impressively bloated ass the drake’s muzzle went, rising up to the middle of his stomach.

There was so much pressure on his stomach now that Kole had to shut his eyes and whine, struggling with how tight it all felt. He was being crammed into a space that was far too small for him, and it showed with just how much he was shrinking from all the pressure. Fat bulged all around the maw of the dragon, bunching up in rolls and folds the size of small anthros as Kole was yanked and pulled on in. His stomach was the only part of his frame that barely yielded to the incredible pressure of the drake’s muzzle, bulging out just as impressively as before as it slid down sluggishly into the dragon. Tug after tug, the pressure grew and grew as warmth and wetness now enveloped nearly half of the badger. Kole couldn’t even open his eyes, forced shut by the pressure and pain that came with it as he struggled to both breathe and not vomit from the pushing on his packed stomach. He tried to move his arms, to move his head, anything to stop the flow of himself into the dragon, but it was futile; he was going to be eaten.

Soon, the pressure lessened somewhat on his stomach, and that was when Kole felt a new sensation. He could feel himself being lifted up slowly, the drake’s paws having gone from pulling on his heft to under him. They pushed on his back, lifting and shaking as they strained with the weight they were being asked to lift. Kole just went limp, trying to make himself even heavier than he already was to make the dragon struggle more. This did nothing, but it was all Kole could muster now as he felt his body sink more and more into the dragon with every passing moment. He slowly rose out of the bed, his frame sliding more and more into the dragon with every inch that he rose off the bed. His stomach, then his chest, and soon it was just his shoulders and head that were outside the drake. Even his arms had gone on in, loosely dangling at his sides as they had given up moving. The badger stared at the ceiling as this happened, whimpering softly as he felt his toes hit the dragon’s stomach. There they were even warmer and wetter, making him wince softly as he knew what was coming. Soon his ankles were there, and then he could feel his legs being pushed up against the underside of his stomach. The drake was nearly standing again by that point, and Kole got to see the television again. Where had once been a bed filled with a grey blob of badger, there was now an empty bed with a blue mass sitting at the foot of it. Just a head was peeking out of that blue expanse of scaled flesh, Kole getting one last glance at himself before he felt a hard swallow. All he saw after that was pink, and all he could feel was constrictive warmth embracing him from all sides. Blackness came one more gulp after that, and that was the end of Kole. Just the hose sticking out of the drake remained, which Kole felt yanked out of his muzzle forcefully by something strong. His head rose with that thanks to still being strapped in, but the tug was enough to yank the straps off. He groaned at that, but he could feel sleep coming up to greet him even before that. A few more groans, the warmth around him… Kole was done for. He knew it, and he accepted it at long last as he just let the heat and sleep take him.


Zero groaned aloud as he sat on the floor of the cell, beached in a sea of himself. He could see blue, grey, and that was it. His stomach had bloated out to a massive ball in front of him, looking to be a second entire being of its own attached to the monstrous drake. The dragon could barely even fathom just what he had done, and yet he was almost woozy from the sheer effort of eating that much badger. Onlookers were agape from what had just happened, a couple of them coming over to the dragon and touching him to make sure that he was in fact still alive after such a display. The camera had caught every ounce of the consumption, and Zero had made sure to grease the right paws so that he had a copy to go home with once he could leave. Leaving would be tricky at his newfound size… But his pension and benefits would make sure that the dragon wanted for nothing.

“Some retirement there big guy,” came Sasuke’s voice, the draolf looming behind other onlookers in the doorway the entire time. Zero had to stifle a laugh, as he then belched deafeningly loud for a long moment. “Full?”


“Heh, I’d bet… Well, you just rest. We’ll have someone wheel you out later on, alright?” Zero just gave a light wave of a reply, his body already feeling exhausted from that monumental feed. He’d be digesting for at least a week, then home… Or maybe to the new executioner job that he had been offered. He had heard the food was great with that gig…

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