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Hyphy knew that he couldn’t tan. He was covered from snout to paws in fur after all, his husky roots giving him quite a thick coating of fluff. The canine was also not one for swimming though, so when his friend had invited him to the pool, the husky had only come to sunbathe instead of swim. It was pointless, but it got him out of the house and he got to spend time with Redwood, another husky with whom he was close friends. The other husky was currently paddling around the pool, doing laps in the cool water while Hyphy looked on and sipped at the drink he had made inside. A lazy late-summer afternoon if Hyphy had ever had one, the canine was quite content with just lying flat on his toned stomach and just letting the sun bathe him. Tan or not, the warm light felt nice on his fur and that was enough for the canine to relax and enjoy the day.

Redwood also was quite content to paddle around the pool, his head and the apex of his curled tail poking out of the water as he swam. Still warm enough from the summer heat, the water was nearly the perfect temperature to just putt around in and relax in his own right. Sure, the canine wished that Hyphy had joined him, but his fellow husky wasn’t the best swimmer in the world. That was something that had always struck Redwood as odd, to think that another husky wasn’t a swimmer, and yet there was Hyphy lounging on a chair off to his side. The canine had tried teaching Hyphy, letting him sit in the shallow end, everything… There was just no real way to get him into the pool for any length of time whatsoever. The red husky wasn’t about to give up getting Hyphy into the pool though, as he had one more trick up his sleeve. That trick was sitting in Hyphy’s drink and had been found on the internet… The darker corners of it nonetheless, where Redwood had found a couple other things to make the afternoon that much more interesting. All he had to do was wait for his purchases and additives to kick in, and then a relaxing afternoon would be quite a bit livelier for both canines.

Hyphy had no idea about any of this, sipping away at a mimosa quietly as he just slowly let his tail wag above his nude rear. Both he and Redwood had elected to forgo clothing for their lazy day, the privacy of a high fence and Redwood’s own pool making that an easy decision. Neither really wanted to wear clothes anyways, as they just felt more comfortable traipsing around in simply their fur. The lack of clothing hadn’t stopped Hyphy from feeling itchy though, as he finally caved and began to scratch at those itches after a couple more minutes of lazing in his sunbathing spot. The canine ran his claws gently over his hide, swiping at the tingling spots on his sides in vain as he tried to soothe those itches. It felt like he was covered in fleas, but since those had been eradicated years ago, the canine had no idea why he was suddenly so itchy. In fact, it was only seeming to get worse as he scratched, his ears flattening back in discontent as he went to town on himself. Even going so far as to arch up slightly and shake, the husky was confused as to what was happening to him while he lay there. Some reaction with the sun? Hyphy had no idea… Until he looked down at the chair and saw several clumps of his tan fur resting along where he had been laying down.

Panic immediately filled the canine, his eyes going wide. What fur hadn’t already fallen out shot straight up, and yet even as that happened Hyphy couldn’t stop scratching. The itching feeling had taken over his mind, making him paw and scratch at himself as though he was possessed. From his feet to his ears, every inch of the canine simply begged to be scratched by his claws. He was doing his best to accommodate, one paw working over his torso while the other tried to get at his legs and back. The more he scratched though, the more fur came out to reveal the flesh beneath it. Something felt off about that skin though, almost like it too was changing as the husky scratched at it. Whimpering and whining as he sat fully upright in his chair, the canine continued to itch and shed like there was no tomorrow. He was fully panicking now, looking wildly between his changing form and Redwood in hopes that his fellow husky would notice that something was amiss. Hyphy wanted to call out, but he felt as though his mouth was sealed shut in some way; he couldn’t make words even if he tried. All he could do was whine, scratch, and wonder what was going on with him.

A squeak from the hide of the husky got Redwood’s attention, causing the swimming canine to pause what he was doing and turn to look at the tan-and-white canine by the poolside. What he saw made him smirk broadly, his eyes honing right in on the transforming canid. Gone was most of the fur that had once lined Hyphy, and in its place sat latex. The squeak had been latex on latex as Hyphy had been scratching himself. The itching looked by be dying down though, as the husky was scratching less and looking with wide eyes at the changes that had happened to him. What had been a husky just moments before was now a pool toy, and Redwood was quite proud of that. He wasn’t entirely sure that the canine knew what was going on still, but Redwood could explain later. The mischievous husky had plans for his new toy, paddling right up to the side of the pool and looking over Hyphy as the last of his fur fell to the chair and his frame was left just painted with his original pattern on latex. Standard husky markings, a tan face and back with a white belly, and those blue eyes on his face. His features had changed slightly, turning more cartoonish in nature to go along with being the pooltoy that he was. Redwood had to just grin at that, his tail swishing back and forth beneath the water in lazy sways as he kept looking at Hyphy.

Eventually, the transformed husky noticed his onlooker and raised his paws in shock. He gestured from himself, back to Redwood, to himself again, and back. As much shock as he could convey from his gestures and wide, toony eyes was coming across, and yet Redwood simply rose out of the pool with a calm demeanor. Hyphy was taken aback by this, drawing back in his seat as what was once his fur shifted beneath him. The red, brown, and white husky came closer to his tan and white compatriot, a light smirk forming on his muzzle as he advanced. Hyphy kept backing up, stunned that Redwood wasn’t in shock like he was. Something was definitely up, and yet as Redwood got within touching distance, Hyphy couldn’t place a paw on it.

“That drink was pretty good huh? Found it on the internet… Said you’ll be like this for at least a day. I found another one too… Should make this a fun day for you and I if it works.” With those words, Redwood turned towards his house and meandered towards the door. Hyphy was just stunned, sitting there in shock that his friend would do something to him like this. Sure, it seemed harmless enough, but to change him without his consent was just mind-boggling. All Hyphy could do was sit there and whine, his paws still squeaking against his frame as the latex on latex noise filled his ears. Moving those limbs was becoming a little bit of a task, and his legs were even harder to bend. The canine felt as though his elbows and knees had locked, thus making moving a real challenge for him. He tried to stand shortly after Redwood vanished into the house, only to fall right back onto his chair with a soft whoof. The husky resumed whimpering after this happened, pawing at himself with less frequency as he just felt trapped in his new frame.

Redwood emerged after a few moments inside, a large vial in his paws. Without even hesitating, the canine doused his groin in a healthy dose of the liquid in the vial, it’s gooey contents splashing over his sheathe and balls liberally. The multi-colored husky rubbed it in lazily, rumbling in contentment as his paw teased over his package. He had been walking towards Hyphy the entire time, stopping just inches from the stuck canine with a wicked smile on his face. The canine paused there for a moment, looking down at the whining latex balloon that was staring back up at him through big, blue eyes. Hyphy wasn’t even sure what was going on anymore, but as he felt the liquid dose his own crotch, he was starting to have an idea. Redwood rubbed it in there too, taking his time to massage and tease the rubbery junk that Hyphy now sported. The husky struggled to not moan and squirm as this happened, his eyes shutting in simple arousal just from the paw rubbing his sheathe. The touch was fleeting though, for as soon as he could feel the cool liquid coating his entire groin, that paw left him and Redwood was again standing by his side holding an empty vial. That container was tossed down next to his drink, and from there Redwood simply loomed over Hyphy for a several moments.

The silence was palpable between the two, lasting several moments before they both groaned in unison. Hyphy shut his eyes in bliss as he felt a warmth flow straight to his groin, followed by light pressure. So many feelings had already coursed through the canine that he thought this one to just be another change, so he simply took it in stride. The warmth and pressure slowly increased, causing the pooltoy canine to reach down towards his groin. Redwood had indeed done the same, his furred paws brushing against his sheathe in light lust as they rubbed and teased the fur between his legs. Those paws were being pushed back though, as that package was steadily growing larger and heavier with every passing moment. Going from simply being well endowed to past impressive in mere seconds, both canines were getting larger and larger packages. Each swelled and pressed out further from their frames, sagging beneath their respective weights as they grew. Balls going from heavy to tennis balls to bowling balls, Redwood and Hyphy both were forced to spread their legs apart to accommodate the growth they were experiencing. Hyphy could feel his package stretching the latex of his frame, pushing his legs akimbo in his seated position as the material on his stomach was pulled down to his groin to further allow more growth. Redwood was little different, his fur shifting and stretching as it was pulled down to cover more and more of his increasingly large sheathe.

Both whimpered and whined as they passed into hyper territory, their packages swelling to be the most dominating feature on their frames before the growth slowed to a halt. Each was left with balls that were more akin to medicine balls, resting heavily on the ground for Redwood and forcing Hyphy to lay flat on his back in his chair. Their sheathes were each the size of large oil barrels, hugely round and barely able to be held up by their own weight. Both sagged and wobbled with the slightest motion, Hyphy constantly squeaking as a result and Redwood struggling to stay standing. Each was aroused to no end by this, both of them with the red tips of their lengths poking out of those sheathes in unrequited lust. They both wanted to use their new equipment, and Redwood planned on getting his use in right away.

Grunting and struggling slightly to move his anthro-sized package, he shifted over to Hyphy after a small amount of groaning. Upon standing within reaching distance of the pooltoy canine, he lifted up the light rubberized husky with one paw and gave him a light toss towards the pool. Being a pooltoy did have its advantages as Hyphy found out, as he was light enough for that toss to land him right on the surface of the still water a few feet from him. Just floating still on the pool’s edge, the canine was held up by his balls and sheathe in the water, his arms and legs unable to reach the water in any way thanks to their inability to bend and his own sheer size. Redwood grinned broadly at that sight, as he could see the pink pucker on the back of the husky; right at the perfect height for him to boot. He had to struggle to move over towards Hyphy, but he managed again with some shifting and dragging of his over-engorged balls along the tiled surface of his pool deck. He was panting and even hornier with every step he took, but each shuffling movement of his legs brought him closer to his prize, and Hyphy knew that as he could feel the air behind him shift from Redwood’s movements.

A brief waddle later, and Redwood was right behind Hyphy. Leaning forward, he placed both paws on the svelte hips of the pooltoy in front of him before giving a gentle tug to place the tip of his length into the canine. Hyphy whined in surprise, his inflated ears shifting ever so slightly as his already-raised tail tried to bend up that much more. The white mitts of Redwood grabbing onto his sides, Hyphy was unable to struggle even an iota as he felt his hole being stretched around the exposed head of Redwood’s cock. The furred husky’s blue eyes slid shut in bliss at the constricting feeling all around his length, warm latex enveloping his length and compressing all around it tightly. He pulled a little more, paws pressing into the latex beneath them with their black pawpads and causing wrinkles to form in Hyphy’s soft surface. His multi-colored tail swayed behind his toned rump, the plush fur along its base ticking the overly sensitive skin on his balls and causing him to just moan in loud, glorious bliss. He bucked slightly as a result, getting a few faint squeaks from Hyphy’s frame as a result.

Another soft pull, and Hyphy was impaled on Redwood. The canine wasn’t even at half-mast yet, and he could see the head of his cock protruding into the pooltoy in front of him through the surface of that latex. It bulged out of the husky’s back, contorting the material there and giving him a hump on his back. Redwood took advantage of this by placing his paws there and gently stroking, effectively jacking himself off as well as humping another in one motion. Hyphy just blushed and moaned through his sealed muzzle at this, pressing back with every ounce of his being against the sheathe that still held so much husky back from him. There was little he could do from his floating position though, so instead he used his arms to tease his own arousal, which was also growing with each light hump that came from Redwood. The brown ears on the furred husky flattened back at this, his arousal just deepening as his eyes slid shut and he began to deeply moan with each stroke of his own paws and thrust of his pelvis. He tried to take it slow, pushing in at a rate that was with his growth, but he was just too aroused from all that was happening to even think straight.

His cock twitched and grew by the moment, some of the liquid making him even larger as he had to stand on the tips of his toes just to get enough leverage to hump into Hyphy. The white fur of his balls was almost thin from how stretched out they were, each the size of a beanbag chair but firm with how full they were with cum. They were only getting bigger too with each passing thrust, the husky working himself up a prodigious load thanks to just how aroused he was. He pushed into Hyphy again and again, beginning to really hump at the canine floating before him as his paws stroked faster on the growing bulge in the pooltoy’s back. His legs ached, his breathing was hoarse from the effort needed to just keep standing, and his arms were having more trouble reaching thanks to just how much husky was between the pair. None of that mattered to Redwood though as he pressed through it all, groaning aloud as he felt himself begin to leak pre into Hyphy. This made the bulge on Hyphy warmer, larger, and slightly squishy to the touch as Redwood continued to stroke at it. He blushed beneath the white fur of his cheeks at just how into the entire process he was, the low moans of Hyphy giving away just how much the fellow husky was enjoying the entire impromptu experience as well.

More pre and more size came in droves, slowly weighing Hyphy down into the pool and forcing Redwood’s feet off the ground entirely. Now more package than husky, the canine just thrusted as much as he could as he felt his entire length coming to full attention. Hyphy was little more than a sloshing, over-inflated mass of cum and latex at this point, his own length fully hard as well. His cock stuck above his head from his prone positon, nearly reaching the other side of the pool as it leaked what looked to be pre down into the water below. His balls had swollen too, massive sacs of cum and latex that pressed heavily back into Redwood’s own. Both sets of balls were vying for space, and this was forcing Hyphy to slowly rise up out of the pool. The weight of his own sac was fighting against the length inside of him, tugging Redwood down in turn, but also making the water of the pool rise slowly to flow over the sides. In fact, Redwood had already felt his sac getting wet for some time, though now it was becoming almost as if he was in the pool with the pooltoy. The wet fur on the base of his balls, which had now grown to be more akin to small vehicles than anything of any sensible nature, sent a light chill down his comparatively diminutive spine. Both furs were still normal-sized, meaning that Hyphy was nearly shaped like the cock inside of him now with his limps sagging off his sides. Each was filled with pre, looking like water balloons draping off the side of his frame. Even his tail had uncurled somewhat to fill with seed, sagging off to one side lazily as Hyphy just whined and continued to feel himself fill and expand around Redwood.

The furred husky was just lost in bliss and arousal now, pure ecstasy flowing through his veins. He panted deeply as he felt every bit of his frame against Hyphy’s, from his legs brushing both his own and the pooltoy’s balls, to his arms that were stroking the entirety of the husky in lazy arcs to continue jacking himself off, to his muzzle that was inhaling the mixed scent of musk and latex. It was all sensory overload for the aroused canine, as he continued to vainly try to hump into the living condom that had become Hyphy. The pooltoy husky could do nothing but whimper, unable to move a muscle as he felt even his ears begin to fill and droop as his body had fewer and fewer places to store all of Redwood’s seed. His own cock was begging for attention too, the light splashes into the pool as well as the feeling of rubbing against the far side of the pool causing him to be nearly painfully aroused. He was constantly leaking now down into the water, giving it an off-white color as he tainted the pool further and further with his own lust. The canine barely noticed though, unable to see around the red length was dominated his vision. Instead, he just did what light humping he could muster as his frame was dominated by Redwood and nothing else. His movements were the husky’s, his body was the husky’s, even his scent was becoming the husky’s… Pure and utter dominance in every sense of the word, and Hyphy’s enjoyment of this was as plain as day.

Hyphy was the first to blow, his cock twitching one last time before it shot off his load like a cannon. He came with enough force to blow down the fence on the far-side of the pool, as well as force himself back against Redwood enough to knot himself. He came rivers, the pool overflowing like a tub with a fatfur getting into it. Spurt after spurt of white seed left his cock, shooting across the back lawn of the husky and coating his neighbor’s house in seed. It went all over, wildly shooting droves of cum like an untamed fire hose. His balls pulsated and contorted as they emptied their load, shrinking down like a deflating bounce-castle as they forced their load out all over a wide area. Each pulse of seed was strong enough to send jolts through both Redwood and Hyphy, acting like humping in its own right and giving even more arousal to both canines. Hyphy could feel every inch of Redwood’s length shifting in him, and Redwood was finally given some pushback and real humping since his feet had left the ground minutes before when he had started really getting into taking Hyphy. The huskies both were on cloud nine as this happened, each whining and moaning loudly from the forceful orgasm at the rubbery paws of Hyphy.

His orgasm lasted well over a minute before dying down, petering off as his balls shrunk down to be simply medicine balls again from the car-sized loads that they had been.  Even full though, they had paled in comparison to what Redwood was now sporting. Having lifted Hyphy from the pool only just, the all of just cock and balls that was now Redwood towered over even his house. He had swollen up to be simply a husky attached to a package that would work better on Godzilla than his own frame, and was more than slightly pleased by that. He groaned and panted with every thrust, the feeling of his own cock almost losing weight as Hyphy had cum buckets being enough to get him teased fully. He was painfully hard, his length begged for release, and yet Redwood was doing his best to stave that need off. He was trying his hardest, but his animal instincts were taking over. Now that he was knotted with Hyphy too… There was little that could hold off the tide of cum that was swelling him even larger still. He just panted and strained to keep from cumming, doing whatever he could. He wanted this to blow Hyphy away, and leave him as a beached mess… Not that what was in Redwood couldn’t do that already.

The husky barely made it a minute longer.

Cumming so hard he nearly unknotted Hyphy, Redwood howled loudly as he came deep into Hyphy. The pooltoy canine instantly bloated out as he took in every single ounce of seed that Redwood spurted out. His whole frame felt warm and heavy as it was filled, stretching out like a balloon on a fire hose as Redwood came into him over and over again. Both of their frames quaked and jostled about from the force of the husky’s release, pushing them both around and back down towards the ground. Gravity took ahold of Hyphy again, bringing him back down to the pool’s surface and then into the water. He swelled larger and larger though, forcing the cum-water mixture out as there was less room for it with his frame expanding as much as it was. Redwood kept howling as he came time and time again, each burst of his orgasm more powerful than the last as he peaked out in ecstasy. He nearly passed out from the force of it all combined with how overwhelming the senses of his release were, but he held on somehow and continued to fill Hyphy. Filling the canine was almost an understatement too, as Hyphy swelled out larger and larger with every moment. He passed sensible sizes in seconds, becoming more akin to buildings rapidly as his expansion began to fill the pool more and more. The warmth of the seed filling every square millimeter of his frame was enough to compensate for any discomfort the confines of the pool were offering too, as the cumballoon of a husky just expanded further and further.

Hyphy soon overflowed the pool, and Redwood’s orgasm was only just starting to fade. The husky still had plenty of seed in him, but he was so very spent in every way that his body was beginning to tire from just the effort of keeping himself going. He still kept filling up Hyphy, the canine now swelling so much that his hyper package looked to almost be small compared to his belly, which had turned into a shapeless mass of overstretched latex. He squeaked and groaned loudly all over, his entire frame beginning to look as though it was nearing its limits thanks to how much seed was in it. Sloshing and gurgling noises had been replaced with groans and creaks from the frame of the canine, which was beginning to lose its amorphous shape and turn into more of a ball of seed than anything. Redwood ignored this, and Hyphy was too gone down the rabbit hole of bliss to even care. He felt a tightness all around him, but he just chalked that up to the pool and did what he could to grind his aroused length down into his stomach.

Panting and sweating, Redwood felt the last vestiges of his orgasm leave him some moments later as he just collapsed against Hyphy. He wasn’t laying down; in fact, he had been pushed onto his own back somewhat thanks to the sheer amount of expansion that Hyphy had undergone. The husky now filled the pool, overflowed it, and rose above the roofline of his house. No longer just a pooltoy, the cumballoon was creaking and sloshing noisily even as he lay still in his beached, immobilized position. Redwood panted softly as he took that in, trying to see all of Hyphy and just getting in the brown and white curves that he could. He pushed a paw experimentally against the wall of latex that sat before him, feeling taut resistance stop his paw from making nearly any progress. It was a sensation that both of them moaned to, keeping them aroused firmly as they were still knotted together. Hyphy felt a vague twitch from Redwood’s length in him at that, and his own cock just leaked pre down into the pool that he filled to the brim with his own frame. Both were exhausted, fully spent, and yet could go for another round… Or three.

Their next romp had to wait though, as sleep came up and swept them both off to dreamland. Neither cared about the consequences of their acts as they dreamed of larger Hyphy’s and more endowed Redwoods, both things that could happen. Hyphy thought about being big enough to smother a small town, his frame just a sloshing mass of cum and latex that smothered buildings as though they were nothing. His body a rolling mass of just nothing but weight, it spread and spread in his dreams, his tail reaching to the clouds as his features became one with his belly. His legs, his head, his tail… All melded down into one balloon-like blob that took over the landscape as it transcended normal concepts of size and weight. Redwood dreamed of contributing to this size-growth, pounding into Hyphy over and over again as the canine swelled past all sensical sizes. The package that was making this happen was unearthly large as well, a swollen mass of balls and cock that dangled against the blob like the provider it was. Jerks of size kept him aroused too in that dream, the very idea of his releases being powerful enough to cause jolts in such a sizable mass of latex that he slept incredibly peacefully… And happily. Both were content in dreamland, their real fantasies of the day coming to fruition as they slept off their waking ones. Sure, Hyphy hadn’t exactly been a willing participant at first, but… He dared to dream that this was one of the best days of his life.

Some time later, Redwood snorted awake. He yawned deeply as he stirred, eyes shut as he stretched out from his position… Somewhere. It was colder where he was, and the air almost felt damp. The husky’s eyes opened in confusion, and what he saw made his jaw drop in shock. The canine was inside a cloud, somewhere far above where he had been while he had been sleeping. He must have came in his sleep… A lot… And now he was resting in a low cloud atop Hyphy. The husky was still asleep, the light hums of that coming from somewhere in the massive expanse that the canine now was. Still tied to Hyphy, the canine gently ground down against the passed out blob a few times to get Hyphy to stir. The pooltoy canine did eventually, though his reaction was one of a deep, gurgling whine instead of Redwood’s surprise. Both apparently had been dreaming up what was happening to them… And neither could complain. In fact, Redwood could feel his cock at full attention inside Hyphy as he pressed down against the husky. Hyphy just gurgled in response, unable and unwilling to do much else but spread out as he was. The light thrums of choppers circling the pair reached Redwood’s ears as that gurgle died down, giving away that they had drawn in some attention.

He only hoped they caught all of the night on camera.

“So, round 2?”

A gurgling response was all that Redwood needed. Round two was on…

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